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Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman

Khara Sach is eminent political talk show hosted by Mubashir Luqman with hottest conversations and scorching topics with political leaders and Influential personalities of the country. The facts and figures are highlighted in his discussions on the corruptions, law and orders situations, foreign and domestic affairs and issues and political influences in the certain areas in Pakistan in Khara Such. Mubashir Luqman is also considered to be the stringent anchor person and host due to his straight forward questions and stern dialogues. The host of the show Mubashir Luqman, has also been involved in several controversies by the time.
Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 16th April 2014 (16-04-2014) On ARY News
Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 16th April 2014 (16-04-2014) On ARY News

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Aneeq (Lahore)
17 Apr 2014

I think that the show is popular but not among a very large number of people. Khara Sach has been a khara program. It looks as if Mubashir Lucman has been found highly in favor of Sheikh Rashid and Pervaiz Musharraf.
Arbab (Lahore)
17 Apr 2014

Sir Next Program kb hy ?????????
jahangir (durban)
16 Apr 2014

It will b highly appreciated if its possible to get hold of m luqman anyhow.there is smthng want to bring to his attention wht we r going through who living in abroad,hw we get treated at pakistani airports.terrible.plz consider.thanks
Umair Ahmed (Karachi)
15 Apr 2014

I will highly appreciated, if do program Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman about Law and order in Karachi and (Dollar ka itna kam hona ka bawajood mangahi kam kyu nahi hoo rhe ha) Now a days Mubashir Lucman is one of the best TV anchor of talk show
MUNIR (islamabad)
14 Apr 2014

Dear Sir, I was watching your show on monday at 10:30pm on ary the things you talk about, I was impressed I am also happy that after many years some body has talked about indians activities in indian held kashmir plz keep this subject on and alive and bring our basterd traioter primie minister attention on this and also tell the these are indian finiced tablians who r duing activites in pakistan why they are afraid noon party
the truth (glasgow)
13 Apr 2014

Rashid (Lahore)
12 Apr 2014

I think Mubashir Lucman is one of those people who try to explore things in front of the people. He harshly insults those politicians that do not perform their duties in thier opinion. He shows his favoritism towards Sheikh Rashid.
usman riaz (faisalabad)
10 Apr 2014

Mubashir bhai, You are doing excellent job with your sincerity, I am highly appreciate your prog.
Syed Mubarik Ali (Gujrat)
10 Apr 2014

Dear Mubashir Lukman sb aoa,I highly appreciate your"khara sach" unbiased program,I wish the other channels anchors to follow you,instead fulfilling the agenda of our internal/external enemies of our country.Allah Almighty keep u in his protection and bless you. Well Done and Keep it up.
sharjeel (lahore)
09 Apr 2014

Aj apka show bht hi acha tha. Apne theek kaha hai hamare dil hamari fauj k 7 hi dhrkte hain. Allah se dua hai k woh apko apne hifzo amaan may rakhe or ho sake tou Kal khwaja asif ko b apne talkshow may laye ga. Jo hamari fauj se wafa nhi kr skta wo Pakistan se b wafa nhi kr skta.
Seema (Faisalabad)
09 Apr 2014

Mubashir Lucman is doing good tv talk show Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman, I like the the Khara Sach talk show regularly, main bas itna khoon ga Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman ka bara main jab koi sach bol rha hota ha to log us ko muktalif namoo sa pukarta han, isi lya Mubashir Lucman bhai ko bhi log black mailer khata han. Good work Mubashir Lucman Bhai.
Khalid (Lahore)
08 Apr 2014

Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman is totaly public awernos tv talk show of Pakistan, Mubashir Lucman is awesome TV anchor of Pakistan, some public says about Mubashir Lucman he is black mailer persons but I do not agree in this comments
dranwar (lahore)
06 Apr 2014

Who will purify the judiciary of pakistan? Due to its disintegrated structure and primitivity, police n DC/Commissioner became most corrupt deptts of pakistan. A complanant wants to approach court but he has to face corrupt police. Even our police has no noble qualification/ability to search KHARA SACH from a case. FIR system has so much faults n no chief justice had a focus on that. It is sadfull that all the JCRs (judicial complaint report)are thrown in the category of FIRs. Lot of curse upon such a judicial system.
Muhammad Farooq (Gujrat)
04 Apr 2014

Aslamu alaikum Mubasher bhai, Ap mairy pasandeeda host hain aur main ap se aik zrori aur aahim issu per baat krna chata hoon bal k milna chata hoon can you contect me on my email address plz? dr.farooq20@gmail.com
FAYAZ NIZAMANI (kario/badin)
04 Apr 2014

dear sir....mein pakistan ke us chote se city ka hun jo poore pakistan ko aek bari qeemat de raha he oil ki soorat mein shehr ka naam kario ghanwer he districk badin ka city he per afsos is bat ka he ke is shehr mein koi bi bunyadi sahoolat mojood nhi na collage he na road sdaare ujre huwe hain or hospital ki koi sahoolat nhi he buhat se masael hain mein chahta hun aap is issue pe program karen hamen media pe bharosa nhi siwae ary news ke is liye aap ko keh rha hun mje ummed he ap ki nazar mein jaise bare shehron ki ehmiyat he waise he chote shehron ki be he......ALLAH HAFIZ
Tuberrik (rawalpidi)
31 Mar 2014

Look at social media every one is saying zadabad mushrif
kashif (calgary canada)
28 Mar 2014

Hi sir ,ma na app ka pro ghre dakha hosptel ka ,mare ame ka sath be kuch asa he hiowa un ko dill ka dora para tha jinnah hospital lahore unhona jawab dadia pher docter hosptal lahore laka gha wobe pasa bana ka cheker ma tha pher ma un ko canada apna sath laahia ab in ka canada ma algh hio raha he phla se bohet bather ha Allaka shoker ha
M. Ikram Shahzad (Lahore)
27 Mar 2014

It is a complaint. We live in model town Lahore block Q. For the last two weeks we could not watch the program because of load shedding. sometimes light does not go for several hours but it goes off at 10 pm, then 2 am and 2 pm next day definitely. in short we cannot watch the program at all. It is being done deliberately. can you please help us?
samad (larkana)
24 Mar 2014

Dear Sir! I want to share something regarding a local government Department larkana Development Authority, this department is runs by the Head of Mr. Asghar Abbass shaikh D.G, second Assistant is Mr. Noor Nabi shaikh, Mr. Tariq Awan and others with the support of political heads, w.e.f 2008 to till date the salaries payment of staff is paying after one month and other khurd burd of other development funds, misuse of vehicles POLs and misuse of Electricity etc the Larkana Development staff is totally disturbed and request u to please to do something for poor employees. regards.. samad
Luqman Ahmed (Lahore)
24 Mar 2014

We Overseas Pakistanis all agree that the OPF (Overseas Pakistani Foundation)is totally useless and waste of time. They are not taking care grievances for the expatriates who are sending millions of Dollars each month to Pakistan, but OPF discourage these patriotic by delaying their complaint or by not showing much interest. On the other hand they are doing what other business it got to be revealed . What fund they are receiving from the Pakistan Govt. and were they spend and why. Please reveal for the sake of Pakistani's Remittance and for Pakistan Economy.
Kaleem Ullah (Islamabad)
23 Mar 2014

Dear Sir! I want to share something regarding Gulberg Greens Islamabad housing society it’s a project of IB police and look after of that project elective member of the Union IB Police. In this site almost 1000 people works on different assignments in different departments. Society has no issue appointment to any one and 98% salaries pay to employees on cash and no medical facility as well no EOBI pays that society of their employees.no employees proper record. Here two parties involve one name executive enterprises and second name UPDL. UPDL works in that project as a consultant, investor and contractor because Mr Abdulla from UPDL and AR Nasir From IB both are partners in this project and they invest a usage amount in this system with different name and earn black money without any tax pay and any record. Executive enterprises role in this society just process the amounts because AR Nasir have cheque book with the signature of executive enterprises owner. So kindly take some sort of quick action or investigate that system who manage and control this system. Gulberg Greens Team
20 Mar 2014

oblivion (Bwp)
18 Mar 2014

Can anybody ,somebody give me either khara sach email address or helpline and Mubashir luqman email or any contact to reach them.Please help regards
fazal.karim (wah cant)
14 Mar 2014

AoA, mobashir bhae Allah apko ajare azeem sy nawaze .apka andaz sacha aur munfarid sada andaz magar sacha. mobashar bhae Abbottabad ky aik aadami ny karoron logon ko lota aur ab kisi bhe tareqay sy qabu nahen a raha ha agaer app is qare kher mn maddad farmain to bahut sary logon ka bhalla hoga.Police siasat dan in crupt logon k sath hn. kisi sy darty nahen.
Sultan Rahi (London)
12 Mar 2014

Over 20 innocents became victims of Lyari gang war today, this war is brutally killing the innocent people in Lyari every day. The law & order forces and the Sindh government are as usual sleeping. Where is Bilawal Buhtto? Where is PPP? And where is Lyari’s leadership? Shame the son of Benazeer Bhutto hasn’t got a single word of sympathy for the People of Lyari. Pak Media can show what is happening in USA and talk show everyday about Musharraf, Taliban, Babbji etc, unfortunately you guys can not arrange talk shows about Lyari? and you dont dare to visit poor people of Lyari
niaz mohammed (Oxfor. uk)
22 Feb 2014

Salaam mubasher, I would like to complement you on your bravery and courage and hope you carry on the good work. Whats is happen in Karachi and generally in Pakistan is very upsetting for all Pakistanis locally and nationally can you please expose all the corrupt leaders of all parties who are destroying Pakistan for their personal gains. We Pakistanis have lost faith in all leaders.
waheed khan (Hyderabad)
18 Feb 2014

“THE MORE PRICE THE MORE PROSPREITY” The people of Pakistan divided into many classes economically and there is no any principle to bring them in equal level, consequently a great rift come in social life of people as the division of classes set forth under for the evaluation : Happiest Class: The lowest classes can be turn into millionaire or billionaire this is the history of lowest people , though we also call them poor and deprived people ( look around yourself you will find the same) and eminent politicians and media of the country politicize and exploit them or raising slogan for the poor and deprived people while all is quite different generally , their business/Trade are based on small size of trading/ Retailer they also seller of Drugs, heroine, weapons etc. their earnings are beyond to the tune of unlimited earnings and no any price hike or increase of price can’t be effected them because they are free from every taxes of what so ever nature levied by the governed owing to non- categorization of tax system and so called concerned authorities/ agencies of government secure them … why…. the people of same category feel happy when the prices increase while the media and politicians emphasize the increase of price , no any politician or so called journalist claim their earnings and all claim for price- hike or dearness touching to the sky while their earnings touching to the sky why it will be of no use to say” THE MORE PRICE THE MORE PROSPREITY” Working class ( In public sector) : The working classes of public sector is very stable classes and there is no any fear or insecurity of job and they enjoy annual increment announced by the government as the dearness or increase of price effect them a little, but they can manage it or cope with price easily , the government provide them numerous facilities such as: Medical, long leaves, allowances, GP funds, gratuity and upgrading etc, over and above they have many options of getting money /penny by unfair means Working Class: ( IN private Sector) The working class of private sector is very poor and frustrated people in Pakistan, on other hand the skilled /professional people are better somewhat than unskilled or labor class they have many fears of losing their job on account of insecurity and instability jobs they also called “MIDDLE CLASS”. No any politician or so called journalist emphasized on their grievances . High class (elite) This class is advanced by financially and they almost come out from the lowest or public sector class
waheed khan (Hyderabad)
18 Feb 2014

mrmubashir do know ??? the more price-hike the more prosperity
waheed khan (Hyderabad)
18 Feb 2014

mr. First I call you in challenge for discussion on all issues of Pakistan as I am nor agreed with your concocted , illogical analysis on KHARA such this is just a show not reality ig u have a gut accept my challenge to call me on any forum where u like I am a man in street. you know it is easier to say than do mr.
Shabbir Ahmed (London (UK ))
12 Feb 2014

Dear Mubashir, I am also a victim of Eden Housing and despite the fact that I have their letter for 100% refund since 2010,i have been unable to get it they being very highly connected with Sharifs.Can you help me getting back the well deserved amount?If you dear Mubashir so desire I can send you the copy of their letter of refund including the efforts put in by me through CM's office but it all was an eye wash.I can give you the name and cell no of that idiot who is at the helm of affairs.Anyway a long story.Pl reply so that I may narrate the whole story.I am located at London so would need your help to get my money back.About Khara Sach can only say BRAVO and Tenu Rab Dian Rakhan my Dear Mubashir Luqman.Have a wonderful day and do take a good care of yourself Best Regards, Major (Retd )Shabbir Ahmed
sadiq iqbalmm (kpk)
12 Feb 2014

dear sir DG passport has given a chance to BLC passport owners to solve their BLC cases without cost. the last date was 30 january 2014. by profession i am a teacher in a privagte college and cannot afford the fee of BLC case and the date given by the DG is over. therefore you are requested to do something for extending the date for a month more. there are lots of peaople that they are unaware of this announcement because this add was given on net only. thanks will be waiting of your reply
asif (uk bolton )
11 Feb 2014

ring me on uk 07958282586 about a meg scandal of sharifan, mummed asif.thnk you.
m younas jutt (lhr)
08 Feb 2014

sir a r y news chanel best ad u
Dr. Ahmad Saeed (Lahore)
06 Feb 2014

Want to speak khara such about illegalities, corruption, and foul play of Health department of Punjab . Kindly give e-mail and phone no. to contact . Phone no. is
zeeshan ( Sri lanka)
04 Feb 2014

Mubashir Lucman is a tru Pakistani Anchor. Allah with him. he is a brave man. Best Regards.
03 Feb 2014

Dear Mubashir Luckman AOA, The KHARAH SUCH is the working like HEAD LIGHTS or i would say the yellow lights which are specially used in very heavy FOG Mashallah. Allah Pak bless you and all your family with long and happy life(ameen) we pray for you as well dear. I would like to meet you personally and be a part of your team in this country/national asserts and nation saving mission. Please email me your direct contacts? Best Regards, IQTIDAR QURESHI
ali (dammam)
24 Jan 2014

I like khara such with MUBASHIR LUCKMAN ARY NEWS pakistan k dushmanon ko mtadiny ka ab buht acha moka hi pakistan k pass in dushmanon ko khudkush dhmakon k zariy sy khatam kia ja sakta hi
Mudassar Hussain (Fahaheel Kuwait)
13 Jan 2014

Sir, I am residing and working in Kuwait since 2005, and I would to bring to your kind attention that around 37 Pakistani national are currently suffering in a Turkish town AGRI jail for entering illegally. They are in condition where some of them are sick and in a very bad conditions, I understand that its their own mistake in crossing the border without any proper documentations, however, they are my Pakistani brothers and I know some of them and got to know from their family, the persons in custodian and their families back in Pakistan are under enormous stress and tension of each other’s whereabouts, by writing this to you I try to secure their release through proper channels and bring to the attention of Pakistani authorities to assist n help these people to get release from this ordeal. I am now looking forward towards your sympathetic gesture towards this and would anxiously waiting for to get through your respected NEWS channel to highlight this matter so our government do some thing to secure their release and get these people back to their respected homes and families,thanks.
Husnain Ali (Vieanna - VA)
13 Jan 2014

Dear Mubashir – In your program you have presented Meera marriage certificate with dated 30, Oct 2013, at the same time Naveed have accepted that he is being blacked mailed for the movie for the past 6 months. So Naveed have accepted the movie was made more than 6 months ago and the marriage took place just 2 months ago and off course you have pointed out nika over nika. Why both of them are not arrested for adultery/phonography. Why in this country the rules are only for the poor ones. Those who have brought insult to Pakistan film industry and people of Pakistan are walking free. I am graphic designer and deal with images and movies and I guarantee that movie is 100% genuine. Please bring this to your viewers.
khushal (nowshera)
28 Dec 2013

I need to talk to Mr.Mubasher Lucman sahib. You can contact any time on my cell no's; 0331-9068860 / 0313-9871903 Thank You. Khattak
unknow (unknow)
28 Dec 2013

Salam Mubashir bhai, main ap ko or apni is bewaqif qom ko msg dena chahta hon jab nawaz sharif ne parvez musharraf ko 12 oct 1999 ko jahaz se uthne nahi de rahe the us wqat 198 passenger the agr khuda na karta un ko kuch ho jata to hum kya karte kuch bhi nahi. jab parvez musharrah mulk wapas aya hai us din ye apni zati doshmani nikal rahe hain ye log main apni awaz ko oper tak poncha na chahta hon plz/ hai koi aisa admi jo insaf k liye larhai kre or or in zalmano se musharraf ko azad karaye or hamain chahye k 198 passenger ka keis kr dena chahye is hakumat per
CHAR (usa)
27 Dec 2013

Dear Mubashir I think this is the time to provide u lot other valued infos u might be aaware or not fom the past peace mission can be upgraded to tear the roots of corruption n terrerisom everything is possible some one has to stand with a human courage.Waiting for ur response if u like.......GOD BLESS P
sahir khan (Lahore)
24 Dec 2013

A real journalist is usually a hard-working low paid activist who works for the good of the general society and the country. People like Mubasher Lucman are in no way journalists, no matter how many years they do a talk show. Such people have never experienced the hardships of reporting or investigating a story; nor have they actually done field work that makes a real journalist.
Shabbir (Berlin Germany)
24 Dec 2013

Mubashir shb ap ne Musharf Gnr.ka inerw.dekhaya boht boht shukriya-jis tara ki bakwas aaj hakomat Gen. shb ke khelaaf kar rehe he, je sab army aur Pakistan ke 18 kror awam ki beizti he,Gen shb army ke Chief tak ponhche phir 9 Saal Pakistan ke Sader rehe aise alzam leghane wale khud kia psand kren ge ke Unen bhi kal ko aise hei alzaamon ka samna ho-pls Media walo roko in jahlon ko.Genral Sahib ko Puri tara baaizt tarike se Pakistan ki Jo bhi Khidmat li ja sakti he len.aur je Such he ka Genral p-M.se ziada Pakistan ka kherandesh aur koi nahe.
Saira (London)
23 Dec 2013

I like ur show I want mubashir lukman phone no Kasey miley ga I really need
fazal elahi ch (lahore)
23 Dec 2013

Mubashir bhai. I am fully aware what geo people are doing against u / ary. U may pls depute someone to visit Venus housing society 17 km ferozepur road Lahore to see what person belong to geo have done,more than 100 shops have been locked via lda with budmashi of this person as he is also resident of same society and wants that shops only can built n operated if permitted by this person and his family in the plots which they will sale much more about this if a team of ary arrange to visit n investigate.thanks n zinda bad ay marde mujahid zindabad
Haroon (Karachi)
13 Dec 2013

Mubashir sb app khan sa itni zabardast news lata han, bara maza ta ha app ka program Khara Sach dakh ka
11 Dec 2013

Mubashir bahi Allah ap ko zindge or khuseyan atta farmaay,ap ka programme deakha,sunaa jo Molana Shamsur Rehman Muaviya shaheed par ap nay keya,mai nay apni puri zindgee mai media par easee jurat kisi anchor person ke qattan nhi sunii jis ka ap nay ezhar keya or ye he base hi mayre ap ko like karnay ke. Mai tamam umar ap k leya duwa go rahoon ga Inshallah.
zulqarnain.hadder (isb)
26 Sep 2013

plz come back to ur sho this country so need of u bcz u r helping people to told khra such ALLAH bless u
mohsin abbas (lahore)
25 Sep 2013

i want to get the email id of mr mubashir luqman can you send his personal id at my mail id mohsinabbas697@gmai.com
Zubair mirza (Islamabad)
25 Sep 2013

When a terrorist event takes place whether suicidal or through remote control, the TV channels announce such and such group of Al Qaida or Talaban or Al Jahadi group has claimed responsibility. TV channels should know whether the source of information is real or fake. Have TV channels tried to confirm whether the information is true. Whether the named Jahadi / Al Qaida Group is responsible. In my opinion, India, Israel and USA is doing it. Most probably India. Indian agent who knows Pushto pretend to be member of terrorist group make telephone call on the direction of RAW to say that we (Jahadi, Talaban, Al Qaida) have done it to protect India and to keep the attention of channels and the people of Pakistan away from India so that they should keep on blaming Al Qaida or Talban or Jahadi group. TV channels should first get the telephone call confirmed whether really somebody has given wrong information to protect RAW or get it confirmed by contacting some influential member of the blamed group who has been named by (may be) RAW agent. Zubair Zirza Islamabad Cell# 03215500162
kaif butt (lahore)
14 Sep 2013

A.O.A Mubahser Bhai Main 1 Low Biznes man ho main Import ka kaam karta ho main austelia biznes Vise par 4 dafa ja chuka ho ab muje Visa Apply kiye howe 5 Month ho ge hain muje koi jawab nahi de rahe k Visa dena hain ya nahi mere jan ne wallo ko b isi tra tang kiya ja raha hain kisi Apply kiye 2 month kisi ko 3 kisi ko 4 Month ho ge hain kisi ko koi jawab nahi de rahe sirf V.I.P ko Vise de rahe hai pore PAKISTAN main student visa visat visa or biznes visa nahi de rahe aaj 6 Month ho ge hain pls humari awaz bane Hakomat tak ye bat pohnchaye pls pls pls Ager wo is tra India k sath kare to unka Media or Hakomat Harkat main aa jati hai humare idr Media harkat main aaye ga to Hakomat harkat main aaye ge bohat los ho raha pls pls pls Awaz othaye lahore Ganga Raam FEDRIC main call kr k pta b kr sakte hain 6 hzar visa jama hain or 6 month main bs 54 Vise Isue kiye hain pls pls pls awaz othaye,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Khurshid chaudhary (lahore)
14 Sep 2013

My respected mubashar I have had tried my best to find you email but could not. I have to send you a email regarding your three or four weaks ago in which Asam was abusing to army. I ma a retired soldier of loyal royal and brave army of pakistan. since that day i could not spleep, so ia have to send email to you kindly let me know you email address. Very thanks i will wait.
waqar hussain shah (qatar)
11 Sep 2013

assalam o alaokum dear and respected sir I want to share with u some of the facts basicallyi am a mechanical engineer and more than fifteen years working in gulf listening all the talk shows from mostof the channels but I think that all these shows are for earning money and boosting the rating of that hanl. I did not see up to now even one person who is doing work for Pakistan from his heart every one is creating problems for Pakistan more and more I asure u sir Pakistan can become a world tiger within six month
mahmmad haneef (karachi)
05 Sep 2013

we see your program with iqrar so nice and provide us a lot of awareness about stuipted people who making ghee oil sweets etc now please i want to tel you about faisal bank what they doing with innocent people please you or iqrar contact with me i tell you what the did with us .mahmmad haneef 00923432834773.
zulfiqar (multan)
03 Aug 2013

pls This is request to bring on your channel on khara sach to Mr.umer riaz abbasi (Tehriq minhajul quran)columnist and analyist they have great views for now a days for political and social affairs and insurgencies views
Adam (Pakpatan)
26 Jul 2013

Its very surprising that no body help that community in Pakistan go to market when their husbands returned from jobs and they took them to market after taking rest dinner of changing cloths at about 7 or 8 pm and this elite class refer Europe to close the markets at 8 npm. So what will happen business will cut down many people will be out of job. Would you be the voice of that innocent community having no resources to reach these high profile anchors. Would you be the voice of poors
Aliya fatima (rawalpindi)
24 Jul 2013

your show is good I like your show Pakistan ko ap ki terha suchy logo ki zarorat hy I have one true story I want ap dunia k samney police walo ki asleyat samney lea ker aain
chemist (Karachi)
23 Jul 2013

mr mubashhar lucman..i m not surprised to c ur behaviour now a days against MQM.u have the history of denying the party u earier supported strongly just like jasmine manzoor.but for GOD sake dont cross the limit of lieing.atleast just for honour of the MONTH OF RAMAZAN.we r hating u just after ur remarks about MUHAJIRS.i just pray to ALLAH may HE give u the chance to become MUHAJIR someday and face the same hatered what we r facing since long long ago.just like ZIA UL HAQ after calling MUHAJIR as BHIKARI.THIS IS MY PRAY FOR U FROM CORE OF MY HEART.AMEEN.
Waheed (Florida, USA)
22 Jul 2013

Mubashir please send me the address of Mr. Rehmat Ali whose clip you showed during tonight`s KharaSach. Thanks
Najeeb Eshai (Atlanta Georgia USA)
15 Jul 2013

Mubashir are you a mad person, why you are risking your life, I left Pakistan in 1998 because I am at same situation and try to tell what is right and wrong but they like it. My fore farther fight for war of indepandance in 1857 and most of there grave yards are still near Murree. Dont waste your time and energy, these leaders are crimanals and they human meat and drink blood. They dont kill you uptill now might they think if they drink your blood might your geense transfer in there blood and that they dont like. If you are in US in future send me direct email and I will sure meet you, I like you and also Hassan Nassar both always say right but people under stand your vision after 100 years
Younas Aziz (Lahore)
09 Jul 2013

Dear Sir, i am in Extreme tention some peoples are blackmailing me. plz i need your help. i want to contact you. but i dont know how??? plz plz help me i am waiting for your repl. i had meet you @ Al fatah DHA Lahore.plz help me i really need your help.
asim (oman muscat)
03 Jul 2013

salam u r request that debate all burning matters with present administration & ministers other political leaders analysis but 90percent became ad ur investigation govt denied all blames & criticies ur channel
Farooq Javed (USA)
02 Jul 2013

Mubashar Luqman sahib, Assalam-o-Alaikum I am sending you one or two lines, please pay little attention to these words and you will get the answer to your question you have ask every politician, every, so called religious leader (???) and God knows how many other people in your show, but you never got the right answer. the question you have ask is, "When this horrible madness, the blood shed will stop", well, you are asking this question to those people who are responsible for all these problems, you know as well as any body who have little bit of commonsense, knows too. Here are those words that I want you to think honestly,,, "Nations which fail to protect the rights to religious freedom, fail to achieve peace within their own borders. All too often they experience hatred and strife, violence and instability..." May God give you ability to understand, but what can you do ? basically nothing, because when you will raise your voice for truth, they will threat you and threat your family and then, then same as you have done before, seal your lips. The truth of mater is that Pakistani as nation have fail to protect the rights to religious freedom and now things has turn against them, because when you dig a hole for someone else, most probably one day you going to fall in same hole. Pakistan situation will never change until the nation change in a good and honest way. When people like Hasan Nisar start disappearing from all kind of talk shows, TV channels, except one show in a week and only for 18 minutes, that mean Pakistani nation or media or politicians and religious Mulaans just can't digest the truth or "Khara Sach" Wassalam, Farrukh
zafar (london )
23 Jun 2013

salam i like ur programs but one i was saw the person name was zahoor ahmad who have 4 child disable i want to help them can i have his contact number plz thx
Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan (Karachi)
12 Jun 2013

Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan (Karachi) Main bujat k bare main baat karon ga k is bujat main awam ki health ka bujat 21-Arab yahi aik admi k liye poray saal ka bujat sirf Rs.105.00 hay, aur yei haal eduction ka hay. Mubashar sahib mujhay yeh samajh nahin ati k Tamir-e-Watan program k liye 460-Arab ki Raqam rakhi gai hay, jab k Qoom ki Tameer aur Sehat k liye kitni Raqam hay....? is per aap please Zaroor baat kareen.
Qaiser khan (k s a)
11 Jun 2013

salam hai us insan ko jo jan ke perwa keye baghair in kale choron ke toley ko beniqab kerne nikla hai,afreen hai us maan ko jis ne ise janam dia or ye sab rizqe halal ka kamal hai keyun k haram me itne taqat nahin hote,kash in ghid sift logon ko shaheen ke perwaz ka andaza hota ,ye nahin jagein ge ye mer chuke hain leken aap apna kam kerte jaen ,apne hisse ki shamah jala den ,roshni ke kiren hi zulmat ke leye kafi hote hai.
ashraf (karachi)
10 Jun 2013

kia comments dain hum sub ko pata hai kia ho raha hai or kon kia ker raha hai bus bolne ke himat hoi chayee .ap ka program bohat achaa per kabi kisi normal admi ko b moqa dain check to karain k us k dil k ander kitna tofan hain in hamarey mohazab hukmarano k liye..per ap aisa nahi karain gain sirf ap awam ko wo sunana chateain hain jo sirf ap chatey hain bus that's it
syed K. Habib (East Brunswick NJ)
07 Jun 2013

Dear Mr. Mubashir, I saw your interview with Asif Ali Zardari & not knowing you much, I was speculating that you will ask him Question's in reference to his character and his corruption charges. I was really disappointed by your way of asking question's to him.Your body language & expression's were giving a feeling to audience like me that you were intimated by his presence. You should have ask him a direct question as where this 600 Million Dollar has come to your Swiss Bank Account, what is the Source, he has no factories or business which can generate such kind of money. His father use to own Bambino Cinema in Karachi & at times he was actively involve in selling the tickets in black market.But to my disappointment you never nail him down, can you explain what was the reason. Thanks
khalid khan (MILAN)
19 May 2013

slam2all u,everyone of us is ready 2 attack ,2criticse others.Alas none of us initiate2 analise the reasons of corruption and giving un due favouer 2 kinsmans.My impartial opinione is that mother of all corruptions in the country is (pakistan sacred army)bcz from the very beginning of pakistan,army started 2create dummies of theirs(so called leaders)i.e mujeeb ur rahman,bhutto m khan junejo,nawaz sharif bb and lot of religious sectrianist took birth in the hands of pak army.I am also a son of ex armyman but the truth is always truth.If u see all the tv channels, the present ex generals as "defense analists"can i ask every one of u which war they have won untill now,except making their properties and wealth,after retiring occupaying civil posts and blocking fresh talents.A post of docter is not for (retired brig)let the pak function civilly.B servants not masters,everything,ll b okay.PAKISTAN ;LIE FOREVER AMEEN
Sami (Islamabad)
15 May 2013

I am from Lahore will vote for PTI, the only option, Yes PML and PPP has experience 20-25 years or more for making money and increase money in their personal Bank accounts (loot khasoot). A family limited political company .. what they deliver nothing, motor ways, metro just gimmicks to brain wash innocent people is this the criteria for us to evaluate... what they have delivered in education especially primary education, energy, health, traffic system, police system ... nothing just look into these parameters you will come to the conclusion clearly that they dont have vision their vision is flop schemes peeli taxi, sastee rootee, laptop schemes.. And still if we are thinking that they can do the best and they are the most "experience" then later don't blame any one else.. its us who choose them again to ruin the country.
Nazleen (DUBAI)
25 Apr 2013

dear Dr Luqman please send me your personal mail and tel#. i will send you very important documents/ proof.(your chief justice) Regards
Gul Khan Chandiyo (Khatak)
13 Apr 2013

After interpretation what today's show was concerning I am more persuaded than ever that talk shows are just additional of the similar and second hand trash… I won't be examining that Mubashir Luqman shows us all the scripted drama in his show, showing fake sympathy. Now, I have left watching talk show because cooking shows are going better these days...
Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman Videos Comments
baba (lahore) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 16th April 2014 (16-04-2014) On ARY News 16 Apr 2014
Mubassir Luqman is a good man, he spoke truth, he is brave man, God bless you, Peoples like you a lot.

Rashid Awan (Islamabad) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 15th April 2014 (15-04-2014) On ARY News 16 Apr 2014
Lukman Sahib. Assalam o Alaikum... Aaj k dour main sachay aadmi ajeeb se lagtay hain.Bahr haal Aap jesay hi log AWAAM ko sach bataatay hain. Is Raastay ko jaari rakhain. Awaam aap k saath hai

wasim baig (Quetta) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 10th April 2014 (10-04-2014) On ARY News 14 Apr 2014
very much like

() on Meera Leaked Video With Captain Naveed Khara Such With Mubashir Lucman 8 January Wednesday 2014 on ARY News 12 Apr 2014
hi meera ya kai keya tm ne very bad ya yar. Shrma ki bt hai

SAIF UR REHMAN (taunsa) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 09th April 2014 (09-04-2014) On ARY News 11 Apr 2014
i like show

Nadir (Lahore) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 10th April 2014 (10-04-2014) On ARY News 10 Apr 2014
Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman is famous talk show of pakistan and Mubashir Luqman doing good job

umar (duba(soudi arab)) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 08th April 2014 (08-04-2014) On ARY News 09 Apr 2014
aslamualikum uncle mubashir... Apka program bohat best hey, hamari dua hey ALLAH apko kamjab kary. Is program men boht sari malomat hamko milti hen . ALLAH PAK apki umar daraz kary, taky ap esi trha lateron k khlaf awaz boland karty rahen.. Ameen PAKISTAN ZINDABAE. I love pak army. And love you..

raza (lahore) on Meera Leaked Video With Captain Naveed Khara Such With Mubashir Lucman 8 January Wednesday 2014 on ARY News 31 Mar 2014
meera can more than this for dollars

M.ANWAR (NORTHAMPTON) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 24th Feb 2014 Monday On ARY News 12 Mar 2014

shafi afghan (bahawalpur) on Meera Leaked Video With Captain Naveed Khara Such With Mubashir Lucman 8 January Wednesday 2014 on ARY News 13 Feb 2014
ye haqiqat hai ye vidoe fake nhi hai. meera k lye ye knsi nayi chiz hai filmon e b ye log krte rehte hain aur meera ko tv par anne ki bajaye doob marna chahye ta and shame on u captan naveed. ap jese log mulk aur muslmanu ka nam badnaam kr rahe hain

hamza bhat (sinagar) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 28th Jan 2014 Tuesday On ARY News 02 Feb 2014
pakistan ka naam badnaam kar diya is ghatya aurat ne .

Halar (Quetta) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 28th Jan 2014 Tuesday On ARY News 29 Jan 2014
here is a Joke in India, any thing happens there in India. Indian blames Pakistan Government. So people in India say any Child is born in India, they Blame it on Pakistan Government. Now in Pakistan same thing happens every one Blame, every thing what happens in World or Pakistan blame it on Nawaz Shareef Government.

Zubair (Karachi) on Meera Leaked Video With Captain Naveed Khara Such With Mubashir Lucman 8 January Wednesday 2014 on ARY News 26 Jan 2014
I do not know how she came in front of Camera. She is shameless. 100% she did this. This is not Fake video. She was just denying in front of Mubashir Luqman. Meera you broke the records of Mathira and veena malik also but Veena will look like a good muslim woman. Shame on you meera also Captain Navaid!!!

Moiz Khan (Rawalpindi) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 22nd Jan 2014 Wednesday On ARY News 24 Jan 2014
All these khabees and evil politicians have to go that includes Nawaz Sharif, Zardari, Choudhries, Munawer Hassan and Molana diesel who did nothing to help Pakistan except looting and destroying.

Yaqub (Peshawar) on Meera Leaked Video With Captain Naveed Khara Such With Mubashir Lucman 8 January Wednesday 2014 on ARY News 21 Jan 2014
Well done Mubashir Luqman u r doing a great job for the nation and although before did not really think much of you however respect you for your bravery and boldness and fact finding.

Umer (Karachi) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 20th Jan 2014 Monday On ARY News 21 Jan 2014

Tayyab Tariq (Sukkur) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 14th Jan 2014 Tuesday On ARY News 14 Jan 2014
Pakistan is being run by a bunch of thugs and thieves in the name of serving the awaam.Unless there is a public outcry and accountability from the government, Pakistan will be hollowed out and wind up as a permanent basket case depending on hand outs and begging for more.

Pakistani (Karachi) on Meera Leaked Video With Captain Naveed Khara Such With Mubashir Lucman 8 January Wednesday 2014 on ARY News 12 Jan 2014
Ghatia aurat hai sharam hi nahi. Na captain ko name is aurat ko.ALLAH KO Jaan daini Thai. Inko zara sharam nahi na akhrat ka khayal hai ink. Besharam aur aik baat please aisi cheezoon ko discuss mat karain .yeh hamara mushara kharab karti hain.

Zubair Khan (Lahore) on Meera Leaked Video With Captain Naveed Khara Such With Mubashir Lucman 8 January Wednesday 2014 on ARY News 09 Jan 2014
or pata nahi kya kya kara ge ya Meera

Faheem Abbass (Karachi) on Meera Leaked Video With Captain Naveed Khara Such With Mubashir Lucman 8 January Wednesday 2014 on ARY News 09 Jan 2014
I do not want to look Meera video, she is bed women, often we look meera scandal routinely

Usman Khan (Karachi) on Meera Leaked Video With Captain Naveed Khara Such With Mubashir Lucman 8 January Wednesday 2014 on ARY News 08 Jan 2014
mubashir sahab aap ko bhi apnay program ki rating barhanay ki zarorat par gaye, is ghatia aurat ko kyun bulaya hay

sahir khan (Lahore) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman 07th Jan 2014 Tuesday On ARY News. 08 Jan 2014
The days of sensationalism and a rowdy talk show getting ratings are over the media and the viewers have matured and no longer want to see someone maligning others or venting his own personal vendetta on a channel. Now it is up to ARY and PEMRA, and the law-makers to stop media from being turned into a circus by people like Mubasher Lucman, who are being made in millions of rupees for spreading mischief in the society.

Muhammad Sajjad (Chiniot) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 1st Jan 2014 Wednesday On ARY News 04 Jan 2014
Assalam o aliakum, I am very glade to watch your program about our economic structure. I request you and ARY that please do not stop this until the government takes initiatives to stop this banking system. Secondly i suggest, please promote the alternative system through your program

KAMRAN HUSSAIN KHAN (KARACHI) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 19th December 2013 Thursday On ARY News 03 Jan 2014
or mubashir bahi apna khayal rakhain ap or apni jan ka b khayal rakhain or jub b ap kahian b kese b kam se ghar se ya office se niklain tu 3 martaba aaiytal kursi parh kar nekla karain kyon k insan jub aik martaba aiytal kursi pharta hai tu allah us k leye aik fareshta us ki hifazat k leye taenat kar daita hai or jub 2 martaba parhta hai tu Allah us k leye 2 fareshte taenat kar dai ta hai or jub insan 3 maertaba aaiytal kursi parhta hai tu Allah dono farishton ko wapas bula laita hai or kahta hai k ap is insan ki hifazat mai khud karonga (subhan Allah)mibashir bhai aik bar mai phir kahta hon k allah ap ko mere umar b laga dai apna bohot bohot khayal rahain oraise hi program karte rahain

KAMRAN HUSSAIN KHAN (KARACHI) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 19th December 2013 Thursday On ARY News 03 Jan 2014

MJK Shervani (Riyadh) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 2nd Jan 2014 Thursday On ARY News 03 Jan 2014
Dear Mubashir, congrats for this effort.Briefly,When it comes down,MOMINs are not defined by what they accomplish here in Dunya only; rather, what they can get others to accomplish for themselves. One can't act as a Momin. It comes naturally with God fearings. So, if you want to further your path/ carreer as a Muslim and gain full gratification to your work and life, then demonstrate involvement with the Deen & UMMAh. Whether it's your boss or a co-worker, you're being closely watched by some one whose vision encompasses whole Universe springingout like a fountain & beyond! Are we ready to reap the promised-rewards?

Mubashir Khoosa (Peshawar) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 2nd Jan 2014 Thursday On ARY News 02 Jan 2014
Great program, Great People like Memona Murtaza Malik Religious Scholar and Javed Miandad Former Cricketer. May Allah give us strength to stand on right side of Islam.

Jahangir (Karachi) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 1st Jan 2014 Wednesday On ARY News 02 Jan 2014
Lucman is looking more and more like a blackmailer and it is sad that ARY is allowing him to use religion to forward his agenda. Someone should tell him that no matter what he does, these tactics won’t work. He has lost his novelty and ‘sensational’ element – people are no longer interested in what motor mouth Mubasher Lucman has to say.

A Qahir Sajid (Quetta) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 1st Jan 2014 Wednesday On ARY News 02 Jan 2014
R/sir ASO Allah ap ko jaza e khair atta frmayain our ap ki koshish koo kamyab atta frmayain.

Talib Ali (multan) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 1st Jan 2014 Wednesday On ARY News 01 Jan 2014
Mubashir Luqman bhai Aj ka program dekh kr khoshi hoi k koi to he jo is azab par khol kar bola. Mubashir Lucman what a good subject today you discussed!!

sahir khan (Lahore) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 17th December 2013 Tuesday On ARY News 19 Dec 2013
Nonetheless, there were four guests on Khara Saach on December 17, 2013 - Pakistani film director Syed Noor and three other unknown or little known people. But even if Lucman had invited four aliens it wouldn’t really have matter because the narcissist doesn’t want any comments unless they are praising him and then he only wants to hear his own voice. The episode began with Lucman as usual telling us that he had a scoop he would reveal later (we all know he doesn’t have anything really. We suggest he find a new gimmick as this is getting old).

umair (palma) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 29th October 2013 Tuesday On ARY News 25 Nov 2013
mubashar luqman is a good man i like your show my all friend like your show you are so honest man umair from spain

dr imran chaudhary (city lahor) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 13th November 2013 Wednesday On ARY News 14 Nov 2013
aslamo alicom ap khra such pro asha hy allha ap ko unhi such bolny asha bat khna ki

Haider (Lahore) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 7th November 2013 Thursday On ARY News 08 Nov 2013
i have just seen the recent video of your show in which you are critising your own TV channel that is ARY, Bollywood ki fuzul news chalane per, i really appreciate you on that, Mubashir Lucman ap sache muhib e watan salam hai apko...

jamal khurshid (LAHORE) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 27th October 2013 Sunday On ARY News 31 Oct 2013
all very commendable....... very good research scoope ..how what should those 45 per cent of pakistans population do when most of them are illiterate goons impressive art of neelaming pakistan for personal gains.... you scratch my back and i will scratch yours senior citizen who has seen 80 winters out which 30 years in Germany

DR A SHAH (LONDIN) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 18th September 2013 Wednesday On ARY News 19 Sep 2013
Be Ism-e-HE Ta’ala Al-Nissa (4) 58. Verily! Allâh commands that you should render back the trusts to those, to whom they are due and are capable and that when you judge between men, you judge with justice. Verily, how excellent is the teaching which He (Allâh) gives you! Truly, Allâh is Ever All¬-Hearer, All¬-Seer .The Muslims are directed to entrust positions of responsibility only to those who are capable of shouldering the burden of such positions. Before ordering the believers for obedience (Below), ALLAH orders the people in-charge to decide in the light of justice (Above). 59. O you who believe! Obey Allâh and obey the Messenger (MuhammadSAWS) and those of you (Muslims) who are in authority (and) if you differ amongst yourselves, In anything, refer it to Allâh and His Messenger (saws), if you believe in Allâh and in the Last Day. That is better And more suitable for final determination. Referring to other than the Quraan and Sunnah for judgment is characteristic of Non-Muslims and they wish to go for judgment to the TAGHUT). This is better and more suitable for final determination Ul Al Amr-those charged with authority/responsibility/decision/settlement of affairs. All ultimate authority rests with ALLAH. Narrated Abdallh ratu, The Prophet saws said, ”A Muslim has to listen to and obey (the orders of a Muslim ruler) whether he likes it or not as long as his orders involve not one in disobedience to ALLAH but if an act of disobedience(to ALLAH) is imposed, one should neither listen to it nor obey it.” In another AAYAT and in whatsoever you differ, the decision thereof is with ALLAH This Aayat is the cornerstone of the entire religious, social and political structure of Islam and the very first clause of the constitution of an Islamic state. Provion of Protecting, Maintaining including Food, Protection of nody with Home, Health and Environment Is the BINDING DITY of the RULERS and are opent to be trfied judicialy,

tariq mehmood (karachi) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 28th August 2013 Wednesday On ARY News 04 Sep 2013
ab time h faisle ka....

raza (Multan) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 2ndt September 2013 Monday On ARY News 02 Sep 2013
We Salute to Mubashir Luqman sb Raise Ur Voice Against Enemies of Islam real picture of alqaida

Fazal Muhammad (Jeddah) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 21th August 2013 Wednesday On ARY News 24 Aug 2013
Dear Mr Mubashir Luqman...........Really appriciated your efforts & boldness. Please advise your e-mail address as some important information forwarded to you.

Uzma naqvi (Wah cantt) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 19th August 2013 Monday On ARY News 22 Aug 2013
Aoa.mubashir lucman ap ka program bht acha ha.but ap problems highlight tou karty hain but slution nae btatay,us din jo ap nay banaspati ghee banany wali factories par jo program kia ap nay ye kwn nae btaya k wo koun sa ghee ya cooking oil ha jo awam use na karin.us program ko daikhny k bd mujh sy khana khana mushkil ho gya ha plz tell us k awam asi haram aur gandi chezin khanay sy kasay buchin??

waseem (Karachi) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 25th July 2013 Thursday On ARY News 27 Jul 2013
i want to see 25th july program, but its video not available, kindly load or email me, if possible, thanks for anticipation. please reply if any delay

muhammad sohail (peshawar) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 25th July 2013 Thursday On ARY News 26 Jul 2013
You are doing a Great job.

DR KHALIL UR REHMAN GHUMMAN (SIALKOT ) on Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman - 11th July 2013 Thursday On ARY News 16 Jul 2013

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