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Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand P Parian Rehti Hen Urdu Baby Poem For Nursery

Uploaded By: Salman
Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand P Parian Rehti Hen Urdu Baby Poem For Nursery, It is the all time popular and the best poems in Urdu language, also available in the initial level school books in Urdu, it is the most favourite poem in children because is simplicity and interesting stanzas, which are easy to understand by the children. It is also very easy for kids to learn it quick as the story of the kid in the poem who is asking his mother about the fairies who live on moon told by her grandmother. Listen and watch this amazing poem online at Urduwire.com.
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Babar Ghouri (Kohat)
09 Sep 2017

My little sister is three years old . She does not go to school . But she loves to listen poems and this ( Dadi Amman kehto hen Chaand pe pariyan ) poem is one of her favourite poem . She will never forget this poem . It is the first ever poem which I make her learnt in her childhood . I ask her to revise this poem five times in a day .
Sadia Imam (Hyderabad)
08 Mar 2017

When ever my heart feel sad so I open Youtube or videos.urduwire.com to listen my childhood poems. Right now I am in matric class but still I love to listen my nursery class poems like Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand P Parian Rehti Hen.
Aisha Bhardey (Hyderabad)
27 Feb 2017

Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand P Parian Rehti Hen Urdu Baby heroic Poem For Nursery class students. It is just like the song. When the kids loudly repeat this poem with me in the class room. I personally feel this is energetic dose for the students. Then I also become more energetic.
Hadiqa (Karachi)
16 Feb 2017

I have become bore to listen it this poem again again in my class room of school. I am nursery class teacher of Urdu subject there I have to learn this poem to all the students of my class. At least twenty times I read this poem in the room class Yesterday and on the next day when I woke up early in the morning to go for school my pitch had become spoiled just due to the poem Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand P Parian Rehti Hen Urdu Baby Poem For Nursery.
Ambreen School Teacher (Karachi)
08 Feb 2017

Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand Pe Pariyan Rehti Hain it is best ever Urdu poems For Nursery class little students or kids. It is the all time famous and the best poems in Urdu literature also available in the primary level school poem books in Urdu it is the most loved poem in all the kids due to its simplicity and interesting stanzassentences which are very easy to understand by the kids.
Abdul Samad (Karachi)
31 Jan 2017

My little niece was at our home on Sunday. She was looking so cute when he was singing this poem Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand P Parian Rehti Hen. Even she was not admitted in any school. But her siblings helped her to learn this poem. Little bit she forgets the end lines of this poem but I hope she will memorize it in an upcoming days.
Anusha Firdous (Lahore)
17 Jan 2017

I am looking for some latest new Urdu poems for my little students of class KG-2. Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand P Parian Rehti Hen is good Urdu Baby Poem For Nursery students. But it has become so old so bring something new for new generation. Even we teachers have also tired to read it again and again in class.
Talal Chaudhry (Gujranwala)
12 Jan 2017

Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand P Parian Rehti Hen roz utar kar aati hai apne par pehlati hain aj raat mai nahi Sunga chaand pe Pariya dekhunga. still I remember tihs poem wow. But I forgot the last lines of this poem. So now I am going to learn it again on here urduwire.com.
Zafar Kamran (Muzaffargar)
05 Jan 2017

Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand P Parian Rehti Hen this is one of the very old poem for nursery class kids. And no one poem can replace it. Still I love it and I found here on Urduwire.com the poem Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand P Parian Rehti Hen for my three years old son. He feels happy to listen it again and again.
shakila (hyderabad)
02 Jan 2017

to much time Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand P Parian Rehti Hen listing and recite poem in my childhood when now a days I listen this urdu famous poem then remember my childhood well working this poem website.
Faiza (Sukkur)
28 Dec 2016

I always used to think that why did we learn poems in our childhood. Now I understood when I became a nursery teacher that the poems put the habit of learning in little kids so that is why teachers read these poems loudly in the class room and all the kids start to repeat the same words which comes from the mouth of teacher. Nowadays I am trying to memorize the poem Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand P Parian Rehti Hen Urdu Baby Poem For Nursery.
sania (faisalabad)
03 May 2016

“Dadi Amma Kehti Thi” is my favorite poem sometime I also listen this poem with my little sister.
faiza (Rawalpindi)
25 Apr 2016

Dadi Ama Kehti Hain was one of the very well known and my favourite poem when i was in primary one. Our teacher Miss Huma used to sing it loadly with our voice and i still remember that time. It was a good time and we enjoy to sing with our teacher. Dadi Ama kehti hain chaand pe pariyan rehti hain.......!!
SAQIB KHAN (Islamabad)
15 Apr 2016

darakshan (Malikwal)
12 Apr 2016

Children are also many interested in Urdu poems as compared to English poems please upload new Urdu poems videos on website. We can enjoy to listen Urdu old poems videos online.
afsar (karachi)
06 Apr 2016

Nice poem
qasirsatti (Rawalpindi)
02 Mar 2016

nice poems
faiza (quetta)
18 Jan 2016

It is true this Urdu poems Dadi Amman Kehti Ha recited by all children in childhood but now a days all english medium school do not learn this poem Chand P Parian Rehti Hen our childhood our dadi also share this urdu poem stories with us.
zia (Faisalabad)
15 Jan 2016

I need old Urdu poems videos who used to read in our chilhood hare is many old collection videos of Urdu and Hindi poems but many famous Urdu poems do not available hare.
sadi (shahdadour)
04 Jan 2016

wa bhi wa Dadi Amman Kehti Hen is awesome poem videos.
saleem (Karachi)
02 Jan 2016

Very well Urdu Poem videos Dadi Amman Kehti Hen for nursery kids.
faiza khatri (Dubai)
01 Jan 2016

When listen this Urdu Kids poems Dadi Amman Kehti han feel like to listen real my Dadi man awesome written by this Urdu poems please share the information who is written this poem Dadi Amman Kehti Han....
Shahriyar (Karachi)
30 Dec 2015

It is dadi amman kehti hen a lovely poem and an amusing one for childrens.
m. Jibran (karachi)
25 Dec 2015

nice poem
zakir (lahore)
10 Nov 2015

Very nice poems. But more work on it.
salahuddin (attock)
28 Sep 2015

Very nice
ansari ahemad (malegaon nasik)
27 Sep 2015

i like
faisal (Lahore)
23 Sep 2015

when I was a child I really love to listen the story from my mother daily and the story name is Dadi Amman Kehti Hen.
shafique anwer (karachi)
07 Sep 2015

nice urdu kids poems Dadi Amman Kehti Hen, love child urdu poems.
kashif Shahzad (Gujrat)
21 Aug 2015

Dadi Amman Kehti Hen is best Urdu poems videos for child.
manzar (kharachi)
08 Jul 2015

All poems very nise
chand (Lahore)
30 Jun 2015

Very good poem for children Dadi Amman Kehti Hen.
Shaista (Karachi)
25 Jun 2015

My bcy liks this poem pls down load
asma (Dubai)
04 Jun 2015

Now a days we only learn Urdu poems about fantasy and comedy but did not read and learn poem and rhymes of our ancestor and did not take any moral from it . I think this is concern moment for us and our society cause we totally forget our ancestor and their achievements.
ibraheem sobhi (Sargodha)
03 Jun 2015

very funny poem is chand par parya rate han.
umar (islamabad)
22 May 2015

All poems very nise
Asra (Sdk)
11 May 2015

Good for mind health
Yousra okasha (islamabad)
30 Apr 2015

nice poems..how i can download this poem?
dawar malik (lahore)
26 Apr 2015

V.nice best 4 kids.
Bella Queen (Rawalpindi)
25 Apr 2015

nice old baby poem for Nursery kids.
Khailda (dubai)
21 Apr 2015

Often I thinking about out old time Urdu poems and traditional stories but now days we have option to listing online poem internet I like this Urdu and English poems and rhymes website for easy life and remember old time.
saif (rawalpindi)
08 Apr 2015

This is my best childhood Urdu poem videos "Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand P Parian Rehti Hen" I daily listen this poem online internet.
waseem khan (havelian)
17 Mar 2015

Very nice videos urdu poem "Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand P Parian Rehti Hen" is our traditional Urdu poems.
ayatullah (islamabad)
08 Mar 2015

Dadi Amman Kehti Hen ya urdu poems ham hamara bacha or sab abao ka zamana sa chali aa rhe ha, very nice poem.
kanwal baji (karachi)
27 Feb 2015

good that''''s very very good for child specially for my bachaaaa
shahbaz (pakistan)
24 Feb 2015

Nice Urdu pomes videos Dadi Amman for Nursery students children.
salman (gujrat)
04 Feb 2015

Very good Urdu poems video for nursery kids school students, our children keep on listing this great Poem about grand mother.
nasir khan (islamabad)
03 Feb 2015

Very nice Urdu poems, Nursery kids need to Urdu and English poems and rhymes.
Azam (Mumbai)
15 Jan 2015

Wow what a childhood day that was its good to see these poems in new modern ways which can our future generation can also read and learn what we did in our childhood.
noor (karachi)
04 Jan 2015

Very nice kids video Poem Dadi Amman Kehti Hen.
Muhammad Afaq (Havelian)
26 Dec 2014

Very nice poem Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand P Parian Rehti Hen Ya poems download kaisa hongi.
24 Dec 2014

very nice but download ka option hona chaye!
shahzad (Islamabad)
01 Dec 2014

very good site for kids, Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand P Parian Rehti Hen is awesome Urdu poems for Nursary kinds, I have been listing this poem on my childhood.
Saima (Karachi)
20 Nov 2014

Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand P Parian Rehti is best my child hood Nursery poems Now a days I often listing video f this Urdu Poems and remember my child hood I want to listen this kids poems on my smart phone can I listing my smart phone.
shumaila (Rawalpindi)
10 Nov 2014

Dadi Amman Kehti Hen Chand P Parian Rehti Hen is Good poem I like it.
khan (islamabd)
29 Oct 2014

good poem it like it
khalid (rawalpindi)
22 Oct 2014

ilike urdu poem
noman (khi)
19 Oct 2014

simple dowanload tips only for andriod phone user - share this video on your facebook and install facebook video downloader in your phone and download these all video when you share
tariq shilmani (karachi)
25 Sep 2014

very good struggle for kids
naila (karachi)
06 Aug 2014

how can we download this poems i m a montessori teacher.
ALINA (amercia)
09 Jul 2014

oh i cant understand urdu poem bczz i always used to speak english but the sound is relly verrrrrrry nice and i m tryinggg to speak in urdu
duaa (karachi)
31 May 2014

its very bad
annie (hyderabad)
22 May 2014

I got remembered my childhood after listening this poem, this is a very old poem. I also want some lorries in this site because it is the most easy way to getting sleep for the kids.
Faheem (Karachi)
11 May 2014

Very nice
Rabia (Karachi )
30 Apr 2014

Its very good
Rabia (Karachi )
30 Apr 2014

This videos is very good for kids
tariq (karachi)
26 Apr 2014

i would like to that poem is very beautyfull as per kids
Hassan (Manglore)
16 Apr 2014

PariWish (Chakwal)
07 Apr 2014

How i can download this poem??
Qaisar (Lahore)
05 Apr 2014

very nice
Zehra (Karachi)
27 Mar 2014

Nice poem
08 Mar 2014

Dadi Ama Khati han. what a urdu poem, i remember my child hood
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