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Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed is most recognized personality in Pakistan due to the best naat khawan as well as religious personality in Pakistan, he is a former singer which was also a Read More
Maula Maula National Song Singing by Junaid Jamshed In Ramadan Transmission
Watch & Listen Online Video Of Maula Maula National Song Singing by Junaid Jamshed In Ramadan Transmission on ARY.

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Naat Khawan
Junaid Jamshed Abdul Rauf Roofi Khursheed Ahmad
Amjad Sabri Siddiq Ismail Waheed Zafar Qasmi
Javeria Saleem Fasih Uddin Soharwardi Amir Liaquat Hussain
Zulfiqar Ali Owais Raza Qadri M Mushtaq Qadri

Junaid Jamshed is most recognized personality in Pakistan due to the best naat khawan as well as religious personality in Pakistan, he is a former singer which was also a successful profession in his life, now he recites naats, gives bayans and get involved in several religious actives across Pakistan and other countries, he was born in 1964 in Rawalpindi, Punjab having a good family background, after getting education, Junaid Jamshed started his careers as a singer later transformed into religious personality and clothing business, he recited famous naats and hamds like Jo Bhi Lega Mere Nabi Ka Naam, Do Aalam Tumhara Howa Kamli Wale, Madine Ko Jaayein, Ki Muhammad Se Wafa, Subhan Allah, Agaya Mah E Ramdan, Hey Rasul Bujhi Na Ami Bengali naat, Metha Metha Pyara Pyara, the languages used in these naat include Urdu, Punjabi, Bangoli and other regional languages in Pakistan, find them all here with quality and videos. Junaid jamshed also have been under the shade of Maulana Tariq Jamil where he got knowledge regarding Islam, he also appeared at ARY & Geo TV Ramadan transmission and recited several naats.

Due to the most inspiring personality for the people and a role model for transforming lives for individual Junaid Jamshed becomes very popular in naat reciting, he has a huge demand on all the leading religious channels and programs where he recites naats and gives inspiring bayans. He has also been controversial for his bayans and apologized for his blasphemy regarding religious personalities. He has been under the shelter of maulana Tariq Jamil who is the country’s biggest Islamic scholar. Now there is no more need of buying expensive CDs and DVDs of Junaid Jamshed Naats, they all the available at Urduwire including upcoming naats.

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Muzaffar (Faisalabad)
20 Nov 2015

Junaid Jamshed is an impressive Naat Khuwan and more importantly a good human being i have heard a lot about him and just have a wish to meet him once in my life.
Zafar (Khuzdar)
17 Nov 2015

Junaid Jamshed is a great naat khuwan as well as a good human being...previously he used to be a singer but the way he changed his profession has made him our hero.
kashan (Peshawer)
13 Nov 2015

Junaid Jamshed is a possessor of a lovely voice...Many people in Pakistan are trying to destroy his image through subjecting false allegations but i urge all of my mates to ignore such sort of rumors as i believe that he is an honest personality..
Adeel (islamabad)
06 Nov 2015

Junaid Jamshed is a splendid naat khuwan..no matter what people think about him but as per me he is an obedient man as well as a great human being.
hamza (chaman)
04 Nov 2015

I think Junaid Jamshed is a great man as well as a possessor of a neat voice.. his naats are highly regarded in my eyes and hope that he will carry his work more effectively in the future.
khawar (turbat)
27 Aug 2015

No matter what conspiracies people use to make about Junaid Jamshed but the people here in Turbat respect him a lot and will be doing the same in the future because we can understand that how difficult it is to change your entire profession..
mubashir (lahore)
24 Aug 2015

I was pretty disappointed when some of the conspiracies were held against Junaid Jamshed but when He stated in response that all of these ges are fake i felt relaxed as i use to follow him a lot due to his ming voice..
mudassir (dubai)
19 Aug 2015

Junaid Jamshed a possessor of a very beautiful and soft voice used as a medium to inspire people by him..i consider him as my favorite naat khuwan and strictly critcise those whose used to make fake ges and scandals against him..
khurram (dadu)
15 Aug 2015

Junaid Jamshed is one of the most highly ranked inspirational naat khuwan of Pakistan just because of his ming voice and peaceful attitude towards the community...
abdullah (chaman)
12 Aug 2015

Junaid jamshed is the most unique personality i have ever seen but some people hate him for no reason than those people should be aware of the fact that it is never ever easy to leave your actual lifestyle just for the sake of your lord...
shahid (sukkur)
09 Aug 2015

Junaid Jamshed is my favorite naat khuwan and also amongst the most respectable personalities but i don''''t know why a large number of peoples use to dislike him He is a great personality and should be respected in the way he deserves.
Amna (Lahore)
02 Aug 2015

I don''t understand why some people are against Junaid jumshaid and Maulana Tariq Jameel. They never encouraged sectarianism they always talks about muslim unity. They are good Muslim scholar who always takes us on a broader canves. May Allah bless them and give us hidayat so that we could honour people like hi
Sahil (Lahore)
24 Jul 2015

Dear Junaid bhai you have devoted your Life for Islam. Some people have this habit they like to intentionally do propaganda of all popular scholars and famous personalities. May Allah guide them and bless you loads more. Aameen.
Arshad (Multan)
13 Jul 2015

I have watched your show Shan e Ramadan last nightit was wonderful me and my family members all were listening beautiful naats by you and fasihud din soharwardi sahab and the part in which you share sayings was specially good. May Allah give all of us Hidayat and give us courage to do good deeds. Aameen
Maleeha (Lahore)
02 Jul 2015

I have stopped watching the transmission Shan e Ramadan because of the absence of you, please come back soon without you i don"t feel like watching that transmission. waseem Badami worked hard for making it good but no one can replace you in that program.
Mudassir (Islamabad)
27 Jun 2015

Where have you been Junaid Jamshed bhai why you was not their in your showyou when doing the show your show is awesome Junaid bhai missing u !! Ap k bina shan.e.ramzan transmission achi nhi lagrhi..!!
Firdous mehndi (Jamshedpuf)
26 Jun 2015

I am a big fans and naat is so beautiful
arif hodekar (ratnagiri(india))
24 Jun 2015

Subhana Allah Allah junaid jamshed Shawn ko umar daraaz ataa farmaye.......ameen
salman (Lahore)
22 Jun 2015

Junaid jamshed very good and beautiful person
Salman (Quetta)
22 Jun 2015

I feel very glad to watch you again on Ary Ramadan transmission your way of reciting naat is so beautiful MashaAllah.Yesterday you and other naat khawan at your show were recited "QAseeda Burda Shareef"pleasedo recite the same daily on your show.
Arshad (Quetta)
16 Jun 2015

Junaid bhai you are a very humble and great personality come back to Pakistan and proof your honesty and be great in the eyes of Muslims, please do come on sham e Ramadan program as well we all will be missing your good transmission of Ramadan much.
Anum (Multan)
09 Jun 2015

I am a big fan of all of your Naats, your voice is good. You recite beautifully all of your naats. Please tell me that when your new naat album will command in which channel you will do your ramadan transmission this year.
Faizan (Lahore)
03 Jun 2015

Junaid bhai i have no doubt that you read this naat"Mera Dil Badal Dy" from your heart since I heard from Ulema e karam that "jo baat dil say nikalte hai sedha dil pay asar kerte hai" Can''t stop my tears whenever I listen this, You are a greatest naat Khawan.
Asad khan (Lahore)
29 May 2015

Junaid bhai i have heard your beautiful debate which you said in Opera House Australia your thoughts are very true, I wish we Pakistani understand what a Great Gift this Pakistan is from Allah swt for us.
Azhar (Peshawar)
24 May 2015

Recently i heard this naat by Junaid Jamshaid and i feel so blessed that we have a very beautiful way to wish from God by reciting this naat "Ellahi Teri Chokhat Par Bhikari Ban K aaya Hun".MashaAllah extreme good lyrics for dua.May you will get All succes in your life.Aameen
Saima (karachi)
13 May 2015

Junaid bhai we have been waiting all year to see u again in Shan- e - Ramzan. Because of Ur good fame and people following u. Kindly come back and start your programs again. we all like your way of talking your beautiful naats naseehat and bayanat. We all miss them alot. its hard to visualize Ramazan transmission without u.
mohsin (ahmadabad)
13 May 2015

Tariq Jamil bayan
Aamir (pindi)
09 May 2015

I am a student and I am a big fan of you. I heard your bayan and naat at KASB Institute of Technology. I admire Junaid Jamshed Bhai for his dedication towards dawat o tabligh. May Allah bless him a longer life to achieve the goal of complete enforcement of Islam & Sunnah in global Muslim Community.
Sana (Multan)
04 May 2015

Junaid Jamshed is a best anchor and Naatkhuanyour fans are waiting to see you again live in Ramazan on Ary channel.
Sadaf (Karachi)
21 Apr 2015

Junaid Jamshed bhai Main ponchna chati hoon app ka new 2015 ka naats or hamd ka albul kab aa rha ha bhot time ho gya ha koi new naat sharif ya hamd nahi sune.
Qazi anwer (London)
13 Apr 2015

Junaid jamshed is best Urdu and Arabi naat and hamd reciter he is real Naat and sana khawan because now a days often Naat khawan recites naats with the help of Musics but this time Junaid Jamsheed always recites naat and hamd with out help of any musics instruments.
Taha (Muree)
09 Apr 2015

Janab Junaid Jamshed Bhai please come on Tv again we will also miss you in the upcoming ramadan month on ARY digital please keep it continue with your ramazan shows.
Waseem Qadri (Lahore)
31 Mar 2015

Junaid Jamsheed has recited many Urdu and Arabi naats sharif and hamd but the first naat of Junaid Jamsheed Mohammad Ka Roza Qareeb AA Rha is one of the best and famous Naat sharif now any time I listen this naat of Junaid bhai I feel in heat if different.
Khan (Islamabad)
22 Mar 2015

I love this naat sharif of Junaid jamsheed sb.
Yaseen (Karachi)
18 Mar 2015

Junaid Jamshed has sddently got disappeared before his mistake he used to appear at almost every channel but now he has run up from the people who are angry with him
Umer (KPK)
12 Mar 2015

Junaid Bhai doing very well what a beautiful naat you recited i am listening it again and again downloaded it also listen it in my car and in office you are doing world''''s best job and ideal work.
03 Mar 2015

Love you Junaid Jamsheed as you are great and lagent naat and sana khawan.
Salik Mustafa (Rawalpindi)
28 Feb 2015

I have listened many naat and hamd videos but Naat (Jo Bhi Lega Mere Nabi Ka Naam) with singer Ali haider is heart touching I keep listing this Junaid jamsheed and Ali haider Naat I cannot says any words about this naat sharif no one can emajen about my feeling about this Naat May Allah bless both of you and your great voice.
Muhammad arshad mewati (india alwar mewat)
07 Feb 2015

Hazrat Juned jamshed sb. dam at barkatuhum aap mere favourite ho is ki vajah ye he ke aap dayee bhi ho. halankhe naat khuan bahut hein. Allah aap ko jàzai khair ata farmae aamin.
Moona (Karachi)
05 Feb 2015

I have been listing Naat and heat touching hamd of Junaid Jamsheed but (Badr ud Duja) album of Junaid Jameed is one of the best is all other.
Haniyah (beijing)
30 Dec 2014

I like all Junaid Jamshed heart touching Naat and hamd videos listing.
muhammad rao (beijing)
28 Dec 2014

aoa I am worlds no.1 fan of Junaid Jamshaid.
abdul (pakistan)
24 Dec 2014

Allah Junaid Jamshed ko isa tara kaim rkha, I like the Junaid Jamshed Naat and Hamd.
27 Oct 2014

This is very beautyfull Naat Videos of Junaid Jamsheed.
shakir ahmed (mysore)
16 Oct 2014

Allah apsay razi hojaya. ameen
rida (karachi)
22 Aug 2014

i love you
sameeer (delhi)
26 Jul 2014

i am from india we love junaid jamsheed naats..............
Umar Ch (shakargarh)
22 Jul 2014

Junaid Jamshed is a True Muslim
Ghafoor (Karachi)
17 Jun 2014

waiting for latest new 2014 Ramazan Naat videos of Junaid Jamsheed, when will update Junaid Jamsheed new album collection Naats shareef and hamd video hare
Sohail (Lahore)
10 Jun 2014

I have seen and listened to the Naat Khawan Junaid Jamshed I thinkmany times. His sound is really sweet and also I think that he is liked by the people and they like to listen the Kalams by Junaid Jamshed. He has gainde in my view much popularity among the people.
Aslam (Lahore)
09 Jun 2014

I think Junaid Jamshed one of the famous Kalam sayers in Pakistan and has also a soft and sweet sound. His way of saying Kalams really looks smooth. I have also seen him in Khitab but I think now time has passed and I have not seen him.
Humiyo Jamsheed (Hyderabad)
20 May 2014

many time Junaid Jamsheed do not launch Latest Naat and Hamd New Album, Always I watch and listen old Naat shareef and Hamd, When will announce latest 2014 album of Naat shareef of Junaid jamsheed
Atif (Lahore)
18 May 2014

I think I have not listend much Naats by Junaid Jamshed for a very large range of time. What are The New Naats by him; if so?. By the way Junaid Jmshed looks really a decent and a personalityful person. His appearance also looks good.
Asim (Lahore)
11 May 2014

I remember that I viewed the show of Junaid Jamshed and Waseem Badami at ARY news tv channel. Prizes were being distributed in the show. By the way Junaid Jamshed is a famous person in Pakistan in my view and also at urduwire.com there are large number of views written.
Naeem (Lahore)
08 May 2014

I have been listening to Junaid Jamshed for a lot of time but I think that bow time has passed and I have not listened to him. By the way is a famous and well Naat Khuwan. I have also listened the Khitabs by him.
Ata (Lahore)
26 Apr 2014

An amazing person with amazing style and influencing way of talking and teaching. Junaid Jamshed has really an inspiring style and sound. Junaid Jamshed brand is also I think in the market as I have listened about it. After all Junaid Jamshed is a well known personality now a days.
Ishfaq (Lahore)
22 Apr 2014

I like Juniad Jamshed; his personality; his speaking style; his politeness etc. The way he talks in the programs is really very polite and liked by me. His Naats also have remained much famous and listened by the people. His politeness is; by the way; a good thing in my view.
Shehbaz (Lahore)
12 Apr 2014

I am really amazed to see a very large list of videos of Junaid Jamshed at urduwire.com Really an inspiring and knowledgeful person. I like to listen his talkings. His method of speech is also good. Junaid Jamshed brand has also become common.
Ali (Karachi)
09 Apr 2014

Junaid Jamshed is good persons and Junaid Jamshed recites naat and hamd very good, when I am in Office and during office works I listen Junaid Jamshed Naat and Hamd 2014
shahab muhammad ( swabi)
15 Mar 2014

junaid jamshed is so great naat khwa. and i like it when i lisen his naat r hamd... and all our male r female naat khwa....
qamar (lahore)
21 Feb 2014

He is my favorite Naat khawan. His voice is very pleasant and gives satisfaction and relaxation to the soul.Muhammad Ka Roza is one the best Naat of him.
nabeel warsi (karachi)
21 Feb 2014

The 50 year old Junaid Jamshed transformed himself to a religious pious personality from a western influenced singer. Junaid Jamshed is in the mantle of Tableeghi Jamaat and claims the activities of tableegh for his transformation to a new Islamic life. Junaid Jamshed started singing naats in 2005 by releasing his first naats album Jalwa-e-Janan followed by Mehboob-e-Yazdaan in 2006.
naseer (karachi)
12 Feb 2014

Aslam o ailkum ye meri sub se fev naat hai or naat b issi tarha ki honi chahiye jo dil ki gehraiyon se boli jaye or ap ki awaz mei wo dard hai or music wali naat nhi bolni chahiye ap humesha aise hi naat bolty rehna ok t.c
umaima (karachi)
03 Feb 2014

my favourite naat khwaan . he has a beautiful voice and wonderful naats. our mind relaxes when we hear them . very nice person mashallah
khaliq-uz-zaman (karachi)
26 Jan 2014

very nice person mashallah . keep up the good effort of bringing people toward allah and never go astray.
ashar (Karachi)
15 Jan 2014

Badi-Uz-Zaman is really a lesson for all of the muslim ummah
younus (Karachi)
13 Jan 2014

farhan (Lahore)
10 Jan 2014

Sifat E Sahaba is a lesson for us all
Tanveer (Karachi)
08 Jan 2014

he is very nice person with an awesome voice ! i have heared his byaan a several times
Raees (KPK)
06 Jan 2014

His voice has a nice touch of creativity , he is a blessed muslim indeed
yousuf (Islamabad)
04 Jan 2014

zawal e muslim is really a great msg for the muslims ,
Kamran Rizvi (Lahore)
02 Jan 2014

Now Junaid Jamsheed is one of the best naat khawan on that time.
Younus (Lahore)
01 Jan 2014

Junaid Jamshed is great recite naats and hamd
Laraib (peshawar)
31 Dec 2013

this naat is very heart touching ! i like to listen to it whenever i get free time
Amir (Peshawar)
25 Dec 2013

Junaid Jamshed this Naat is Heart Touching. Its Composition was super Dooper and also the Voice of Junaid!!
Fazal Akbar (Lahore)
23 Dec 2013

All Naats of Junaid Jamshed recite awesome, I really like Junaid Jamshed naats, 1st time i listen Junaid Jamshed 1st naat mohammad ka roza, after that i often listen Junaid Jamshed naats videos
Saleem Abbass (Karachi)
19 Dec 2013

Junaid Jamshed is of the great naat khawan of pakistan as well as great man, Specially Junaid Jamshed recited mohammad ka roza, Ae Allah tu hi atta kar, Elahi la Tu'azzibni,Mere Allah Tu Karim,Aei Taiba,Multazim Pur Dua ,Jalwa-e-Janaan and more other naats i listen often.
Asim (karachi)
13 Dec 2013

I like all Junaid Jamshed Naat, I feel very well to listen Junaid Jamshed Naats.
Junaid Jamshed Videos Comments
asif (Karachi) on Mujhe Zindagi Mein Yaarab Urdu Naat Video By Junaid Jamshed 16 Nov 2015
Nice naat of Junaid jamsheed. Please confirm about the latest rabil ul awal junaid jamsheed naat album video.

Umar (Faisalabad) on Maula Maula National Song Singing by Junaid Jamshed In Ramadan Transmission 03 Nov 2015
Play karo

salman (lahore) on Madine Ko Jaayein Urdu Naat Shrif By Junaid Jamshed New Album Bad Ru Dujaa 24 Oct 2015
i love this naat very much.God bless you.

iqbal (faisalabad) on Mohammad Ka Roza Famous Urdu Naat Video By Junaid Jamshed 13 Oct 2015
Mohammad Ka Roza naat is jumping of Junaid jamsheed naat starting after this naat reciting junaid jameed give the many famous naats and hamd well

AWAB (DASKA) on Mere Nabi Pyare Nabi New Urdu Naat 2014 By Junaid Jamshed. 03 Sep 2015
I Like Junaid Bhai Naats

Ameer Hamza (Gujranwala) on Maula Maula National Song Singing by Junaid Jamshed In Ramadan Transmission 30 Aug 2015
Verry Nice

Abdul Rafey Jamil (k) on Maula Maula National Song Singing by Junaid Jamshed In Ramadan Transmission 23 Aug 2015
I have listen all national songs of Junaid Jamshaid. He Has a Very soft voice. Allah apko nazar-e-bad sy bachay.

khalid warsi (KAEACHI) on Maula Maula National Song Singing by Junaid Jamshed In Ramadan Transmission 10 Aug 2015
Mash Allah, very good voice of Junaid jamshed.

haqnawaz (bhalwal) on Maula Maula National Song Singing by Junaid Jamshed In Ramadan Transmission 10 Aug 2015
good song of junaid jamshed Maula Maula.

MD ARIF EQUBAL (darbhanga bihar INDIA) on Jo Bhi Lega Mere Nabi Ka Naam Naat Sharif by Junaid Jamshed & Ali Haider 30 Jul 2015

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