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Main Madine Ho Anwaan Punjabi New Naat 2016 Video Recited By Abdul Rauf Rufi

Uploaded By: Abdul Rauf

Main Madine Ho Anwaan Punjabi New Naat 2015... by mehrhasnain2
Main Madine Ho Anwaan is the beautiful Punjabi Naat which is recited by the most popular naat khawan Abdul Rauf Rufi, he has a great voice which makes everybody to listen his naats, he also recited other languages Naats and Hamd, which got popular all over Pakistan, In this video he is reciting a Naat in an event and getting greetings from his listeners.
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Junaid Jamshed Abdul Rauf Roofi Khursheed Ahmad
Amjad Sabri Siddiq Ismail Waheed Zafar Qasmi
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m.tahir saeed (krachi)
21 Jun 2016

Masha Allah Main Madine Ho Anwaan is awesome punjabi naat sharif video of Abdul Rauf Roofi.
faheem (Karachi)
24 May 2016

Last year in Ramazan Abdul Rauf Roofi came on ARY news ramzan showm kindly tell me this Rufi bhai come or ARY or not we want Abdul Rauf Roofi recites naats on Junaid Jamshed and Waseem Badami Ramzan Show.
akbar (rawalpindi)
12 May 2016

I want to know this year any new ramzan naat or hamd of Abdul rauf rufi launch I often listen during month of ramadan Abdul rauf roofi urdu and punjabi naat and hamd in ARY and QTV ive show.
saddiqu (sialkot)
09 May 2016

Abdul Rauf Rufi is great personality often naat khawan is controversial but peoples are like to listen Abdul Rauf Rufi naats and hamd videos.
asad (sargodha)
05 May 2016

I am a big fan of Abdul Rauf Roofi in the world he had a great personality and a very great voice.
Muhammad Aslam Bhatti (bahawal pur)
23 Jan 2016

Sakoon AAa GIYA
Abbass (Lahore)
14 Jan 2016

Abdul Rauf Roofi recited many Punjabi naats but Main Madine Ho Anwaan is one of the best Punjabi naats sharif videos this time Abdul Rauf Rufi is Pakistan best sana khawan till 2016.
khalid (Rohri (Sukkur))
09 Jan 2016

I just want to say Please arrange to share Abdul Rauf Rufi New Naat sharif 2016 videos I like Abdul Rauf Roofi Punjabi naats sharif we are wating latest naats album videos of roofi bhai.
fazal (Karachi)
23 Dec 2015

Abdul Rauf Roofi is best Punjabi naat reciter in Pakistan often abdul rauf rufi recites naats in QTV and I like all famous naats sharif videos of Roofi bhai.
wasiq (Karachi)
22 Dec 2015

Abdul Rauf Rufi I am waiting you on ARY and QTV now a days Rabi ul awwal I hope you must come on 12 Rabi ul awal special program of QTV with sanam bloch..
abdullahmobiles (m.b.din)
18 Dec 2015

Main Madine Ho Anwaan is out class naat sharif videos Abdul rauf roofi bhai.
Adeel (Karachi)
16 Dec 2015

This is best Punjabi naat Main Madine Ho Anwaan of Abdul Rauf Rufi bhai Please add this year Urdu and Punjabi Rabi ul Awwal naats sharif videos on website I still not watch any new naat and hamd of Abdul rauf roofi.
hamid (Karachi)
11 Dec 2015

I like this abdul rauf roofi naats sharif video (Main Madine Ho Anwaan) This time roofi bhai is all type of age super star naat khawan young peoples and old people also like this naat and sana khawan. Montrh of rabi ul awwal I often listen videos naat of abdul rauf rufi bhai.
Hafiz umar (Pakpattan)
04 Dec 2015

New punjabi naat
Hafiz umar (Pakpattan)
14 Nov 2015

New naat of Abdul rauf roofi email py send kr dan. thanks
sheikh (Larkana)
29 Oct 2015

I have listen many Naat and sana khawan naats and hamd but Abdul Rauf Roofi recite Punjabi naat out class in PTV and ARY I listen many Urdu and Punjabi naats sharif videos of Abdul rauf roofi he is most famous naat khawan in Pakistan who is like every age of persons.
shahbaz (sialkot)
21 Oct 2015

Subhan Allah bohat pyari naat he
khalid qadri (Karachi)
13 Oct 2015

Main Madine Ho Anwaan is zabardast naat sharif video of Abdul Rauf Roofi I always like to listen abdul rauf rufi Urdu and Punjabi naat and hamd videos.
abdul majeed (fateh jang)
30 Sep 2015

Subhan Allah
ihsan (multan)
23 Sep 2015

Abdul Rauf Roofi is one of the very popular NAAT khuwah in Pakistan. He is very popular because of his unique style of naat khuwani and some of his Naats are getting mile stone in popularity in Pakistan.
saqlain (Multan)
22 Aug 2015

Abdul Rauf Roofi sahib is the legend in the Naat khuwani art in Muslim world and he must be awarded by the pride of performance due to his performance by the government.
farooq siddique (karachi)
31 Jul 2015

I am sorry to say that this is not naat in punjabi language but this is a naat in saraiki language. keep it correct please. How ever Subhaan Allah. very sweet Naat.
noorking (gujrat)
14 Jul 2015

it is very great.
sikandar (Lahore)
10 Jul 2015

In these Ramadan ul Mubarak listening the naats in the voice of Abdul Rauf Roofi in ARY news with Sanam Bloch is an pleasant time because his voice Is so beautiful and when ever I listen the naat in his voice I get fell very good and he is my favorite naat khuwah.
Hakim Khan (Peshawar)
09 Jul 2015

These are not just words spoken in shape of Naat but Abdul Rauf Roofi sb spokes all that from the core of his heart the words touches the heart of every Muslim rather it is the voice of every Muslim''''s heart.
sultan (Faisalabad)
02 Jul 2015

I have listen show of ARY in Abdul Rauf roofi bhai I want to says to Roofi bhai please recite this Punjabi naat (Main Madine Ho Anwaan) in ARY and QTy show.
obaid (Karachi)
22 Jun 2015

I daily listen the naats in the voice of Abdul roofi especially in the holy month of Ramadan I get very relaxed when I listen the naats during the fast.
fatima (islamabad)
19 Jun 2015

bhut peari naat hy Allah pak ap ko es ka ajre azeem ata frmaey ga
Masuria (patoki)
19 Jun 2015

naat is our good tune.
TARIQ AZIZ (rojhan rajan pur)
15 Jun 2015

i have no word which i comment in the praise of Abdul rauf roofi sb. HE is really love ALLAH and his prophET MOHAMMAD (S A W S)
Iqbal (Islamabad)
08 Jun 2015

I really often listen the Naats of Abdur Rauf Rufi his Naats are really nice and good. His voice quality is outstanding I listen his this punjabi naat Main Madine Ho Anwaan on daily basis cause he is my favourie Naat khuwah.
Yawer (Lahore)
29 Apr 2015

I want to keep on listing this Abdul Rauf Roofi Naats Main Madine Ho Anwaan this is just Punjabi Naat which I am listing I often listing Urdu Naats sharif and hamd but some different language naats like in heart for listing every time.
Nabeel Qadri (Karachi)
11 Apr 2015

Many time ago I listen Abdul Rauf Roofi this Punjabi naat sharif Main Madine Ho Anwaan after listing this naat sharif I tried to find more Punjabi naats online so I find this online naat listing website thare are many old and new collection album videos of Roofi bhai kalam and much more naat and sana khawan naats hamd cds collection videos.
Huma (Karachi)
01 Apr 2015

This Punjabi naat (Main Madine Ho Anwaan) is touch my heart I always like to listen Abdul Rauf Roofi naats and Hamd specially Roofi bhai recites Punjabi naat out class.
Zahid Attari (Multan)
10 Feb 2015

This is one of the best Punjabi naat Main Madine Ho Anwaan all over the Abdul Rauf Roofi naats collection.
Arsalan (Haripur)
30 Jan 2015

I just says about Abdul Rauf Roofi he just Naat khawan who I am like to listen and watch videos other Naat and sana Khawan are not recites naat kalam like abdul rauf roofi.
Zubair (Rawalpindi)
31 Dec 2014

All Punjabi Naat and HAmd of Abdul Rauf Rufi recited great but Urdu Naat style is just average Please share latest 2015 Rabi ul Awal album videos of Abdul Rauf Rufi
Sohail Qadri (Lahore)
22 Dec 2014

The Punjabi naat is speciality of Abdul Rauf roofi Main Madine Ho Anwaan is awesome naat of Abdul Rauf Roofi I want to listen latest rabi ul awal naat collection album of Abdul Rauf Roofi.
Nabeel (Faisalabad)
15 Dec 2014

I just says Main Madine Ho Anwaan is best Punjabi Naat of Abdul Rauf Roofi awesome recite this Punjabi Naat by Abdul Rauf Roofi. I only listen and watch video of Abdul Rauf Roofi Naats and Hamd.
ali hyder chandio (nawabshah)
03 Dec 2014

very nice Punjabi naats Main Madine Ho Anwaan recited by great Abdul Rauf Roofi.
waqar ul hassan (lalian)
21 Nov 2014

ALLAH PAK Abdul rauf sahib ko umr-e-draz ata frmay(aamen).beautiful naat mubarik.
javeria (lahore)
21 Nov 2014

Very nice New 2014 Punjabi Naats Kalam of "Main Madine Ho Anwaan" By Abdul Rauf Rufi, as this time Abdul Rauf Roofi is just one Naat and sana khawan who I like for listing Naats and Hamd.
Kazim (Abdul Rauf Rufi Naat Karachi)
14 Nov 2014

This is best Punjabi Naat shareef of Abdul Rauf Roofi hare is many new 2014 latest and old Naats and Hamd videos I regularly watch this videos of Naat and Hamd in online in internet.
qazi habib (wazirabad)
13 Nov 2014

sweet and beautifull naat by ABDUL RAUF ROOFI .
tariq mahmood (lahore)
26 Oct 2014

punjabi naat by abdul rauf is the best naat of the year 2014
faheem khan (karachi)
15 Oct 2014

Main Madina Ho awa is awesome Naat Shrif of Abdul Rauf Roofi, I regularly watch and listen video of Naat and Hamd in online in internet, there are many new and old collection video of Abdul Rauf Roofi Naat and Hamd.
naveed (lahore)
09 Oct 2014

main madine ho anwaan is great punjabi naat shreef video of abdul rauf rufi i like the voice of abdul rauf roofi he is most famous naat khawan of pakistan always he recite different naat and hamd video i listen and watch the many new and old videos collection album of abdul rauf rufi.
tauqir malik (gujar khan)
13 Sep 2014

Subhan Allah Kya Naat Shreef han Abdul Rauf Roofi Bhai Ki.
akbar khan (Aurangabad )
28 Aug 2014

Mash Allah this video is best by Abdul Rouf
maryam masood (lahore )
27 Jul 2014

sooooooooooo sweat klam
abubakarawan (qalandarabad)
26 Jul 2014

very nice
Nazeer (Lahore)
11 Jul 2014

Now a days this Punjabi Naat (Main Madine Ho Anwaan) of Abdul rauf Rufi is awesome, please provide update latest more naats shareef and hamd of Abdul Rauf Roofi.
Sajid (Rawalpindi)
04 Jul 2014

Subhan Allah awesome Punjabi Naats Main Madine Ho Anwaan by Abdul Rauf Rufi, I like the Naat reciting style of Abdul Rauf Rufi I also listen Qaseda Burda Shreef videos
Saleem (Multan)
02 Jul 2014

Main Madine Ho Anwaan is great punjabi naat shareef of Rufi bhai, very long time I listen and watch Abdul Rauf roofi Naats shrif in online.
shan (karachi)
12 Feb 2014

I dont like Abdul Rauf Roofi because he use music system . My favorite Naat Khawan is only Aamir Liaquat because his voice is awesome without any music and sound system.
Shahrukh (Karachi)
27 Jan 2014

awesome new naat of Abdul Rauf Roofi Main Madine Ho Anwaan of 2014
Tahir (Karachi)
13 Jan 2014

Good Punjabi Naat of 2014 Abdul Rauf Roofi Bhai
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