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DilPasand Cattle Farm Cow Mandi 2016 Video

Uploaded By: adnan
checkout DilPasand Cattle Farm Cow Mandi 2016 Video.
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Juba (Mathew ohisa vicensio)
25 Nov 2015

I want to start cattle farm
saleem (Karachi)
03 Oct 2015

this year the Dil Pasand Bull cow was really beautiful and I think it was most beautiful and the expensive animal of the Dilpasand cattle farm and I also like the other animals of the Dilpasand cattle yard.
feroze (Karachi)
29 Sep 2015

This year the Dilpasand cattle farm are totally failed they did not get fame as much they get in the past years Dil pasand Cattle farm does not have the quality animals this years that is why they are not get popular.
uzair (karachi)
21 Sep 2015

This year on the Eid Ul Adha The Dilpasand cattle farm is not very popular as much as it have been in last few years now Afridi and some cattle farms replace it.
Azhar (Lahore)
19 Sep 2015

I want to see the videos of Dilpasand cattle farm cow Mandi but i can''''t open any video of this site.Please tell me this problem is in my P.Cinternet or in videos uploaded by urduwire.com.
MOOSA RAZA (karachi )
18 Sep 2015

this website is superb....!
afridi (Karachi)
14 Sep 2015

In last few years the Dil Pasand was the most famous cattle farm but now it is replaced by Afridi Catt1le farm which is become the most popular cattle farm in the Sohrab Goth Cattle Yard.
Tayyab (Islamabad)
11 Sep 2015

Dil pasand cattle farm in Karachi has a re known place.. everyone knows throughout Pakistan about that place.They must be using very good marketing techniques that''''s why people from different cities of Pakistan come for visiting and buying Maveshi''''s from Dilpasand cattle farm.
naveed (Karachi)
04 Sep 2015

Last day me and my best friends has visited the sohrab goth cattle yard where we visit the Dilpasand Cattle Farm and we surprise there was a lot of people gathered there to watch the beautiful and heavy cows.
Sajjad (Karachi)
01 Sep 2015

Dil pasand cattle farm is a VIP place to visit with Family and Friends... Me and my friends have a plan to visit there on next weekend. We plan to have so many selfies with beautiful bulls and cows. It must will be great fun...
hammad (Karachi)
28 Aug 2015

Today me and my friends of college have a program to visit the sohrab goth mandi and we will must visit our favorite cattle yard Dil Pasand cattle farm where we see the vip animals for this Eid Ul Adha
huzaifa (karachi)
26 Aug 2015

These previous memories of Dilpasand cattle farm force me more and more to have a visit at cow mandi as soon as possible but i am not confirmed till yet that whether the VIP tents have been positioned or not..
Taha (Karachi)
25 Aug 2015

Dilpasand cattle farm cow Mandi should bring quantity of good animals there i have visited last night and there were no good Maweshi''''s... also there was no tent.... If they sold their maveshi''''s before they should have at least show their pics and price...
kashan (peshawar)
22 Aug 2015

I always have a question in my mind that how these cattle farms such as dilpasand produce such sort of heavy weighted animals..i also bought a cow back past 3 year and look after it but even that one doesn''''t become that much fat as above..
usman (karachi)
21 Aug 2015

Dilpasand cattle farm is the most successful in that business as they always use to work hard to produce high weighted beauties...i am waiting eagerly to visit their section at sohrab goth..
price khalid (Hafizabad)
20 Aug 2015

Last time the cows of Dil pasand are not too much such a standard that it have their standard. I wish we will see this time the best animal from them in all of cattle farms.
muhib (sahiwal)
18 Aug 2015

Dilpasand cattle farm is as better as you would like it to see i mean they can produce any sort of animal they want..in my eye you just ask and they will show that category whether its weight its beauty or any thing else you want..
Azhar (Karachi)
17 Aug 2015

I have heard the cows will be much more expensive this year because many big animals died in flood so their will be less big animals for Qurbani.Sellers will have more demand and less supply of animals so the prices will become high.
kashan (karachi)
14 Aug 2015

Dilpasand cattle farm is best as always and on this eid i am expecting a bit more from them..they are unique and always use to bring unique cows and bulls to sell..
wasiq (Karachi)
13 Aug 2015

Dilpasand Cattle forms are the best forms in the sohrab goth mandi. I always visit the Dilpasand cattle form and it is my most favorite cattle form.
sami (larkana)
11 Aug 2015

These cows are on the peak of their beauty not just these but DilPasand Cattle Farm have always been successful in producing such sort of beautiful nukhri cows and bulls.
Sohail (Larkana)
09 Aug 2015

I live in larkana and every year i come Dipasand cattle farm cow mandi sohrab goth with my father.We seen best cows and bulls there.is everyone know when this cow mandi is going to this year? i am so much excited can''''t wait to go to that cow mandi.
abbas (karachi)
08 Aug 2015

Dilpasand cattle farm is a big name possessing the ability to produce such sort of beasts year by year..i saw some of their cows and bulls in exhibition at expo and they were just superb.
hamid (Karachi)
07 Aug 2015

I sea some DilPasand Cattle Farm cow and bull in expo centre co show I think this year also in these cow and heavy bull in DilPasand Cattle Farm 2015 sohrab goth.
khalid (Karachi)
04 Aug 2015

Please share the information when will start DilPasand Cattle Farm 2015 in cow mandi sohrab goth when will start yhe gaya mandi 2015 in sohrab goth we will go same day for enjoy mandi.
naseem (karachi cow mandi 2014)
01 Oct 2014

i did not find the cattle farm 2014 of dil pasand in sohrab goth gai mandi 2014 i wanted to sea dilpasam cattle farm bacha and bachra any way i will again go cow mandi on friday evening.
faheem (karachi mawashi mandi 2014)
30 Sep 2014

very good dilpasand cattle farm 2014 in mawashi gai mandi sohrab goth i like the beautiful cow and bull not like a heavy cow bull goat and camel.
yasir (karachi mawashi mandi 2014)
29 Sep 2014

all big bull and cow has been out of stock in dilpasand cattle farm cow mandi 2014 i visited dil pasand but just about to finish all animals.
qasim (karachi gai mandi super highway)
26 Sep 2014

main na ajj dilpasand cattle farm super high way sohrab goth cow mandi jana ha please mujha koi batya ga location dilpasand cattle farm 2014 ki gai mandi super high way ka andar.
sunny (super highway gai mandi karachi)
25 Sep 2014

when did you go cow (gai) manid karachi now a days many new bulls and cow have come in dilpasand cattle farm 2014 cow mandi i thing biggest bull also come in cow mandi dilpasand cattle farm. we go mandi daily now a days and keep on enjoy this gai mandi.
abdul ghafoor (cow mandi sohrab goth karachi)
24 Sep 2014

this year 2014 cow mandi dilpasand cattle farm is not great like a previes year last year many big and heavy cow bulls camel and goat available but this is just average animal in gai mandi sohrab goth.
tanveer (karachi gai mandi 2014 dilpanad)
22 Sep 2014

i just says dilpasand cattle farm is one of the best and big cattle farm in gai mandi sohrab goth cow mandi karachi i like many bachras in dilpasand cattle farm 2014. day by day public interest going to high to come in dilpasand cattle farm.
cuty fiz (karachi)
22 Sep 2014

ap kaisa ha
amjad (karachi)
19 Sep 2014

awesome bachra bulls and cow in dilpasand cattle farm cow mandi video i have just watch video and enjoy we are going to plan to go dilpasand cattle farm cow mandi sohrab goth dilpasand cattle farm is the biggest cattle of gai mandi superhighway karachi.
abdul rehman (karachi)
18 Sep 2014

very nice cow
amin (karachi)
17 Sep 2014

in this year average animals cow bull goat and camel in cow gai mandi and dilpasand cattle farm i visited many cattle farm in mandi but not found huge and extra ordinary cow and bulls in gai mandi sohrab goth karachi it may be come till next saturday.
tahir ali (karachi)
15 Sep 2014

dilpasand cattle farm has started the trend of cattle farm i first time visited at cattle farm in dil pasand cattle farm gai mandi sohrab goth that time i was confiused what hapen but now i keep on watching dilpasand cattle farm and other cattle farm in cow mandi sohrab goth.
asad ali shah (karachi)
13 Sep 2014

dilpasand cattle farm main tamam cows and bulls bhot extra ordinary fatty hota han i like the beautiful animals in gai mandi sohrab goth this is very enjoyment time before bakra eid please share also camel and goats video on gai mandi sohrab goth 2014 latest.
kaleem (karachi)
12 Sep 2014

dilpasand cattle farm is best of the best cattle farm in ghai cow mandi sohrab goth any one can share the information about the location of dilpasand cattle farm in mowashi cow gai mandi sohrab goth i want to visit and sea the this heavy weight and fat cows and bull in dil pasand cattle farm.
ali ibrahim (karachi)
12 Sep 2014

dilpasand cattle farm is the best ever cattle farm
Fahad Mahboob (Karachi)
08 Sep 2014

I come to know DilPasand Cattle Farm 2014 is best Farm in Cow Mandi Sohrab Goth Karachi, most of Cow, goats and camels are very fat and big size, but I feel the price of cows are very high.
Yousuf (Karachi)
03 Sep 2014

outstanding cows of DilPasand Cattle Farm in Mowashi Mandi in sohrab Goth Mandi 2014, can any one share the price of cows of Dil Pasand Cattle farm, please share all detail with price.
junaid (durban)
02 Sep 2014

i wnt price
Faraz (Karachi)
28 Aug 2014

on this year where is Dil Pasand Cattle Farm Cow Mandi 2014 ? I want to sea the Dil pasand cow Mandi in sohrab goth. I like all cow of Dil Pasand, all cow are beauty full and very fat...!!
Saima (Karachi)
19 Aug 2014

DilPasand Cattle Farm is one of the best farm of cow and bulls in soharab goth mandi, I always go with all friends in Mandi, all collection of cow and bull are awesome in DilPasand Cattle Farm
Mushtaq (Karachi)
17 Sep 2013

Awesome, What a couple, they are looking beautiful together, I wish i would have enough money to buy them together, but the truth is i am not able to even one of them because they must be very costly being part of Dilpasand Cattle Farm. But i must visit the mandi to see them live...
Saad (Karachi)
17 Sep 2013

Too heavy .. only fat which is not good. animal should be beautiful plus active. this is all show off happening here
sami (karachi)
16 Sep 2013

dilpand k janwar kab aye ge mandi main
Mudabir Ali (Karachi)
07 Sep 2013

All these animals look 4 teeths and aged i wonder who buy them? kia sirf dikhawa hai ya such mai qurbani hi maqsad hai. dont mind just asking in general.
Rashid (Karachi)
05 Sep 2013

This is the best Cattle tent in the the whole Cattle gathering in Karachi, Whoever visit the Mandi must go to DilPasand Cattle Farm to see the real cattle in the market, is bat bhi mein zaror jao ga....
shani (karachi)
30 Aug 2013

Last time DilPasand ki cow jaldi sell hogaye thain let see this year...
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