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Miya Biwi Zaroor Sunay Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan

Uploaded By: Shahid
Maulana Tariq Jameel is the most popular Islamic scholar and religious personality is giving Molana bayan regarding the marriage relations and the binding force between the husband and wife, in this video he is giving several examples of Islam and famous Islamic personalities which perform their best practices in such issues and leads other to obey and follow them, the example include the story of Hazrat Musa A.S also the example of Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H and other Islamic way of behaviors. Listen and watch complete bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel here at Urduwire.com.
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Sheikh Ali (Faisalabad)
09 Sep 2017

As we all know that Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahaab is the best role model for us . His bayaans are always interesting to listen . He is spreading awareness among the people for the sake of the human rights and also urging peoples to lead their life according to the teachings of Islaam .
shoaib (faisalabad)
19 May 2017

I am a big fan of yours and I want to meet you at once. I saw many people when they meet you they will become totally changed.
naheed (Karachi)
17 May 2017

I never saw him arrogance. Mulana Tariq jameel sahab is very polite person and I learnt many things from his Bayan.
yaseen shahzan (Karachi)
16 May 2017

Yesterday I was listing the Bayyan of Maulana Tariq Jameel sahab on PTV home where he was telling about the blessing of Ramadan ul Mubarak and our sin which we did especially in this month of Ramadan-ul-Mubarak.
hamid saleem (Peshawar)
09 May 2017

I request to Maulana Tariq Jamil sahab please pray for Pakistani cricket for beat to India in Cricket world cup 2015 match I know you are also interest in cricket we all Pakistani love with cricket specially Pakistan and India Matches. Kindly pray for the Match Against Pakistan and India.
shehzad alam (Karachi)
05 May 2017

Tariq Jameel sahab is really most shining diamond for Islam. Because not only Muslims loves him but also non-Muslim love by his bayans. The way of teaching is very good and comes from bottom of heart ALLAH make us listen through him. ALLAH give him barkaat in Age and give more and more health. Also give us guideline to follow him.
zulqarnain (Hyderabad)
02 May 2017

Mulana Tariq jameel Sahab is the best scholar and he is also giving us the message of the positive things. Maulana Tariq Jameel is the most popular Islamic scholar and religious personality is giving Molana bayan regarding the marriage relations and the binding force between the husband and wife. I am a follower of him.
Sami Arif (Karachi)
25 Apr 2017

In our society much needed to listen Mulana Tariq Jameel Bayans because he deleiver the message in such a good manner an most of the times he gives Bayan on the relation of husband and wife. We should listen his Bayan and fellow the instruction of islam what the islam give a value of women and man.
Mehmood Shah (lahore)
22 Apr 2017

After listening the Bayan of Mulana Tariq Jamil I feel very relax. Today I listen his Bayan on PTV channel and I do not find any single word to praise Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab he was asking about the blessing of Ramadan and tell this in a beautiful way I get tears in my eyes during listening the bayyan.
sameem (delhi)
25 Jan 2017

good bayan of Molana tariq jameel online for husband and wife.
zahid (London)
09 Jan 2017

Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan very famous Islamic scholar in Pakistan and all over the Muslim world. Maulana tariq jameel many time visit to Europe and given bayan many Muslim community and gives dars to love each other and respect to your mother fathers.
salman (sargodha)
02 Jan 2017

Tariq jameel sb always says to every husband and wife love with each other in bayanats videos in internet this is great said by molana tariq jameel because specially in Pakistan many couple have problem to love with each other I would like to says Maulana tariq jameel keep on bayanat about miya and bivi and house issues.
danish (Karachi)
29 Dec 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel Jab Bayan karta han to tamam hazreen main sanata cha jata ha mare dil sa dua ha Allah Maulana tariq jameel ko lambi umer da Sehat ka sath or tamam musalmano ko Maulana tariq jamil ka bayanat sa barpoor faida utana hi himat da.
atif (doha)
27 Dec 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel bayan on youtube to much quantity Many other Islamic scholar bayan in you tube but Maulana tariq jamil is one of the super muslim scholar.
danish (rawalpindi)
26 Dec 2016

Yes this old bayan of Maulana tariq jameel very last time I listen Maulana tariq jamil this bayan in 2014 in this website this is great islamic website working online for all people.
raheel (sargodha)
22 Dec 2016

Very first time listen Maulana tariq jameel this bayan about Miya Biwi online I realy impress to Maulana tariq jameel speech as a Islamic school bebore listing Maulana tariq jamil bayan I used to often listen Molana tariq jameel is awesome speaker after listing Maulana tariq jameel bayan I understand and fan of Maulana tariq jamil sb.
sadaf (Islamabad)
22 Dec 2016

Miya Biwi relation in our life is most important part and molana tariq jameel great byan about Miya and Biwi I listen Maulana tariq jamil special bayan for girls and women discus Maulana tariq jameel is this topic awesome.
ajmal (Qadirpur)
21 Dec 2016

This Maulana tariq jameel bayan of Miya Biwi Zaroor Sunay is awesome many time I listen Maualana tariq jameel this bayan and feel good in my heart Maulana tariq jamee is light of our life many people can changes life after listing Molana tariq jamil bayan online.
asma iqbal (lhr)
20 Nov 2016

Good bayan of maulana tariq jameel about miya bivi zaroor sunain.
Daniyal (FAisalabad)
27 Oct 2016

Bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel is very great his bayan about the miya biwi is one of my favorite bayan in this bayan he tell about the relationship of hsuband and wife.
Ghaffar (Lahore)
20 Oct 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab is one of the great personality in Islamic WOrld he is a who changed many peoples and he is trying to spread the education of Islam.
Hanif (Abbottabad)
07 Oct 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel is trying to change the world with Islam he want to spread the Islamic Education to all over the world and IN SHA ALLAH he will be successful in his aim to spread the Islam.
Naveed (Hyderabad)
04 Oct 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel is doing great work in Pakistan he is spreading the Islamic education he is a great gift from God to us God will give him long life and place in Jannah.
Md.Shahid.Azmi (Azamgarh(U.P)..India)
09 Sep 2016

Allah aap ulmano....ke ..sath hum sab ...ki magfirat ...farmaye...
09 Sep 2016

Allah App ki madad karaaa, seema jee
md saif anwar (nawada)
23 Jun 2016

M. Akbar Khan Mayo (Lahore)
26 May 2016

Maulana Tariq Jamil ek asasa hain Allah Kareem unse deen ka kam le raha h unka har bayan Eman Afroz hota hai. Allah Pak unki Zindgi mein barkat ata farmai.Aameen
nadeem (rawalpindi)
29 Mar 2016

These are the people who themselves do not follow Islam any Sunnah other than beards on their faces. They are not Ashiq-e-Rasool (S.A.W) rather they are destroying the image and true message of Islam and these are so called Mullas of some religious party. It was very shameful act with Junaid Jamshed Bhai. And Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) always welcomed anyone who ever apologized no matter what their sin was.... I.e hinda who brutally murdered his beloved uncle Hazrat Hamza R.A and still Rasool S.A.W accepted her apology.!
zain (rawalpindi)
22 Mar 2016

Like these videos
rizwan (Rahim Yar Khan)
07 Mar 2016

Last night i was watching the videos of Maulana tariq jameel in which he played some bayans and clips of Maulana Tariq Jameel sb old clip. A bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel about Miya biwi zaroor sunay in which he said some very nice words. His bayans words had been explained very nice. If guys you have any doubt about my comment so please just go and visit youtube maulana tariq jameel much more bayans videos and find the video by just typing these words Maulana Tariq Jameel Ka zabardast bayan. Then decide !
arshad ali (saharanpur)
04 Mar 2016

kya mere ko maulana tariq jameel sahab ka mobile number mil saqta he.
arshad ali (saharanpur)
04 Mar 2016

Miya Biwi Zaroor Sunay is best bayan video of dr tariq jamil sb.
ali hassan (multan)
03 Mar 2016

hafij.haji.mo.aazam (khata kheri saharanpur up)
26 Jan 2016

nice to listen bayan videos of Maulana tariq jameel.
saeed Ahmad (multan)
23 Jan 2016

mu name is malik saeed ahmad, Miya Biwi bayan of Maulana tariq jameel is awesome.
Amatullah (bangalore)
18 Jan 2016

masha Allah.... ur one among the miracles of ALLAH
mdwaseem (bangalore)
11 Jan 2016

Moulana tariq jameel vidos donld
25 Dec 2015

asad (jacoababad)
25 Dec 2015

vip bayan
Asif Raza (Okara City)
24 Dec 2015

I Like it Mulana Tariq jameel. jab mai ap ka byan sunta ho muje bohat skun milta ap awaz mai 1 kashish hai Or mai mithas hai. I love you
azhar (karmala)
20 Dec 2015

how to downlod Miya Biwi bayan videos of Maulana tariq jameel sb.
moinoddin (mahabobnagar)
14 Dec 2015

well bayan videos of Maulana tariq jameel sb.
MD MUMTAZ (Munger)
05 Dec 2015

I like maulana tarique jamil taqreer
majid bhatti (lahore)
26 Nov 2015

I like it molan triq jamil
Md. Tauseef Alam (Kolkata)
25 Nov 2015

Very Very Nice Taqrer
azhar (jhang)
10 Nov 2015

Very out class bayan of Tariq Jameel says about Miya Biwi Zaroor sunan....
saad khan (d.g khan panjab)
04 Nov 2015

You are great man molana Tariq jamil shab Allah pak ap ko lambi zindge day ameen
meer zia ul haq (karachi)
23 Oct 2015

(miyan biwi zaroor sunay )ye bayan q nai play ho raha hay bhai ?
dawood shah (peshawar)
17 Oct 2015

Tariq jsmil sab is the Great porsnilty of islam. Haqeqat bolni awr muddalil bayan karni wala behtarenn moqarer
fayyaz (rawalpindi)
11 Oct 2015

Bohat khoob bayan ha Miya Biwi ka bara main molana tariq jameel sb ka.
ail azam (lahore)
10 Oct 2015

i like this molana tariq jameel bayana
noor (qashm)
07 Oct 2015

Many time I have listen this Maulana tariq jameel bayan video Miya Biwi Zaroor Sunay, he is saying true about relation of husband with wife, I often search this thing molana always discus with general topic of our generation.
Javed iqbal (Rawalpindi )
04 Oct 2015

I love Islam & love to Tariq jam eel sb
iqbal (Karachi)
01 Oct 2015

This year Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib did perform the hajj along with the Junaid Jamsheed and some other people he is really the best scholar I like his speaking qualities.
fareed (dubai)
23 Sep 2015

in my opinion Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib is the best preacher of Islam he preach the teaching of Islam in a very simple and a very common style so than a common man can easily understand what he is telling about.
khawer (multan)
18 Sep 2015

I do not have words to describe the way Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib did bayyan but in one simple line He is the best ever Scholar of Islam whom I listen the bayyans.
zulfiqar (lahore)
16 Sep 2015

Last night I was listing a bayyan of Maulana Tariq Jameel he said in his bayyan that we must have keep away from lie we have to try our best not to lie in any condition.
zahoor (lahore)
10 Sep 2015

I just watching the bayyan of Molana Tariq Jameel sahab. In the bayyans maulana tariq jameel tell our sins which we do in daily life. He tell us how to left this sin and become true and pure Muslim.
saifUllah (lahore)
09 Sep 2015

Ma shaa Allah ap Ka mun sa Allah pak Ka hukam sa nikla wards sa iman taza ho jata ha Allah pak ap ko is ki bahtareen jaza da jazakAllah
faheem (Karachi)
07 Sep 2015

Yesterday I was listning the bayyan of maulana Tariq Jameel sahib on the internet where he was telling about the blessings of Namaz and tell also that how much Namaz is very much important in our life.
sultan (Mumbai)
04 Sep 2015

Molana Tariq Jameel sahib bayan are all about the teaching of Islam he told in his bayyan how to spend our life according to the teaching of Holy Quran and Sunnah Maulana jameel is really a good scholar.
iqbal (Dammam)
01 Sep 2015

Molana tariq Jammel sahib is the best scholar of Islam in my opinion he has got beautiful way of preaching of Islamic teaching to others. And I really like his style the way he deliver his bayyans.
nasrullah khan (Bannu)
28 Aug 2015

Bayan of Maulana Tariq jamil sahab and Maulana pir Zulfiqar Ahmad very impresive.
faraz khan (Lahore)
26 Aug 2015

Please if any one knows that when will Molana Tariq Jameel sahib will visit the Karachi if anyone knows and have any type of Information about it then please told me.
26 Aug 2015

sara (lahor)
23 Aug 2015

Aslam-u- alikum mjy ya jana hai k hum kisi ko pyar krty hn islam k dairy mai rhty howy likn wo ab anged hai kya main us k intazr kr sakti hn kya mjy uski dosari bivi bn jana chahiya plz mri help krn wo lrka aj sa phly bht kasumy or waday krta klma par k mjy apni bivi manta tha kya main peachy haat joun ya usk wait krn par wo aj mjy sa bt nhn krta
syed sufian (lucknow)
20 Aug 2015

Masha Allah bhot hi batreen bayan ha, molana tariq jameel sb ka.
Azad (Bongaigaon)
18 Aug 2015

Subhan Allah, bhot hi zabardast bayan ha miya or biwi ka mutaliq mola tariq jameel sb ka.
Muhammad Faizan (Lucknow)
17 Aug 2015

yasir (Lahore)
17 Aug 2015

When I first listen the bayyan of Molana Tariq Jameel after that I start daily to listen his bayyan he is my most favorite scholar of Islam I love the way he preach the Islam.
kabir khanzada (karachi)
15 Aug 2015

your bayan is very nice about Miya Biwi.
perha (peshawer)
13 Aug 2015

very very very nice speech of tariq jameel sahib.
Ikram (Faisalabad)
11 Aug 2015

I was listening to the Molna Tariq Jameel Sahab bayyn on the tv channel where he was saying that we should avoid to listen music during the driving because if we die during the listening of music than it will be very bad for our so we do not have listen music any time this line by moulana really touched my heart.
sami (lahore)
10 Aug 2015

I feel Happy and light in heart when I listen bayan videos of Dr Tariq jameel sb Allah app ko zindagi da or isi tara app Musalmano or insaniat ki kidmat injam dan.
hassan akhtar (dubai)
09 Aug 2015

molana tariq jameel very nice men i like to much beyan by molana sab
08 Aug 2015

Hammad (London)
08 Aug 2015

I was listening the bayyan of Maulana Tariq Jameel sahab where he was telling the people how to spend our life according the teaching of Islam and ALLAH if we act upon it we will get sucess .
kashif (lahore)
06 Aug 2015

i love mulana sb
s (j)
05 Aug 2015

I want to contect mulana tariq jameel because i get some imp knowledge from him
mojibur rahman (india)
04 Aug 2015

Maulana tariq jameel always discuss topic about Miya Biwi Zaroor Sunay, because he knows this is main mile stone to spend good life.
Zohaib (Peshawar)
04 Aug 2015

Today i was listening the bayyan of Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab in which he was telling about the hazard of lie. it was really a fantastics bayyan from him.
Munawar (Kashmir)
02 Aug 2015

I listening every bayyan of Maulana Tariq Jameel which is uploaded here on the website . I listen one bayyan on one day next day i listen second bayyan so that is how i will listen his every bayyan
abdul kareem (Taunsa)
30 Jul 2015

jazak Allah, Maulana tariq jameel apna har bayan videos main Miya Biwi ka baran main zaroor bat karta han or is ka ilawa hamesha ghar ka mamlat or haqooq ul ibbad par logo ki rahnumai karta han, Allah Maulana tariq jameel ko jaza e khair da, ameen.
hiba (faisalabad)
30 Jul 2015

Maulan Tariq Jameel was giving bayyan about the hazard of music he is telling in his bayyan that music is the soul for only dirty soul not for the good soul.
a (j)
29 Jul 2015

Miya Biwi Zaroor Sunay, this is one of the best listing bayan videos of Maulana tariq jameel, I often listen this bayan on internet and always when I listing this Maulana tariq jameel bayan about Miya Biwi Zaroor Sunay feel very happy.
liaqat khan (jedah kilo 8)
29 Jul 2015

all bayan post my e mail please
Sidra (faislabad)
27 Jul 2015

Maulan Tariq Jameel Sahab has it own style and m do deliver a bayyan he has the most unique style of preaching the Islam to common man this quality of him i really like that.
Zain (Jhang)
25 Jul 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab has totallt changed the trend of Bayyan he is outstanding in all speeches. the way he preach the Islam teaching is must be appreciate able. he is my most favorite scholar of Islam
Sana (Quetta)
25 Jul 2015

Yesterday I was listning the bayyan of maulana Tariq Jameel sahib on Ptv where was telling about the bessing of Zil Haj month and our sin which we did especially in this month of Zil haj during the season of Eid Ul adha.
M Saqib lqbal (Darbhanga bihar)
19 Jul 2015

AS kafi khushi hua ki aj hamara denislam ketna developed kr raha hai
M Saqib lqbal (Darbhanga bihar)
19 Jul 2015

AS kafi khushi hua ki aj hamara den Islam ketna developed kr raha hai.
Raheel (Lahore)
16 Jul 2015

I do not find any single word to praise Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab. Today I was listening his bayyan on PTV Home he was asking about the blessing of Ramadan and tell this in a beautiful way I get tears in my eyes during listening the bayyan.
Muhammad muavia (Almadina almunwara saudia arabia)
15 Jul 2015

May Allah live him long.
sunny (Mehmoodkot)
15 Jul 2015

Mostly of the bayyan of Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab are common in which he mostly repeat the same thing but the very important indeed like do not lie always try to do justice and some thing like this.
Gul Nawaz Khan (Nowshera)
14 Jul 2015

I was listening the bayyan of Maulna Tariq Jameel Sahab in which he was telling about his school moment life and it is a very funny moment and Maulana get also start to laugh on it.
tayyab tahir (faisalabad)
10 Jul 2015

Allah ki zat molana sahib ko or izzat day or un ko lambii umar day.
nazeer hussain (Lahore)
10 Jul 2015

I was listening the bayyan of Maulna Tariq Jameel Sahab in which he was telling about his school moment life and it is a very funny moment and Maulana get also start to laugh on it.
Iqrar ul (Karachi)
08 Jul 2015

my opinion Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib is the best preacher of Islam he preach the teaching of Islam in a very simple and a very common way so can a common man can easily understand this the quality of maulana.
rizwan ahmed (mumbai)
05 Jul 2015

Assalam wlekum . I need a salutation to Maulana tariq jameel.
Mirza Abdul Gaffar Baig (Phool Nagar)
05 Jul 2015

Allah shall give you great reward for this good & great deed. Your''''s this good deed change my life. Aslam-o-Alakam wa rahmat Ullah.
yasir ali shah (Sukkur)
03 Jul 2015

I recently listen the bayyan of Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab in which he explain the right of newly married women and also told the importance of the relation of husband and wife.
mujahid bashir (islamabad)
01 Jul 2015

excellent scholar i am greatly impressed
wasim akram raja (kolkata)
01 Jul 2015

My Name is wasim akram raja, I love to watch Maulana tariq jameel bayan.
hasan tariq (gujranwala)
01 Jul 2015

May Allah live him long
Ghulam Farid (D.G.Khan)
01 Jul 2015

We are all family daily watching on PTV channel Maulan tariq Jameel Sahab and I want to meet you. If it is possible so please tell me that how its possible..I need all videos bayans.
rana khalid (Sailkot)
01 Jul 2015

This time Maulana tariq jameel says bayan in every forum about Miya and Bivi life and how to husbend and wife as par Islamic rule but we need to follow this rules I often listen bayan and watch PTV home Ramazan program Roshni ka safar by Maulana tariq jameel it is very good form for Maulana tariq jameel for given Islamic message to peoples because every person watch this tv channel during Ramazan.
Marium (Swabi)
01 Jul 2015

MashaAllah buht hi zabardast mujhe buht zyada achay lagte hn maulana sahab mai chahti hn mera beta bhi bara ho kar maulana sahab ki tarah bane aamin.
Syed Siraj (Kot Adu)
29 Jun 2015

May Allah live him long.
Fazal-u-Rahman (nowshera)
29 Jun 2015

amazing bayan videos of about Miya and bivi by molana tariq jameel sb.
Razee (Hafizabad)
29 Jun 2015

I have no words to praise Maulana tariq Jammel sahib in words I am very fond his the way he preach the Islam to the people in a very simple and beautiful style.
Nazia Hafez (azad Kashmir muzaffarabad)
29 Jun 2015

Salaam sir. Mujhy AP ka aisa contact number zrort hai his pe AP logo k masail ka solution btaty hn. Bht sari aml aisy hain Jo mujhy bht confuz krty hain bt Mai thk kya hai bhi smjh pari. Plz AP Ki help humary liye seen k boht se masail Ko asan bna dey GI.
patel (bharuch)
28 Jun 2015

Maulana tariq jamil
Ahabbir bajwa doha qatar (Doha Qatar)
28 Jun 2015

Subhan Allah molana ko sun ker iman taza ho jata hay Allah taala un ko appni aman main rakhay Ameen
Sadaqat (talagang)
28 Jun 2015

MOLAN sahb very good bayan
abdul Raqeeb jsunpuri (delhi)
28 Jun 2015

Allaah sabhi ko deen par chalne ki tawfeeq ata farmaye
abdulhamid (goa)
28 Jun 2015

Jaan Allah ki amanat hai, I like to listen live bayan of Molana Tariq jameel sab.
26 Jun 2015

MOHD SHOAIB (allahabad )
25 Jun 2015

Muhammad RAFI (mardan kpk pakistan)
25 Jun 2015

very good show
Tanveer (Doha)
25 Jun 2015

in ramdan many tv channels including Ptv home and news one channel are on air the bayyan of Maulan Tariq Jamel Sahab I try to watched every bayyan of Maulna Sahab on every channel.
saif ur rehman (labour )
25 Jun 2015

molana is 1 of those angel how exisist in world
Faisal jafri (Allahabad)
24 Jun 2015

Your voice is really Muslim
GULL ZARRI (Peshawer)
24 Jun 2015

Administrator. G plzz Nolana sahib sy molaqat krny ka tarrika zaror bataya...koi contact number ya website ....inks home addres
GULL ZARRI (Peshawer)
24 Jun 2015

Mien bahot asey sy apko sunrise a rahi r apki away min bahoot easter hy...Allah ka Shokar hy k ap jaisy log b hamry dermiyan mojood hin....mry bhaya jani ap sy molaqat krna chahty hin but kaisy plzzz tell me...
amir gulzar (mastung)
22 Jun 2015

amir gulzar from mastung vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv nice
uzma (Karachi)
22 Jun 2015

Yesterday I was listing the bayyan of maulana Tariq Jameel sahib on Ptv home where was telling about the blessing of Ramadan ul Mubarak and our sin which we did especially in this month of Ramadan Ul Mubarak.
Najeebbharara (Karachi)
21 Jun 2015

Subhan Allah
abdul saleem akhtar (Lahore)
21 Jun 2015

Kindly send me this full Bay an on my email address abdulsaleemakhtaryahoo.com
Vaseem (Meerut)
20 Jun 2015

Acha byan h
waheed mirza (faisalabad)
19 Jun 2015

zabar dast ha ji
19 Jun 2015

Molana sb i want to meet you. If it is possible so please tell me that how its possible..
abubaker (gujranwala)
18 Jun 2015

Dil ko hila dana wala byan hoata ha Molana tariq jameel sb ka.
18 Jun 2015

Subhan Allah, bhot hi khoobrat tareka sa bayan kya Molana tariq jameel sb na.
ali (dahramwala)
18 Jun 2015

good bayn ha shohar or wife ka bara main molana tariq jameel sb ka.
m. Khalil ullah (sahiwal)
17 Jun 2015

Allah give u my and my family life.
sajid rao (Karachi)
17 Jun 2015

There are many Islamic schoolar in world but like Molana tariq jameel no one given the byan I listen many new and old bayan videos of Molana tariq jameel Specially like the Aamir Khan meet with Maulana tariq jameel bayan and about Hazrat Abu Bakkar bayan is out class.
tahir (Hyderabad)
16 Jun 2015

I was watching news one channel in which they told that Maulan tariq Jameel Sahab bayyans will on air in whole month of Ramadan the bayyans of Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib will tele on 11 pm of night in the Ramadan.
Sadiq (Lahore)
15 Jun 2015

Some people says that there are a lot of angles in human and I think Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab is one of those people He is such a beautiful scholar of Islam and his best qualities are his Bayyan by which he tell the people the right way the way which lead us to heaven.
zeeshan rasool (noor pur thal)
13 Jun 2015

i love tariq jamil sahband when i follow him i enjoyed and more happines in my life
sami (quetta)
13 Jun 2015

very nice dr tariq jameel.
Usman (Karachi)
12 Jun 2015

Dear Waseem Maulana tariq jameel bayan about miya or biwi videos is working with me I thing you have internet problem chack your internet speed for working videos because videos need to fast internet working online.
Muhammad Waseem (karachi)
12 Jun 2015

assalam o alekum sir jee vedio nahi chal rahi na hoo koi audio aa rahi hy pl ager ho sakta hy to meri e-mail id per audio sand kar dan "" Miya Biwi Zaroor Sunay Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan "" Jazak ALLAH
noor (lahore)
11 Jun 2015

Allah give u my life
11 Jun 2015

aslam o alakum. maulana i want 2 meet you plz give me the TIME plz plz plz plz plz plz plz. JAZAK-ALLAH
sknasim (Sikar)
10 Jun 2015

Often I sea Maulana Tariq Jameel sb discus about family like mother, husband, wife, I request to Molana tariq jameel sb please get add Haqqoq ul ibad latest bayan videos.
Kashif (Karachi)
09 Jun 2015

Please share the complete bayan video of Molana tariq jameel this is good bayan but video is to short just all bayan almost 5 to minutes.
Samad A shara (Dubai)
09 Jun 2015

I just watching the bayyan of Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib on urdu wire. In bayyan he tell our sins which we do in Ramadan. We rise the price of every thing I think Maulana tariq Jameel is saying true we must have do not do it.
md.shakir (patna )
08 Jun 2015

I m a muslim ummat
sadaqat (Sukkur)
08 Jun 2015

Last night I was listning a bayyan of maulana Tariq Jameel he said in his bayyan the shaitan become happy most when husband and wife get fight and become Insane with each other.
faisal (Hasan Abdal)
06 Jun 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib bayan about the relation in Husband wife is very good. In his bayan he told all the key things to make relation stronger and give a wisdom how live happy married life.
rizwana ikram (London)
04 Jun 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib bayan about the relation in Husband wife is very good. In his bayan he told all the key things to make relation stronger and give a wisdom how live happy married life.
mohammed javid (anantapur )
03 Jun 2015

I need all videos bayans
mohsin.pathan (delhi)
02 Jun 2015

Assalamualikum saab your all bayan is very very good. But I want to meet u. Because mene apse bahut kuch sikha hai, bas Allah us par mujhe amal karne ki taufeeq ata farmaye. Mera nam mohsin khan hai. Apse dua ki darkhst hai. Jazzak Allah insha Allah msg app tak pahchega.
Asim (Karachi)
29 May 2015

if we look around in our society we all are deeply following the western culture and forget our Religion and culture. Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab is pointing all these our problem in a very good style and try to make people on a true way. Give the solution of our problems.
mogal Rizwan baig Ajas baig (nanded)
28 May 2015

Allah talha maulana ko sehat ata farmaye.
Hafiz Muhammad Asim Javed Khichi (Khairpur Tamewali)
28 May 2015

Molana.sb Ap k bayan dil pe asar karty hain Allah Tala hum sub ko in par amal karnay ki tufeeq ata faryame or apki umar daraz karay.Aameen
nazir sultan (lahor)
26 May 2015

I want download mihraj byan
mohammed (cuddapah)
26 May 2015

nice and touch of heart bayan video of tariq jameel sb.
afsheen (karachi)
26 May 2015

tariq jameel sab ap kay baaynaat dil pe asar kartay hain. Allah hamain amal karnay ki toufiq ata farmay. duaoon main yaad rakhiay ga.
abbas ratan shaikh (ahmednagar)
24 May 2015

Tariq jameelsaab aapke vajahse najane kitne log dindar ban gaye. Allah aapko jannat ata kare. aameen.
abdul aziz (karnataka)
22 May 2015

Masha Allah
Imran (karachi)
20 May 2015

Maulana tariq jameel has given bayan about mmany issue of like husband and wife I request to Maulana sb please says bayan for Bijli chori or tex chori karna walo ka lya ka ya bhi ghalat kam ha.
Aamir Rasheed (Mianwali)
18 May 2015

Allah pak har kisi ko neki karne aur logo ko neki ki taraf bolane ki tofeeq de
pyare alam (delhi)
17 May 2015

Nice bayan
zahid amin (okara.lahore)
17 May 2015

a o a molana shab mera name zahid amin ha or ma the university of lahore ka student hun or apky bayan bhot shok sy sunta hun or many bhot dafa koshish ki ha ka ma bi uni or dunyavi eduction chor kar apki trha aalmedeen ban jao likn mujy mahol e is trha kam mila howa ha ka ma phir sy bury kamo ma involve o jata hun or mab bi university ma song sunata hun or mujy uni ma singer ka khataab mila howa ha or meri request ha ka ap meri trbiyat kary or sab kuch chorny keliy tiyar hun. this is my contect number or meri dil sy khaesh ha ka meri aapsy mulaqto jay, ALLAH HAFIZ.
imran haider (burewala)
16 May 2015

Allah hum sb ko hadayat ata farmay aameen.
ahmad (d g khan)
16 May 2015

Jee bhot hi khoobsorat bayan han Miya Biwi ka hawala sa Maulana Tariq Jameel jee ka.
md jakir (bihar)
14 May 2015

bahut achha Miya Biwi bayan han, of Moalana tariq jameel.
shagufta (haripur)
14 May 2015

molana sahib main aik shadi shuda larki hun shadi se qabal mera rujan deen ki tarf tha jab se shadi hui hy. mery shoar ko main achi ny lagti ab tk wo mj se jagra karty hn mery 2 bacy hy.lekan mera dil har wakt ye he chata hy main ye sb chor ke deen ki tarf nikl ahun ta k meri rooh ki bechini katam ho.main hr wakt ar k beyan sunti hun to rooh ko sakoon milta hy.mai shoar ki tabedar hun lekan wo mj se baat tk ny karty.na bacho se baat karty hn na gar ka kharch dty hn.main boat tang hun btaen kya kru.
Ammar (Karachi)
14 May 2015

I read the news of facebook.commtariqjameel page about Maulana tariq jamel come in Karachi and will give the bayan in Karachi I want to know with Maulana tariq jamel when and where will you come in Karachi and I want to attend your live bayan in Karachi as we are waiting for you last 3 month in visit Karachi.
samina (lahore)
13 May 2015

main mulana taraq jameel se kuch puchna chati hun tu kese us s bat ho sakti ha??
Abdul khaliq (chitral goldoor)
13 May 2015

meri to bas yehi duaaa hai k Allah molana Tariq jamil sahab ko lambeeeeeeeee umar ata kare. ameen
noor (sheikhupura)
11 May 2015

7 days pragnency hy choti beti abhi month kai he or usay feed be karwa rahi ho so abhi baby ke khawaish nahi thi or ub agr mein aborshan karwa lo tou qatal kay zumray mai tou nahi because baby ko doudh churana paray ga to mai bouth pareshan ho plz reply me.
Azhar (Lahore)
11 May 2015

I want to ask the question to Maulana Tariq Jameel in this ramazan sharif will your program in PTV home last year we enjoyed your bayanat show in PTV home.
Tayyaba qureshi (lahore)
09 May 2015

Masha Allah ...awesome bayan.
Shahid Hayat Orakzai (Hangu)
08 May 2015

Thats Absolutely Nice and Great...
Seed (London)
07 May 2015

Kindly confirm me when will come Molana Tariq Jamel at UK London I wanna meet great Muslim and Islamic scholar Maulana tariq jamel he is great speaker world wide Muslim and non Muslim peoples like to listen Molana Bayan videos.
hamadkhan (lahore)
06 May 2015

Masha Allah, Kya khana han Molana tariq jamel sb ka is khobsoorat Miya Biwi ka bara mian bayan main.
Amir (Lahore)
05 May 2015

wedding is part of every persons almost every girl and boy get marry As Molana Tariq Jamel says awesome bayan videos this is best short bayan website of Maulana Tariq Jameel.
04 May 2015

Apni zindgi ko khubsurat bana ne k liye Maulana tariq jamel sahab ka bayan zaroor sune.
Syed Tariq (Quetta)
04 May 2015

Assalm o lakum Janab Motram Maulana tariq jamel sb I hope you will be fine with good health 1 request with you Maulana sb I want to meet with you please provide detail how can I meet you because your bayan is heart touching and often I saw people who has complete change life after listing Tariq jameel bayan.
Zafar Alam (Doha)
01 May 2015

It does not have any words about says Maulana tariq jameel each bayan video often bayan videos I have listened in videos.UrduWire.com website I also appreciate to this website how has fww massege of Islam and Maulana Tariq Jamel in social media.
Muhammad Arshad (Muzaffar Garh)
30 Apr 2015

i want to meet u moulana sb
Hussain (Karachi)
29 Apr 2015

About these latest bayan of Maulana Tariq Jamel sb I just says Must be listen this Miya Biwi bayan videos for specially marriage life man or woman always Molana says good relation ship with husband and wife specially in Muslim and Pakistani culture of combine family structure of life.
Tariq Awan (Multan)
29 Apr 2015

I really appreciated their efforts. Allah Bless him. Allah Pak say dua hay Moulana Sb. ko lambi Umar Atta Karay. aor hum sub. ko Hidayat atta farmay. Amin
Munnawar (Dubai)
28 Apr 2015

After last year 2014 Ramadan I have been listing Maulana tariq jamel bayan online regularly as he says real Islamic face to all Muslim and Molana sb is great Muslim Islamic schoolar in world and if any Muslim 1st time listing to Maulana tariq jameel bayan then again like to listing bayan.
Nazeer (Karachi)
27 Apr 2015

Last month of Ramazan I watch the bayan of Maulana tariq jameel in PTV home every day PTV show new detail speech of Maulana jameel sb like a holy month of Ramazan every day show Molana sb bayan videos in tv channel is game changing man.
shahzad (maka)
24 Apr 2015

Ma sudia ma hu ma bivi KO talak ni dana chata ho or koi bat b ni hoi ham donu ma us k ABU say hi bat hoi thi or wo sab naraz ho gy or jaj NY talak ka order day dia h please kuch kary Allah k lya.
mrs.rauf khan (karachi)
24 Apr 2015

This bayan is very powerful about my relationship. I want to meet you molana sahab, Main ne ap ko khwab man dekha hai or ap mujh say tabligh ka keh rhe hain realy I want to meet you. From mrs. Rrauf
mian (lahore)
23 Apr 2015

As Maulana Tariq Jameel Banayan about Husband and wife is great, please come un our city and I want to meet with you.
Amir (Lahore)
23 Apr 2015

Yar bayan play nahi ho raha is time tari koi b
Suliman (Karachi)
22 Apr 2015

This is main day for all Muslim Jumma Friday please share about Jumma Mubbarak bayan videos in website I want to listen how to prepare Jumma Namaz in day of Friday.
Ibrahim (Karachi)
21 Apr 2015

This heart touching and loving Bayan bay great man Molana tariq jameel sb This bayan makes love for miya with biwi as Maulana always dars about love for every one love is major part of Islam.
sonia malik (gujranwala)
20 Apr 2015

Mash Allah, bhot bhot bhot payray bayan naat hotay han itna pyra andaz ha smjnay ha k dil khud ba khud in ke trf jaata ha r Islam ke taref jata ha k br br in ko suna jia ....
Shoaib Ahmed Rai (lahore)
20 Apr 2015

suhan Allah kitna piyara andaz hai or kitni hi piyari baten hen.......
mukeem khan (hardoi U.P india)
19 Apr 2015

Maulana sahab hamne bahut gunha kar lae hai ham bahut gunha gar Allah se dua kar do ham sache wa pakke namaji ho jai aur allha eman wale raste pe chlade hardoi u.p india.
Aashna Ashraf (Delhi)
19 Apr 2015

Maulana sahab Allah ta-ala apko jazae khair ata farmaen ........ AAMEEN.....
Ahsan Abbas (karachi)
19 Apr 2015

Assalam-o-alaikum goob bayan husband and wife moulana tariq jameel sahab
Atta ur Rahman (hyderabad)
18 Apr 2015

Allah jazai khair atta farmaey ameen
Abbas (Karachi)
16 Apr 2015

Let me the information about the Maulana Tariq Jameel download in mp3 audio as well as videos I want to keep maulna bayanat in my mobile phone every time I like this bayan website hare are many new and old bayans videos online available.
Hamid (Lahore)
15 Apr 2015

I often sea as Molana often speech about wife and husband issues I also understand this is the biggest problem in life agar Miya or Biwi ka darman koi lari ya gajra hota ha to sab sa zayada nuqsan bacho ka hota ha.
abdul Adil (hyderabad telangana India)
14 Apr 2015

I want to listen bayan about Namaz by Dr Tariq Jameel, and can we download in MP3 audio bayan.
faisal imran (samundri)
11 Apr 2015

Maulana sahib please advice to our corrupt politics for making justice in our homeland Pakistan.
faisal imran (samundri)
11 Apr 2015

my favourite person is MOHAMMAD ( P B U H )
Sadiq (Hyderabad)
11 Apr 2015

Some time I thinking about Maulana tariq jameel sb ya aik Hira (Diamond han) or main ya jana chata hoon ka ya hira kis na tarasha I want to know when will come in Hyderabad India as I wanna meet to Maulana Tariq Jameel sb.
Azar Raiz (Lahore)
09 Apr 2015

I humbly request to Maulana Tariq Jameel sb please advice to Pakistani politicians for making just Pakistan no thing personal business because this time Pakistani politics wants to make personal business Pakistan and out of Pakistan.
ijaz (swabi)
09 Apr 2015

good bayan about Miya Biwi by great Islamic scholar of Pakistan Maulana Tariq Jameel.
naseeb (quetta)
08 Apr 2015

he is one of the great scholer
Mohammed Fareed Ahmed (Hyderabad)
08 Apr 2015

Aaslam u Alaykum to All my Muslim Brother and Sisters Can some one get the detail information about Moulana Tariq Jameel sab Apps is available in market. Where I can download it on my mobile. Jazaka Allah Khair.
Abid (Lahore)
08 Apr 2015

I agree with Maulana Tariq Jameel all bayan videos but I request to Molana sb please Use electronic media and social media for incress message of Maulana Tariq Jameel sb.
asad (jacobabad)
07 Apr 2015

Nice Miya Biwi bayan videos of Maulana Tariq Jameel.
Sadia (Karachi)
06 Apr 2015

Husband and wife relation is most loving relation in Islam as Maulana Tariq Jameel define this Miya and biwi relation very clearly as par Islam I would like to tahnks if add more detail bayan videos of Miya and Biwi by Great Molana Tariq Jameel sb.
farooq khan (delhi)
04 Apr 2015

Besq apne sahi frmaya hazrat ji .... Molana sahab pata nhi mujhe asa kiu lgta hai ki hamare jo molana hai vo khi na jay vo hamare pass rhe agr vo chle gay to hm akele ho jaenge.
abdul qayyum (amritsar)
03 Apr 2015

Masha Allah bayan bahout bahtarien hai
suhaul (srinager)
03 Apr 2015

I want to listen bayaan by latest 2015 of Maulana Tariq Jameel.
samim (gawhati)
02 Apr 2015

Masa Allah, batreen bayan videos of Miya Biwi Zaroor Sunay by Maulana Tariq Jameel.
Nazim (Hyderabad India)
01 Apr 2015

I want to listen live bayan videos in Maulana Tariq Jameel now I am in Hyderabad I want to know when and where will Molana Tariq Jameel come at Hyderabad please inform me when he come.!
01 Apr 2015

Nice heart touching bayan videos of Maulana Tariq Jameel, All Islamic bayan videos are awesome and touch in heart.
Rehana (Mirpur Azad Kashmir)
31 Mar 2015

Assalam O Alikum! Kiya mjhe Molana sahab ka mobile number mil sakta ha..Mjhe un se kuch zaroori masaly pe baat krni ha.. Jazak Allah
faiz saqib (bandipora)
31 Mar 2015

naeem (gujrat)
31 Mar 2015

hr bat haseen krty hain
Ihsan (sadda)
30 Mar 2015

Need more latest 2015 Bayan videos of Maulana Tariq Jameel bhai.
rizwam (karachi)
30 Mar 2015

Very nice
Alam zeb (lower dir)
29 Mar 2015

Please muje koyee Moulana tariq jameel ka number send kare. Muje un se bohat eham masle ke bare me pochna he.
abdul bari (Lahore)
29 Mar 2015

Very nice bayan about Miya Biwi by Maulana Tariq Jameel.
taher pasha (hyderabad)
27 Mar 2015

Assalam alaikom Download hone bht prblm ho rahi hai
aziz (toba tek singh)
25 Mar 2015

i like very much mulana tariq jammel seb i pray that mulana long life
Drrashidayyub (India)
25 Mar 2015

Islamic byaan
Ibrahim Vohra (Hyderabad)
25 Mar 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel is a one of the famous Pakistani Islamic scholar millions of Muslim and non Muslim peoples like to listen bayan videos of Molana tariq jameel sb I would like to thanks website videos.urduwire.com who has many new and old bayanat videos recording of Dr Tariq jameel sb.
mirza babar ali (Lahore)
24 Mar 2015

MashaAllah Jazak Allah
Khurram (Karachi)
24 Mar 2015

Long time I could not listen latest bayna of Maulana tariq jameel bhai please add latest 2015 bayan videos in videos.urduwire.com as I want to listen Maulana Dr tariq Jameel sb speech.
Abdul Rauf Shaikh (PUNE)
22 Mar 2015

Maulana ke bayan se iman badta hai
khawaja javed (itly)
19 Mar 2015

I like it molana tariq jamil is tha best sakalar of the Islamic world.
Faisal (Lahore)
19 Mar 2015

Now this time Maulana tariq jameel make our nation I have listen many bayan of Dr tariq jameel sb. He is make unity in all over the Muslim and Pakistani.
Naveed anjum (malakwal)
16 Mar 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan g kaya hal han ap ka, mujha bhot hi pasand han ap ka khoobsorat bayan.
Sahiwal (Punjab.pakistan)
15 Mar 2015

Ap pakistan me aie r logn ko payr k bol shikha djey mera pakistan ajeb hota ja ra a
moiz bangash (kohat)
14 Mar 2015

aese bayan sun k g karta hai k khana peena hee chor doon
saleem rehaan (quetta)
12 Mar 2015

Maulana sab I love you me b Allah ak raha me apni zindagi guzarna chahata ho dil se mafi mangna chaha raha ho bas bohat se gunah kar lye ab or gunah nai karna chata ho.
Munir Ahmad (Abdul Hakim)
11 Mar 2015

I love Maulana Tariq Jameel very much
sajad asiya (ganderbal)
11 Mar 2015

feel maulana tariq jameel shab
sajad (ganderbal)
11 Mar 2015

feel meet to maulana tariq jameel shab, I like to listen bayan videos online.
Zeeshan Ahmed Siddiqui (Rawalpindi)
11 Mar 2015

Assalam o Alaikum. Maulana TARIQ JAMIL sahib ma aap k bayanat download krta hun woh download nahi hate, mane aap se (NAFARMAAN BIVI)ke bare maien bayan chaha ahy. aap se milna ho to kahan milajay? or Rawalpindi maien aap ke bayanat kab hote haien? ma aap ke sath chalna chahta hun. yani ke aap ke sath sath rehna chahta hun. Allah aap ko apni panah maien rakkhe (AANEEM) mera aek beta jis ne QURAAN hifaz kiya hay. jamia masjir farooqia se. ye masjid sadiqabad rawalpindi maien hay.or maien bhi rawalpindi maien rehta hun.jawab ka montazir. ZEESHAN AHMED SIDDIQUI.
Nurul Huda Khan (maharajganj)
09 Mar 2015

I am very happy to says all Bayan of Maulana tariq Jameel is heart touching, I request to all please more and more share and listing Molana bayanat videos in social media.
riyaz ansari (delhi)
09 Mar 2015

Awesome Bayan, I agree this title heading Miya Biwi must listen this bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel.
08 Mar 2015

bahat achah hy
07 Mar 2015

Ghulam Mustafa (Karachi)
06 Mar 2015

Its a very gift for us Maulana Tariq Jameel Islam ka rasta ka rosni ka g ha he has got changed many popes life like showbiz cricketer specially in held tablige bayan in famous Lahore hira mandi this is most heart touching personality of Pakistan and hole over the Muslim world. I do not have any word for one of the best Islamic schoolar Maulna TAriq Jameel May Allah give Tariq jameel long and long life.
iqbal (srinagar)
06 Mar 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan sun kar asa feel hota ha life kitne light ha or ham logo na us ko bhot mushkir kar dya ha please Molana sb isi tara sab ki kidmat karan or Islam ko khoob sa khoob tablig karan I like your mission and follow you.
asad (lahore)
05 Mar 2015

its wonder full bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel sb.
Kazim (Karachi)
04 Mar 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel has been changed out new generation mind set now a days I often sea in peoples look like to use Molana language this is silent and positive change in our youth.
Amir (London)
03 Mar 2015

Many time I have listened this Miya Biwi bayan of Maulana tariq jameel all bayanat videos of tariq jameel sb is outstanding and heart touching. This type of persons change the nation positively.
Agha Shah Nawaz (quetta)
01 Mar 2015

I love moulana Tariq Jameel sab
Umar (Gujrat)
28 Feb 2015

Very nice Bayan i like very much Maulana Tariq Jameel.
Umar (Gujrat )
28 Feb 2015

Very nice all is good I like very much Maulana Tariq Jameel.
Haroon (Karachi)
28 Feb 2015

I often sea public who has been changed having listing Maulana Tariq Jameel Byan specially our young generation and media industries and cricker of Pakistan cricket team I request to all young Muslims please keep on listing Maulana tariq Jameel bayanat videos this is very help full us.
27 Feb 2015

Allah tala Maulana Tariq Jameel sahab ke bayan sunne walo ko hidayat se nawaz de aur sari insani nasl ko nek raste par chalne wala banade amin.
RASHEED (Raichur)
26 Feb 2015

Husband & wife great bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel.
mohd.danish (delhi)
26 Feb 2015

Allah hum sab imaan walon ko kehne aur sunne se jyada amal karne ki tofeeq ata farmaye Ameen
Mansoor (Lahore)
24 Feb 2015

The relation between husband and wife is quite sensitive Mulana Sahib said truth regarding both and telling us the right way of tackling it with the tolerance and understanding both of them should understand each other.
Afzal (Karachi)
24 Feb 2015

Is main koi shak nahi ha ka Maulana Tariq Jameel jasa log abb bhi is Dunya main majood han or Den Islam ki batreen khidmat kar rhan han I like all bayanat videos of Maulna tariq Jameel sb.
sabrina (lucknow)
23 Feb 2015

Alhamdulillah ki aaj bhi ha mare paas aise Log mujud hai.
22 Feb 2015

Undoubtedly he is one of the most famous & pious scholars of the world. He has devoted his life for spreading the light of Islam he is the real hope & ray of light in the world.. I don''''t have words to describ his virtues services for entire world... may Allah Subhanu bestow his countless blessings upon him & on entire Muslim Ummah & stay him healthy ...Ammen
aamir sohail (sargodha)
21 Feb 2015

as far as speaker is concerned there is no match of molana tariq jameel shb
shahzad awan (Lahore)
21 Feb 2015

Subhan Allah. Allah jaza-e- khair ata farmaye Moulana sahib ko or in k tufail hamen bhi sacha aashiq-e- Rasool banae. aameen.
Fareed (Dammam)
21 Feb 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel is new generation Islamic scholar I have listen many time this bayan about Husbend and wife this is out class speech about family relation as per Islam.
Umair (Hyderabad India)
20 Feb 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan sun kar asa feel hota ha life kitne light ha or ham logo na us ko bhot mushkir kar dya ha please Molana sb isi tara sab ki kidmat karan or Islam ko khoob sa khoob tablig karan I like your mission and follow you.
Jibran Sheikh (Doha)
19 Feb 2015

We all are Muslim love to Dr Maulan Tariq Jameel sb many time I have listen Bayan Miya Biwi of Molana sb and many other new and old bayanat so I says about Maulana tariq sb he always says unity of Muslim and Pakistan do not like Firqawariat in Pakistan and Maulana Tariq Jameel heat with this Firqawariat in Pakistan.
Mudasir Ahmad Mir From kashmir (Baramullaindia)
18 Feb 2015

I love Molana Tariq jameel sabh
Sajid (india)
17 Feb 2015

Ham aap ke byan sun kar insa Allah amal karne ki puri puri kosis krenge.
Naeem (Sargodha)
17 Feb 2015

I am from Sargodha I like to language accent of Maulana Tariq Jameel Un ki zaban sun ka kuch apnaiat si hote ha I know Maulana also belong from Tulamba district Mian Channu Punjab often he use Punjabi words in bayans.
Asif (Karachi)
16 Feb 2015

I request to Maulana Tariq Jameel sb kindly keep on join media and do some think for Pakistani public we need to Molana sb like peoples in Pakistan if this time we do some think for Pakistan as religious.
Aamir (Karachi)
16 Feb 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel has came back in Pakistan now a days I was waiting in Karachi Ijtama but during Ijtama I listen news Maulana Sb is out of country will come after few days please I request to Molana Tariq Jameel when come in Karachi and then inform me your rest area in Karachi I am very crazy to meet you and your group.
Hammad (Karachi)
14 Feb 2015

I request to Maulana Tariq Jamil sb please pray for Pakistani cricket for beat to India in Cricket world cup 2015 match I know you are also interest in cricket we all Pakistani love with cricket specially Pakistan and India Matches.
Younus (Karachi)
13 Feb 2015

This is one of the best bayan Husband and Wife by Dr. Tariq Jameel sb May Allah long life to Maulana sb and share Islamic peace full information to every Muslim and non Muslim. He is just personalty who has been change millions of Pakistani and world wide peoples.
irfanali (peshawar)
11 Feb 2015

I love you Dr. Tariq Jameel sb. irfan ali (sadda)
Owais (Lahore)
11 Feb 2015

I listen bayna of molana sb about young boy and girls how to safe self he is saying very true and proper guide line for young generation Dr. Tariq Jameel is just man for making new ways for all Muslims.
naved (ahmedabad)
10 Feb 2015

I want meet maulana tarik jamil one time in life.please dua all of you.
Kamil (Karachi)
10 Feb 2015

I want to listen Haaj Bayan of Molana Tariq Jameel many people said me that was out class speech by Maulna sb.
fahad aslam (karachi)
09 Feb 2015

molana tariq Jamel is most popular Islamic scolar
Amir (Karachi)
09 Feb 2015

Ajj kafi din bad Maulana sb ka bayan suna ha I want latest bayn of Maulana tariq jamee has Molana come at Karachi Ijtima or not?
Imran (Lahore)
06 Feb 2015

I want to listen Dr. Tariq Jameel Bayan Juma mubbarak bayan I still not listen any speech about Juma there is good website who provide short speech bayan of Tariq Jamil SB for batter learning Islam is short time.
Zubair (Sharja)
05 Feb 2015

When will come you in sharja UAE we wants to meet with you every time often I thinking this will be surprise for me when will I meet with Maulana Tariq Jameel SAB.
Kamran (Masqat)
05 Feb 2015

Maulna Tariq Jameel reference this speech no need to use abuse language to any religion and maslak Reply go for our religion so avoid to use bed language.
Amin (Lala Musa)
04 Feb 2015

I want to says to all Muslims we all are to earn Islamic real education from Dr Maulana Tariq Jameel SAB. because If we do get Islamic education from Maulna SAB then we all face wrong number peoples.
Salman (Dhaka)
04 Feb 2015

Yesterday I listen in social media Dr. Tariq Jameel says about Amir Khan he is 1 person all millions I totally 0% agree with Maulana Tariq Jameel sb. I watch Amir Khan movie PK I just says about PK movie Amir Khan convey massage to all public with great Idea in movie because maximum Pakistan and Indian people watch India Movie I highly appreciate to Amir Khan and Tariq Jameel sb.
Majid (Karachi)
03 Feb 2015

Many different type of Maulana tariq Jameel bayan listen he bayan all type of life as par Islam we need to more and more share pagam of Maulana Tariq Jamil to all Muslims.
Saeed (Karachi)
03 Feb 2015

I need latest bayan CD of Maulana tariq jameel is it available cd of Maulana tariq Jameel Bayan collection videos in market if available then share where can I but this collection.
Khizar (Karachi)
02 Feb 2015

I have listen bayan of Maulana Tariq Jamil in PTV home while Ramazan I want to again listen Ramadan Bayanat of Maulana tariq jamil sb some ramadan bayanat found in this website but please mentioned the date of Molana Bayanat.
saleem ( Basti )
01 Feb 2015

I like it Dr. Maulana Tariq Jameel Byan about Miya Biwi Zaroor Sunay.
asif abbasi (islamabad)
01 Feb 2015

Always best biyanat of Maulana Dr. Tariq Jamil SB.
Mushtaq (Lahore)
31 Jan 2015

I have listen 2 type of Maulana Tariq Jameel bayan about Miya Biwi both bayan of Molana tariq jamil are out class and lasson able I regularly watch and listen famous bayanat of Maulana sb is online internet live.
tariq qamar (toba tek singh)
30 Jan 2015

I like this Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan for how to spend life wife and husband.
israr ahmed (shimogakarnatakaIndia)
30 Jan 2015

Allhumdulilla Batreen Bayan ha, Miya Biwi ka mutaliq.
imran (gujranwala)
30 Jan 2015

good tariq jameel molana
Nusrat Jamal (Nagpur India)
30 Jan 2015

Allah molana shab ko or trraki de.
Saleem (Karachi)
30 Jan 2015

Bhot khoob kya bayan han Husbend of wife ka Tariq Jameel sb sa bari tafseel sa bayan kya ya khobsorat Bayan. I want o listen latest 2015 bayanat videos of Maulana Tariq Jameel SB.
sultan pathan (satata)
30 Jan 2015

Masha Allah, best of the best bayan by Dr. Tariq jamil sb. of husband and wife.
Khalid (Karachi)
29 Jan 2015

Wah wah Subhan Allah Allah may give guidance to all the new and old couple and make a strong understanding relation and bound between them Maulana Sahab told us really important thing of life that is love.
mskhan (hyderabad india)
27 Jan 2015

Assalamualaikum moulana tariq jameel saheb aap kai bayan dil kao chookar jaathi hai. Allah pak ham sab koo khidmath karnai ka moukha dai aameen. dua wai yaad rakhain.
Faheem (Karachi)
27 Jan 2015

Every one know who and what is right or wrong I want to says to every Muslim Firqa please always take help from Al Quran every thing is available in Quran and Maulana Tariq Jameel Sb also good work for Islamic world.
Md salman (parbhani)
26 Jan 2015

Tariq Jameel sb you are doing out class work thanks.
Moosa (Faisalabad)
26 Jan 2015

I do not have word about says Maulana tariq Jameel Dil ko rula dana wala Bayan please I request to all please more share this Bayans of Molana tariq jameel sb.
Arif ali khan (karachi)
25 Jan 2015

Allaha pak ham ko bhi deen ka kam ky leay chunly Ameen
Habibullah khan (islambad)
24 Jan 2015

Molana sahib ma apka bhot bra fain hon..ALLAH apko lambi zindagee ata farmaye...duaoon ma yad rakhyega
Dr Qazi Rasheed Akhtar (Hyderabad)
23 Jan 2015

Miyan Biwi Ek Doosray Ko Qabool Karen Kamiyoon k sath. Subhan Allah
Hammad (Karachi)
23 Jan 2015

Please inform if any android application of Maulana tariq jameel bayan we all are regularly listen and watch videos bayan of Molana sb.
Ibad (Karachi)
21 Jan 2015

I want to listen bayan about Abdullah Bin Uba''''ee said about Rasool SAWW. this was out class bayan of Dr. Tariq Jameel.
Mudassir (Karachi)
21 Jan 2015

I have one question with you how can change Pakistan low and order position how can make tonlent with each other with Muslim why are we fighting each other Must reply me Dr. Maulana Tariq Jameel Sab.
Imdad (Karachi)
21 Jan 2015

very good lesson for all Pakistani Muslim wife and husband we should do like Maulana Tariq Jameel says in this Bayan.
khalid (karachi)
20 Jan 2015

Mulana sahab ALLAH ap ko humesha apni hifzo amaan me rakhe (ameen)
Nazim Abbass Naqvi (London)
20 Jan 2015

How can I download audio bayan of Maulana tariq jameel on my mobile phone please share mp3 format of bayanat.
Moosa Raza (Lahore)
20 Jan 2015

Ameen Allah Molana Tariq Jameel ki umar draz kara or isi tara Islam ki khidmat karan.
mohd masood patel (indian)
19 Jan 2015

Maulana Tariq jameel sab ki Allaha pak har etebar say hifazat kare aur sirat un nabi (saw) k sirat bayan karte rahe.
farhan (chuinan)
19 Jan 2015

nic byean tariq jameel sahb
Uzair (Karachi)
19 Jan 2015

I would says to Maulana Tariq Jameel in many Univerty of Karachi and give the lacure in new generation students Maulana Tariq Jameel doen not know how the famous in Karachi but I just says its need to Karachi students for your Bayanat and lectures.
mohammad iqbal (jodhpur)
18 Jan 2015

Allah apki hifajat kare ap aise hume rah dikhate rahe apne nabi ka rasta samjhate rahe Allah apko hamesha hamara rebar banane ki taufik de. aameen
Khalid (Karachi)
16 Jan 2015

All Bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel are use full for spend our life so I request to all media industries please more and more share the Bayans in tv channels for public awareness what is real Islam.
16 Jan 2015

AoA, Mulana buht muhbt hai aap sy Allah aap ko apny hifazt min rkhy na to aap sy mil skty hn na bat ho skti hai please meri nokri nhi hai dil nhi krta kam krny ko bevi Quran prhati hai jis sy ghr chalta hai please koi wzifa bta den, please Allah ka leye kuch prhny ko bta deny ap ki beat krna chahta hoon or in sha Allah kbi na kbi zror milon ga aap sy wada rha.
shoaib (lilongwe)
16 Jan 2015

pleasure to meet moulana tariq jameel yesterday in malawi lilongwe great bayaan
Mirza Burdan Baig (London)
16 Jan 2015

How can we meet with Maulana Tariq Jameel in london when will come in UK I wish to attend Bayan of Maulana Tariq Jamil SB. Please share your shudle to come UK.
Qasim (Dammam)
15 Jan 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel Sb has been change the our young generation mind set now a days all young generation like to Bayan of Maulana Tariq Jamil Sb. I just says this is the best speech of Maulana Dr Tariq Jameel Sb I do not have any words about says to Molana Sb.
arman (hyderabad)
13 Jan 2015

mujha bhot pasand han molana tariq jameel.
amir (piind)
13 Jan 2015

Best Bayan of Alama Tariq Jamil SB. I like this video Bayan of Molana Tariq Jameel bhai.
Nadia (Lahore)
13 Jan 2015

I want to to meet with Maulana Tariq Jameel Sb I am very crazy when I watch Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan I thanks to videos.urduwire.com website who have over 150 Bayanat of Maulana Tariq Jameel with different topic who help us how to spend life.
khansher (pakistan dir)
10 Jan 2015

Miya Biwi ka bara mian batreen byan ha Maulana Tariq Jameel ka.
Mujahid khan (Nasik)
09 Jan 2015

Janab tariq jameel Sahab pls koi aisa bayan kijiye jis se ummat me lagi ye firkawaran aag kuch kam ho jaye spsly between suuny and dewbandi
Kashif (Lahore)
09 Jan 2015

Please share latest Maulana Tariq Jameel 2015 bayan videos recording and how can we download this Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan video in online internet.
Kazim Raza (Karachi)
08 Jan 2015

I like to much this Bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel about Miya Biwi Zaroor Sunay Tariq Jamil saying always saying true about any type of religion and other family life spending topic I thanks to videos.urduwire.com who has share Molana Tariq Jameel Bayan many old and new 2015 collection videos.
Rajiul (kolkata)
08 Jan 2015

Nice Bayan Ha Miya Biwi ka bar amain Maulana Tariq Jameel sb ka, I like this Maulna Tariq Jameel Bayan.
sharifa asma (daccan hydrabad)
07 Jan 2015

Mojhy ap ke bayan bahot pasnd ha har byaan may dil ko hala dyny wala andaz ha, Masha Allah beautiful Allah ap ko taqt aur hayat dy ameen.
Mohammed Ahmer Thihami (AmburTamil Nadu)
05 Jan 2015

Masha Allah, Hazrath Molana Tariq Jameel Sb aap Masha Allah bohot acha bayan karte ho laikin please kuch aisa bayan kahiye jise sunke hamare Auratein sudharjaein, please hazrath jab hum jamath nikalte hein banglore mumbai dusre cities ko toh hamari auratein t-shirt jean pehnte hue bohot ginn ati hai ye sab dekhte hue, aur Porn Films ke bare mein bhi kahen aaj kal 12 saal ki bachi bhi porn movies dekhti hai jisse woh bigadti hai, Meri guzarish hai ki aap please hamari auratein ko sudhare aapke bayano se. Allah hafiz. dua ki darquast.
Khadim ali (Mirpurkhas)
05 Jan 2015

Molana Tariq Jamil ka Bayan download kese hoty hain? Please anyone can tell me please.
Inamullah khoso (Tangwani)
05 Jan 2015

Molana Tariq Sahb se kaho wo sindh k daore pr kb aega hm usko dekhne k lye bechain hn
khursheed (kashmir)
03 Jan 2015

Great Heart touching Bayan of Molana Tariq Jameel.
02 Jan 2015

Great Bayan of Tariq Jameel about Miya Biwi. I like to listen Molana Tariq Jameel Bayan.
asif ali (jodhpur)
02 Jan 2015

muje aap ke saare bayan pasand he ALLHA ne aapke zuban me jo tasir dee he YA MARE RUB pure alam ke juban itne meete kr do ALLHA aap ka bayan puri UMMAT me fale de sb ke dilo me moobath ho jy AMEEN
zain (lahore)
28 Dec 2014

I like it Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan Miya Biwi Zaroor Sunay.
msutafa (peshawar)
26 Dec 2014

nice speech, I watch this new bayanats of maulana tariq jameel that was great. so we keep on watch Molana Tariq Jamil Bayan.
Aslam Bhatti (New Delhi India)
26 Dec 2014

Subhan Allah maulana ke bayan se meri zindagi badal gayi Allah unko sehat de.
wasif latif (Pasroor)
24 Dec 2014

(Maa Shaa Allah) I miss the last beyan in Raywind Allah Help Molana Tariq Jameel Mission . My best achievement in the life when i meet Molana Tariq Jameel. Next Allah knows Better.
naznin (ratnagiri)
23 Dec 2014

Subhan Allah awesome Bayan of Hazrat Maulana Tariq Jamil Sb.
zafer khan (alwar)
22 Dec 2014

He is very good man for bayan of islam.I like his bayan
asif golandaj (miraj india)
19 Dec 2014

I want to meet Moulana Tariq Jameel, I like this Miya Biwi Bayan of Maulana Tariq Jamil.
Tariq Khan (Karachi)
18 Dec 2014

Right says to Maulana Tariq Jameel all husband and wife must be listen and watch video of Maulana tariq Jameel this Bayan on line in internet. I want to listen 12 Rabi ul awal Bayan of Molana Tariq Jameel sb every one know its is going to start month of Rabi ul Awal.
Shakeel ( Bahawalnagar)
17 Dec 2014

Nice Bayan Miya Biwi Zaroor Sunay by Maulana Tariq Jameel sb.
shahid (Karachi)
17 Dec 2014

Please share Molana Tariq Jameel Bayan about Peshawar School attack Mujha to rona aa rha ha Maulana Tariq Jameel Sb Samaj nahi aa rha ha kya ho rha ha is Mulk main.
akbar (karachi)
15 Dec 2014

Nice Bayan of Molana Tariq Jameel about Mia and Bivi.
shafi (raichur)
14 Dec 2014

Maulana Tariq Jameel ku mera salam bolo aur mere liye duwa ki guzarish.
Amazon (Lahore)
14 Dec 2014

AOA! I wanted to ask to admin that how could we download the videos of Maulana Tariq Jameel through this site because I tried a lot but couldn''''t find any other way so please help me Hope lot of people are wanting these to be downloaded. Allah Hafiz!
Ayaz Hussain (Fatehjang)
14 Dec 2014

Great Ulma -e-Din Hazrat Moulana Tarique Jameel sb
ibrahim (mumbai)
13 Dec 2014

great 2014 bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel about Miya Biwi, good define Molana Tariq Jameel about relation of Miya Biwi.
mani gujjar (chakwal)
09 Dec 2014

i love tariq jameel m ap k biyan bht shioq sy sunta hn r aml krny ki b puri koshish krta hn r allah ka shukr h aml kr b rha hn bht c batun py
furkan (pune)
08 Dec 2014

I love tariq jameel bayan
Masoom Ahmad (utterpradesh ambedkarnagar)
08 Dec 2014

Asslamualikum wrahmatullahe wbrakathu Allah aap ko dunya w aakherat ki kamiyabe de aur aap ko lambi umr de jisse aap deen ki dawat desaken mere aur walidain ke liye dowa ki darkhowast hai maine app ke sare byan download karke suna hun Allah Aur rasool kitareef aur bdai.tareef khastaur par bahut pasand aaye iske aur nabiyoun .acche akhlak .deen kijankari milkar khushi hui
06 Dec 2014

Asslam o alaikum Molana Tariq Jameel Sb Ap k bayan se bht kuch seekha hu Allah ap ko khub Ilm Dy k ap hr insan ko aik acha insaan bna sko AMEEN
tahir bangash (lahore)
04 Dec 2014

i like this bayan molana tariq jameel is star of sakey
misha (gujranawala)
04 Dec 2014

asalam o alikum! Moulana g i ur bigst f9.Allah bless u ever.
Asif (pune)
03 Dec 2014

Assalam O Alailm, very good Bayan about Miya Biwi Zaroor Sunay by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2014.
naeem khan (atd)
03 Dec 2014

Subhan Allah that great bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel 2014.
Abdull Kadeer butt (kotli a.k damas)
30 Nov 2014

Asslam o alaikum molana tariq jameel sab ma ap k hr bayan ko shoq se sunta ho or phr gr waloon ko b sunata ho g ma app ko bhot bhot psand karta ho or app k bayan sunnay k bad imman taza ho jata hai g or please mery family k lya app ne dua karne hai k ya Allah pak sub wo kam krayin jin pr tu raazi hai or tere mebhoob razi hai, Allah pak app ki hr mushkall asaan kray or app k saya hum pr qaim rakhy ameen suma ameen.
amber (rawalpindi)
28 Nov 2014

Aoa molana tariq jameel shb hm ghr waly apka byan bht shauq sy unty hn r apko bht psand krty hn Allah pak apko sehat or tandrusti dy aur ap ki btai hoi hr bat pr amal krny ki tofeeq dy bs ap b hmary leaye dua kejeaye hr byan ma k Allah pak hmari mushklon ko dor kry or hmain sacha r naik muslman bnany k tofeeq dy ameen.
bilal (lahore)
25 Nov 2014

Subha Allah awesome Bayan about Miya Biwi by Maulana Tariq Jameel.
Attaullah (peshawer)
25 Nov 2014

i like the bayan of mulana sab
sadaf saleem (Gujranwala)
23 Nov 2014

A.o.A Molana Tariq Jameel Shaib me ap k bayan bhut shuk say sunti ho or me ap ko bhut passend krti ho, Allah pak ap jhsa bap or bhai sub ko naseeb farmmye bus me ghussa bhut ziyda krti ho Maulana Tariq Jameel shaib Dua kren mere liye please ka me badal jao me khusis krti ho jub say ap k bayan sunye kiye hai Dil ko bhut shokn melta hai Allah pak ap ko den k kaam ziyda say ziyda krne k tufeeq ata farmye or hum ko be den k kam krne k liye Allah pak cheny Ameen.
Salahuddin (Hyderabad India)
22 Nov 2014

MashaAllah SuhaanAllah
Attiq Ur Rehman (Rawalpindi)
22 Nov 2014

Good Bayan for Miya Biwi by Molana Tariq Jameel. I want download this Bayan this in mp3.
sandhu (islamabad)
20 Nov 2014

bht he zbardast bten hn...musalman ko seedhe raste pe le aate hn
Nasir Iqbal (chichawatni 4012.L)
20 Nov 2014

Allah maluna sab k darjaat buland farmaye or un ke ilam ko or wusaat aata farmaye ameeen
18 Nov 2014

Molana Tariq Jamil sb is the sincere umti of "Mohammad" (SAWW) and Maulana is real abdal of this century, I prays may Allah blessing on.
m.ghani (hazro.attcok)
17 Nov 2014

Molana tariq jameel sahb. MashaAallah
matten (maharstra)
16 Nov 2014

I like the Molana Tariq Jamil heart touching bayan about Miya Biwi.
15 Nov 2014

Assalam alaikum molana tariq jameel sahab ALLAH PAK aapko hamesha apni hifazat or panah main rakhe AAMEEEEEN ALLAH PAK ne aapko is duniya main bhej kar ham musalmano ke liye hidayat ka zariya banaya hai ham musalman ALLAH PAK ke buhut shukar guzar hen k ALLAH PAK ne ham par buhut bara karam kiya hai ALLAH PAK se meri yahi dua hai ALLAH PAK HUZRAT MUHAMMAD SALALLAHO ALAIHE WAALIHEE WASALAM ke sadqe me ham musalmano ki toba qabool farmae or hamen jannatul firdos ata farmae aameeeeeen.
mohammad Sameer majal (uppala)
13 Nov 2014

Good Bayan for Miya Biwi by Molana Tariq Jameel.
muhammad saleem (lahore)
12 Nov 2014

very very nice exillnt
muhammad kareem (dassu kohistan)
12 Nov 2014

Mulana Tariq Jameel sbu, this is great bayan about husband and wife must watch and listen every one.
hanif (mumbai)
11 Nov 2014

Allah aap k sar k durd khatam kare
fahad ali khan (karachi)
10 Nov 2014

ALLAH tariq jameel ko sehat Or Lambi omer aata farmay
hassantaj (rawalpindi)
09 Nov 2014

masha Allah Allah tariq jamil sb ko zinda ar salamat rakhy aammeeennn....ta k din isalam ki khidmat kr saky ...ar din islam ko pori dunya me phela dy..
hassantaj (rawalpindi)
09 Nov 2014

Masha Allah, Allah Tariq Jamil sb ko zinda ar salamat rakhy Ameen, ta ka din isalam ki khidmat kr saky. are din islam ko pori dunya me phela dy.
Syed mahmood (Hyoderabad)
08 Nov 2014

I like the bayan
Anisa rao (Lahore)
05 Nov 2014

very informativea
Jahid Chowdhury (Dhaka)
05 Nov 2014

Hazrat Mawlana Tareq Jamil Saheb ALLAH Aap ko Aur Nek JindegiHayat Formae. AAMEEN. Yah ALLAH Tu Tareq Jamil Saheb Ko Ham Logo Ki Lie Kabul Forma.
Muzaffar Ahmad Kada (anantnag)
05 Nov 2014

Assalammu Alikum wa rahamuttullahie wa barakathoo, I love all the philosphers of islam and all ullamiah Haqq who gives us truth lec of imaan and i love moulana Tariq jameel sahab Allah hu khair.
shahina (mumbai)
04 Nov 2014

Assalaamu alaikum maulana sahab I liked ur khawind biwi ka rishta bayan
Muhammad Majid (lahore)
04 Nov 2014

Assalamo Alaikom Molana Allah Tala ap ko lambi umer atta farmai barkat wali or ap se aisay he dine islam ka kam le or ap hum sub yani pori insaniat ki hidayat ka ziria banay ap ke ilm ko or kholay ta ke pori insaniat ki hidayat ka ziria banne ameen aaj 4 nowember ko molana jamshaid sahib rehmatullah alai ka janaza parha Allah tala unhain jannat ul firdoss main buland darja ata farmai ameen
mano (peshawar)
04 Nov 2014

kia humy molana sahib say milny ka ya call p baat karny ka mokla mil sakta hai plxx? tau kindly help me
m.afzal awan (attock)
02 Nov 2014

A.O.A....maulana sb khasusi duao ki guzarish hy
ayesha (sargodha)
31 Oct 2014

i wana to meet maluana shb...how it posible plz tell...
guriya (lahore)
30 Oct 2014

assalam o alaikum...... maulana sahab ap ky bayyan mjy bht pasnd hn.....ALLAH ap ki umer daraz kry........ mery liye or mery azizo k liye dua kriye ga..... Jazak ALLAH....
mohammad (jacobabad)
30 Oct 2014

Asslam O Liaikum Molna Tariq Jamil sjib mojh apka bayan bhot passand hn molna sahab mojh aik masla share karna mere or hamare sindh ki alaki me khawand gusse a kar ose ten bar talaq de kar dosre din solha kar ke ye talaq hay ya nahi hay. or hamare sindh ki alqoon me bohat women ko ghhar se nikal detey hay.
shahnoorfatima (lahore)
28 Oct 2014

Ap mera reply kiasa karan ga
shahnoorfatima (lahore)
28 Oct 2014

Asalam u alikum plz mera or mery husband ka rishta end me ha plz ap meri help karan
shahnoorfatima (lahore)
28 Oct 2014

Asalam u alikum me both hi upset hun apna husband ki waja se plz meri help kakarun
Ajaz (Tral)
28 Oct 2014

I like maulanas speechs the most
SHAHID (ratlam)
26 Oct 2014

nabila (bwp)
24 Oct 2014

assalam o alaikom molana sahab mojh apka bayan boht pasand hn molana sahab mojh aik masla share karna h mere dost k khawand n gusse mn ose ten bar talaq de or dosre din solha kar le kiya ye talaq h k ni
Roohina Qadeer Baig (Mumbai)
23 Oct 2014

Assalamu Alaikum WR WB Maulana Tariq Jameel sahab se deen ki baat sun ne se Imaan taaza aur dill roshan hojata hai
kamran sohail (sahiwal)
23 Oct 2014

molana tariq jameel kay byan sun aur daikh ker eeman taza ho jata hay. ALLAH TA''''ALA unhain jazaay khair day unhain izzat wali sehat mand zindigi ata karay. aameen
Yusuf ( tenali)
23 Oct 2014

Assalam alaykum Tareeq jameel saheb
shahzade alam (allahabad u.p india)
22 Oct 2014

assalam o alaikum mera ye manna hai ki maulana tariq jameel sahab se achhi tarah koi bayan ni kr sakta aap ki awaj me allaha ne ayesi neyamt ata farmai hai jisse dik ko bahut sukoon milta mai apke bayan sunta allaha apko sehat or tandr usti ata farmaye ameeeen meri arjoo hai ap mulakat ho jati
axiz ahmed (tando qaiser)
21 Oct 2014

Asslam o Alaikum muhtram Tarique Jameel sb. khud tala ne jo apko ilim o izat attack ki he wo ssari ki saari him uljhe hoi deeni kamo se door bndo k liye he. Muhtram kbuda Taliq mujhhhe ik ese khandan me wsjood dia he jo khuda k hr ehkamat she kai so meel door rkha he usi silsily mein mjhe apse deeni khidmat lent ki zrorat agr bhatky hoi jahilo ko allah. k hukum we rash pe laany me meri madad farmaen to jazakallah dr aziz ahmed nizamani.
azim (utarpardesh)
21 Oct 2014

i watch see tha maulana tarik jameel
jamal aslam (post.ofice.channan.teh.kharian.distgujrat)
20 Oct 2014

Aslam o Alikum molana sb main apko bht like krta hn aur please dua kren hm b ap jesy ho jain jesy k junaid bhi ko ap any bdl pls hmen b bdl dn agr veena malik bdl skti hyn to hm q nhe aur hm apko apny shaher bhulana chahty hn pld thora sa time hmen b anayt frmainjamal aslam.
m.asad shabir (gujranwala)
20 Oct 2014

assalam-o-alaikum molana tariq jameel sahab hm ap ke bohat barey fan he dua krein k ham bi ap ki tarah deen ki khidmet krein.
imran (karachi)
19 Oct 2014

janab mein aap se(destar) pehnna chahta hu ye meri khuahish bhi hai or iltija bhi plz manzoor dermatologist. Allah aap ko hamesha salamat rakhe ameen.
fakhar ullah (athens)
17 Oct 2014

Allah talla ap ko sheath our tandrosti naseeb kary molana saab ap ka beyan son kar bara sakoon milta ha bas yahi duya ha Allah talla ko razi kar loo ap be mery lehy dua karna palees Allah talla mug sa razi ho jy walikm aslam fa.
ahemad wasiullah (indiaorissabhubaneswar)
15 Oct 2014

Allah Moulana Tariq Jameel sb ki umer me barkat dy ameen, or India aane ki tofique de. We all are waiting Maulana Tariq Jameel in India.
sayed abu nasir (east mednipur)
15 Oct 2014

Allah ki kasam tabligh jamat me waqt lagane ke bad jo sukun mila aur Moulana Tariq Jameel sb ke bayan sunne me jo sukun mila Masha Allah.
iman (karachi)
15 Oct 2014

Assalam o alikum hazrat maulana tariq jamil sahab mulana sahib main apse apni shadi k leye istikhara karwana chahti hun main bohat parechan hun ajeeb parechani aur kashmakash ha dil main samjhnahe a raha kya karu. ameri boaht khawish ha k amain apse milo. Allah mujhe naseeb farmye apse milna in sa Allah.
sagheerahmad (dargai)
11 Oct 2014

i like mulana tariq jameel his speech is very good
masood (talagang)
11 Oct 2014

Allah Molana Tariq Jameel ki umer me barkat dy. ameen
mohammad ilyas (vadodara)
10 Oct 2014

Hazrat Maulana Tariq Jamil sahab Allah apki umare me barkat ata farmai aamin Allah ne apse bahut kam karaya hai guzarish hai ki mujhe bhi nasihat farmae.
zeyaul haque (west champaran bihar india)
10 Oct 2014

asslamualaikum maulana saheb maulana saheb mujhe alhadees log bahut pareshan kie hai o log kehte hai ki aap log galat hai ki aap s a s ne kabhi bhi nabh ke ke niche niyat nhi bandhi aur usne mujhe ek hadees bhi sunae ki aap s a s apne banye hath ke uper dahine hath ko rakh ker apne sine mubarakh par rakhe
sajid (up in india) (hardoi)
10 Oct 2014

hazrat ki baat dil ko nichod kar rakh deti
asad ali (faisalabad)
10 Oct 2014

i need for bayan of molana tarik jmeel
hafiz abdullah khan (lahore)
07 Oct 2014

main mulana ko pasand karta hon
arif ullah (lakki marwat)
06 Oct 2014

very nice and a good man
mohammad nasir (indore)
04 Oct 2014

i like molana tariq jameel sahab
adnan rafi (pakpattan)
03 Oct 2014

i like moulana tariq jameel bayans
bijnorpittanheri (8080229974)
03 Oct 2014

Assalam O Lakum Molana Tareq Jameel shab Allah aapke elme me aur jiyada tarakqi ata farmaey aameen, Regards, Mohammad Irfan Ansari
shafiqul islam (calgary)
02 Oct 2014

I like his Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayans. May Allah blase him.
ansarirashid (mumbai)
02 Oct 2014

Masha Allah Maulana Tariq Jameel Sab app ka bayaan mujhe sonne me mera dill bohat accha lagta hai.
akhtar hussain (india mumbai)
01 Oct 2014

nazia perween (patna bihar)
30 Sep 2014

Assalam o Alaikum jamil sahab aapke beyanat masha Allah dil ko jaga dete hain. Dua me yaad rakhne ki khas darkhwast hai. Jazaka Allah khair.
amir sohail (mardan)
30 Sep 2014

I love you uncle Molana Tariq Jameel. I like your speech so much uncle. Amir Sohail kpk mardan Pakistan.
ibrar hussain (peshawar)
29 Sep 2014

I like very much this Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan.
kausar (islamabad)
28 Sep 2014

assalam alaikum molana tariq jameel sb. ma islamabad se belong karty hon. ap ke bayanat boath shock se sunty hun ap itna samaj le k ma ap ke boath bary fan hon ap mayray ideol ho. khuda ap ko isy be zayda ilm naseeb farmay amen.
alishan (india)
22 Sep 2014

assalam alaikum maullana tariq jamil sahib mai aapki gitna tarif gitna likhu utna kamati hai bhae. inke takrir internet ya cd se sun kar kitno ko din aur duniya dono badlte dekha hai. aur ma bap aur ek dosare ka akhlakh bataye hai. mai dusare bhae se request karta hu ki kisi tarah ek dosare bhae ke pass maullana tariq jamil ki bat pahuchaye. mera khvahis hai ki mai ek bar milu. ya bat kar saku. Allah Hafiz.
nazia amjad (sialkot)
21 Sep 2014

Aslam o Alikum Moulana Tariq Jameel ka Bayan sunte hi me apna ehtisab shoru kr dyte hn k hm se khan khan bhool chok or ziatiyan ho rhe hn. or me koshish krti hon ka meri zaat se kici ko tkleef na pohnchy.
hamid shaikh (mumbai)
15 Sep 2014

vaseem khan (kolkata)
12 Sep 2014

Asslam-O-Lakum moulana sahab Allah tala ne aapko samjhne wali jo kuwwat ata ki h wo gazab ki h. Hamari guzarish ha aapse ka aap puri duniya me aman or chain ki dua karte rahe.
ahmad (dhanbad)
10 Sep 2014

i am inspire of Moulana Tariqe Jameel SB.
sajid (surat)
09 Sep 2014

Moulana Tariq Jameel sab this is very attractive speech.
zabiullakhan (bangalore)
08 Sep 2014

YAQUBAHMEDKHAN (hyderabad daccen)
05 Sep 2014

Al Hum du lillah
Abdul Razzaq Gujjar (Faisal Abad)
05 Sep 2014

Molana Tariq Jameel sahib Allah ap ko jzai khair day. meray lye doa kerin Allah mjay panch nemaz pernay kee tofeez day kee. Ameen
Asjad Khan (Nowshera)
01 Sep 2014

Molana Tariq Jameel sahib, Allah Ap ko jzai-khair day. aor deen ki Eshaat k liay tofeeq day. Ameen. may Molana Mujahid Khan Alhusani ka nawasa hoo, meray liay Doa karna. Asalamo Alaikum.
afraz abbasi (barcelona spain)
29 Aug 2014

04 am in the, morning I am hearing tariq jameel sb very nice and he is briefing Islam very clearly.
ANAS PATEL (Bharuch,gujarat)
29 Aug 2014

Tariq Jameel sb is relay most shining diamond for Islam. Becoz not only Muslims loves him but also non-Muslim by his bayans. Bayan he does, relay comes from bottom of his hearts, like ALLAH make us listen through him. ALLAH give him barkaat in Age and take more and more Din khidmat. Also give us taufiq to follow him.
danish jamal (muzaffarnagar)
29 Aug 2014

bhai m inka bhut bada fan hu mene inka ek bayan dekha tha wo barmingham ka tha usse phle m bs maulana sahab ko bs aese hi janta tha ki yeh ek maulana hai magar jb se mene inka wo 3 ghante ka bayan dekha hai m inka fan ban gya., Allah inki umar 100 sal se bhi zyada lambi kr de or hme aese hi inke bayan sunne ko milte rhe or Allah mjhe apko hm sabko inke bayan pe amal krne ki taufeeq ata farmaye, ameen
Soha (Lahore)
27 Aug 2014

Assalam-o-alikum mulana sahib ap cheezon ko buhat asan kr k bayan karty hain buhat buhat rehmat kary ALLAH ap py. ameen
sayyed Rehan (Amravati)
23 Aug 2014

Assalamu Alaykum
madiha nawaz (peshawar)
23 Aug 2014

assalam mere or mere husband my narazgi ho gai hy un k zulmo sitam had se bar gy thy is lye my ghr chor k a gai marna chori or even mera bacha b un ki mar se mar gya my kia kro Allah naraz hota hy ghr kharab kro to or us ki ye ziyatiya maaf nae kr pa rahe
mohd mueen (banda up )
22 Aug 2014

I like it
ahmed (mumbai)
18 Aug 2014

salman babar (lahore)
18 Aug 2014

main aap ko bary showk se sunta hoon par aaj tak aap se mulaqaat nai ho saki kya main aap ko mil sakta hoon. ager han to pleas mujhy btaye kaise shukriya . Allah aap ko jzai khair atta kary. Aameen
javed ashraf (lahore)
17 Aug 2014

molana tariq jameel sab me apko bohat shok se sunta hon or mere huk duwa kren k Allah mujhe hidayat de aameen
muddassir (wahcantt)
11 Aug 2014

i m proud to b a student of molana if any body needs any sort of question about molana or deen it ll b my pleasure to reply.
muddassir (wahcantt)
11 Aug 2014

i m proud to b a student of molana if any body needs any sort of question about molana or deen it ll b my pleasure to reply.
imran (sahiwal)
11 Aug 2014

14 Apr 2014 Great scholar equally popular among youths
Zafar Ali & Ziad Ullah (peshawar university)
08 Aug 2014

molana tariq jameel sb maray pasandida shakhsiyat ha... Allah in ki umar daraz karay our hami in k bayan par amal karni ki tufeeq atta karay. Ameen
khurshid Japan (islamabad)
07 Aug 2014

I think he is blessing for us
imran raza (multan)
07 Aug 2014

mulana tariq jameel sb hamry lye Allah ki rehmat hain hamain in sy learn krna chahye i love him very much .............
M.Saleem.Utz.Charsadda. (CHARSADDA.)
02 Aug 2014

Maulana Tariq Jamil sahia tamam ummat muslima k lie baaise fakhar hay.Maulana sahib ki bayanat ko sun kar un par amal karn es fitna angaiz dawar ka aham taqaza hay takeh tamam muslims eisayon awar yahoodion ki mazaalimon awar faraib se mehfooz rahay. Allah hum tamam muslims ko deene Islam k sahih rasta par chalne awar ammal karne ki taufeeq atta farma. Summa Ameen. M.Saleem.Utz.Charrsadda.
soyebkhan (vadodara)
31 Jul 2014

I want the latest bayaans of Maulana tarik jamil sahab
amjad (karachi)
30 Jul 2014

i want to show this video
babar khattak (karachi)
29 Jul 2014

plz muj batao k yeh vidio ksy sho ho ge muj daikni hy...... meri abi 27ramzan ko shadi hoi hy.....
md jawed (ludhiana)
28 Jul 2014

Mashallah buht achay bayan karty hain meray favourite scholar hain Mullana Tariq Jameel sb
sumaira Ashfaq (sialkot)
27 Jul 2014

Mashallah buht achay bayan karty hain meray favourite scholar hain Mullana Tariq Jameel sb
osamasiddique (hyderabad)
23 Jul 2014

MashAllah Bohat Zabardast Bayan Hota Hai, Meri Khoish hai k ap ka bayan live sun sakon.... Sheri Bandhani.... S.R.B
Sarfaraz Ahmed ((Karachi))
23 Jul 2014

MashAllah Bohat Zabardast Bayan Hota Hai, Meri Khoish hai k ap ka bayan live sun sakon..
Usman Iqbal (Peshawar)
21 Jul 2014

My Favorite personality Maulana Tariq Jamil Sb, I want to meet him
zubair khan (karachi)
20 Jul 2014

I like mulana tariq jameel his way of teaching or knowledge of islam
sidra (lahore)
20 Jul 2014

ap ummat e muslima k liye fakhar ka baais han
Muhammad Naveed (sialkot)
20 Jul 2014

Molana Tariq Jamil sab is such a nice person.May ALLAH PAK shower his blessings on Molana Tariq Jamil and their family and the team who is participating with Molana Tariq Jamil sab for the Purpose of Tablig. whenever i hear the Molana Tariq Jamil sab aisa lagta hai jaise mera emaan taza ho gaya. main kafi burey gunahon se bach jata hu kun k unki suni hoi baten yaad aajati hain.ALLAH PAK inko sehat tandrusti or lambi zindagi ata farmye,takey wo isi tarha logo main ALLAH PAK ka paigham phelatey rahen.ameen suma ameen.
19 Jul 2014

tariq jameel shab ap k bhayan bhoat achy hain koi smjy to tmam glt kam chor dy Allah ap ko lambi umer dy ameen.
khlique Ahmad (islamabad)
17 Jul 2014

I like mulana tariq jameel his way of teaching or knowledge of islam
shahid (peshawar)
15 Jul 2014

Allah Molana Tariq Jameel sahib ko umar day ameen..
umme waheed (mardan)
12 Jul 2014

JazakAllah tariq jamil sahib,Aap ka bayanat hamaray liye mashali rah hay,apni is beti k liye b dua karain,Allah sabar de aur zindagi main sakoon laye.tamaam muslims k liye dua.
abdulwali khan (swabi)
10 Jul 2014

Allah in ulmaa se mohabbat ki tofeeq dae aur in ki bayanat ko hamari zindagi ka maqsad banadae ,aur in baato ko saari dunya k insaano tak phonchane k kia hr musalman ko qobool farmadae ,aameen
Dilshad (ujjan mp)
08 Jul 2014

Bayan bhot shandar he jo iman ko tarotaza kr dete je
zubear ahmed (BANGALORE)
04 Jul 2014

malik (Indian)
03 Jul 2014

Very nice Molana Tariq Jameel Bayan
waseem (fsd)
24 Jun 2014

A.O.A Mera molana tariq jameel sa swal ha kia bema polieci sood ha
abida farrukh (lahore)
18 Jun 2014

AOA Tarieeq jameel sahab umeed ALLAH se ap humesha thik raheen mujhe ap k beyaan behaad pasand hain jis tarha ap beyan ko gherai se beyaan karte hain na ussi tarha me ghaerai se sonti hoon ap k beyaan son kar ik andar se jazba atta hai or ye sochne par majbor kar detta hai k hum khun is tarha ji rahe hain khun khun meri APNE ALLAH SE YEHI DUWA hai k hum sab muslims ko chahiye k hum apne ALLAH ka jitna b ho sake shukar adda kareen k us ne hume musalman banna or ume ik achi or sachi zindagi jine ka moka diya or sab se bari bat k hume is kabil banaya k hum us k payare HABBIB HAZRAT MOHAMMAD par har dam darood bhejte rahe akhari sans tak AMEEN
Muhammad Iqbal Swati (Peshawar )
08 Jun 2014

Allah Pak Maulana ke Hifazat farmayn. Allah Pak ke Rahmat ha. Allah Pak ne jitna Ilm, Biyan ka malka aur Hafza Dia ha itni popularity kisi ko b abbi tak is Zamane me nasib nae hui. Main to un ka fan hun.
masoom irfan (islamabad)
05 Jun 2014

I like Moulana Tariq Jamil sahab and his bayans too.
HAFIZ ATIF (karachi)
24 May 2014

Assalamoalaikum wtwb.... mashaALLAH ALLAH PAK qubool farmaaey aamin..
shaheen (karachi )
08 May 2014

assalam o alaikum tareeq jameel sahab app k bayanat sun kr mey mery sohur hamari zindagi may aik sukoon hogaya hy aur mery sohur sachi k rastey par chal bare hen aur may Allah subhan talla ki sukur guzar hon k merey husbend achey ho gay Allah se dua hey k app isi trhan se deen ki khidmat anjam deaameen
Aaliya Sajid (Rampur UP India)
07 May 2014

Assalam o alaikum molana tariq jameel sahab (D.B.A) k bayanat sunkar mri zindgi,mri soch,mri fikr me jo tabdeelya paida hui uske lye mai allah ka shukr ada krti hu k Allah ne apne bando me se deen ki khidmat k lye molana sb ka intkhaab farmaya jinka lab o lehja ar andaz e bayan dil me utar jane wala h Allah se dua go hu k mera beta Aaraaf bhi molana tariq jameel sb (Saani) bn kr isi tarah deen ki khidmat anjam de Aameen
Asad (Karak)
28 Apr 2014

Mulan tariq jamil shab i love u
Fiayyaz Ahmad (Gujrat)
25 Apr 2014

Moulana Tariq Jameel Sahib, is a legend of Pakistan. He is true Muslim by choice. He seems to be practically followed for what he preaches. I have practically changed my life style, thoughts, actions and practices after listening him regularly. My ideal Islamic model is Janab Tariq Jameel Sahib. I am always well wisher of his sound health, prosperity and family happiness through out his life.
GR Azad (Hub chowki balochistan)
18 Apr 2014

i like Molana Tariq Jamil sahab. i want meet Molana Tariq Jamil.
Zakir (Karachi)
14 Apr 2014

Great scholar equally popular among youths
Muhammad Tufail (Lahore)
05 Apr 2014

I like Moulana Tariq Jamil sahab and his bayans too.
18 Mar 2014

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