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Khabar Naak

Khabarnaak is a Pakistani Comedy TV show that telecasts on GEO TV. Aftab Iqbal is host of the show along with co-host Sakhawat Naz, Amanullah and Mir Mohammad Ali who Read More
Khabar Naak By Naeem Bukhari - 09th October 2015 Fridy On Geo News TV
Watch Comedy Show Khabar Naak By Naeem Bukhari - 09th October 2015 Friday On Geo News TV.

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Khabarnaak is a Pakistani Comedy TV show that telecasts on GEO TV. Aftab Iqbal is host of the show along with co-host Sakhawat Naz, Amanullah and Mir Mohammad Ali who plays different character and celebritys role in every episode. The comedy discussion is made in this show about current affairs, societys problems and political conditions in Pakistan. Khabarnaak is a program where unconventional characters converse all phases of the civilization which is required to be notice. There is also a segment called section Zabaan o Bayaan in which Aftab Iqbal propers the incorrect use of the language that is in usual between the people.

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AbdulRazzaq (Lahore)
01 Oct 2015

I want to visit your show. So pleas give me the pass.
khatak (Oslo)
25 Sep 2015

Naeem Bukhari is Much better then aftab iqbal
Javed Iqbal (Riyadh)
22 Sep 2015

Dear Mr. Bukhari: Assalam o Alekum.I''''m a professor of English at King Saud University in Riyadh and have been watching this program for quite some time. Formerly Mr. Aftab Iqbal made a number of serious phonetic and syntactical mistakes while conducting the show. I wrote to him and pointed out the errors. To my disgust he repeated them in his subsequent programs.No improvement! It is heartening to note that you have been given the responsibility of running it now. Hopefully things will improve. The other day you used the word "mashkoor" for thankful. It was wrong. Mashkoor is the one who is thanked like maghfoor (the deceased who gets maghfirat) or maqhoor (the one under oppression). You should have used the word "shukar guzaar". You might say it''''s a common and widely-accepted mistake but then who will use the correct language if you won''''t? One more point! your colleagues unashamedly utter the names of narcotics while trying to create fun. Yours is a program watched by families and children too. How do parents feel when lexicon like as sharaab and cigarette is uttered alluringly? Is your program endeavoring to promote these curses among those children who are still unfamiliar with them? I hope you will bring some refinement in the program by advising your colleagues. Punjabi pun is brisk and unique true but it must not enter the domains of vulgarity. Kind regards. Prof. Javed Iqbal
Muhammad Ahmed (Karachi)
19 Sep 2015

Naeem Bukhari is trying best for continue this programs but most of the time Language use panjabi which cause shrink the viewers numbers.
K. N. NOORANI ADV. (Karachi.)
19 Sep 2015

I am very pleased to say here that Mr. Naeem Bukhari is hosting Khabarnak very wisely and efficiently rather than Mr. Aftab Iqbal. In order to give further finishing touch in the program please include one or two sober comedians only instead of group of clowns who uses irrelevant vulgar words in Punjabi for comedy such as "Khushra Tera Behnoi. Tera Sala" etc. in this National Tele. This program is being watched by our friends families and millions of viewers through out the globe who do not understand Punjabi which irritates all of them thus damage impact of this program. This is the only drawback of this program otherwise nothing adverse to point out. It is our humble suggestion that we have had great actors and actresses of our TV and Films but regret to say that our media are ignoring them. We people are very much eager to see them and know their present status and listen to them. If you please invite them in your program such as Deeba Babra Sharif Anjuman Shahid Ghulam Moinuddin Nadeem Najma etc. in our neighbor country they remember and give tremendous respects to their old actors and actresses. No doubt Mr. ALI is the main pillar of this program really we have never seen such a versatile actor through out the globe please give him our bundle of appreciations and big applause to this Great Artist. He is a great asset of our country. Shabbash Ali. Regards K.N. NOORANI ADV. H.C.
safdar (Sialkot)
10 Sep 2015

Since after the leaving of the anchor of Kahabar Nak the show is not at their standard I think he was main key of the show popularity and the success of the program.
Hussain (Karachi)
04 Sep 2015

Naeem Bukhari''''s ability to create a satire-esque fiasco and to make the tumultuous affairs of the state''''s politics seem like a children''''s playbook is simply a thing to marvel at. He is marshalling his team superbly compare to the former host Aftab Iqbal wittiness is shrouded with narcissistic undertones. Keep it up NB!
iqbal (lahore)
31 Aug 2015

Because of so much busy routine I was not be able to watched the my favorite program Khabar Nak because I am so busy but one thing I want say about Khabar Nak that this is the best ever program of Pakistani media.
Waqas tipu (gujrat)
30 Aug 2015

Bokhari sb se yeh tawako na thi ke maroof romanvi kirdaron ki tazheek ki jati. Bahut se aulia Allah ne hazrat-e-qais(majnoo) ki masalon se rah-salook ke nakat byan kye hain.
Altaf Hussein (Leeds)
29 Aug 2015

I am so relieved that arrogant self opinionated big headed aftab Iqbal has been given his marching orders. This programme will be lot better under Naeem Bukhari a big thank you to Geo for getting rid of Aftab.
kashif (islamabad)
27 Aug 2015

Naeem Bukhari is a good anchor person but i do use to like Aftab Iqbal more just because of his additional knowledge and unbiased attitude ...Hope Geo might be realizing his importance and call him back..
uzair (Lahore)
26 Aug 2015

I was watching the Kahbar Nak show last night in which they changed the format of the Program slightly but Their anchor Aftab Iqbal was still missing in the show.
sohail (faisalabad)
24 Aug 2015

The show khabar naak teleed on geo news has lost all of its importance with the departure of Aftab Iqbal as he was such a nice person and a good knowledgeable anchor..
tariq (Okara)
20 Aug 2015

Its quite interesting to watch the show Kahbar Nak without aftab Iqbal. I like the show without him but I miss his knowledge in the program.
kashan (multan)
19 Aug 2015

I just think that khabar naak is the best show teleed on Geo news hosted by all time famous Aftab Iqbal..whenever i watched it i got delighted i mean their comedy is superb and their comedians just are excellent and overall a brilliant display of humor and knowledge..
Luqman (Rawalpindi)
15 Aug 2015

aftab shd 2 3 shows sa nai aya dummy musium sa hosts la ka btha dia jata hn aisa kiun?
aiman (islamabad)
15 Aug 2015

Khabarnak teleed on geo news is the most ranked showi would like to watch but i am disappointed to say that from the recent times they have started to mock some of the historic personalities...i think that''''s an error and should be compensated as soon as possible...
SHAKEEL (muzaffargarh)
12 Aug 2015

Khabarnaak is the best show i would like to watch over geo news hosted by very talented Aftab Iqbal..i like this show not just because of their humor and comedy but instead for the way they use to deliver the thing in their different segments..
danish (quetta)
09 Aug 2015

Khabar nak hosted by Aftab Iqbal is one of my favorite show on geo news but sometimes just to make us laugh the comedians here use to make fun of some respective personalities which is an error and should be pointed and removed.
Mustafa Raja (Nelson uk)
08 Aug 2015

Hi there is it true that aftab iqbal left khabharnaak?
Shujat Ali Hamid (Islamabad)
08 Aug 2015

Without Aftab Iqbal Khabar Nak is like a nice looking dish without salt and other spices without him we hate to watch Khabar Nak. Shujat Ali Hamid Islamabad
Kashan (Raiwind)
08 Aug 2015

Last night I had watched the Khabar Nak where the dummy the Pervaiz Musharraf was taken the interview of King boxer Amir Khan with his wife and he was doing so much fun in the program I really like this type of Comedy program.
rana (wah cantt)
08 Aug 2015

AssalamoAlaikum ...aftab unclemera naam rana muhammad siddique hayand mein taxila say agay wahcantt mein rehta hnmein b politicians ki perody akr leta hnmje plzz tv mein bolaye ye mera contact number hayplzzzz contact memein diploma kr raha hn abhi 2nd year complete hoa hayab 3rd year start hona hay plzzz uncle plzzzzzz
Hammad (Okara)
04 Aug 2015

some was telling that Khabar Nak anchor Aftab Iqbal has left Geo News and he has joined Express Media group and soon he will start his program their on Express News.
Salih (Balochistan)
02 Aug 2015

Khabar Naak has slightly changed their format in program and it is going nice now I really like to watch this every Saturday when I get free.
farha (gujranwala)
30 Jul 2015

The last show of Khabar nak was awesome I love the acting of shekh rasheed in that show that was quite entertaining.
Abeer Qureshi (London)
28 Jul 2015

For Special attention of Mr Aftab Iqbal I Abeer Qureshi is arriving LAHORE ON Friday AND RETURN BACK TO London ON THE 8TH AUGUST a week in Lahore As I am a great fan and follow your programme Khabarnak I wish to participate in your show and express my views on some words commonly used in Urdu language also to give views on legal tem in Pakistan I am a Senior Barrister and have my chambers in London I qualified from Lincoln''''s inn in 1972 It will be appraised if you can invite me to your show kind regards Abeer Qureshi
yasir (Multan)
27 Jul 2015

Khabar Nak is the unique comedy program the of and format of the program is so much nice but the main reason behind the sucess of the program is the anchor aftab iqbal
Muneer (Sahiwal)
25 Jul 2015

Nearly all the comedy programs have a same type of format which is on air on different Pakistani news channels like Khabar Nak on Geo News and Mazak Rat on Dunya news and some others programs too they also have same format of program.
Saleem (rawalpindi)
25 Jul 2015

Khabar Nak is the best program of Geo News they give us entertainment but i think they still need to improve in some part of the program like they have speak urdu in place of punjabi.
22 Jul 2015

Dear Sir i would like to inform you that I can make Rubik''s Cube game with in 1 mint . thats mean all six color will make in 6 mints . please give me chance in your hidden talent show to prove that hope you co operate me thanks & Regards M.Sohail
sajid (Karachi)
16 Jul 2015

I think Khabar Nak should be on air in all the seven days of a week because the program is very nice we get a lot of entertainment from it and it is my favorite show I always waiting for it.
iqbal (Sukkur)
15 Jul 2015

Kahabar nak the program of Geo news is not only a comedy program but it is also very knowledge full program we get a lot of knowledge about the history from their segment over all it is complete family program for fun and entertainment.
Hasnain Raza (Lodhran)
10 Jul 2015

Aslam o alykum sir. Mujhy aap ka program boht acha lgta ha. Sir main aap k program men aana chahta hun. Agr ho sky to mujhy entry pass dy den.
Muhammad Waseem (sargodha)
08 Jul 2015

nice of all
musa (Karachi)
08 Jul 2015

The host of comedy program of geo news khabar naak is look like an arrogant person he did some very angry statement during the show to his fellows I think he must be respectful to everyone.
Shakir (Lahore)
29 Jun 2015

Because of Ramadan ul Mubarak I am not be able to watched the program Khabar Nak because I am so busy but one thing I want say about Khabar Nak that this is the best ever program of Pakistani media.
Anwar (Skokie)
27 Jun 2015

Sometime last year I commented some harsh words on Aftab Iqbal regarding his a view about a Pakistan entity. One day this year I was watching his show and out of no where he had dirty words about the guy who claimed to run the car with water fuel He brought his commets on him for no reason. After Aftab comments on running a car with water Yahoo had baig news in bold letters"A a Pakistani ran his motorcycle with 80percent water and Aftab did not scold him yet for doing that good job. May be he is waiting for his masters order to disgrace Pakistanis for doing something that is good for poor people. But I have no regret for comments I passed on Aftab Iqbal he proved it what I said about him. Most media people work for the agenda of their foreign masters.
ismat (sahiwal)
26 Jun 2015

plz invite miss nabial hamdani from sahiwal for naat. she has multi talented lady. her contact, thx.dont ingnor this.
Sardar (Lahore)
25 Jun 2015

The way the Khabar Naak is spreading happiness and laughter in all over the country is must be appreciable. for me in my opinion the khabar naak is the complete show where we can get entertained and get a lot of knowledge also.
Najeeb Khilji (Islamabad)
22 Jun 2015

I need contact number or e-mail address of Aftab Iqbal sb host of Khabarnak. I have to convey something to him. Thanx.
Adnan (Gujrat)
09 Jun 2015

Khabar Nak is my favorite comedy program I like the format of program. But except one thing which I do not like is that they sing Indian old songs in their program. I think they have sing our old songs in the program.
adnan (Lahore)
04 Jun 2015

Khabar Nak is a very good comedy program for watch. But actually I am impressed of the title name of program “ Khabar Nak “. The host of the program Aftab Iqbal is really a talented and well deserve personality He has a lot of knowledge about history.
khalid Rana (Lahore)
29 May 2015

pls put all songs of khabernak in one page, becouse i wanna collection of best songs. thanks, takecare
Jasim (Lahore)
29 May 2015

Geo News comedy Show Khabar Nak gave a different concept of comedy in Pakistani media. The writer of the show who is also the Host of the show Aftab Iqbal he is simply amazing in comedy.
Mustafa (Dubai)
26 May 2015

Kahabarnaak is well balanced program in term of knowledge and comedy I watch it every program of it and I am very fond of information and my suggestion is to them to please use Urdu more in place of Punjabi because all Pakistani do not understand Punjab.
Salma durrani (Lahore)
30 Apr 2015

Ayesha improved her alot she is covering her beautiful face while laughing now a very good sign but still laugh is laugh let her Laugh the way wanted to. Some people like her laughing in Khabar Naak show and some has very bad perceptions. So laugh be in limits.
Burhan (Lahore)
23 Apr 2015

Beautiful Unseen faces of Pakistan. The Faces of Pakistan that we did not see in the mainstream media. More then 275 videos. Khabar Naak recent episode was the hub of beautiful faces in the audience. We felt happy after a long long time.
sharjeel khan (Karachi)
21 Apr 2015

People should abort to watch Khabar Naak and other comedy shows on different channels. Some time they have become very odd and out of their parameters and limits.
Yasir (Lahore)
20 Apr 2015

The show Khabar Naak has been changed little bit so that is why i left to watch it. Now i do not watch any third class comedy show on any channel but except BNN news. I watch it because it has some standard. Eventually i visited Khabar Naak page on Facebook and saw the irresponsible posts.
Yasir taj (Nankana)
19 Mar 2015

Khabar Naak has now lost its credibility due to irresponsible behavior of Aftab Iqbal and his colleges in his show. I hate honey Albela in this show. Where is previous co host of khabar Naak Sophia Mirza Co Host of Khabar Naak is also good but she was much better than her.
Imtiyaz Ahmad Dar (Budgam)
12 Mar 2015

Asalamu Aliecum I am from Kashmir Budgam j&k, I love this show and Aftab Sahab U have good knowledge about every field and after this comedy show ( I love Pakistan my dream is I want come Pakistan I love very very much pak).
Roshan (banglore)
07 Mar 2015

please give me telephone no of naseer bhai challenge thank you
Abdul Qayyum (Houston)
06 Mar 2015

Aftab Iqbal Sahab I hope you don''t personalize my true evaluation of your show. I don''t understand what is the real purpose of your program. Based on my observation your dummy and your "PUNDS" don''t even allow you to say anything. It seems like as if they are the real anchors than you. Additionally their comedies are worthless and meaningless based on personal attacks absolute lacking creativity same repeated nonsense I wonder on your claim that you are very highly educated man and you laugh on these garbage people''s garbage jokes polluting the minds of our younger generation. Secondly we don''t want a nation specializing in music Indian songs and their writers. Additionally we don''t want that our youth specialize in Urdu language for spoken purposes is alright but universally considered as dead language as no philosophy scientific literature written in Urdu language if our younger people specialize only on the etymology of Urdu words how shall they be able to understand logics scientific knowledge and be competitive without continuously learning innovations that are predominantly available in Latin English German rich in such vital knowledge. If I am you I shall include in my programs like motivational moments or asking some word from English language from an expert in this language so that our students and younger people can mentally grow. Finally your dummy don''t worth a shit in my opinion. Please read my comments most objectively and let me know if my comments make sense to you. One of your most well-wisher. Abdul Qayyum Strategic Coach Leadership Empowerment Institute Houston Texas
Suliman (Hasilpur)
04 Mar 2015

Mohammad Mir Ali did the great parody of Shahid Afridi in Khabar Naak show. Aftab Iqbal sahab you should appreciate Imran Khan instead of criticizing him. He was the great captain because he was mentally strong and he had a dream to win the world cup still people loves him and remembered him as a great captain of Pakistan team in the history.
Umair Khan (Hyderabad)
28 Feb 2015

I have seen a photo of Aftab Iqbal on the sign board of Channel 92 News HD tv. He joint 92 News HD but still he is hosting Khabar Naak. Will he work on both channels at a time? Will he manage? Well it is none of our business. Khabar Naak also lost their credibility now Mazaq Raat is going on very well.
javed (nawab shah )
17 Feb 2015

man javed ahmed hon mar name khabia nak na la
waheed (Lahore)
14 Feb 2015

khabar Naak is good but some time over rumour. Today u told about that all historical murders like Liaqat ali khan ........... Benazir bhotto sahiba etc should be found or disclosed by the inquiry committee. As foreigner disclosed state screte after 25 five years so pakistan should also disclose his screte after 25 years for the experience and lesson for the new generationnation
ansar mahmood (dubai)
01 Feb 2015

AftabIqbal is very nice man
Usman Riaz (Lahore)
23 Jan 2015

Aftab Iqbal is also responsible for the lack of petrol in Punjab. Why did he not raise questions on Punjab government?? Because he knows very well that if he raises any question against them then his show will be banned. Please ask from your PML-N''''s guest where did they vanish petrol??
Saleem Butt (Lahore)
22 Jan 2015

Today Mr Aftab you lost all respect with being so soft with Talal. Look at the face of that culprit Talal who is posing himself as a victim in fuel shortage crisis in your show Khabar Naak. Mr Aftab today you prove yourself the biggest hypocrite in Pakistan media. Shame on you.
Meson Raza (Haroonabad)
17 Jan 2015

Mir Mohammad Ali dummy museum actor just knows to act of Sheikh Rasheed. I think he is good in acting of Sheikh Rasheed. But please change your dummy museum. Mir Mohammad Ali you should come with new celebrities face like Farooq Sattar.
Tahir (nawabshah)
05 Jan 2015

Khabarnak is very good show and dummy of Sheikh rasheed i enjoy very much
Zeeshan Tabin (Faisalabad)
01 Jan 2015

After every three or four episode the dummy of Sheikh Rasheed repeats in Khabar Naak show on Geo news tv network. Why do they make so much fun of him? Sheikh Rasheed is very brave honest and loyal man. He always talks about Pakistan''''s favor. Aftab sahab please make different dummies in your show Khabar Naak.
ARSLAN QAYYUM (wah cantt)
21 Dec 2014

Khabar Naak is amazing show, I like it so Much.
Umer (Faisalabad)
17 Dec 2014

I want to appear in a show Khabar Naak as an actor anchor singer and host too. I have an ability to do all these stuffs because i am multi talented. Aftab Iqbal i want to meet you for an interview. Give me a chance and my name is Umer Sheikh I live in Faisalabad.
Javed Iqbal (Near Manchester uk)
11 Dec 2014

We like khabar naak please keep it up. Javed
BASIT ALI (Rahim-Yar-Khan)
08 Dec 2014

asslam-o-alaqm wr wb sir ap ka show bhot hi piyara ha .ap logo ko hansata bh ha politics bh kerta han or knowledge bh data han i like your show sir.
Nida Alam (Karachi)
04 Dec 2014

Khabar Naak show should be ban by supreme court of Pakistan. What type of indecent language Aftab Iqbal has used against Imran Khan in his show on 30th November episode in which Ahsan Iqbal was also invited. When he was using his tongue against Imran Khan i was feeling very angry that time and wanted to slap on his face.
rana waheed (fsd)
04 Dec 2014

ya boht asha program ha main boht shok sa dakhta hun
Arslan Sabir (Rawalpindi)
03 Dec 2014

Khabar Naak now losing its credibility. PTI politician is not being invited in Khabar Naak by Aftab Iqbal. He only invites PML-N members. Aftab Sahab did not ask from Ahsan Iqbal about his corruption of billions rupees in Nandi Pur Power Project. How much income tax he pays. He is not worth to be invited in any program being plunderer and looter of money of poor public of Pakistan.
Gul Hassan Khokhar (Sarghoda)
27 Nov 2014

Khabar Naak host Aftab Iqbal sahib please control on the dirty and filthy comments which some of your listeners make on this forum. It is highly rude and obnoxious to read and see such low class people write in this space. Can you CENSOR them before broading? Hope your next shows will be as entertaining as before except today''''s show.
Arshad Kamran (Karachi)
25 Nov 2014

For the God sake please do not invite these kind of politician "lottay" in your credible show Khabar Naak. I am very disappointed with Aftab Iqbal Sahib''s show today. It was the most bland and uninteresting show. We do appreciate that you were Watoo''s adviser but it does not mean that the entire show was hogged by him. Qasoori Sahab what did you do when you were in power for the poor people of Pakistan ?
Jabbar Khan (Gujranwala)
20 Nov 2014

The one and only program i watch on geo news is Khabar Naak. It is mind blowing show on Geo News Hasb-e-Haal host Junaid Saleem Full do the copy of Aftab Iqbal but the original is original. Well i am die heart core fan of Khabar Naak show. It is great humour great knowledge and great entertainment.
Atif Umair (Jubail)
18 Nov 2014

Khabar Naak is the best Pakistani Comedy TV show. I am consistently trying to call in a show from Jubail Saudi Arabia. But the number was busy. Well in next episode of Khabar Naak i will try again. I am big fan of Khabar Naak host Aftab Iqbal and want to talk with him.
Jahan Zeb (Al Khobar)
16 Nov 2014

I wish to call live to Khabar Naak. I am from KSA. Jahan Zeb
Rafhan Mahmood (Karachi)
15 Nov 2014

Keep Laughing.
Unair (Karachi)
13 Nov 2014

Khabar Naak team is just do Chawal on air show. They open their mouth without any reason to laugh. Aftab Iqbal some time ignore them and shut their mouth. Khabar Naak is complete dictionary for us. We are progressing our language through Khabar Naak show on Geo TV.
Haris Bin Waleed (Hyderabad)
11 Nov 2014

Khabar Naak host Aftab Iqbal Sahab please do your show on Meoin-jo-Daro again. I want to know the history of this old place. We have read the chapter in our ninth class but i hope you will tell more things then chapter of our text book. The chapter was just consist of three pages.
rajab (sukkur)
08 Nov 2014

Misha Usman (Rawalpindi)
04 Nov 2014

The segment in Khabar Naak program or show called section Zabaan-o-Bayaan in which Aftab Iqbal propers the incorrect use of the language that is in usual between the people. It is great segment. I used to word Nalat so this was incorrect when Aftab Iqbal pronounced this word Lanat so it was amazed for me that time. I am consistently correcting my pronunciation through Aftab Iqbal''''s show Khabar Naak.
Usman Jamil (Faisalabad)
31 Oct 2014

I love your show Khabar Naak very much I love you too you have wonderful knowledge. Nice program keep it up Aftab Iqbal. you are doing a fantastic job. Its realy a good show from Geo News TV and i would also like to participate in it and aftab iqbal is doing a fanastic job and what a man of mimics he has Mir Mohammad Ali is too good.
Sohaib Afridi (Peshawar)
29 Oct 2014

I like the one thing of Khabar Naak host Aftab Iqbal that he always praises Imran Khan in his show Khabar Naak on Geo News. The parody of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi was superbly done by Mir Mohammad Ali in the 17th October episode of Khabar Naak.
Abu Bakr (Sarghoda)
24 Oct 2014

These kind of anchors like Aftab Iqbal host of Khabar Naak can speak in front of jokers only and think of them self very big shot. Do not mind viewers he is on agenda that is it. Aftab Iqbal is a good anchor so leave this show with Jokers and start some pure political show Hamid Mir Kamran Khan.
asad rehman (faisalabad)
22 Oct 2014

khabar naak host aftab iqbal.... you are arrogant and ignorant person. you feel pride in belittling other people. you disrespect the guests yourself and allow your low life jokers to disrespect people like naseer bhai and mohammad mir. do not mind guys he is on agenda that is it.
usman qureshi (sahiwal)
17 Oct 2014

aftab iqbal your show khabar naak is great and your talking style is very different from other news anchors. javed salemm of hasb-e-haal azizi totally copies your talking style. specially i compare your style with javed saleem. khabar naak is old show than hasb-e-haal so we can say that they copied khabar naak.
irshadhussain (lahore)
17 Oct 2014

ma ap k show ma ana chata hon
mushtaq ahmad nizami (karachi)
14 Oct 2014

I left to watch Geo news tv live after their conspiracies against Islam and Pakistan, but khabar naak is neutral show, retired general hameed gul well said in the ning of khabar naak. He spoken truth and state forward for Geo tv channel. Aftab Iqbal is comparing Hameed Gul with Mir Shakeel-Ur-Rehman for the love of Pakistan. This is not understood.!
jawad khalil (faisalabad)
11 Oct 2014

hilarious episode of khabar naak well parody of sheikh rasheed. aftab iqbal please about your self how have you partially divided?? please take full side of any political party. sometime you support pti and sometime you support pml-n. by doing these types of acts you are losing your credibility !!
nayyar sohail (sarghoda)
02 Oct 2014

Khabar Naak Host Aftab Iqbal is just jerk and look at his face is changing also ! have a close look at his left side of the neck ! getting bigger extra meat! that what we call when you eat some illegal thinks your neck get bigger !
abdul majeed (ravi-river)
30 Sep 2014

I live in syedwala near ravi-river shore a very backward area however, I am fond of watching your show khabarnaak. Sometime I came late at home so I did not able to watch Aftab Iqbal show Khabar Naak on Geo news tv live. I pray for success of your show further. "khabarnak" is like much more popular in Pakistan as compare to mazaq raat and hasb-e-haal.
anjum (sibi)
29 Sep 2014

my dear aftab khabrnak is wonderful program but due to political activities your program is going down day by day, please keep this comedy cum critic program then political you can not achieve any thing by calling anti imran politicians and more over anti Pakistani shakil-ur-rehman policies are dangerous for Pakistan an other thing unnecessary critic to anti nawaz forces are not giving any thing to geo group please see these submissions, I will be oblige.
sameed ijaz shaikh (karachi)
25 Sep 2014

manika looks like a special kid....aftab iqbal you have turned so much against imran khan that he seems irritated by his success even not only aftab iqbal the whole team of geo is against imran. i know imran khan snatched the sleeps of geo journalist and his owner (mir shakeel-ur-rehman).
kashif badar (karachi)
23 Sep 2014

aftab sahab trust me you are loosing credibility and ratings of your show the reason being your show is just like other geo show those shows who just criticized imran khan as they received an order from mir shakeel-u-rehman. but remember next prime minister will be imran khan. go nawaz go just take example of karachi conference (jalsa). no one can stop this nation now !!
hafeez (sarghoda)
19 Sep 2014

I watched famous comedy show Khabar Naak By Aftab Iqbal, this mistake done by Aftab Iqbal, Yunhi Din Kat Jae song was composed by A. Hameed not Rasheed Atre. another female duet was composed by a. hameed. rest of the songs (5 in number) were composed by rasheed atre.
s. raheel (faisalabad)
16 Sep 2014

saeed elahi is very stupid person one sided should not be entertained and called next time. he has a attitude he behaves with people like he is only one person on the earth. he is not able to invite in any program or show khabar Naak & other political and comedy show.
zafar iqbal choudhary (torontocanada)
14 Sep 2014

the first program i watched on geo tv made me upset when couple of students were shown who got positions in f.sc . those students couldn''''t get admission in medical colleges. soon after that some jokes were started it made me very upset as participants left serious topic. i became very angry for this kind of act. on preceding to rest of program i realized that this is basically for entertainment. dear after that i never missed any program. i watch khabarnaak regularly. god bless you all who bring smile on the faces of viewers. god bless pakistan.
yasir ( sauidi arab)
14 Sep 2014

khabarnaak number kia ha
abdullah (sarghoda)
12 Sep 2014

this honey albela makes fun and is bullying badly to a gentle man ''''nasir bhai''''. this is cheap comedy and everybody should condemn it. only geo''''s show high rated. except this all program in the favor of government indeed it is suitable to the country or not.
Rizwan Shakeel (Sukkur)
05 Sep 2014

Mir Muhammad Ali's pride of performance is a pride for Khabarnak. He did parody of more than two hundred people in the show. He deserves the pride of performance. Khabarnaak is alive due to Mir Muhammad Ali if he leaves the show then Aftab Iqbal can not run the show alone.
Basit (Lahore)
03 Sep 2014

I have not been watching Khabarnaak for last three months when the Geo news transmission is closed by cable operators and still Geo news is not working in my area so please update the latest episode of Khabarnaak on Urudwire.com. I will come after two days on your website to watch Khabarnaak so the latest episodes should be here! This is humble request to Urduwire.com.
F kausar (Rochdale)
14 Aug 2014

Really really nice show you are great sir even wo can't wait for next week but humne old episode dekyn hain thay were really nice jo sagment ab nai krte wo again start kryn please & we want your Genuine profile plz agr ap apne show mn bta dyn we really thankful to you sir take care Allah hafiz.
hesham (lahore)
07 Aug 2014

please shoe me khabarnak
zahid (lahore)
20 Jul 2014

this show is very informative
Muhammad Nadeem Zulfiqar (Sahiwal)
25 May 2014

Khabarnak Program. Complains and Suggestion for improvements. 1. Your program is informative and very funny. But keep in view the moral and social values. You being anchor are highly educated and during your presence how it becomes possible they talk about sootas, churs and Afheem and Sharab…. Very bad……. 2. Why Actors Talk about and use word of Churs…..during their conversations. It creates lot of disturbance when we are watching your shows with children in our room. In order to improve the quality of the program there is need of keep all actors away from vulgar conversation and use of above prohibited words and keep in view the respects of relations, saala, saali….etc…. don’t make these relations hoot…. 3. I hope my suggestions would be taken as positive and acceptance may please be made and next time all above should be avoided.
Sufyan (Lahore)
18 May 2014

Khabar naak I think is focused towards the hot issues. I am asking here at urduwire.com related to the show khabarnaak that who is the person that does the acting of many people. I think he is an acting expert. There at urduwire.com there are many videos
Qasim (Lahore)
09 May 2014

I used to see the show khabarnaak before but I think now much time has passed and I have not the show at geo; khabarnaak. I think this program khabarnaak at geo news tv channel is much famous among the people. Also at urduwire.com there are many videos of the shows.
Muzammil (Lahore)
26 Apr 2014

Khabarnaak is a full of criticism show on the politicians and the persons related to the hot issues. The show also has some informative sections and some funny sections but the critisizing thing of Aftab Iqbal is I embarrassing for me.
shaan (lahore)
26 Apr 2014

this program like other geo programs promotes music a non islamic events like valentine days mocking some selective politicians (i hv never seen them mocking and making fun of mqm or altaf hussain) and also in music segment i just wonder weather those people who listen to music with such respect by fastening their hands and waving their bodies do they also give that much respect to Azaan?
waqas noor (pasrur)
25 Apr 2014

i like it very much. me ap k program ka hissa bana chata hn mujy buhat shok h me kafi year sy ap ka program dhk rha hn plz mujy bula ly waqas noor from pasrur distt. sialkot
pashtun (attock)
24 Apr 2014

all the characters are illitrate people. its create conspiracy between pashtun and punjabi. today at his show aftab iqbal said that the muslim hero ahmad shah abdali was a dacoit. this is not true. he is showing enmity to pashtun.
Dr.Ahmed Faraz (Multan)
22 Apr 2014

Dear Aftab Sb.in last program your pronunciation was "NECROPHALIA"but actual word is"NECROPHILIA" we regularly watch your talk show "Khabarnak"perhaps one only show which is really intresting with knowledge. Dr.Ahmed Faraz Multan
Rameez (Lahore)
22 Apr 2014

The show is a popular and famous show and people and has good ranking in my view and as shown at views at urduwire.com but I think that the extreme criticism on the people like politicians should not be done. Also in the program khabar-naak the fun of politicians is made, I think that it should also be avoided.
Akbar Khan (Abu Dhabi)
19 Apr 2014

Dear Aftab Sahib We feel very sorry for the bad indicent happened yesterday 19th Apr 2014 in Karachi Kindly convay our deep sympathy to the family of Hamid Meer Thanks Khan
zuni (Abbott bad)
17 Apr 2014

Sir I want to participate in your show. I tried your contact number so many times but it was powered off. Please let me know how can I participate as participant not as an audience.
Waseem Sardar (Zarqa Jordan)
17 Apr 2014

Dear Mr.Aftab,This is Waseem Sardar from jordan.I m PAkistan national & have job here from last 08-years.U was talking about 2-3 time about lady fingure (bhendi) with shorba.I want to tell u also this dish lady finger with shorba (tomato souce mixed) is also very favourite in arab like our punjab. Please share this also with our audience.Regards.PAkistan Zina Abad
mubashir sheikh (Irvine, CA USA)
16 Apr 2014

Mohtaram Aftab sahib, Assalam-o-alaikum, It is always a great pleasure to watch your program.It provides comedy, Zuban-o biyan,information about books, cities, food and history. You do deserve a huge praise to offer so much in a short time of one hour. It will be wonderful if coverage time can be increased. It makes my eyes wet when I see you in so much pain for problems of Pakistan. Please don't allow to make fun of third- gender folks. They are one of the most humiliated, rejected and neglected part of the Pakistani population. They need our respect. Also jokes which involve religious and cultural sensitivities, should be avoided. My hat off to you that you are launching something for your area. I want to send a small Zakat money of $ 500.00. Where and how could I send it to you? I would love to meet you when I visit Pakistan Insha-Allah. Allah Hafiz.
Naseem (Lahore)
15 Apr 2014

Khabar Naak is awesome GEO news tv talk show, Aftab Iqbal doing great job with Master Sb, Huny Albela and other comedian timing of Khabar Naak by Aftab Iqbal is very great and also Aftab Iqbal provide great information about urdu language
Saad (Lahore)
12 Apr 2014

Among the top entertainment shows at Geo TV, and even comparable with those at dunya TV, samaa TV, etc. The segment in which he tells the vocablury is knowledgeful and reveals interesting things in front of us. Even educated people gain knowledge.
Shabbir Mughal (Lahore)
09 Apr 2014

Dear Aftab Sir jee, All but with few exceptions the programms are excellent. Among many problems which are highlightd in your programmes, I would earnestly request you to kindly tell Shahbaz Shareef to pay first and foremost attention to open GANDAY NALY/NALIAN in our cities. These GANDAY NALY are factories of Hepatitis A,B,C,D... and upto Z...These open GANDAY NALYS and NALIAN are factories of Malaria, Disencentry, Stomach diseases because the water which goes down from these GANDAY NALY/NALIAN in the bottom of soil is the same which we drink. If Shahbaz build hospitals at every one kilometer, he cannot eradicate Hepatitis, Dingue, Malaria and other dangerous diseases. Please you also put pressure on the concerned authorities to lay adequate wide pipes and these mosquitos breeding factories are covered allowing the dirty water run through pipes so that the dirty water don't go down in the bottom and we are not compelled to drink the same water in turn ....THANKS.. SHABBIR MOGHAL 0320-620-8755
Yasir Mustaq (Karachi)
09 Apr 2014

Khabar Naak is my best and faverate TV comedy talk show, I like best thing of Khabar Naak often Use Punjabi during show, I also alike Dummy & Master sb of Khabar Naak, I would just says about Khabar Naak it is best 2014 comedy talk show in Pakistan
Shafi (Lahore)
08 Apr 2014

I like the GEO TV commedy show program Khabar Naak with aftab iqbal, because Khabar Naak comedy is light with Punjabi jucta is also great, also Master sb creacter is very great
Akbar Khan (Abu dhabi)
22 Mar 2014

I am watching this show since last year In my opinion after 50-50 this is one of the best entertainment show in the TV my best regards to you and all the concerned people . I wish to attend the show as a visitor in future
lahore (21)
19 Feb 2014

sir g main ap k show ka bohat bara fan hn ap plz hakeem sahab or jeda ko wapis bhula lain
gohar (karachi)
17 Feb 2014

buhat he suprb progrme he very entrtaning an for god sake 0 peopl yhn b urdu panjabi start na kro k is me pnjbi use kyun hoti h bec.. its rely heart touchng funable langage so PLZ. ek request hy k jb bhi ap k progrmmeme koi knowledge wali bat ho rai hoti hy to pls us me shughal me bat na dala kre. aftab iqbal sb program bohat acha ja raha hai.meri ap se request hai k ap amanat chann sb ko b programe main bulain plz
mansur khan (dhaka)
16 Feb 2014

Dear Aftab Iqbal Sb. AsSalamalekum ,Dear , I am a Bangladeshi , I am regular attendant of your program , do you think that you are over smart by producing Indian songs in every episode , no , we want to listen Pakistani songs sang by great Mehdi Hassan, Nusrat Fateh Ali , Noor jahan , Ahmed Rushdi etc .
ghani (karachi)
08 Feb 2014

khabarnar is the most worst and useless program I ever saw all characters are too much over acted and always comedy in Punjabi language which is never understand by all Pakistani peoples overall khabarnak is not so good program on geo tv news.
ayaan (karachi)
30 Jan 2014

humorous progam but now as the main team has left it is not much fun as it used to be. still , keep up the effort and keep trying to make people laugh. i appreciate your approach .
bilal (Lahore)
14 Jan 2014

the last program video has not been uploaded yet?? i want to see that one
Aaqib (Sarghoda)
12 Jan 2014

Afatab,we are sick & tired from this Danishwar co.pl,pl, always bring New Guests.otherwise your show will be flop like Hasb e Hall. Aftab, u dnt have to do something new so thats why always make of Anwar Maqsood!!
hamid (Karachi)
11 Jan 2014

khabar naak is a very humorous rogram with great number of actors and hosts
sharjeel (Karachi)
09 Jan 2014

i wonder i this crew has been found , this show presents that there are a lot of talented actors in our country
Zain (Islamabad)
07 Jan 2014

the episode in which ali azmat was mimiced was very good :P i laughed thorughly while watching the program
kareem (Quetta)
05 Jan 2014

the crew has a very good number of actors who are really a look alike of our politicians and display their true face in the sort of humor
Hassan (bhawalpur)
03 Jan 2014

i like the show , it is very good , makes us aware of the facts and figures and make us think on the situation of pakistan
sharjeel (Karachi)
31 Dec 2013

Aftab Iqbal has no right to make fun of Anwar Maqsood , he has no match with his skills and talent . he should stop doing so ASAP
Danish (gujranwala)
29 Dec 2013

Aftab iqbal stop making fun of Anwar Maqsood. Anwar Maqsood is a respectable tv personality, he is a living legend!
Jamroz khan (London )
15 Dec 2013

Assalamoalikum dear Sir Maddam please Khabar naak program ma urdu ma bat honey chaheyah , i like this program thanks
Shahzad (Karachi)
13 Dec 2013

I would like to request to aftab iqbal, please let me know how can participate your program Khabar naak as i want to meet you and your all team.
Rana Asim Maqbool (Faisal Abad)
25 Aug 2013

A.O.A sir ap se ek request hy k jb bhi ap k progrmmeme koi knowledge wali bat ho rai hoti hy to pls us me shughal me bat na dala kren.......... Regards RANA ASIM MAQBOOL
khurram gill (islamabad)
17 Aug 2013

aftab sb programe bohat acha ja raha hai.rat k programe main ap ne sahi kaha k is qoam se mujgey koi hamdardi nhi kyoun k humain khud hi apni halat badlne ka shoq nhi
khurram gill (islamabad)
12 Aug 2013

khabarnak team salam.aftab iqbal sb program bohat acha ja raha hai.meri ap se request hai k ap amanat chann sb ko b programe main bulain plz
17 Jul 2013

buhat he suprb progrme he very entrtaning an for god sake 0 peopl yhn b urdu panjabi start na kro k is me pnjbi use kyun hoti h bec.. its rely heart touchng funable langage so PLZ
M.Asghar (Rawalpindi)
24 Jun 2013

In your last program, Mr Nazeer expert of film/songs described about film Humraz 1067 In fact, the song "Tum Agar Saath Dene Ka" was picturized on sunil dutt and vimi (Meena). But Mr Nazeer had said it was picturized on sunil dutt and mumtaz which was wrong. Mehendra Kapoor was play back singer and music was composed by Ravi and lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi. Muhammad Asghar (Rawalpindi) 0333-5101633
Bhutto (Rawalpindi)
15 May 2013

I am astonished to see that people still think PNL (N) and its leaders are capble of resolving the issues our country...and these seem like educated people. The Senior Sharif is totally bereft of any accumen to solve the problems of this country, has no vision what so ever and neither does he have the character to be a leader of this so called nation. All they can think about is the motorway and things like the bullert train. They have absilutely no idea what the masses over here are in need of. PTI and its leader on the other hand is someone who has actually done soething for this country. Have actually delivered through the masses and for the masses. Has his personal stakes in this country and is not a proven bank defaulter, a bank loan evader or a corrput leader. Imran Khan deserves a chance and seems like the only hope this country has. Lets just VOTE for PTI once and see for ourselves. The other so called experienced lot have had numerous turns to plunder the wealth of this country.....let it be PTI this time!!!
Usama Arshad (Multan)
15 May 2013

MY My vote for PML(n). Every person has got some good and bad and I think Nawaz Sharif is best option now. IK has no manners of talking only using Ghatia language. not a leader but a hypocrate. Insha Allah PML(n) will win
Abdul Rehman (Lahore)
23 Apr 2013

Saray comedian aik jaga jama kar diye hain jo baat baat pe jugat martay hain aur sab pagloon ki tarha hanstay hain khabar naat koi khas program nahi is se acha hasb-e-haal hay dunya tv pe.
Syed (Toronto)
22 Apr 2013

Awesome program!! When I am sad I watch Khabar Naak and I laugh. Outstanding program!
Khalil Chudhry (Nawab shah)
15 Apr 2013

I love this show make me laugh everyday the host of the show Aftab Iqbal is also pretty good, the lady who reads news in the show is so beautiful i love her as well, Jeeda Driver and Hakeem Sahab are too funny with nice coordination and timing of the joke. I would like to suggest every channel to produce shows like this, Dunya news also do that with its funny show hasb e haal.. best of luck doing very well...
Khabar Naak Videos Comments
yameen (gujrat) on Khabar Naak By Naeem Bukhari - 04th October 2015 Sunday On Geo News TV 06 Oct 2015
Dear Muhammad Ahmed Naeem Bukhari cannot take this show more high Aftab Iqbal can host this show much better then Naeem BukhariAftab Iqbal should come back on this show Khabar Naak.

yasin (gujranwala) on Khabar Naak By Naeem Bukhari - 04th October 2015 Sunday On Geo News TV 05 Oct 2015
Kahabar nak the program of Geo news is not only a comedy program but it is also very knowledge full program we get a lot of knowledge about the history from their part over all it is the best and complete family program for full entertainment.

ajmal (Karachi) on Khabar Naak By Naeem Bukhari - 06th September 2015 Sunday On Geo News TV 07 Sep 2015
Khabar Nak is really the top class comedy program I really like to watch this program this program is my most favorite program and I try to watch every program of Khabar Nak.

sanaullah (lahore) on Khabar Naak By Naeem Bukhari - 03rd September 2015 Thursday On Geo News TV 06 Sep 2015
best hi best p

usama kiani (jhelum) on Khabar Naak By Naeem Bukhari - 30th August 2015 Sunday On Geo News TV 04 Sep 2015
nice one

jibran (Karachi) on Khabar Naak By Naeem Bukhari - 03rd September 2015 Thursday On Geo News TV 04 Sep 2015
Khabar Nak is a very good comedy program for watch. I am impressed of the title name of program “ Khabar Nak “ but there is one problem they speak too much Punjabi in their program so we will not be able to understands it.

Abdul Rafey Jamil (Karachi) on Khabar Naak By Aftab Iqbal - 21st August 2015 Friday On Geo News TV 23 Aug 2015
I am watched comedy show of khabar nak. I like this show very much. Aftab Iqbal. I missed the last show of khabar nak. Aftab Iqbal make me laugh every time.

zaheer (Gujrat) on Khabar Naak By Aftab Iqbal - 21st August 2015 Friday On Geo News TV 22 Aug 2015
I was watching Khabar Nak on GEO news last night I getting very laugh after the performance of dummy of Patel . This person is amazing he can do any one acting very well and make us all laugh but his performance.

safdar (Sailkot) on Khabar Naak By Aftab Iqbal - 13th August 2015 Thursday On Geo News TV 17 Aug 2015
Kahabar Naak anchor has been changed there is a new anchor in the program I saw him he was hosting the show in place of aftab iqbal. I think Khabar Nak will lose their standard now.

tauseef (Sailkot) on Khabar Naak By Aftab Iqbal - 09th August 2015 Sunday On Geo News TV 11 Aug 2015
why anchor of Khabar Nak Aftab Iqbal is not hosting his show I saw the last night show where the dummy of Zaradri is hosting the show. I cant enjoy the show with out her because his presence is mean a lot.

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