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Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha Urdu Poem For Nursery Kids

Uploaded By: Sohail
Watch & Listen Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha Urdu Poem For Nursery Kids
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Jamil (Gujranwala)
07 Sep 2017

Rhymes are the best interaction for the Nursery child . The students sing this poem with happiness and pleasure . As I am a teacher of Nursery class in an English Medium School . The students get excited when they listen these types of poems . My little daughter also like these types of poem .
Iqra Nasir (Hyderabad)
07 Mar 2017

Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha Ghari ne Ak bajaya it is wonderful poem for nursery kids. My little niece takes my mobile to listen this poem. She opens Youtube and often Videos.urduwire.com to listen this beautiful poem. Even she has learnt this poem completely. She also got little appreciation on singing this poem in her class. And her class teacher has given her a little beautiful gift.
Abdul Ali Siddiqui (Karachi)
30 Jan 2017

Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha Ghari ne Ak bajaya Nawaz Sharif Niche chala aya Fouj ne pakra Adalat ne pakaya Imran Khan ne nanga kia Bara maaza aya. Wow This is amazing this time kids should learn this poem because it looks fit on Nawaz Sharif and on his government. It is latest version of this old poem Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha.
Rabia (Lahore)
11 Jan 2017

Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha. Ghari ne Ak bajaya Chuha niche aya ami ne pakra abu ne pakaya bhai ne khaya bara maza aya. Still I remember entire poem. Urduwire.com is great website who provide kids nursery poems and rhymes online on their website. Please translate this poem in english language and promo it on other English websites. And similarly translate English poem into Urdu then upload on urduwire.com
asma (gujrat)
11 Jan 2017

From my childhood I have been listing this urdu poem Chu Chu Chacha this is awesome urdu poems videos last few year i listen this urdu poem Chu Chu Chacha online internet.
farwa (Karachi)
02 Jan 2017

With out Urdu poems our kids can not learn Urdu read and write this urdu poems really help to all children to learn nursery topic and educations.
Ainy Nasir (Faisalabad)
28 Dec 2016

When I was in one class my female teacher Afshan read it. I used to read it again and again and finally after few days I had been learnt Chu Chu Chacha Ghri Pe Chuha Nacha. This was best ever poem in my childhood. Even I still remember it and I will sing this poem for my kids in Future In Sha Allah !
samia (Rawalpindi)
27 Dec 2016

All time best Nursery Urdu poems Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha all time super hit urdu nursery poems for all time specially kids enjoy this poems.
24 Dec 2016

Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha is great urdu Poem for children, this is great website to provide kids nursery poems and rhymes online.
Sambreen (Larkana)
06 Sep 2016

I am searching for urdu shairi and ghazals...Please do upload some latest urdu shairi and ghazals here on this page....as well as some recipies of making cakes....
Farah (Hyderabad)
01 Sep 2016

I want to write some urdu poems for urduwire.com..please tell how can i share those with the admin so that they can upload all here on this website.....
Humna (Islamabad)
26 Aug 2016

Chu Chu Chacha ghari pe choha nacha...I never understand this poem...My urdu teacher made me learn when i was a kidbut i never understood the background of this poem...If anyone know please do share ...
Hadia (Sargodha)
17 Aug 2016

Please do upload some more urdu poems.All these become very od....Now its time to revive your urdu Poem Page so Please do upload some more.....
Hadi (Sukkar)
11 Aug 2016

I wish i could be a acter of urdu poems...Urdu Poems specially of Kids are so much entertaining if i would be a part i must will enjoy every part of Poems...
Hira (Dubai)
03 Aug 2016

I like to sing urdu Poems.I live in Dubai and here my all friends know only engish in front of them whenever i sing urdu songs and Poems they look surprisingly.I feel good when i see their surprise faces.
areej (hyderabad)
29 Jul 2016

this website of urdu poems is so nice i like this website
Aqsa (Karachi)
23 Jul 2016

Urdu poems ki ye website bht achi hy.I like all these poems but want to have some more so please do upload some more.....
Anum (Karachi)
18 Jul 2016

Urdu poem website is great....good work team urduwire.com....Please do upload some new poems.....
Saroshi (Canada)
14 Jul 2016

I want to have more urdu Poems and urdu songs for kids.This website has only few...Please do upload some more urdu poems and songs....
saima (canada)
13 Jul 2016

I don''''t like these poems.There boring!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sara (Multan)
11 Jul 2016

I like all the animated urdu Poems...Great work thanks urduwire.com to give us such a good activity for kids...Life get easy after having all these poems.
Sara (Kashmir)
27 Jun 2016

I was searching old urdu poems "chanda Mama door k" but have not found.Please do upload those very old poems.Please also upload urdu songs for childrens like"Nani teri morni ko Mor ly gaye" and"Lakri ki kati" and more...
Hania (Lahore)
26 Jun 2016

Urdu poems achi hain but i need to have stories as well.I always searching new stories have found this website but not found any story here.Please do upload some.
Sahar (Larkana)
22 Jun 2016

In urdu Poems their are always a big fun. "kale Badal Karte Shor Dekho Nach Raha Hy Mor" and "Bandar Mama Pahn Pajama" are the example of this. Children always have the fun to read and understand the urdu poems.
Farah (Sargodha)
15 Jun 2016

There are so many new urdu Poems are telling to kids now adaysbut here i found only some.Please do upload more new urdu poems with video.
Tania (Karachi)
09 Jun 2016

I like to visit daily on this web page. The poems here are so entertaining. Children love to watch all day night. The world of Poems are always great for kids.
Farhana (Jeddah)
03 Jun 2016

Urdu Poems and the lyrics of urdu poems are always so good. Children love to feel if someone truly make them understand each and every word of urdu poems. Please help to make child learn all the words in a poem.
Noumana (Dubai)
01 Jun 2016

Urdu Poems for kids are always good to make child learn urdu. I have some famous urdu poems all are not enough to make my baby learn urdu. This website is good because i got lot more urdu poems here.
Kashmala (Kalkatta)
25 May 2016

I want to have poems in Bangoli language. Please do upload some poems of different languages here on this website.
Hadia (Peshawar)
19 May 2016

I am a writer of urdu poems. I have some good poems which i want share and sale with this website. Please do tell how can i share my poems with the owners of this site?
Tania (Lahore)
13 May 2016

"Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha " urdu ki ye poem bht achi hy or its been listing from generations. Kids love to listen it daily at bed time....
Farah (Lahore)
09 May 2016

I am very happy to see my childhood urdu poems with 3D animation.With passing of time every small thing getting more and more better like these urdu poems.
Jasia (Larkana)
02 May 2016

All urdu nursery Poems are good on this website. Whatever title i want to search i can easily get from this website. Thanx urduwire.com good website.
Ghazala (Karachi)
27 Apr 2016

My kids love to watch and listen these urdu poems buttheir is a problem whenever they see any toy on poems they become stubborn to buy that. What should i do please tell?
Zarmeena (Peshawar)
21 Apr 2016

i want to have basic urdu poems for learning urdu?From where i can get those poems? kindly tell if anyone know.... It will make me help for learning urdu for myself...
Ahsan (Karachi)
16 Apr 2016

Urdu ki ye poem "Chu Chu Chacha" sb se zada Famous hy. Every generation happy to have this poem...I think twenty years after still this poem will exist because the wordings of this is very joy full...
khurram (bahawalpur)
11 Apr 2016

Please upload new urdu poems on this website all poems are very great on this website but now I am bored of listening to old poems. Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha is one of the best urdu kids poems listing online.
Sara (Karachi)
09 Apr 2016

Learning Urdu poems is a great fun..Wordings of urdu poems are very much exciting..kids always love to read all Urdu Poems.This website has shown only famous Urdu Poems.Please do upload more....
Neelum (Lahore)
05 Apr 2016

Bandar Mama Pahan Pajama Dawat Khana bht mazy ki urdu Poem hy.Please do upload more funny urdu poems on this website.
imran (islamabad)
02 Apr 2016

Very good poem for kids.
Aqsa (China)
31 Mar 2016

I am Pakistani living in China.Only few peoples know urdu here majority can speak only chinese and English. This website is just according to my need from here i can make my tution childrens learn urdu easily...
Tehreen (Canada)
26 Mar 2016

Please do upgrade this website with some more Urdu Poems for overseas Pakistani because here we can''''t make our children s learn Urdu from any other source.
Hamida (Larkana)
18 Mar 2016

Nursery kids poems of this website is amazing. I feel glad to have all these... Kale Badal Kerty Shor dekho naach raha hy moor is one of my favorite urdu poem...
Hadiqa (Sukkar)
12 Mar 2016

All poems and stories become old of this website.. Please do upload some new urdu poems stories and shero shairi as well on this website...
Farah (Sargodha)
10 Mar 2016

Urdu story ki website achi hy.Childrens can learn urdu from this website.Please urdu poems k sath sath alif By bhi sikhayain.Kids can pick in way of poem so quickly..
sumia (lahore)
09 Mar 2016

mere babyku poems pasand han nani tari morni mor lay gae
Asma (Hyderabad)
08 Mar 2016

This poem is a very hilarious one and a sensational way to amaze kids.
Haya (Karachi)
02 Mar 2016

Meri baby ko ye poem bohut zada pasand hy "Kale Badal Kerty Shor naach Raha Hy Moor" She looks wonderfull when she read this poem with action. I want to have more urdu poem on this website.
Aqsa (Larkana)
27 Feb 2016

Every time i need urdu poems for my school children learning.. I need more urdu poems because all these poems which are given by this website i already have made my children learnt. Please do upload some more urdu poems...
Sara (Abu Dhabi)
20 Feb 2016

There are so many new Urdu poems are teaching in school to small kids.. This website is only showing old poems from many many months... Do the website with some new Urdu poems.
Aqsa (Larkana)
15 Feb 2016

Chu Chu Chacha is from my childhood favourite urdu poem my baby when sing this poem I remember my childhood and like it more. Beautiful poems for kids learning...
Anabia (Dubai)
13 Feb 2016

I like to visit this website.. In all these poems their is some lesson for kids and for adult as well.. Very good old urdu poems..
Nomana (Lahore)
10 Feb 2016

I have seen very few poems of nursery kids in this website.. Nursery kids are not too young to listen and understand these poems. I think these poems will help class 1 students more.
jk (hyderabad)
03 Feb 2016

Very nice website
Sara (America)
02 Feb 2016

Urdu Poem ki ye website bht achi hy especially for overseas Pakistani kids...Now we can make them learn urdu poems and language quickly.Thanks Admin for give us such a useful website.
Tehseen (Gujranwala)
29 Jan 2016

I got all old and famous urdu poems on this website. there are no new urdu poems are good Like old urdu kids poems. Old poems had the story to make the child learn. Old poems again should encourage by the school management.
Nimra (Hyderabad)
25 Jan 2016

I was serching very famous urdu Poem "Aalo Mian Aalo Mian" but not found here on this website. Please do search and upload this poem here.
vivek verma (indore)
25 Jan 2016

v good Chu Chu Chacha kids poems videos.
Kashif (Qatar)
21 Jan 2016

Urdu poems ki ye website bht aala hy... I appriciate the admin of this page... People who live outside the country and want their child to learn and speak urdu language as well can make their child learn urdu easily now.. Thanx team
Nimra Sohail (Pindi)
16 Jan 2016

I was searching for Urdu morning poems but not found here please do upload some... I get all recent old poems from this website except morning poems Please do upload as soon as possible....
sohail yousaf (rawAlpindi)
14 Jan 2016

this is beautiful poem for children how can we down load Chu Chu Chacha poems videos.
farzan (DG khan)
11 Jan 2016

When I was child on that time I kept on sing this Urdu poem Chu Chu Chacha I always like to listen my old memory urdu poems videos.
Aiza (Sargodha)
10 Jan 2016

All hit Urdu poems i can get in this site...but i am not finding downloading option...My net not seems to open every time...Please do tell how can i download Urdu poems from this site?
shani (karachi)
05 Jan 2016

I have a niece of just 1 and half years old and she really likes this poem i found this here and daily show her from urduwire.
sana iftakhar (Rawalpindi)
04 Jan 2016

The jsut 2 Urdu poems in my life when I was chil I often read this poem Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha and other one more Urdu poems that was a great childhood time for every happy childhood....
zubeda (Narangmandi)
01 Jan 2016

I have listened many Kids Urdu poems and rhymes videos but still not watch like Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha poems videos. Now a days our school learn and read latest English poems but no poems like this tradesniol poems.
fouzia (Islamabad)
30 Dec 2015

This Nursery kids poem Chu Chu Chacha we have been listing our childhood now this time our children learn this poem through videos.urduwire.compoems-stories. this is very easy way to learn this poem well done website.
ABID (karachi)
06 Dec 2015

shahbaz (fsd)
06 Nov 2015

ahmed (karachi)
27 Oct 2015

download on pc with internet download maneger then transfar to mobile & 2nd thing watsaap
Fahmeeda (karachi) (Karachi)
17 Oct 2015

How can i downlod any poem with moible?
yasir (karachi)
07 Oct 2015

how can i download these poems Chu Chu Chacha videos.
sidra (fasilabad)
19 Sep 2015

Muhammad aamir (karachi)
11 Sep 2015

how can i download these poems..
shafique anwer (karachi)
03 Sep 2015

Are download option bhi to dainfaida kia online dakhne ka.
saima (Lahore)
19 Aug 2015

Now a days we only read stories about fantasy and comedy but did not read stories of our real issues and problem. I think we have to think about it and we need to read the real issue stories not about the fantasy love stories.
abrar (karachi)
08 Aug 2015

Please show information about how to Download this urdu poem Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha.
mariam (karachi)
07 Aug 2015

asadnaseer (t t singh)
05 Aug 2015

Is it possible to Download Chu Chu Chacha Urdu poem.
sadia (Karachi)
15 Jul 2015

I dont have to says any words about this my child hood Famous Nursery Urdu poems we used to all time recited (Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha) Love it childhood...
MAAZ TARIQ (Karachi)
09 Jul 2015

IT very nice & beautibul lyrics & poem
Adnan (Multan )
05 Jul 2015

My kids love to listen Urdu poems, specially like Chu chu chaca....
misbah ghalib (islamabad)
22 Jun 2015

i love this poem so much when i was not hungry my mom sing this poem for me that i can eat something
pommy (karachi)
20 Jun 2015

Nice urdu poems for nursery kids.
zahoor elahi (islamabad)
14 Jun 2015

give any tips to download the poems
zahoor elahi (islamabad)
14 Jun 2015

most of the poems are not downloaded
aasia tabbsum (gujrat)
04 Jun 2015

how to download poems?
m saddiquee (sialkot)
08 May 2015

please inform me how to download poems regards
uroosa (pakistan)
28 Apr 2015

Nice Urdu Poem For Nursery children and teachers.
zubair (karachi)
15 Apr 2015

My baby like poems for nursery children.
Ghulam Rahim (Malakand)
05 Apr 2015

Why these video not download?
Salma (Islamabad)
31 Mar 2015

Can I listen this poems and rhymes in my Mobile phone or any application for cell phone I like this Urdu Poems and rhymes website for kids hare are many new and old collections videos of Urdu stories and poems.
tanseer (peshawar)
28 Mar 2015

I like this kids side
naeem (Karachi)
28 Mar 2015

EXCELLENT. How can we download these poems
Mudassar (Rahim Yar Khan)
25 Mar 2015

download "Internet Download Manager" and download all the files and play offline
muskan (karachi)
15 Mar 2015

Ap khud download karlo options me jaker
hesham (Egypt)
09 Mar 2015

so good go on
Imran Aslam (Lahore)
07 Mar 2015

sharuk jamill (rahim yar khan)
03 Mar 2015

So nice Poem for nursery children.
Yasir (Karachi)
17 Feb 2015

Chu Chu Chacha is awesome childhood Urdu poems for kids no one can forget this Urdu poems on that time every children learn to school.
Asif (sargodha)
12 Feb 2015

This is great Urdu poem but ye poem complete nahi hei.
aamir (sargodha)
06 Feb 2015

nice videos of Urdu rhymes of nursery kids, it is to help for learning our child.
raisrahila (karachi)
01 Feb 2015

Super all poem and rhyme of videos.urduwire.com.
m rizwan rizvi lilghar (karachi)
28 Jan 2015

Very funny poems that a goods poem
Saqib (Rawalpindi)
21 Jan 2015

Hahaha thats funny but i read it in English in my childhood I want you to add English version as well which is Hickory Dickory Dock wanna download it on my mobile.
umaiz (karachi)
18 Jan 2015

Great Poems website for listing online Urdu and English Poems videos thanks.
Moona (Lahore)
15 Jan 2015

Awww thats a nice poem i used to learn it in my childhood probably in nursery class it reminds me that awesome days of my childhood.
eeba (chakwal)
07 Jan 2015

Chu Chu Chacha is Great poems for Nursery kids.
zeeshan (larkana)
06 Jan 2015

Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha is great Urdu poem Nursery school kids.
asad jan (karachi)
23 Dec 2014

Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha Ghari Na Aik Bajya Chuha Nicha Aya, maza aa gya kya Urdu poem ha Nursery students ka lya.
Rao intizar (khi)
19 Dec 2014

You did good effort for the education, carry on very good category of nursery poems.
abidkhan (HaripurKPKPakistan)
07 Dec 2014

how i download poem
Ch. Abdullah (Islamabad)
28 Nov 2014

I want to listen a urdu poem "Bol Mere Murga Kuk room khoon" but not available in this web side
raqeeb mughal (kotli A K)
26 Nov 2014

I like nani teri morni ko mor
jao (karachi)
26 Nov 2014

Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha is my chilhood poems I often listen this poem with my childrens, this is great poem for Nursery students kids.
danial (lahore)
25 Nov 2014

I like it the Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha is great Urdu Poem For Nursery childrens.
Misbah iqbal (Peshawar)
24 Nov 2014

How can this poem Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha download from videos.urduwire.com
Misbah iqbal (Peshawar)
22 Nov 2014

Y poems mujhy email kar dy
ali hamza (pakisan)
21 Nov 2014

Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha is very good Urdu Nursery Poems, I just says this is best website for listing and watch video of Urdu and English poems rhymes for Montessori kids.
Aqeel (Lahore)
20 Nov 2014

Nice Urdu Poem Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha, this is use full for Nursery Kids.
tania (quetta)
17 Nov 2014

nice i like but how can i download it
tania (quetta)
17 Nov 2014

We keep on listing (Chu Chu Chacha Ghari Pe Chuha Nacha) on my childhood very nice Urdu poems of Nursery kids.
PrinceMirza (Karachi)
10 Nov 2014

EXCELLENT. How can we download these poems
farheen (karachi)
04 Nov 2014

how can download plz ans me
sadiq (gilgit)
02 Nov 2014

poems to bhat achy hn par ya downlod kaisy karna pada ga?
sumera (sahiwal)
21 Oct 2014

I want to download all poems 4 my daughter Zuha and ayesha. Please help me how to download?
kamran (punjab)
14 Oct 2014

how to download poem plz advice me. thanks mallick
rizwan (lahore)
04 Oct 2014

so good but not to downlod
aamir (quetta)
03 Oct 2014

how can i download these poems
afrin (afrininamdar.afrin786gmail.com)
29 Sep 2014

Poem is good I want to download it, so can please tell me how can download it.
sumaira (karachi)
25 Sep 2014

i want the poem do motay motay hath & aao jhoola jhoulein in urdu which i am not getting by searching kindly help me. thanks
imran (kashmir)
23 Sep 2014

nice poem
farah (karachi)
15 Sep 2014

how can i download these poems???
nadeem (sukkar)
11 Sep 2014

very good plz send all poems
usman (karachi)
10 Sep 2014

it is very nice
shariq (karachi)
07 Sep 2014

Kashif (Lahore)
06 Sep 2014

I like this
shama ([email protected])
22 Aug 2014

for my baby
shazia (gujrat)
16 Aug 2014

its site is good but how we can download plz help regarding this i need to download for kids
imran (karachi )
12 Aug 2014

bahi yeh sari poems mujay e-mail kardo takay main apnay bacho ko dekha sako video
sehrishilyas (karachi)
08 Aug 2014

amol Shinde (mumbai)
23 Jul 2014

Asad jan (Mardan)
16 Jul 2014

Nice poems
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