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You might have seen several political talk shows and gossips with hot discussions and worm topics on Dunya news. Hasb-e-Haal is also put into that category but it has some different prospects. The one of the main reason of the popularity of the show that there is comedy Included in every talk and discussion, Shohail Ahmed who also known from the name of AZIZI is the main attraction of the show, he has art of giving spectacular performance in art of comedy and make people laugh on his every word. The participants of the show are Junaid Saleem and Najia Baig, who also participate in political arguments. Hasb e Haal provide the blend of both, political discussion along with comedy which caused its popularity.
Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 20th April 2014 (20-04-2014) On Dunya News
Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 20th April 2014 (20-04-2014) On Dunya News

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Salman (Lahore)
22 Apr 2014

I have been wating Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi show, when Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi show host by Aftab Iqbal, Junaid and Najia are also doing great job, but Aftab Iqbal was awesome and founder of Program Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi
Gulzar (Lahore)
21 Apr 2014

Exciting show and the speaking behaviors of Azizi is in a different way. I have listened from person that shows that the way in which Azizi speaks is really a different and difficult method and takes the hearts of the people.
Tariq Awan (Karachi)
15 Apr 2014

Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi is awesome commdy talk show of dunya news tv, sohail Ahmed Azizi, Junaid and Najia doing good work and now a days including new crector doing not ggod work, I mostly like Azizi work
Muhammad Hussain (Talagang)
15 Apr 2014

Asalam o alakim Has b hall team. Junaid Bhai Najia ko b Batain k wo be Salam ka Jawab Dia kry. Ap ka program bahot acha ha r m is ko is waqat s daikh raha hu jb sy Aftab iqbal meezban they. ye full entertainment k sath sath knowledge wala show h khas kr is program m lamha fakria r Azizi sb k khabroun k ooper tabsry bahot he lutaf andoz hoty hn r Ap ki shari bhe is progm ko mazeed acha krti h. Ap s request h k azizi sb ko tang na kia karian ye bechary ghr s jan chora kr thori dair k lye aty hn to un ko idhr to skoon milna chahiye. Jb ap un ko tang krty hn to Najia b ap k sath mil jati h. Meri dua h k ap r apki team isi tarah program karti rahy. All ap ki team ko khush rakhy. (Ameen).
Murtaza (Lahore)
11 Apr 2014

It is one of the entertaining shows at Dunya TV. The script is usually by my Teacher. I want to share that the writer of the show is my Teacher Doctor Tahir Shaheer. The show is a full bundle of entertainment. It is very popular now a days.
Kamran Ali Shah (Islamabad)
09 Apr 2014

Sohail Ahmed (azizi) gating not bore, I have been waiting Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi Program when started Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi show with aftab Iqbal.
jamshaid (Karachi)
14 Jan 2014

has be haal is now getting worse coz they are not inviting new guests and it is getiing bore day by day
Tanveer (Multan)
09 Jan 2014

qasim it has been uploaded the next day it was live on the channel
qasim (Multan)
07 Jan 2014

the episode of 5th jauary is missing in between :( kindly look into it
gayas (KPK)
05 Jan 2014

best program
Samra (Islamabad)
03 Jan 2014

AKA azizi must have been ac actor :P he really mimics the politicians in a very best way :)i love to watch this program
Furqan (Faisalabad)
31 Dec 2013

AKA Azizi act parodies of different Political and General Celebrities of Pakistan which makes the audience laugh most.
sameer (Lahore)
31 Dec 2013

it is the only program on which we can see the criticism on our politicians in a sensible and humorous manner , keep it up
Fareed (Karachi)
23 Dec 2013

I like azizi show
Fazal (Karachi)
23 Dec 2013

Sohail Ahmed azizi is one of the great performar..!!!
naeem (lahore)
13 Dec 2013

Hasb-e-Haal is one of the my favorite program, I do not miss azizi program Hasb-e-Haal, azizi is doing great job, mazaq mazaq main sab siasat dano ki baja data han or public ko sach bata data han
saba nayyer (lahore)
12 Jun 2013

AOA, HASBE HAAL TEAM SIR AAJ TV PER DHEKHA SARKARI MULAZMEEN KI TANKHAWAHON MAY 30% izafay ka ilaan hoowa bohat khushi hoe .sir mai ek private idaray me kam karti hon sir mujhay aap kay tawasut se hakumat se pojhna hai private sector me kam karnay walo ka kia kasur hai cheezo ki qemtay to sub k liye barhne hain sirf gov k mulazmeen k liye nahi pher hamara kia kasur hai hamari tankhohawhon me izawfa kio nahi hota
Aftab Iqbal (Karachi)
17 May 2013

Umer (Multan)
15 May 2013

i think mian nawaz shareef is the best option in the circumstances..we are surrounded by a lot of threats..we ve to counter them..and pmln has the capability to do that...
A true Pakistani (Karachi)
15 May 2013

Mian brothers.....a couplet of liers. We Pakistanis have very weak memories. We tend to forget everything so quickly. Especially those who are followers of PML (N) or PPPP. So start recording Mian brothers lies just from the start....they have not even taken oath for the proposed Primierships but already started to eat their spit. Lie No.1 : We have not invited Manmohan Singh for the Oath Taking ceremoney. If you have not invited him, has he been dreaming to be here in Islamabad without any invitation that he regretted not to come? This is a fact that Indian are too happy to see Nawaz Sharif in power because besides of having our Sugar, and vegetables from Pakistan they perhaps will have another chance to kill our armymen as they did in Kargil last time (just due to the threats Mian received from India and USA.) This is why both countries are too happy to have him back. And he has already gave the statement that he will work "Closely" with both countries. This is why his party was "Selected" to win election 2013. We again have a "Coward" leader, selected by a lot of selfish people in Pakistan. Allah may save our country from these idiot selfish businessmen. (Ameen suma Ameen)
Habibullah Khan (Karachi)
28 Apr 2013

is a very good progrrame. I want to know the History of Mohaneykhel Sect living in Pakistan discussed in one of programme. Pls provide me the details of History.
Abdul Rehman (Lahore)
23 Apr 2013

Azizi your part is awersome in hasbe haal I watch your show on every weekend good going azizi
Daniyal Azghar (Hyderabad)
15 Apr 2013

I hate the laugh of this illiterate girl and never understand the reason of her laugh, Azizi is always very good and funny, I can't stop my laugh even for a second which watching his show, he is totally awesome by his talks and body language, the most funniest episode for me is when he came in Arabic costume, that was awesome moment...
Hasb E Haal Videos Comments
muhammad zeeshan hussain (changa manga ) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 23nd March 2014 (23-03-2014) On Dunya News 25 Mar 2014
i like hasbehal very much

noman (lahore) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 16th March 2014 Sunday On Dunya News 18 Mar 2014
azizi is the best man

Fahad (DeraghaziKhan) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 26th Jan 2014 Sunday On Dunya News 26 Jan 2014
Azizi change your Salam Style, I hate your salam style in starting of this show. videos is not running on playwire. I dnt know why plz check out this problem i hav to watch this episode!!!

Nazar (Lajore) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 24th Jan 2014 Friday On Dunya News 25 Jan 2014

Saad (Faisalabad) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 24th Jan 2014 Friday On Dunya News 24 Jan 2014
Over acting in initial part. It seems that Nadia is laughing like someone insisting her to laugh without any reason.

Raza (Sarghoda) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 16th Jan 2014 Thursday On Dunya News 17 Jan 2014
This is not very funny show. Flop show like Khabarnak. BNN is only best comedy show on political issues. I tired with aziz one type acting, plz come with new style.

Nadir Baloch (Quetta) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 10th Jan 2014 Friday On Dunya News 10 Jan 2014
This show is very biased towards balochistan. Never mentioned the atrocities of past dictator and pak army towards balochistan and its people. Even recent events of missing persons was not discussed. I like Azizi's jokes but this bias stops me from watching this show. No more Azizi's fan, no more watching this show.

Furqan (lahore) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 5th Jan 2014 Sunday On Dunya News 05 Jan 2014
Azizi did always well keep doing men.....Lovely Comedian Show!!

Ishfaq Faiz (lahore) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 3rd Jan 2014 Friday On Dunya News 03 Jan 2014
Azizi has started to make his personaliy full fashionable..........Ab tou fashion ki aeeesi ki teesi hojaegi Pakistan mai....wese bht bura haal hai yahank fasion ka.....!!

Salman Rehman (Faisalabad) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 2nd Jan 2014 Thursday On Dunya News 02 Jan 2014
It is very cold weather across Pakistan and Azizi making fun of Cold Weatherof Lahore hahahahaha.........Wut a Comedian Man he is.

AbdulAziz (Peshawar) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 26th December 2013 Thursday On Dunya News 26 Dec 2013
The Video was seen in this Program was very Funny and great Videos who has seen by Producer of Hasb-e-Haal. A silent Message in these videos for Pakistani Politicians!!!

marques chaussures bottes italiennes femmes (http://bottes-italiennes.shastadatadirector.com) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 2rth August 2013 Saturday On Dunya News 03 Nov 2013
I am really thankful to the owner of this site who has shared this wonderful post at at this place.

abdulahad (R.Y.K miantown) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 26th July 2013 Friday On Dunya News 21 Aug 2013
azize uncle ap boht achay or ap ka progrm very nice hay

qusia noman (gujrat punjab pakistan) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 28th July 2013 Sunday On Dunya News 02 Aug 2013
your program is so nice i like it very much in bore life you give entertainment

HINA KHAN (LAHORE) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 21st July 2013 Sunday On Dunya News 25 Jul 2013
this so called show, is just a representative of a certain class. i am really hurt by the todays show when the compare and the so called comedian, talked about the topic of wearing rings , he commented that its wrong and no authentic ahadith is available, he must correct his knowledge as according to fiqah e jaafrya its quite valid and pure sunah, of holy prophit(PBUH), IF HE TALKS ABOUT ANY RELIGIOUS ISSUE HE MUST HAVE SOME RELIGIOUS SCHOLAR TO VERIFY HIS FOOLISH TALK.

abdul rehman sidhu (sheikhupura now rawalpindi) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 23rd June 2013 Sunday On Dunya News 27 Jun 2013
aslam u elakum apka progharam acha azizi sahib main ap ko like karta hoon app sablog hi achay ho railway per bhi bat karain be shak koilay walay engen chalain per kiraia kam say kam rakhain takay amdan barhay aur aik baat kay app kalabag kayliay baat karain takay sasti bejly melay sind walon ko main yay kahna chahta hoon kia yay acha hay kay india hi sarah pani chori karlay jasay usnain chanab aur jahlam ka karlia hay wo to kabhi bhi nahin chahay ga kay hum

Kashif Rehan (Mainwali) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 29th May 2013 Wednesday On Dunya News 04 Jun 2013
We don't know why Azizi is full against of PMLN and supports Imran Khan much, don't be too much political i would advise him, because you have number of fans who are at the side of PLMN, so be careful if you are losing your fans and lovers, your the reson of smile and laugh of thousands of Pakistanis in Hasbe e Haal...

adeel (multan) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi - 19th May 2013 Sunday On Dunya News 20 May 2013
hasb e haal is great show in the world we enjoy the every segment of hasb e haal .

multan () on hasb e haal 22nd February 2013 On Dunya News 24 Apr 2013
please video chala den

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