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Hasb E Haal

You might have seen several political talk shows and gossips with hot discussions and worm topics on Dunya news. Hasb-e-Haal is also put into that category but it has some Read More
Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi Sohail Ahmed 27th March 2015 Friday On Dunya News TV
Watch The Video Of Comedy Show Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi Sohail Ahmed 27th March 2015 Friday On Dunya News TV.

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You might have seen several political talk shows and gossips with hot discussions and worm topics on Dunya news. Hasb-e-Haal is also put into that category but it has some different prospects. The one of the main reason of the popularity of the show that there is comedy Included in every talk and discussion, Shohail Ahmed who also known from the name of AZIZI is the main attraction of the show, he has art of giving spectacular performance in art of comedy and make people laugh on his every word. The participants of the show are Junaid Saleem and Najia Baig, who also participate in political arguments. Hasb e Haal provide the blend of both, political discussion along with comedy which caused its popularity.

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Imran (hyderabad)
28 Jul 2015

Last night i watch the program Hasb E hal they discuss the topic of real man which is necessary for to discuss it must be discuss then they will get a solution of it.
Altaf hussain (Lahore)
27 Jul 2015

Azizi is the most laughter person I have ever watched in my life when ever i watch him on the show hasb e hal i get laugh beacause he did amazing comedy for me he is simply a comedy king of Pakistan.
Waqar (rawalpindi)
25 Jul 2015

AZIZI is the real super star of pakistani media comedy industry he proved himself on many forums and doing a brilliant performance on his program Hasb E Hal and he is really the best comedian of Pakistan.
jaykishan (sadiqabad)
17 Jul 2015

Hessab e haal in may favorite program May tu is program ka divana hoo bahoot hi mazya hai Ya program may badi shonk se dhekta hoo
tanveer butt (Nankana)
16 Jul 2015

Hasb E hal must be on air in seven days in a week cause whenever I do not watch the show Hasb E Hal I feel very boring. Hasb E Hal is my favorite tv show and I like it very much.
zeeshan (Karachi)
14 Jul 2015

The anchor of Hasb-E-hal program Juanid Saleem has got an very different and unique way of analysis and he also have different opinion as compare to other anchors.
sadam (Thatta)
09 Jul 2015

Hasb e Hal is my favorite program I daily watch this show on Dunya news even I watched that program twice in a day because this is the best program of Pakistani media channel.
rizwan ali (Lahore)
06 Jul 2015

last night I was watching the show of Hasb e hal on Dunya news and I get very entertained after watching the show they did the parody of tahir ul qadri very well and make us laugh.
saim (Noshera)
30 Jun 2015

Over all Hasb e Hal is very good comedy program of Dunya news which peoples make laugh but the best part of their show the one segment of program “tu tu mein mein” in which azizi give their logic and make peoples laugh.
shakir (Karachi)
26 Jun 2015

the get up of azzizi in the Ramadan Ul Mubarak is very good. Hasb E Hal is the best comedy program in all comedy program of Pakistan.
sajid (Gujranwala)
23 Jun 2015

I was watching the Hasb E hal on Friday night in which they give the report about the industry of fake medicines in Pakistan from where the mafia is earning million of rupees by making suffer thousand of innocent and poor people.
farhan (Sadiqabad)
17 Jun 2015

I was watching Hasb E Hal on the dunya news last night. In the program the azizi and one other actor did a parody of Tahir ul Qadri and Choudry Shujat . they did perform very well as the parody and I was cannot be able to stop laughing.
ali (Karachi)
15 Jun 2015

Last night I was watching Hasb E Hal on Dunya News. In this programs Azizi make a perfect laughter comedy performance on budget. He trolls the government in such a brilliant way and make us all people laughed.
Hammad (Lahore)
11 Jun 2015

The “Azizi” of program Hasb E Hal is the best comedian I have ever seen. He makes everyone by his brilliant performance. But his performance in Hasb E Hal is exceptionally phenomenal.
10 Jun 2015

Bejlee ky Taar Ghrny se ak Ghada mar kay To day news (Hadrabad) .06.2015
Abdul Khaliq (Narang Mandi)
10 Jun 2015

Hasb E hal is the funniest comedy program I have ever watched. In this program the comedy was very enjoy able and we can watch that program with family this is the best quality of the Hasb E Hal. My whole family watch this program.
Waseem (Sukkur)
08 Jun 2015

I really like the format of the dunya news program Hasb E hal . This program is the real face of our nation we are happy and peace loving nation . The Azizi make people laugh by his outstanding performance. He is a real big comedy superstar.
SALEEM (lahore)
06 Jun 2015

wasif (Lalamusa)
05 Jun 2015

The anchor of comedy program Hasb E Hal Junaid Saleem has an unbiased poltical analyst . I like his way of analyse things in a different way. And he also conduct the program very well.
Naveed (Lahore)
02 Jun 2015

We all get bored of same type of comedy from all channels they all speak in Punjabi too much especially in Hasb E hal. I think they have to change the format of the Hasb E Hal and make it more interesting.
sohaib (Lahore)
28 May 2015

I watch every program of Hasb E Hal and never miss it. I like thoughts of anchor of the Hasb E Hal junaid salim he is very realistic and optimistic person and he told our moral values in a very good way. Hasb E Hal is the best program for me in Pakistani media
Furqan (Sukkhur)
24 May 2015

Hasb e Hal is the best program of Dunya news and also the best comedy and family program of Pakistan but they must have use less punjabi in the program because the people all over the country dont know the Punjabi. the other things are best in the show. The azizi performance is outstanding in every show
Anwer (Karachi)
19 May 2015

Hasb e hal is comedy program in which they discuss the common man issues in lighter way and make people laugh. They also discuss on the topic of social society and politics. Has be hal program is very popular in every part of a country this is a comedy in which mostly social problems were discuss.
Saghir (Lala Musa)
09 May 2015

Hasb-e-Haal show is fit for those people who do not have friends or gatherings. We are young people and we do not live at our homes. We enjoy in our gathering of friends. When I will become old and retired then I will watch all the recording of Hasb-e-Haal show.
Noman (Lahore)
05 May 2015

They should take notice of this increment and promotions of POOR workers of FIA. The people who are very talented but still they are not receiving their increments. The best thing of this program Hasb-e-Haal is to point out main news of headlines.
Shagufta (Rawalpindi)
03 May 2015

"feeqa show may aye or show ki roonat na baraye aisa ho hi nahi sakta."
Yasir (Karachi)
01 May 2015

Hasb-e-Haal Azizi uncle you are great and your program is very beautiful. Hasb-e-Haal Azizi uncle you and your program is best really you are the soul of Hasb-e-Haal and as well as the soul of Dunya news tv. Allah may give you and your team success !!
Ravi (Mumbai)
28 Apr 2015

I found good news and interesting news from the official facebook page of Hasb-e-Haal the news is Say India or Bharat the Indian Supreme Court on an application filed for the name of the central government and the states have asked their stand. Well the name of any country should be one otherwise people confused.
Samreen (Karachi)
24 Apr 2015

Hasb-e-Haal Azizi Sohail Ahmed as a Sheikh-ul-Arab he looks good in the Arabian dress in the latest episode of Hasb-e-Haal on Dunya news tv.
Naveed (Islamabad)
22 Apr 2015

Sohail Ahmed of Hasb-e-Haal Azizi really looks like a Shaikh of Arab. Well Latest episode was amazing. I enjoyed to watch it. But sometime the Hasb-e-Haal show become very bore so we leave it to watch. But last time when I opened the television it was coming so i watched its complete episode.
Sohail Ahmed (Lahore)
20 Apr 2015

Hasb-e-Haal: Mr.Micheal will see the current political affairs with his eyes. I have been waiting for today''''s episode of Hasb-e-haal show since morning when i visited their official facebook page. Due to their facebook page we keep d.
sahrjeel (Hyderabad)
13 Apr 2015

I have never ever seen any episode of Hasb-e-Haal show on Dunya news tv channel. I do not like these type of cheap shows in our media industry. This show does not has any standard like BNN news or Mazaq Raat show. Mazaq Raat is also a show of Dunya news but this is much better than Hasb-e-Haal show.
Shumail (Doha)
04 Apr 2015

Interview of Overseas Pakistani in Hasb-e-Haal is the real face of outer countries. That is why i do not want to go from my homeland whatever i will earn i will earn in my own homeland. I will not go abroad to earn money. We love our country. People should come from abroad and find jobs in Pakistan and this day is not so far away.
Yasir (Lahore)
31 Mar 2015

I found the news about Kamran Akmal on Hasb-e-Haal official page on facebook. Kamran Akmal fined by police warden in Lahore. This time Kamran was there While Umer Akmal is saved this time. Akmal borthers want to in in the news headlines like Meera.
asad (Islamabad)
27 Mar 2015

can u please give junaid sb contact no.
asad (Islamabad)
27 Mar 2015

very good program on topic extension of govt employees keep it repeating thanks
Waseem dar (Lahore)
24 Mar 2015

Hasb-e-Haal azizi was looking very hilarious and funnest person in the latest episode of Hasb-e-Haal of 20th March 2015 Friday On Dunya News TV. He is awesome in comedy. He always comes in every episode in different style and this thing shows his talent.
Atif (Rawalpindi)
18 Mar 2015

Please! Stage is looking ''''Payndo'''' remove the reddish golden pillars from the sides of the sofa and a fake wall with grill windows.Also try to tone down the colour of the table legs from Hasb-e-Haal show on Dunya news tv. It looks that you are sitting in Taj Mahal type place.
shagufta (Rawalpindi)
17 Mar 2015

"App ki poory team bohat acha kaam kar rahi hy or set bhi colourful or nice hy."
Abid Dar (Raiwind)
12 Mar 2015

Now a days Hasb-e-Haal is going very bore. I am also not watching due to the cricket world cup 2015 as it comes after four years so i must prefer to watch world cup 2015 instead of Hasb-e-Haal Azizi.
Saeed Khawaja (Dhaka)
10 Mar 2015

Amazing show.....you people doing a great job. Hasb-e-Haal is very hilarious show on Dunya news. I watch every video on the page of Hasb-e-Haal. Some are very funny and some are very serious videos. I think it should by funny videos.
Taimoor wattoo (Mianwali)
04 Mar 2015

Azizi is very Nice FuNY guy I like Hasb.e.hal very much. .
Tanveer (Karachi)
24 Feb 2015

I have not seen such an unashamed seasoned and impious person in my life like Najam Sethi. Oh sorry there is one more and that is Asif Ali Zardari. Both of these are super duper idiots. Hasb-e-Haal Azizi you should make a lot of fun of Najam Sethi more than that in your show. He deserves many Shoes from public even team is performing very badly but still he is supporting them. Well it is good thing but we want to see the fight between match even if coach teach them then Ahmed Shehzad how has he reacted with coach even he did not perform in any match of world cup.
Junaid (Masqat)
12 Feb 2015

Azizi is really a funny guy with his jokes but there are lots of other things in this show which provide us the knowledge about several issues in Pakistan and azizi tell us the truth about it.
shagufta (Rawalpindi)
08 Feb 2015

Very nice today show well done uncle Azizi please fiqay ko show may ziada say ziada bullaya karay, please uncle Azizi next week student ban kay anna please or set bhi change kar lain najia baig mere dua hai kay app humesha hansti rahaye bahot achi lagti hain such a nice personality in Pakistan.
Majid (Lahore)
28 Jan 2015

25th January''''s episode of hasb-e-Haal was very boring episode. Azizi was overacting in that episode of Hasb-e-Haal. Azizi was not looking also good in Mughal emperor dress. It is time to do the parody of Najam Sethi 35 pencher.
Maqssod (Lahore)
23 Jan 2015

I remember that I watched best of Hasb-e-Haal by Azizi videos on daily motion in which Azizi made a lot of fun of Meera''''s english. It was awesome parody of her. I will definitely visit one more time that video on daily motion. Urduwire.com do you have that video? If you have so please give me answer here on comment i will visit here instead of daily motion.
Aftab Iqbal (Lahore)
12 Jan 2015

Hasb-e-Haal Azizi bhai please do the parody of Imran Khan please. And i have also a request to Najia Baig please you also do the parody of Reham Khan in your show Hasb-e-Haal. I hope you both will do best. Azizi and najia Baig I want to see you both as couple like Imran Khan and Reham Khan in a show Hasb-e-Haal.
Asim (Rawalpindi)
05 Jan 2015

Non serious anchors and host of Hasb-e-Haal show on Duniya news. Azizi looks very odd now in the show. Please at least change your style of talking in the program Hasb-e-Haal. And Junaid Saleem full time copies Aftab Iqbal.
Hamza Ali (Sarghoda)
25 Dec 2014

Hasb-e-Haal Azizi shame on your entire team and all comedy shows should think that what are they doing nowadays? The blood of children sis not dry and we are organizing parties and watching these type of non-sense comedy shows. If you can not stop your show so please do your show in some parameters or limits.
Akif (London)
19 Dec 2014

Junaid Saleem Bhai please change the set style and design of your show Hasb-e-Haal. Now it should be change. It has been for a long time. It looks so boring your show is comedy show and it should look like comedy set. I am designer of sets so i can give you many ideas or send many ideas.
Saeed Khan (Faisalabad)
03 Dec 2014

Hasb-e-Haal Azizi regard your age factor. You behave in your show like you are very young. It does not look good on your personality. People are pouring out of the theater when Hasb-e-Haal Azizi over act. Every comedy show on news channels are running behind ratings but forget that what are they doing?
Bashir Rauf (Sahiwal)
30 Nov 2014

Hasb-e-Haal very nice program on Duniya News. I am watching this show right now on Urduwire.com. Hasb-e-Haal every show is great but this show amazing and this lady Wow ! Our politicians are so biased so Azizi keep parody of these by your skills because they deserve bad parody !
Hayat Khan (Lahore)
26 Nov 2014

Now a days a cold weather in Punjab so in this weather if we watch any comedy show on television like Hasb-e-Haal. So it makes laugh. Hasb-e-Haal is very comedy show. Azizi does a decent comedy. Hasb-e-haal azizi please change your hair style. I do not like your hair style it makes you very old so please change it.
Abdur Rehman Sheikh (Sarghoda)
23 Nov 2014

In 21st November episode of Hasb-e-Haal Azizi on Duniya News. Azizi wore a great Shawl and hot cap (Garam Topi). It was both very beautiful in looking and hopes that it belongs to any fashion designer brand. Well it was good and great colour of Shawl it was suiting on Hasb-e-Haal Azizi.
Shahid Munir (Rawalpindi)
19 Nov 2014

Hasb-e-Haal is not now comedy show it looks like totally one sided show which is against Nawaz Sharif government. Every time they do the same comedy so that is why they lost their show Hasb-e-Haal credibility. They should start something new in their show. Nothing was changed in their show for last two years.
Umar Farooq (Deraghazikhan)
17 Nov 2014

I hope Hasb-e-Haal Azizi definitely remembered his marriage. He was looking awesome in Dulha dress. Sohail Ahmed Aziz is a man who is reminding his marriage memories through his program Hasb-e-Haal on Dunya news tv. Great show with great hosts of Dunya TV. Keep doing your great work and do not stop talking against government because our government deserve this.
Usman Ahmed (Karachi)
12 Nov 2014

The whole team of Hasb-e-haal Azizi included Junaid Saleem and Najia Baig always criticize Punjab government because you and your team follow instructions from mian Aamir and to save your job you must have to criticize Punjab government of Mian Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif. What a shame not an impressive attitude of Hasb-e-haal Azizi team. Please change the things otherwise stop talking against Punjab government.
Muhammad Farooq (Jamshoro)
09 Nov 2014

Fantastic parody of Pervez Rasheed in Hasbe-e-haal by Azizi and Junaid Saleem. I hate this man. He is a man who was not giving permission to Nawaz Shareef from his resignation. His tongue always say the words against Imran Khan but Imran Khan did not response him because he does not deserve any word of Imran Khan''''s tongue. Azizi you have performed a great parody actually he is Joker so Azizi you did not face difficulties while playing his parody in your show Hasb-e-Haal.
Shabana Shaboo (Hyderabad)
05 Nov 2014

I want to see latest new episode of Hasb-e-Haal by Azizi. But November''''s latest episodes are not available on your website. Please add new videos of Hasb-e-Haal by Azizi. Well it is very funny and decent program on Duniya News.
Rahat Zaheer (Sialkot)
01 Nov 2014

Hasb-e-Haal Azizi makes fun of government policies disregard for law and damaged tem. Azizi in Hasb-e-Haal take a satirical stance towards various issues of our society that is without relevance. Azizi keep doing your work against this corrupt government.
Muhammad Farooq (Sarghoda)
29 Oct 2014

Performance of Hasb-e-Haal Sohail Ahmed (Azizi) is appreciable. He always justify with dialogues and it is a great fun. Azizi well done ! The politicians are corrupt so make fun of it.
Anas Ayyaz (Multan)
27 Oct 2014

I have seen many comments on other websites that people use indecent language while giving your valuable comments. But in Urduwire.con i did not see any abuse language which is used in comments. Urduwire.com please do not approves the abuse comments of any program on your website because it spoils the image of website. People use many bad words for Hasb-e-Haal on other websites so this is not good.
sarfaraz ghafoor (faisalabad)
22 Oct 2014

i am very keen to watch every episode of hasb-e-haal. performance of azizi is appreciable. he always justify with dialogues and it is a great fun. awesome parody of maulana fazlur rehman by azizi. murtaza chaudhry also did well parody of maulana fazlur rehman in banana news network (bnn). hasb-e-haal is a comedy show so we should comment here which is relate to show it does not belongs to any political view.
khalid javed (sialkot)
20 Oct 2014

Hasb-e-hHaal By Sohail Ahmed Azizi is very popular show among Pakistani people as well as kashmiris. I have many objections on your show my favourite is azizi but he always criticize always everyone not his kashmiri brother mian brothers always attack on dharna qadri & Imran khan but not have courage to events of model town not on government performance. When you say about the unity of Pakistani nation on Indian attack who is responsible? your cousin mian nawaz who wants to friendships with Indians on of river and kashmiris why do not condemn your kashmiri brothers. They have tongue to always criticize army but not for modi.
abdul mannan (sarghoda)
16 Oct 2014

azizi and junaid saleem you both are doing tremendous job. i am not happy with the performance of najia baig. she laughs any time for no reason. junaid saleem is very decent journalist he is on second number in my list after aftab iqbal. but junaid saleem copies aftab iqbal totally.
lahore (lahore)
14 Oct 2014

aslam-o-alaikum azizi uncle me mubashir ap ka show bohot he acha ha azizi uncle ap bohot funny ho ham sab gar wale mil kr ap ka show dekhte hain.
abdullah (faisalabad)
13 Oct 2014

sohail ahmed (azizi) and najia in a latest episode. always do the same things. who is insisting them to laugh without any reason??
imran (vehari)
09 Oct 2014

very funny
kamran shahid (sarghoda)
09 Oct 2014

my family was watching hasb-e-haal special eid show on duniya news on 1st day of eid-ul-azha. i came suddenly and snatched the remote from the hand of my younger brother and changed the channel stop my hand at ten sports as i had to watch the match of pakistan vs australia. this is totally boring show. najia laugh without any reason it seems that someone insist her to laugh.
kashif mehmood (sialkot)
03 Oct 2014

sohail ahmed as azizi in hasb-e-haal is a brilliant actor. no one can take his place he is mind blowing actor. he do the parody of many celebrities like it is very easy to do act like them. he was born in gujranwala and the people of gujranwala are very hard workers.
osama (karachi)
02 Oct 2014

superb episode of hasb-e-haal. azizi did well as police inspector. please keep the things change in your show like in 28th september episode of hasb-e-haal. the of the show is really amazingly written for this latest episode.
sharjeel (multan)
28 Sep 2014

duniya news tv seems that it is not a part of pakistan''''s media. it is totally change news channel. their shows like hasb-e-haal by azizi is totally non-sense show. they laughed without any reason specially i am talking about najia baig it seems that someone insisting her to laugh !!
danial sheikh (karachi)
21 Sep 2014

i think duniya news tv has been sleeping today. duniya news tv channel was not broading the pti jalsa in karachi like samaa and other news tv channels. there were lots of commercials on their channel during the imran khan''s speech. when i saw the commercials on duniya news tv channel i changed the channel and stop it my hand from remote at samaa news tv.
haris mir (hyderabad)
14 Sep 2014

oh! yesterday episode of Hasb E Hall by Azizi was marvellous. Azizi you are the one man that is equal to hundreds of people, great parody of ex prime minister of Pakistan Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani in last night show. I want to see you as a imran khan in Hasb e Haal comedy talk show. Please do the parody of imran khan.
Rafey Nasir (Karachi)
10 Sep 2014

Hasb e Haal is not only the lead Comedy show of Dunya News but it has the honor of being the most watched program in Pakistan. This is very funny entertainment show. When Sohail Ahmed appeared as Sheikh Rasheed in his show on 5th September. He was doing great parody of Sheikh Rasheed. Mir Mohammad also do the great parody of Sheikh Rasheed but Azizi did better few days back.
Sadaf (Gilgit Baldistan)
07 Sep 2014

Last night first time i watched the whole program of Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi of 4th September. This is very average program i will not give any bad or good comments for their program. please make some changes in your show like the style of speaking of Azizi i do not like this style of speaking.
Bilal Ahmed (Sarghoda)
04 Sep 2014

Hasb e Haal makes fun of government policies, disregard for law and damaged system. Sohail Ahmed aka Azizi in Hasb-e-Haal take a satirical stance towards various issues of our society that is without relevance. It is the only program on which we can see the criticism on our politicians in a sensible and humorous manner.
Bilal (Hyderabad)
01 Sep 2014

I have tired to watch Hasb-e-Haal please change the things in your program. Azizi you are very good actor but please change the things in your show. Otherwise resign from the channel. Najia Baig why are you laugh too much without any reason??
nadeem abbas (gujranwala)
27 Aug 2014

azizi sb the great ap ane eale fun main b young hain...
zulfiqar ali (RWP)
24 Aug 2014

I like the whole family of dunya news $ specially Hsb e haal my best program.
Qazi Saifullah (Peshawar)
21 Jul 2014

Hazb-e-hal is an excellent entertainment programme which highlights the wrong doings by public offices, politicians etc in a lighter mood. Credit goes to the entire team. I have another aspect to highlight to you Junaid Sb and Azizi Sb. The shortfall of electricity in the light of provision of free electricity to WAPDA employees who are consuming over half a million units per month beside the line losses and theft.
Ahmad Mujtaba (Kot Radha Kishen)
05 Jul 2014

Hasb-e-haal is great show welldown Azizi uncle
Mohammad waseem (Faisalabad)
21 Jun 2014

I love you azizi shab
Umar (Lahore)
18 May 2014

Hasb e haal is a liked show I think among the people an people also like to view it for entertainment. The script of the show is really amazingly written. The writer of the show I think writes it so as to make the people laugh. Also at urduwire.com there many videos.
Umar (Lahore)
18 May 2014

Hasb e haal is a liked show I think among the people an people also like to view it for entertainment. The script of the show is really amazingly written. The writer of the show I think writes it so as to make the people laugh. Also at urduwire.com there many videos.
Usman (lahore)
14 May 2014

The name of the show hasb e haal is I think not clear to me. What is the message that is being conveyed by the name hasb e haal show. I think that it is a different sort of entertainment show.
Arham (Lahore)
07 May 2014

In the show the character Azizi is I think much interesting and different from other entertainment related and funny characters. I think the show hasbe haal at dunya news is one of those shows that are different from others. The way Azizi talks in the show is in I think much difficult.
Waleed (Lahore)
03 May 2014

Hasbe haal is a different entertainment show as compared with other tall shows and entertainment shows that are usually famous. I think this programs of dunya news tv channel has created a change in funny criticism on the political issues. Also here at urduwire.com there are much number of views by the people.
Sarmad (Lahore)
02 May 2014

I was reading the introduction of the program at urduwire.com After reading I think that it is right that the show hasbe haal at dunya news channel is much popular due to a different sort of environment as compared with that in other political and entertainment talk shows and programs.
27 Apr 2014

mohsin (lahore)
26 Apr 2014

Hasb e Haal 26th April 2014 Complete Talk. Azizi Discussion on Different News today by Azizi in Hasb e Haal Complete…
Aliyan (Lahore)
25 Apr 2014

The smiling face of the anchors in the show also makes us smile and the amazing speaking style is the basics of that smile in my view. By the way hasb-e-haal is a famous program watched by the people. The show is full of entertainment.
Salman (Lahore)
22 Apr 2014

I have been wating Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi show, when Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi show host by Aftab Iqbal, Junaid and Najia are also doing great job, but Aftab Iqbal was awesome and founder of Program Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi
Gulzar (Lahore)
21 Apr 2014

Exciting show and the speaking behaviors of Azizi is in a different way. I have listened from person that shows that the way in which Azizi speaks is really a different and difficult method and takes the hearts of the people.
Tariq Awan (Karachi)
15 Apr 2014

Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi is awesome commdy talk show of dunya news tv, sohail Ahmed Azizi, Junaid and Najia doing good work and now a days including new crector doing not ggod work, I mostly like Azizi work
Muhammad Hussain (Talagang)
15 Apr 2014

Asalam o alakim Has b hall team. Junaid Bhai Najia ko b Batain k wo be Salam ka Jawab Dia kry. Ap ka program bahot acha ha r m is ko is waqat s daikh raha hu jb sy Aftab iqbal meezban they. ye full entertainment k sath sath knowledge wala show h khas kr is program m lamha fakria r Azizi sb k khabroun k ooper tabsry bahot he lutaf andoz hoty hn r Ap ki shari bhe is progm ko mazeed acha krti h. Ap s request h k azizi sb ko tang na kia karian ye bechary ghr s jan chora kr thori dair k lye aty hn to un ko idhr to skoon milna chahiye. Jb ap un ko tang krty hn to Najia b ap k sath mil jati h. Meri dua h k ap r apki team isi tarah program karti rahy. All ap ki team ko khush rakhy. (Ameen).
Murtaza (Lahore)
11 Apr 2014

It is one of the entertaining shows at Dunya TV. The script is usually by my Teacher. I want to share that the writer of the show is my Teacher Doctor Tahir Shaheer. The show is a full bundle of entertainment. It is very popular now a days.
Kamran Ali Shah (Islamabad)
09 Apr 2014

Sohail Ahmed (azizi) gating not bore, I have been waiting Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi Program when started Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi show with aftab Iqbal.
jamshaid (Karachi)
14 Jan 2014

has be haal is now getting worse coz they are not inviting new guests and it is getiing bore day by day
Tanveer (Multan)
09 Jan 2014

qasim it has been uploaded the next day it was live on the channel
qasim (Multan)
07 Jan 2014

the episode of 5th jauary is missing in between :( kindly look into it
gayas (KPK)
05 Jan 2014

best program
Samra (Islamabad)
03 Jan 2014

AKA azizi must have been ac actor :P he really mimics the politicians in a very best way :)i love to watch this program
Furqan (Faisalabad)
31 Dec 2013

AKA Azizi act parodies of different Political and General Celebrities of Pakistan which makes the audience laugh most.
sameer (Lahore)
31 Dec 2013

it is the only program on which we can see the criticism on our politicians in a sensible and humorous manner , keep it up
Fareed (Karachi)
23 Dec 2013

I like azizi show
Fazal (Karachi)
23 Dec 2013

Sohail Ahmed azizi is one of the great performar..!!!
naeem (lahore)
13 Dec 2013

Hasb-e-Haal is one of the my favorite program, I do not miss azizi program Hasb-e-Haal, azizi is doing great job, mazaq mazaq main sab siasat dano ki baja data han or public ko sach bata data han
saba nayyer (lahore)
12 Jun 2013

AOA, HASBE HAAL TEAM SIR AAJ TV PER DHEKHA SARKARI MULAZMEEN KI TANKHAWAHON MAY 30% izafay ka ilaan hoowa bohat khushi hoe .sir mai ek private idaray me kam karti hon sir mujhay aap kay tawasut se hakumat se pojhna hai private sector me kam karnay walo ka kia kasur hai cheezo ki qemtay to sub k liye barhne hain sirf gov k mulazmeen k liye nahi pher hamara kia kasur hai hamari tankhohawhon me izawfa kio nahi hota
Aftab Iqbal (Karachi)
17 May 2013

Umer (Multan)
15 May 2013

i think mian nawaz shareef is the best option in the circumstances..we are surrounded by a lot of threats..we ve to counter them..and pmln has the capability to do that...
A true Pakistani (Karachi)
15 May 2013

Mian brothers.....a couplet of liers. We Pakistanis have very weak memories. We tend to forget everything so quickly. Especially those who are followers of PML (N) or PPPP. So start recording Mian brothers lies just from the start....they have not even taken oath for the proposed Primierships but already started to eat their spit. Lie No.1 : We have not invited Manmohan Singh for the Oath Taking ceremoney. If you have not invited him, has he been dreaming to be here in Islamabad without any invitation that he regretted not to come? This is a fact that Indian are too happy to see Nawaz Sharif in power because besides of having our Sugar, and vegetables from Pakistan they perhaps will have another chance to kill our armymen as they did in Kargil last time (just due to the threats Mian received from India and USA.) This is why both countries are too happy to have him back. And he has already gave the statement that he will work "Closely" with both countries. This is why his party was "Selected" to win election 2013. We again have a "Coward" leader, selected by a lot of selfish people in Pakistan. Allah may save our country from these idiot selfish businessmen. (Ameen suma Ameen)
Habibullah Khan (Karachi)
28 Apr 2013

is a very good progrrame. I want to know the History of Mohaneykhel Sect living in Pakistan discussed in one of programme. Pls provide me the details of History.
Abdul Rehman (Lahore)
23 Apr 2013

Azizi your part is awersome in hasbe haal I watch your show on every weekend good going azizi
Daniyal Azghar (Hyderabad)
15 Apr 2013

I hate the laugh of this illiterate girl and never understand the reason of her laugh, Azizi is always very good and funny, I can't stop my laugh even for a second which watching his show, he is totally awesome by his talks and body language, the most funniest episode for me is when he came in Arabic costume, that was awesome moment...
Hasb E Haal Videos Comments
zaheer (Sailkot) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi Sohail Ahmed 27th March 2015 Friday On Dunya News TV 16 Jul 2015
last night I was watching the show Hasb e hal on dunya news and in the show the anchor read a beautiful Naat in the show the poetry of the Naat was so beautiful and I really liked that naat.

zaroon (jahanian) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi Sohail Ahmed 27th March 2015 Friday On Dunya News TV 12 Jul 2015
very nice

Insaf Joyia (Lahore) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi Sohail Ahmed 27th March 2015 Friday On Dunya News TV 07 Jul 2015
Uncle Azizi provide a gr8 envirnment of freshmen t

mumtaz khan (Islamabad.) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi Sohail Ahmed 27th March 2015 Friday On Dunya News TV 16 May 2015
Its the best political comdy show Azizi.covay my good wishes to the particiepent of show.

zafar din (dikhan) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi Sohail Ahmed 27th March 2015 Friday On Dunya News TV 29 Apr 2015
Very nice show Hasb-e-Haal azizi.

arslan (lahore) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi Sohail Ahmed 27th March 2015 Friday On Dunya News TV 09 Apr 2015
Very nice Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi in dunya news tv.

huzaifa (18763) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi Sohail Ahmed 12th March 2015 Thursday On Dunya News TV 02 Apr 2015
Kisi bhi website main Hasb e hall comedy show nahi aa rha ha, please add latest show of Hasb e haal, as youtube already not working in Pakistan.

Tanveer (Karachi) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi Sohail Ahmed 27th March 2015 Friday On Dunya News TV 28 Mar 2015
Hey Team of Hasb-e-Haal your team should get down in front of Shareef Baradran and do dance also as your team has become vulgar. I hate now Hasb-e-Haal show on Dunya news tv. I have become very tired too much to watch the same things on same program.

Waheed ur Rehman (Rahim yar Khan) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi Sohail Ahmed 15th March 2015 Sunday On Dunya News TV 16 Mar 2015
I like this Dunya tv show Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi.

Imran (Rawalpindi) on Hasb-e-Haal By Azizi Sohail Ahmed 01st March 2015 Sunday On Dunya News TV 05 Mar 2015
I want to see the parody of Nasir Jamshed in Hasb-e-Haal show. Only Azizi can make his a lot of fun. He has failed to perform in mega event. He is not able to make the runs. He has finished if he again fails against South Africa then PCB should send him at home.

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