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Bhar Do Jholi Amjad Sabri Urdu Qawwali Video By Amjad Ghulam Fareed Sabri

Uploaded By: Amjad
Bhar Do Jholi is the most popular Qawali recited by Amjad Sabri who is the most famous Qawaal in Pakistan and in sub-continent as well, Late Amjad Sabri, is a part of The Sabri Brothers who recited number of Qawalies in the past and have been reciting for years. This Qawali was all time hit among all Qawali recited by Amjad Sabri which gave him a fame and name in this profession. He attended number of Qawali events and occasions where he recited the same Qawali. Let’s listen again his this all time famous Qawali here again.
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Inam (Peshawar)
20 Jan 2017

Very best Qawwali Bhar Do Jholi by Amjad Sabri.
hamza nasir khan (mumbai ( India))
24 Dec 2016

We love u amjad chacha And u there for as everytime miss u chacha
Imran Quraishi (Akbarpur)
12 Dec 2016

Imran pratapgarhi 2016 delhi kand video
amjad sabree ()
16 Oct 2016

I like amjad sabri Qawwali bhar do jhooli.
amna (Sargodha)
18 Aug 2016

Ali Walay (karachi )
14 Jul 2016

download ho sakti hay kia ?
anus (gujranwala)
12 Jul 2016

Bhar Do Jholi best recited by Late Amjad Farid Sabri.
hassan rajput (Quetta)
01 Jul 2016

Very niice
Mushtaque Danish (Karachi)
30 Jun 2016

Allah Taalah Amjad Sabri Shaheed ko Jannat ul Firdous main ala maqam ata karayaur unko AAQAE DO JAHAN SALLALLAHO ALAIHE WASALLAM ka Qurb ata karay. Ameen. Un jaisa ab shayad hi koi asakay.
Mohammed zubair ()
30 Jun 2016

Very nice. naat
sayed zafran kazmi (islamabad)
28 Jun 2016

nice qawali amjad sabri
umair (raalpindiw)
26 Jun 2016

Allah ny bhot izat di kis ankh mae anso nhen tha kash k hum ap k liye kuch kr saktae kash sabri bhai i love u
Meer hassan (Sukkur)
24 Jun 2016

I have no word says About Amjid Sabri wonder full qawali bhar do gholi mere ya Muhammad
Syed Aleem Faisal Ahmed (Karachi)
24 Jun 2016

Allah Taalah Amjad Sabri Shaheed ko Jannat ul Firdous main ala maqam ata karayaur unko AAQAE DO JAHAN SALLALLAHO ALAIHE WASALLAM ka Qurb ata karay. Ameen. Un jaisa ab shayad hi koi asakay.
uzair (Lahore)
24 Jun 2016

I have no words says about amjad sabri qawwali Often I listen online Amjad Ghulam farid sabri Qawali and naats after amjad sabri no one like qawal Amjad sabri.. May Allah give Janat to Amjad Sabri.
Rabia (Gujrat)
22 Jun 2016

I miss themmm... God Bless him.... he is so confident n well mannered.. he is son of pakistan n also hero......
faheem (gilgit)
07 Jun 2016

In samaa tv today Amjad ghulam fareed sabri recites qawwali Bhar Do Jholi every ramazan we listen this qawwali father of amjad sabri Ghulam farid sabri set the trande of Qawali in Pakistan after Sabri brother no any Qawal recites qawali look like.
ikram (faisalabad)
06 Jun 2016

I do not know how many time I listen Qawwali Bhar Do Jholi by Amjad ghulam fareed sabri I time I watch live Qawali mehfil of Amjad sabri He is very confident Qawal and frank with each other every one any time like famous Qawali of Amjad Ghulam Farid sabri. Please confirm in shich tv channel tele Amjad sabri ramazan transmission. I request with Amjad sabri bhai please do not join geo tv dr Amir liaquat hussain show of Ramazan we want to watch you on ARY.
khalil (rwp)
04 Jun 2016

Ramzan ki amad amad ha this sabri family Qawwali Bhar Do Jholi listen much more peoples during holy month of Ramazan I listen my childhood listing on PTV Ghulam Farid Sabri Qawwali now Amjab Sabri is lates Qawal.
danish (dubai)
24 May 2016

Super Qawwali Bhar Do Jholi recites by amjad sabri and Ghulam Fareed sabri all are super and famous in peoples of Pakistan Amjab sabri is great sufi Qawal in Pakistan all other Qawal in Pakistan amjad sabri just famous cause of his father Ghulam Fareed sabri used to lagend Qawal when sabri brothers recites qawali no one can forget mood and style of Ghulam Farid sabri.
atif (Karachi)
12 May 2016

every ramazan many peoples listen this famous Qawwali Bhar Do Jholi by Amjad Sabri and father Ghulam fareed sabri this is heart touching qawali recited by sabri family.
saad (Karachi)
08 Apr 2016

Amjab Ghulam Farid Sabri is a good naat khuwan Qawalist Singer and as well as good cricketer. I have seen his cricket matches in the stadium he loves to bat very hard with the ball. he is a big lover of cricket. I have also seen his pictures on his official facebook page in which he was playing cricket for the sponsor team.
hammad (Karachi)
29 Mar 2016

Amjad Ghulam Fareed Sabri is spoiling the credibility of Ghulam Fareed Sabri brothers. Guys please visit the page of Amjad Ghulam Fareed Sabri on facebook and watch the video of th March Performance Of Amjad Ghulam Fareed Sabri in Lahore sponsored Coca Cola behind Qadafi stadium. And see him in Ramazan he will become totally change so we can say him Mausamiii.
farhan qadri (Karachi)
10 Mar 2016

Where was Amjad Ghulam Fareeb Sabri Sahab when our government hanged our beloved Mumtaz Qadri to take the right thing in his hand we know that he took law in his hand but for the Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) he did well. Because our government would not take an action against Salman Taseer because he was the strong and the member of Pakistan''''s politics. Amjad Fareed Sabri should had to be there but he was not and i do not know why....if he could not come so he should had to do press conference on media for the support f Mumtaz Qadri.
Imtiaz shaikh (hyderabad latifabad)
05 Mar 2016

Amjad Farid sabri is the son of Ghulam Farid sabri[late]. It is a beautiful tribute from a son to his great [qawal] father. Ghulam Farid [late] was very famous in the world for his Qawalies.
sami (Dammam)
15 Feb 2016

I heard first time the Qawali voice of Amjad ghulam Fareed Sabri Bhar Do Jholi in the Lux style awards 2016. Even i did not know any thing about this Qawali. In this Qawali there words should not use in Qawali but still it has very good melody for the listeners. In real i can say if i listen it then feel ti visit Madina and Makkah. It is just awesome !! The composing and the melody are best. If They change some words other wise it will become more great!
tariq (Dubai)
12 Feb 2016

Amjad Sabri father is most famous Qawal of Pakistan but I have do not words for Amjad Sabri. He is just Qawal or singer in the form of Qawali. In Ramazan he become makes Mulla otherwise Pakistani morning shows invite him in which he looks like pop singer.
Md Haseeb (Muzaffarpur)
30 Jan 2016

noman (Hyderabad)
28 Jan 2016

Bhar Do Jholi Qawali recites now a days many singers of Pakistan but no any singer recites this Qawali like Amjad Ghulam Fareed sabri and Father of Amjad Sabri.
akram (Lahore)
20 Jan 2016

Amjad sabri is good Qawwal like his father and also Amjad sabri recited Bhar Do Jholi Qawali good like his father G?hulam farid sabri and brothers.
zeeshan (Multan)
12 Jan 2016

Bhar Do Jholi is most famous Amjad Ghulam farid sabri Qawwali many peoples recites this Qawali specially recites to Adnan Sami Khan in Indian movie The best reciter of this Qawali is Ghulam farid sabri and brothers.
gmk (lahore)
07 Jan 2016

sabri qawals most popular in the world no one campare them.
shakir (Sukkur)
07 Jan 2016

All Qawali of this pages Amjab Sabri is out class but Bhar Do Jholi is all time super hit Qawali videos Bhar Do Jholi by Amjad Ghulam Farid Sabri.
Mehreen (Sargodha)
03 Jan 2016

I have heard this qawali in mehfil e naat where women naat Khawan was reciting it.This Qawali sounds only good in Amjad Ghulam Sabri''''s voice...
Mehreen (Sargodha)
03 Jan 2016

I have heard this qawali in mehfil e naat where women naat Khawan was reciting it.This Qawali sounds only good in Amjad Ghulam Sabri''''s voice...
msadiqmalik (peshawar)
24 Dec 2015

highly inspiring qawwali
rizwan (Hyderabad)
22 Dec 2015

Bhar Do Jholi is super duper Qawali recited by Amjad Ghulam Farid Sabri the father of Amjad sabri is legend Qawal of Pakistan.
munawar qadri (Main chanoo)
18 Dec 2015

The voice of Amjad Ghulam Fareed Sabri is great but he needs to recite many new Qawali and naats for success he is son of lagend naat khawan he come in tv channel and recites his father Qawali any new thing Qawali not recites Amjad Sabri Apna Father ki Qawali ki waja sa ajj tak chal rha ha...
Faisal (Multan)
14 Dec 2015

Dear Rafiq thanx for letting me know that he is reciting Qawali''''s of his father. He has not any personal qawali collection. Whatever he is reciting he recites good..
rafiq (Lahore)
11 Dec 2015

Dear Faisal Now a days Amjad sabri do not come any tv channel but some time he comes in Samaa tv shows amjad ghulam fareed sabri always recited qawwali of his father he still not recited any new himself Qawwali. Bhar Do Jholi also is famous Qawali of late Ghulam Fareed sabri.
Faisal (Multan)
09 Dec 2015

Amjad sabri in which channel is on these days?I have not seen him after ramadan on Tv...Please do bring your new Qawali collection...we in our friends gathering very much enjoy listning your Qawali''''s....
26 Nov 2015

Ya Allah Is ko lambe umar de Ameen
Shouqat (Multan)
19 Nov 2015

Amjad Sabri Sahab from which party you are belong with?i have heard so many rumors about you.I don''''t want to believe any one of it because i think you are good Naat khawan as well as as good human being....
Azhar (Multan)
15 Nov 2015

"Bhar do Jholi" is a best Qawali by Amjad Sabri, me and my group members recite this in our school function and won the price. Everyone like our way of recitation this Qawali and our school staff ask us later to recite the same qawali again in other function.
zeeshan (karachi)
11 Nov 2015

I love to recite Naat I have tried to copy naat in Amjad sabri voice but fail. I wish i could have voice like him so that i can also recite Naat like he do
shakeel (Lahore)
09 Nov 2015

From my chilhood I have been listing this Qawali of sabri family (Bhar Do Jholi) many other qawal recited this Qawwali but Ghulam fareed sabri and amjad sabri recited this qawali out class.
Muhammad Bilal Ansari (Karachi)
07 Nov 2015

Ya Allah Is ko lambe umar de Ameen
azam malik (karachi)
06 Nov 2015

I Like Ahmed Sabri qawalian
Noman (Gujranwala)
03 Nov 2015

I have seen Amjad Sabri very rare on TV. He must is active on some party work Because its been so much time i never heard his any new Qawali...
Adeel (Lahore)
27 Oct 2015

Amjad Ali Sabri Sahab stopped reciting Qawali''''s your fans are always waiting for your new Qawali collection but you are too much busy on coming different kind of morning shows and Dramas.We fans re just want to see you reciting Qawali''''s nothing else.
Panjanur Alam (Raiganj)
21 Oct 2015

I Love Qawali
Junaud (Karachi)
15 Oct 2015

Amjad ali Sabri Sahab do perform some new Qawali.I heard so many times your once hit Qawaliit was my all time favourite but now want to listen your new hits.Your fans are waiting for your new Qawali collection...
tauseef sabri (lahore)
13 Oct 2015

Amjad sabri is a son of great qawwal histroy of Pakistan and india Ghulam fareed sabri Amjad sabri recites qawali very good but not look like sabri brother qawaali Bhar Do Jholi qawali recite out class by sabri brothers but he did not recite look like ghulam fareed sabri brothers.
Hamid (Quetta)
05 Oct 2015

"Bhar Do Jholi Meri Ya Muhammad" is the super doper hit qawali of Amjad Ghulam Sabri.. I heard this hundred of times and feel very good when hearing the lyrics of this beautiful Qawali.MashaAllah Very good lyrics with beautiful way of reciting.
usman shah (MIANWALI)
22 Sep 2015

shadab Hussain (Karachi)
21 Sep 2015

Very Good miry pasandeda Qawali
jamshied (Islamabad)
22 Aug 2015

Subhan Allah best qawwali Bhar Do Jholi by amjad ghulam fareed sabri.
MUHAMMAD khalid (karachi)
02 Aug 2015

furqan (jabalpur)
01 Aug 2015

good qaqali Bhar Do Jholi by amjad sabri.
Md fazil (Ktl)
22 Jul 2015

I like you qawwali
mehmoodanasreen (Rawalpindi)
17 Jul 2015

Bhar Do Jholi Qawwali also copy by Indian new Salman Khan film, and Amjab sabri wants to go court against this Qawwali recited by Adnan sami khan.
khalid (Karachi)
13 Jul 2015

its nice to listing this qawali by amjad sabri..
Noor (Lahore)
09 Jul 2015

Great kawali.
danish (Hyderabad)
09 Jul 2015

Bhar Do Jholi is all time super hit Qawwali of Amjad Sabri this Qawwali is also recited by Ghulam Fareed sabi and many other naat khawan this son of Ghulam fareed sabri is recite good.
shahid akram (sargodha)
03 Jul 2015

islami kalam bohat pasand ha
asad ali (peshawar)
02 Jul 2015

amjad sabri is best qawwal in Pakistan, Bhar Do Jholi is best qawal.
sameer gul (sargodha)
02 Jul 2015

Every year of holy month of Ramazan listen this Qawwali every home (Bhar do jholi) by Amjad sabri and father of Amjad sabri late Ghulam fareed sabri. some thing live long time like this Qawwali.
hadeed nazir (mailsi)
29 Jun 2015

no douht Bhar Do Jholi is great Qawwali of Amjad Sabri.
waqas ahmad (mardan)
29 Jun 2015

vary naice
shamoil (Lahore)
28 Jun 2015

Very nice beshak
shaees akhtar (Toba tek singh)
28 Jun 2015

Very nice No doubt
faizan (Multan)
22 Jun 2015

all time super classical qawwali Bhar do jholi mare also Amjad sabri this Qawwali like with great Qawal Ghulam fareed sabri brothers.
iqbal sabri (Lahore)
20 Jun 2015

Bhar Do Jholi Qawwali is Father of Amjad Sabri great ghulam fareed sabri. in this time no Qawal khawan recite Qawwali like Ghulam fareed sabri Amjab sabri is little batter Qawal khawan he also recites hamd good.
asanmohammed (bhubaneswar)
20 Jun 2015

film ton sayere furane nagme
soha (karachi)
19 Jun 2015

es ramadan ke sadqe mein hum subke jholebhor do ya mohammad (p b u h )
zohaib (karachi)
14 Jun 2015

Masha Allah bhot hi zabardast qawali ha Amjad Sabri ki.
md rashid (kolkata)
12 Jun 2015

bhar do johli
Noman Sabri (Karachi)
08 Jun 2015

bhar do jholi meri ya muhammad is one of the best Qawwali till i listing The father of Amjad Sabri legend Ghulam Fareed sabri also recited this heart touching Qawwali and he is best reciter of tredional Qawali in Pakistan I like Sabri brother Qawalis I have been listing during Ramadan always Sabri brother Qawali.
muhammad adrees (lahore)
02 Jun 2015

Masha Allah, janab bohat achi awaz ha ap ki muje ap ki qawalia or naat bohat achi lagti ha.
aftab ali (peshawar)
15 May 2015

Allah nay buhat khubsurat awaz atta ki hay janab Amjad Ghulam Fareed Sabri sb ko. Mujha Sabri sb ki Qawwali or Naats bhot panand han.
Jamshaid (Sialkot)
13 May 2015

This is should be listen daily in Pakistan for safety of Pakistani people''''s. . May Allah safe our mother country. Remember that Pakistani people have no any free visa country to go live there. Why Pakistan is free entry for all ? Think about this and safe your mother land.
Numan Bhatti (multan)
28 Apr 2015

I Love This Story And Dailly listen....
dr.arqumjahan (india)
12 Apr 2015

This is one of my favourite qawwali.
ali (karachi)
01 Apr 2015

Good Qawwali Bhar Do Jholi by Amjad Sabri.
Attaullah (darro)
24 Mar 2015

Best all time super Qawali (Bhar Do Jholi Mare) of Amjad Sabri.
arif hussain (karachi)
03 Mar 2015

Masa Ahall sabri brothers and son of Ghulam Farid sabri, Amjad Ghulam Fareed Sabri.
msami.baboo (krachi)
19 Feb 2015

best qwaaliyan sabri biradar
Asif Zahoor (Faisalabad)
25 Jan 2015

Subhan Allah, awesome Qawali Bhar Do Jholi by Amjad Sabri.
umar (gujranwala)
13 Jan 2015

very good naat i like it very much
Kaleem Sabri (Faisalabad)
26 Dec 2014

Amjad Ghulam Farid Sabri is great Qawal and Sana Khawaun but amjad Asabri do not recite Naat like a Qawali I like to much Qawali of Amjab Sabri he is son of great Qawal Late Ghualm Fareed Sabri.
sayed shereyazdan (sehwan sharif.)
12 Dec 2014

Alhamdulillah Masha Allah the best of one I listen and hear this video from 1990. its spiritual, what can I say when any one hearing this in ishq-e-rasool and that time his feelings, I think that we are in Madina.
mohammed ali (kurnool)
03 Dec 2014

best qawwali Bhar Do Jholi Amjad Ghulam Fareed Sabri sb.
irfan (tts)
28 Oct 2014

Nice Qawali Recited (Bhar Do Jholi Mere) by Amjad Ghulam Fareed Sabri, Bachpan sa Ya Qawali Ham Sun Rhan han, specially in month of Ramadan and Muharam, Amjad Ghulam Farid Sabri voice is also good but reciting style change like his father.
asim (rawalpindi)
11 Oct 2014

can i download this qawali of amjad ghulam fareed sabri this is best all time qawali of amjad sabri as well as recited this qawali by father of amjad sabri ghulam farid sabri.
fazlullah (chennai)
10 Oct 2014

wish to see video
w malik (lahore)
02 Oct 2014

can anyone tell me when and where was this event organised ? i shall be very grateful if anyone can help me out please !
Feroze (Malikwal)
09 Jul 2014

Bhar Do Jholi mare is awesome Qawwali of Amjad Sabri, I listen this Qawwali, also recited of father of Amjad Sabri, Late Ghulam Fareed Sabri, he was lagest Qawwal of Pakistan, Late Ghulam Fareed Sabri Past away in Iron.
Sheikh uzair (Islamabad)
05 Jul 2014

Very nice natt
ll (krachi)
20 Jun 2014

bahut aachi hai
muhammad sheikh (karachi)
14 Jun 2014

Nazeer (lahore)
13 Jun 2014

the father of Amjad sabri, Ghulam Farid Sabri Recites Qawali awesome, Amjad sabri try to copy his father but father always father, any way I like to listen Ghulam Fareed Sabri
hamza (sahiwal)
06 Jun 2014

nice naats
[email protected] (karachi )
22 May 2014

Tamam ummat e Musalmano as salam O alekum. amjad Shabiry kie kia awaz hy Mae amjad sabriy ka Buhat Barra Fain Ho aur Kabhi kabhi in awaz Bhi Copy krrta ho.
Farrukh (Karachi)
20 May 2014

abid (Fsd)
03 Jan 2014

I think thats true hamre jhole sirf Allah pak bher sakte hen un ke yani Hazoor. Ke sadke se mang sakte hen baki ye naat bohat ala hay
Bilal (multan)
26 Dec 2013

Amjab Sabri Bhai has a good Voice but i think he is doing Shirk in this Naat as we have listened, If Shirk Sentence is remove from this Naat than its beauty will be increase.....Guys what do you think???
Yasir Naqsbandi (Hyderabad)
19 Dec 2013

Amjad Ghulam Fareed Sabri recite qawali Bhar Do Jholi good, but father of amjad sabri, late Ghulam Fareed Sabri was awesome, no one can recite Bhar Do Jholi like Ghulam Fareed Sabri
MustansarNawaz (khanewal)
11 Dec 2013

i love this & lisn daily
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