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Sohrab Goth Cow Mandi 2015 Videos (Gai Mandi) Karachi Pakistan

Uploaded By: Shane
Every year thousands of goats, cows and camels arrive from various parts of Pakistan at a place in the Sohrab Goth Gai Mandi Karachi. Watch Sohrab Goth Cow Mandi 2015 Videos (Gai Mandi) Karachi Pakistan.
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Shahid (Sukkar)
29 Sep 2015

Sohrab Goth cow mandi on this Eid they are just selling the name that a big Mandi. People are buying more good Maveshi''''s in different places with in good and reasonable prices.. They should stop selling Maweshi''''s in super normal profit .
naheed (karachi)
23 Sep 2015

I was watching the tv news early this morning and they told about the cat walk of the animals in the sohrab goth mandi I think now this is becoming a fashion.
razee (Karachi)
17 Sep 2015

I visited many cattle farms in the Sohrab Goth mandi visit last week this was really a good experience to see different type of animals of heavy and expensive cows.
Kashan (Karachi)
17 Sep 2015

There is no videos and latest pics of cows and bulls Of sohrab goth cow mandi in this site.Please do upload with some some new pics and videosso that i will have idea before going to buy maveshi.
Muhammad Areeb (karachi)
10 Sep 2015

BhaI 50 tk ki cow mil jyege minimum 55 thousand pos picture send krdena
Abdul Moiz (Karachi)
09 Sep 2015

I wants to buy a camel for Qurbani this year. I have heard that i can found good camel for Qurbani purpose in Sohrab Goth Cow Mandi can anyone tell in what price camels are available in that sohrab goth mandi...
Shakil (Karachi)
08 Sep 2015

I also visited mundi on 30th August and oferred to a few for Bulls and cows . I offered upto 80000 to a n average wite cow but he didn''''t give. This week I went to Malir Mundi which is much smaller but also cheaper. I bought a good looking Bachra for 65000 and another very beautiful albino bull for 75000. Both are ''''doo-dant''''. Alhamdulillah
Mirza faisal (Karachi)
08 Sep 2015

this time Sohrab Goth Cow Mandi full from animal daily many cow, bull and other qurbani animal come in gai mandi sohrab goth.
Samad (Karachi)
07 Sep 2015

Sohrab goth cow mandi have different seller''''s who comes from different cities and from different villages.I have seen best and beautiful cows there from sibbi goth.Asia''''s beautiful cows and bulls can be seen in sohrab Goth cow mandi...
usman (Karachi)
03 Sep 2015

last day me and my college has visited the Sohrab Goth cow mandi and we did a lot of fun we watch some VIP animals of Cattle farm.
Shayan (Karachi)
29 Aug 2015

Visiting in cow mandi''''s with friends and family is a great fun.I never missed any chance to go there near Bakra Eid days.Throughout the year i wait for these days.Sohrab goth mandi is the biggest place to enjoy this EId love this EId love to go sohrab goth mandi on this EId..
umar (karachi)
28 Aug 2015

I have visited sohrab goth cow mandi two to three times this year but haven''''t seen something like that as above till yet...hope i would be seeing these type of beauties in the coming days.
tariq (Karachi)
26 Aug 2015

Today I visit the sohrab goth mandi with my friend in the morning time and when we asked about the price of the animal in cow mandi they were extremely high.
asad (ghotki)
25 Aug 2015

I wonder i could be there in Karachi as i always wanted to have a visit at sohrab goth cow mandi and now when i see the enthusiastic people of Karachi about eid-ul-adha through television i get more excited and pumped up to have a visit...
Imran (Sukkar)
21 Aug 2015

Very few days are left in EId.The videos of cows and bulls are superb.Insha Allah we all will have great fun this year as always we had.We all friends do enjoy a lot on this Eid.
talha (sadiqabad)
20 Aug 2015

Sometimes i just think that how lucky the people living in Karachi are that they retain such sort of a place like sohrab goth cow mandi in their city where they can just simply go and get the best for sacrifice as above shown...
tariq (Karachi)
19 Aug 2015

The Cattle yard has it own entertainment and fun in the days of Eid Ul Adha me and my friend really enjoy this event and nearly we visit the cow mandi daily in those days.
hassan (Rawalpindi)
17 Aug 2015

I have never ever visited Karachi before as i am a citizen of Rawalpindi but i wish i could be there at once so that i can also enjoy seeing some beautiful bulls and cows as above..
hasham (karachi)
13 Aug 2015

Sohrab goth cow mandi are very few days away to get set in karachi so just waiting to see such sort of big bulls above from my exposed eyes..
Shahid (Karachi)
13 Aug 2015

When will Sohrab Goth cow Mandi will this year?I have heard this news that many Maweshi''''s has expired this time in punjab due to flood so their will be less maweshi''''s we will get for Qurbani is the news is true or fake?
emmi (karachi)
12 Aug 2015

When will start cow mandi sohrab goth 2015.
amaan (karachi)
10 Aug 2015

wow their color reflects their beauty i am so much keen to visit their and also i use to love animals so my that habit empowers me more and more i wish i could be there as soon as possible.
faizan (Karachi)
07 Aug 2015

is started Sohrab Goth Cow mandi 2015 My friend told me Cow bakra mandi started please confirm me.
faheem (Karachi)
04 Aug 2015

In this year when will start Gaya mandi 2015 in sohrab goth Karachi we all are love to cow and goats in Cow Mandi sohrab goth every year we go Cow mandi for sea and enjoy with animals highway sohrab goth cow mandi is asia biggest cow mandi.
mohammad shakir (karachi)
03 Oct 2014

last night i visited mavashi cow mandi 2014 karachi i found this thing mid range cow bull goat and camel are not available in mawashi mandi like we can not find 60 to 75 thousand bachra or bachya in cow mandi above 1 lak cow and bulls easily available in cow mandi karachi.
zulqarnain (karachi mawashi mandi 2014)
01 Oct 2014

i am feeling very upset last night i visited at super high way sohrab goth cow mawashi mandi the price of cow bull goat and camel to much high as campaire last week bachya and bachra price almost 20% hight vs last week prices.
mubbarak ali (karachi mawashi mandi 2014)
30 Sep 2014

this year i have found new thing the cow (gai) bachya and bachra price is low rather then last year previous year price was high special goat price but this i found many goat with reason able price.
ch ibrahim (chowk maitla)
30 Sep 2014

o pa ji sada vachha v ly lo yar koi lenda e nai me te pathay pa pa mar chala van mera aba te nokar v ne rakhan dinda. Masha Allah tvada faram te boht vadia a.
asad naqvi (karachi mawashi mandi)
29 Sep 2014

videos.urduwire.com is very good website many new and old gai (cow) mandi 2014 videos hare when i need any videos i search from this website i found many use full cow mandi videos hare.
faizan (karachi)
28 Sep 2014

beautifull web saide
imran ali (karachi cow mandi 2014)
27 Sep 2014

sohrab goth cow (gai mandi) karachi main tamam bara janwar khatam hoo gya han tamam cattle farm main abb small cow bull wagara bacha han.
mumtaz (karachi gai mandi super highway)
26 Sep 2014

today will be heavy rush in mawashi mandi sohrab goth we are planing to go gai mandi sohrab goth i like the cow mandi sohrab goth. my friends says me many new and heavy size bull and cow have come in gai mandi super high way karachi
tayyab (karachi cow mandi 2014)
25 Sep 2014

yes we have made program to visit cow (gai) mawashi mandi sohrab goth super highway by tomorrow we will go many cattle farm but we do not buy just looking gai mandi on this time i am very creazy to go cow mandi and sea many big cow bull goat and camel ya ho.!
munawar hussain (karachi)
24 Sep 2014

Pakistan ki wahi gae mandi ab apne eruj per agae he khubsurat aor takatwar janwer ap k muntazir han ap log apni family k saat asaktay hen bachoo ko bhi lain enjoy karan. Pakistan bhar se janwer achookay hen.
afan (gai mandi karachi)
24 Sep 2014

rush has been started at gai mandi sohrab goth karachi many new camel cow bull and gots also arivel at mawashi mandi karachi i feel like to go super highway gai mandi daily.
naseer (karachi gai mandi 2014)
22 Sep 2014

now a days cow manid sohrab goth is going to well day by days many news cow bull goat and camel have come in gai mandi sohrab goth any many new cattle farm has been made in gai mandi 2014 sohrab goth.
amir hussain (karachi)
19 Sep 2014

today we will go cow mandi sohrab goth for watching bachra and cows i come to know this time many cows bulls goats and many camels have come in gai mandi sohrab goth different type and colour of bachra and cow available in sohrab goth cow mandi.
danish (karachi)
17 Sep 2014

what big and beautiful bull and cow video in gai cow mandi sohrab goth we visited at cow mandi we enjoy a lot i feel like to go gai mandi sohrab goth daily now a days till eid ul aza. but still not not many animals in mandi.
muddasir (karachi)
15 Sep 2014

what a awesome cow of this video in sohrab goth cow mandi 2014 videos can any one provide the price of this video cow in sohrab goth i thing this is over 5 lak price of cows and bulls i like to watch video of many goats and camel in internet.
syed arif hussain (karachi)
13 Sep 2014

mujha bhot shook ha baqra eid ka days main mandi jana or cows or bulls wagara ka sath i relay enjoy to go gai and cow mandi sohrab goth karachi this year 2014 still not come any big cows and bulls in mandi please share also new more latest video of movashi mandi karachi. please also confirm can we buy cow online?
nabeel (karachi)
12 Sep 2014

now a days many new cows goats and camel are reach at cow (gai) mandi sohrab goth last week animal qty was little but today looking many animal in gai mandi but price in to much high due to flood in punjab any way let sea the next price position of cow mandi sohrab goth.
Obaid Ali (karachi)
10 Sep 2014

yesterday I go Cow mandi Sohrab Goth, on this time little cows, goats and camels came in Mandi, I hope next week many cow and other Mawasi arrive in Cow Mawasi Mandi Sohrab goth, on this time we all friends are creazy to sea new heavy and big cows and goats in Cow Mandi as wall as different Cattle Farm
jehangir (karachi)
10 Sep 2014

very nice
Usman (Karachi)
08 Sep 2014

Yesterday I go Cow mandi Sohrab Goth, on this time little cows, goats and camels came in Mandi, I hope next week many cow and other Mawasi arrive in Cow Mawasi Mandi Sohrab goth, on this time we all friends are creazy to sea new heavy and big cows and goats in Cow Mandi as wall as different Cattle Farm
Khurram (Karachi)
03 Sep 2014

please confirm us is the cow Mandi 2014 started in Karachi Sohrab Goth, I went last week in Cow Mandi in Sihrab Goth. but still not start, but yesterday my friends confirm me Sohrab Goth Cow Mandi 2014 has been started and Many cows has come in mandi.!
salman (karachi cow mandi 2014)
03 Sep 2014

Nice video please show some latest video of sohrab goth cow mandi 2014. I think this is old one I am waiting for new cow mandi 2014 video. thanks and regards Salman
Sherry (Karachi)
03 Sep 2014

Aahaa !! AsweSome Cow.... but it is not a cow mandiiii it is a farm house butt any ways i appreciate and must say that cow are awesome...
hammad alam (karachi)
02 Sep 2014

need for job plz
Hammad (Karachi)
28 Aug 2014

this is awesome cows in Sohrab Goth Cow Mandi Gai Mandi Karachi, last year I visit in cow mandi, that was good cows. when will start this year cow mandi in sohrab goth Karachi
umer (karachi)
26 Aug 2014

mandi lag gai ???
Izhar (karachi cow mandi 2014)
19 Aug 2014

wow thats amazing, I love to visit karachi sohrab goth cow mandi 2014, I live in abroad and every Eid ul Azha I come to Pakistan for celebrate Big Eid, this year I also come and will visit again and again cow mandi 2014 of karachi sohrab goth
kashif (karachi)
24 Jul 2014

v nice
AHsan ali (karachi )
08 Nov 2013

very nice cow
11 Oct 2013

Lush cow mandi
Hasan (Karachi)
10 Oct 2013

Good by this boy i,m impreasd
huzaifa (karachi)
24 Sep 2013

nice picsss
ahmed karachi (calander)
23 Sep 2013

so beautiful cow
shahnawaz alam (karachi)
23 Sep 2013

i want to know about maximum price of cow. any body can inform me
Syed AbulQasim (Karachi)
18 Sep 2013

Nice and beautiful?
Kamal (Karachi)
17 Sep 2013

Wow You have impressive collection of whole new videos of Cow Mandi, I have been looking for all, it help us to estimate about cow mandi and prices of the animals, also atmospheric conditions please add some more new videos like that....
Khalid (Karachi)
17 Sep 2013

which gai mandi is this ? the sohrab goth one or the other one ? by the way really beautiful ... hope we can afford this much heavy animal.
Ghaffar (Rawalpindi)
05 Sep 2013

Wow what a lovely cow, this is the real animal to slaughter mager is bar price pechli dafa se bhi dogani hogae ho gi, ye sirf dekhne key janwar hen, ab hamari is ki qurbani karne ki basat nai rahi...
irfan (lahore)
30 Aug 2013

Mandi kab lage gi cant wait,,,:(
Rizwan (Karachi)
30 Aug 2013

wow what a huge Masha ALlah ... we always visit sohrab mandi goth to purchase bachiya ... I think this year the rates will be further high and not reasonable for lower middle class. govt should do necessary action.
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