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Imran Khan Wedding/Nikkah With Reham Khan
Former cricketer Imran Khan Wedding/Nikkah with Reham Khan but still not confirm news both side about Imran Khan and Reham Khan Nikha.
Cute Little Girl Speech, Inspired by PTI Imran Khan
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Kaptaan Movie on Imran Khan - New Trailer
Watch Now Views 10919
Indian actor Aamir Khan views about Imran Khan and his visio
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Private Internal video of PTI Imran Khan
Watch Now Views 10817
Moin Akhtar with Babra Sharif and Imran Khan (interview) Old
Watch Now Views 21436
Watch Fatima Bhutto's Views on Politician Imran Khan and PTI
Watch Now Views 23017
I Am A Status-Quo Killer - Imran Khan To Youth (Video)
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Nawaz Sharif Trying to Copy PTI Imran khan - Watch Video
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Imran Khan Speaking to NDTV in Davos (Full Interview) Video
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IMRAN KHAN (PTI) Inauguration Ceremony of Shahid Afridi 1st
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Imran Khan Mistakenly Asked to Vote for PML(N)
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Imran Khan interview at Karachi Airport 7 May 2013
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Injured Imran Khan Interview in Hospital Message for the Nat
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Nawaz Sharif prays for Imran Khan's health, cancels politica
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Imran Khan fell down from lifter in Lahore
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Aftab Iqbal prediction about Imran Khan Incident
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A Mother's prayer for Imran Khan at Shaukat Khanum Hospital
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Nawaz Sharif Visit Shaukat Khanum Meet Imran Khan & Talk To
Watch Now Views 3060
Imran Khan discharged from Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital Vi
Watch Now Views 3094
First Speech of Imran Khan in National Assembly After Taken
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Imran Khan Interview at Tonight With Jasmeen
Watch Now Views 4553
Imran Khan Save the Match & Wahab Riaz Lost
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Imran Khan Speech in Kalaam, Swat 26 August 2013 Video
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Now Finally Mobile Courts Started Working In KPK
Watch Now Views 3243
Imran Khan Media talk to Media before going to Supreme Cour
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Imran khan Defeated Supreme court 28 August 2013
Watch Now Views 2042
Funny Parody of Pakistani Politicians Imran Khan, Gilani, Mu
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Misbah-ul-Haq has broken record of Imran Khan's In Cricket H
Watch Now Views 7324
Imran Khan Speech At New Hospitals & Announce Free Emergency
Watch Now Views 2520
Imran khan Helped TV Presenter Kristiane To Convert Into Isl
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Takrar By Imran Khan - 7th September 2013 Saturday On Expres
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PTI Imran Khan Speech at School New Education System in KPK
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Imran Khan SIX - 1992 Final
Watch Now Views 2659
Watch Imran Khan Documentary Without Shepherds
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Takrar By Imran Khan - 13th September 2013 Friday On Express
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Takrar By Imran Khan - 14th September 2013 Saturday On Expre
Watch Now Views 1320
Leadership Talk with Imran Khan
Watch Now Views 1379
PTI Imran khan criticize Molana Fazal-ur-Rehman Report By Ex
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What PTI Imran Khan on Progress Report in KPK
Watch Now Views 6027
Mathira Views About Imran Khan, Nawaz Shareef & Asif Ali zar
Watch Now Views 3677
Takrar By Imran Khan - 20th September 2013 Friday On Express
Watch Now Views 1326
Takrar By Imran Khan - 21st September 2013 Saturday On Expre
Watch Now Views 1821
Imran Khan talking to media in Peshawar on Church Blasts
Watch Now Views 1480
Cricket Will Cement Indo-Pak Ties By Imran Khan
Watch Now Views 1956
Aasma Jhangir's Reponse to Imran Khan Left Audience with Cla
Watch Now Views 1024
Shahbaz Ka Kisi Woman MPA Pe Dil A Gia – PTI’s woman claims
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Imran Khan ko Mallik ne Gussah dela dya
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Imran khan Speech at Peshawar peace match
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Love Affair Between Imran Khan & Ayla Malik at Khabar Naak (
Watch Now Views 5246
Hasb-E-Haal Eid Special With Imran Khan Promo
Watch Now Views 1492
Imran khan(pti) had to host a TV show
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KP govt to take steps to improve law, order: Imran Khan
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Takrar By Imran Khan - 19th October 2013 Saturday On Express
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How to lapse of the Making of Imran Khan portrait
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Imran khan favorite Tea
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Geo's Legal Notice to Imran Khan is a part of Guilty Mind Se
Watch Now Views 1735
Imran Khan calls Bilawal Bhutto as Baby Bhutto and gives him
Watch Now Views 2838
Azizi takes Class of Rana Sanaullah for asking Imran khan to
Watch Now Views 1142
PTI will stop NATO supplies In KP By Imran khan
Watch Now Views 1410
Imran Khan (Full Speech in National Assembly)on drone strike
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Takrar By Imran Khan - 12th November 2013 Tuesday On Express
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Imran Khan Fight With Australian Umpire In 1984 Plus Javed M
Watch Now Views 2960
Takrar By Imran Khan - 16th November 2013 Friday On Express
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Salman Gillani Funny Poetry About Imran Khan
Watch Now Views 3719
Rawalpindi Incident is Government’s Failure :- Imran Khan
Watch Now Views 1645
Imran Khan on Pakistan's Cricket Team
Watch Now Views 1335
Veena Malik Get Marry And Inviting Imran Khan, Shabhaz,Perve
Watch Now Views 2292
Imran Khan Commentary Shahid Afridi (PAK) vs Virender Sehwag
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Takrar By Imran Khan - 21st November 2013 Thursday On Expres
Watch Now Views 819
Takrar By Imran Khan - 21st November 2013 Thursday On Expres
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Imran Khan Message for 23rd November, Anti Nato Supply Dharn
Watch Now Views 1730
Takrar By Imran Khan - 22nd November 2013 Friday On Express
Watch Now Views 894
Imran khan speech in Peshawar Dharna against Drones – 23rd
Watch Now Views 2313
Imran Khan did drama in the name of blocking NATO Supply, Pa
Watch Now Views 2135
Takrar By Imran Khan - 23rd November 2013 Saturday On Expres
Watch Now Views 1504
Imran's policy is strategic blunder, Pak Govt should open of
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Takrar By Imran Khan - 24th November 2013 Sunday On Express
Watch Now Views 1546
Asma Jhanghir Calls Imran Khan To Opportunist
Watch Now Views 1060
Young Haseeb missed his school to see Imran Khan in Peshwar
Watch Now Views 1769
PTI Chairmen Imran Khan Birthday Twice a Year Workers celebr
Watch Now Views 2244
Wasim Akram Says I Used To Copy Of Imran Khan Signature
Watch Now Views 3536
Hilarious Video Clip Of Imran Khan, Babra Sharif With Moin A
Watch Now Views 6211
Wasim Akram As He Discussing About Imran Khan And Inzam Ul H
Watch Now Views 1473
Imran Khan Another Fall In Lahore On The Stage
Watch Now Views 1809
Most 500 World Powerfull Muslims Personalty Including (Imran
Watch Now Views 2181
Imran Khan Speech About Black Money Convert To White Having
Watch Now Views 1526
Imran Khan PTI Top CIA agent Identified In Public
Watch Now Views 2617
Takrar By Imran Khan - 29th November 2013 Friday On Express
Watch Now Views 1222
Najam Sethi Says If Imran Khan Prime Minister He Does Same L
Watch Now Views 1092
Imran Khan Says Pak Govt Is USA Servant, Pak Govt Is on Amer
Watch Now Views 1874
Takrar By Imran Khan - 30th November 2013 Saturday On Expres
Watch Now Views 1297
Takrar By Imran Khan - 1st December 2013 Sunday On Express N
Watch Now Views 1248
Imran Khan Gives To Pakistan Great Talent Funny Speach
Watch Now Views 2275
Mathira insulted Imran khan Lolx
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Takrar By Imran Khan - 4th December 2013 Wednesday On Expres
Watch Now Views 674
Takrar By Imran Khan - 6th December 2013 Friday On Express N
Watch Now Views 1063
Nabeel Gabool Says Imran Khan Is Sportsman He Can Run Many K
Watch Now Views 1256
Imran Khan Speech About Leadership Summit New Delhi India On
Watch Now Views 2115
An indian Asked To Imran Khan Why did not He Come Stage With
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Takrar By Imran Khan - 9th December 2013 Monday On Express N
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