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Maulana Tariq Jameel Ka Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan 2017

Uploaded By: Nasir
Watch And Listen The Video Of Maulana Tariq Jameel Ka Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan 2017. Maulana Tariq Jameel is Islamic religious scholar, He is popular speaker & part of Tablighi Jamaat Raiwind. Bayans of Tariq Jameel is most famous in young Islamic generations.
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Usman (Karachi)
07 Sep 2017

I was so baddest guy in my childhood but I decided to change myself . As I wanted to lead my life according to the teachings of ISLAM . I was so confused in the ning but when I started listening Maulana Tariq Jameel . I got so inspired and I did not give up and keep listening his Bayans . He always gives a good message to our society .
komal khan (Gujranwala)
18 May 2017

Please give us a Lecture about the ahteram-e-Ramazan. We are really need that because every channel is going to start ramazan transmission and made this month for getting Rating.
hammad (Karachi)
17 May 2017

On every Friday PTV shows the Bayan of Mulana Tariq Jameel Sahab. It is a very good thing l listen his Bayan on every Friday. I am waiting for ramazan because of I want to watch the bayan of Tariq Jameel sahab on the program of "Roshni ka Safar".
Emaadullah (Peshawar)
11 May 2017

Maulana tariq jameel sahab is the most important personality amongst all of the religious scholars and the speech above always let us be aware about the importance of our religion and the sacrifices made by the greatest to save the religion. Firstly we have a big responsibility to should offer namaz on five times daily.
huzaifa khan (Karachi)
05 May 2017

Mulanana Tariq Jameel sahab I am a big fan of you. Maulana Sahab your way of teaching Islam is so much good I never missed watching your bayanat. May Allah give you good health and long long life. i wish I meet you at once.
kashan (Multan)
02 May 2017

I have downloaded the video of Maulana Tariq Jameel Ka Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan. It is 14 minutes video.Maulana tariq jameel I never ever listen any videos of tablige jamat about firka wariat good work Maulana tariq jameel sahab.
yaqob (Gujranwala)
27 Apr 2017

Maulana Sahab Ramadan are coming soon and i like to watch your program"Roshni ka Safar" on PTV home. In every Ramazan PTV shows her Bayan on TV this is a great thing we should learn something after listen his bayan.
Nasir Abbasi (lahore)
24 Apr 2017

I listen the bayans of Maulana Tariq Jameel almost daily he is a very great person i almost listen the every bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel when i am free i listen the bayans of Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab. He is a great man and I am a follower of him.
Abdullah Mohib (lahore)
20 Apr 2017

We all are muslims Alhamdullilah but we do not offer pray with punctuality. So Allah give us some courage to offer prayer after listening the bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel sahab. His way of speaking touches people heart.I request to Maulana tariq jameel keep on doing bayan videos on social media people awearness about real face of Islam.
Aiman nomal (Karachi)
18 Apr 2017

Mulana Tariq Jameel bayan always give us a message in very good way.The actions words and speaking style is very impressive to learn something most of the time when I sit idle and switch on t.v the PTV channel shows the bayan of Tariq Jameel when I heard I learnt many things. we should offer namaz and keep praying for Philastine sham and kashmir who are defeating for jihad.
Saad (Karachi)
17 Apr 2017

I am not so much inspired with Maulana Tariq Jameel so that is why I do not hear his bayans either it is Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan or not. It is protest from me for him till he does not TTP or ISIS as Khawarij.
Zoraiz Jameel (Lahore)
08 Mar 2017

I have recently listened this beautiful Anson Bhara bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel. Please also upload the bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel about importance of offering prayerNamaz. We all are muslims Alhamdullilah but we do not offer pray with punctuality. So Allah give us some courage to offer prayer after listening the bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel sahab. His way of speaking touches people heart.
javed (Faisalabad)
07 Mar 2017

Namaz Ki Ahmiyat Bayan By Maulana Tariq Jameel Sb.
MD AMANULLAH (begusarai)
05 Mar 2017

MASHA ALLAH Molana tariq jameel sb AAP K BAYAN SUN KR DIL M EK AJEEB FEELING MAHSOOS HOTI H can u give me a cell phone number plzzz aap se request h
Hamza Nasir (Karachi)
27 Feb 2017

Someone should ask these question from so called Maulana Tariq Jameel that why does he live luxury life ? Why does he only do tableegh to higher class and is this Sunnat ? And I did not here he went at poor man for tableegh. He always choose rich people for tableegh like Amir Khan Shahid Afridi Junaid Jamshed and many other people. If he is very sincere with Deen-e-Islam so he should come in middle class people or in lower class people like Hafiz Saeed. Jamat-ud-Dawa never makes noise but they only work work and work. This is the ultimate reality.
Ahmed Jamil Ansari (Karachi)
25 Feb 2017

Dear Maulana Tariq Jamil Sahib Please let me have your telephone number. Thanks and regards.
saeed (mardan)
24 Feb 2017

Maulana Tariq Jameel this bayan really Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan often online listing Maulana tariq jameel in social media he is great Islamic scholar in all over the muslim worlds.
Zakir Kamran (Karachi)
16 Feb 2017

I am watching right now the beautiful bayan Zindagi kaysay guzarain beautiful by Maulana Tariq Jameel sb on his live channel on Youtube. In The end of his bayan he is praying for the entire muslim Ummah. Through his this bayan I felt that he is purely patriotic person. Please upload here his latest bayan as well.
Jamshed Ali (Karachi)
08 Feb 2017

The day before Yesterday I was watching live bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel on the official page of Orya Jan Maqbool on facebook. Now it is my wish that please upload here that live bayan on Videos.Urduwire.com. After a long time his bayan has been brought on live streaming on facebook. Please upload that bayan on your page with suitable title like Maulana Tariq Jameel Ka Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan 2016.
Cadet Hamza (Lahore)
31 Jan 2017

Maulana Tariq Jameel should come on front and he should defend Hafiz Saeed Sahab of Jamat-ud-Daawa. Pakistan''''s federal government have interned Hafiz Mohammad Saeed on the order of India and America. All the religious parties should join us on 5th February 2017 on the day of Youm-e-Kashmir. If Maulana Tariq Jameel will not say any thing in the interest of Hafiz Mohammad Saeed then do not expect some thing else from us in any critical situations for them !
Alina Shaikh (Khairpur)
27 Jan 2017

As I was Friday Yesterday I listened this Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel. First Ever time I listened him. Well it was tremendous really Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel. Please upload some more latest videos of Maulana Tariq Jameel''''s bayan. Now I am trying to listen him on daily basis at Videos.Urduwire.com.
zeeshan (Karachi)
18 Jan 2017

Maulana Tariq Jameel this time all over the world best Muslim Islamic scholar very interesting style of Maulana tariq jamil speech. I like all Maulana tariq jameel bayan videos in youtube internet.
Mir Ikram (Azad Kashmir)
17 Jan 2017

Instead of giving so much bayan on Fiqqa please Maulana Tariq Jameel sahab once you should discuss about Khilafat-e-Rashida tem in Islam. The Jews are worried about this tem and they definitely do not want to see this tem in this world because this tem is so beautiful and it has so many dimensions it is tem of justice wisdom. As Zaid Hamid has also been discussed this tem openly on media channels.
Faizan Sheikh (Rawalpindi )
12 Jan 2017

Oh my God The views on this video of Maulana Tariq Jameel is increasing day by day. I saw 1529853 views on this video. I just want to say Masha Allah. I hope these views will be increase more after some days. I want to see 50 lacks views on this video. This video has so much blessing so it will definitely touch this target in 2017.
saghir (Karachi)
11 Jan 2017

I wish meet with Maulana Dr Tariq jameel sb alone but I do not feel I can meet with Maulana tariq jameel because he remain busy with all muslim brothers May Allah long life to Maulana tariq jameel sb we keep listing in social media Maulana tariq jameel bayan online.
atif (Korangi Karachi)
10 Jan 2017

Maulana tariq jamil and maulana taqi usmani is great personality of Muslims I request to website admin kindly add new bayans of Molana taqi usmani because he also doing great islamic bayans.
Aqil (Lahore)
09 Jan 2017

I request to Maulana tariq jameel keep on doing bayan videos in social media people awearness about real face of Islama I always sea Maulana tariq jameel work for unity of Muslims world A big gift Junaid Jamseed bhai given by Maulana tariq jameel sb.
Talib (Karachi)
05 Jan 2017

I work at multinational company, so I know how is it difficult to upload Youtube video on other websites. So I would like to appreciate the work of Urduwire.com. As They uploaded many good bayans of Maulana Tariq Jameel on their website. Please upload at least one very recent bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel 2017. I want to listen the bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel which he has been given in Azizabad Karachi.
Mukhtar (Karachi)
04 Jan 2017

Last month Maulana tariq jameel came at Karachi and address the bayans in many areas of Karachi Maulana tariq shouls be at Karachi regularly because lots of Karachi peoples loves to molana tariq jameel and Maulana tariq jameel bayans online.
subhan (Sukkur)
04 Jan 2017

All bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel are result orient Muslims are love to listen Maulana tariq jamil bayan online videos internet.
saeed (Rawalpindi)
01 Jan 2017

Maulana Tariq Jameel sb bhot hi zabardast dua karata han Allah Maulana tariq jameel ko sehat ka sath long life day ameen often in social media we listen Maulana tariq jameel bayan online.
furqan (Lahore)
30 Dec 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel always try to people change specially bigest personality of our socity because peoples like and follow to our heroes this is great achievement of Maulana tariq jamil he always live our heart.
nadeem (Ahmedabad)
29 Dec 2016

Its huge collection of Maulana tariq jameel bayan on youtube I have been listing bayan of Molana tariq jameel on youtube last few year this is great Islamic videos website.
Safdar Sardar (Rawalpindi)
28 Dec 2016

It is tremendous workd by the management of Urduwire.com to upload this beautiful Maulana Tariq Jameel Ka Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan 2016 in a youtube version. As the Youtube video works properly and it does not buffer. Through this effort millions of people can watch or listen this bayan easily in a short time. Even I am also thinking to watch it completely. Few days back I watch it half but now I am going to listen it completely.
sharjeel (Dammam)
27 Dec 2016

Maulana Tariq jameel is best muslim people for All Muslim world Pakistan govt should work with Molana tariq jamil for true face of Muslim and Islamic world.
danish sheikh (Karachi)
26 Dec 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel when will again come at Karachi kindly come at Batul Mukaram masjid Karachi for give Bayan I often watch your Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan online this is great and detail bayan videos.
farman ali (Sargodha)
26 Dec 2016

Maulana tariq jameel is best example every muslim who has done many think for all muslims Maulana tariq jameel done great job in tabligi jamaat with great tablig and united to all muslims all over the world.
Haya Khan (Gujranwala )
24 Dec 2016

I LOVE MAULANA TARIQ JAMEEL.May Allah bless Him With Love Health Prosperity & Happiness.Ameen
ikram munshi (bharuch )
24 Dec 2016

Masha Allah, bhot hi zabardast bayan karta han maulana tariq jameel, now all muslim love to listen maulana tariq jameel bayan online.
faraz (Hyderabad)
23 Dec 2016

Please Maulana Tariq Jameel try to meet Asif ali zardari and try to tableeg to Asif ali zardari because if politician will change to life then easy to all people of Pakistan.
najam ul haq (Karachi)
22 Dec 2016

Maulana tariq jameel has come Karachi yesterday and given bayan ata Madni Masjid Karachi after namaze magrib lots of peoples come and listen Maulana tariq jameel bayan but many area of Karachi traffic jam problem Because peoples love to Molana tariq jameel bayans.
saad (Karachi)
22 Dec 2016

Today Maulana tariq jameel come at Karachi and give bayan at Madni Masjid Azizabad Karachi I would like to request to please live Maulana tariq jamil bayan from madni masjid Karachi for all internet user because we all peoples like to listen Maulana tariq jameel online bayan but we are not able to reach at azizabad Karachi.
saud (Lahore)
20 Dec 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel bayans have been changed many peoples in all over the word Maulana tariq jameel when speech bayan about any topic and he try to interest Islamic bayan often we listen online Molana tariq jameel bayan about how to spend life regarding Islamic rules.
Nadir Ali Shah (Jhelum )
19 Dec 2016

I want to meet with Maulana Tariq Jameel once a time in my life. I want to ask some really questions about some very critical issues of today''''s world. We all people know that how to offer pray Namaz how to keep Fast how to do hajj. But these are not the real issues of muslim''''s world. There are some major issues with Muslim world.
Qasim (Karachi)
12 Dec 2016

I think tomorrow Maulana Tariq Jameel will offer Namaz-e-Janaza of Junaid Jamshed in National Cricket Stadium in Karachi. Well Maulana Tariq Jameel by face is not looking so sad on the death of Junaid Jamshed. All the people should come in the funeral of Junaid Jamshed.
Mishaal (SGD)
12 Dec 2016

Mujhy Bat krni hai tariq jameel sahB sy ... janti hn Allah Bht Ghafo0r rur raheem hai lekin hm hm Bhtttttttt Gunahgar us k pas maghfrat ki shehnshahat hmary pas gunaahon ki khataaon ki ... kia main d0xra junaid jamshed Bn skti hn dunya mein B Dr. Bn k insaniyt ki khidmt krny ka jzBa hai mgr akhrat B sanwri hui Bnani ... koa kia kia kiaaaaaaaaa krrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
rashid (Karachi)
11 Dec 2016

Maulana tariq jameel was great friend of Junaid jamsheed I like Maulana tariq jameel bayan also like junaid jamshed bhai naats. Both Molana tariq jameel and junaid bhai great work for Tabligi jamat
Tabin Talha (Lala Musa)
04 Dec 2016

I used to listen the bayans of Maulana Tariq Jameel. And I have a wish to listen the live bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel in my nearest Masjid of my city. I want to see him live from my eyes. I know our city is just like a very small village. I live in Lala Musa Near Rawalpindi. I am doing comments here right now to spread my message across the Pakistan. In our city there are many followers of Maulana Tariq Jameel.
Umair Javed (Islamabad)
28 Nov 2016

Yesterday I was At Ripah University in Islamabad to listen the bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel sb. He delivered a very important bayan from the recent topic of nowadays. He has changed himself. When we offered Namaz together I saw him that he folded his both hands on chest like Salfi people.
Qasim zia (Sahiwal distt. sargodha)
28 Nov 2016

Assalam o alikum Allah pak apki is kawish ko qabool farmae ap se ik Request hai aj kal bhaiyon ka jhagra bahot aam hai log doston ko apnate hn bhaiyon ko chor dete hn dost ko izzat dete hn bhai ko chor dete hn man bap k dil p kya guzarti hai jb chota bhai apne bare bhai ki bezti kr k ghar se nikal deta hai jb do bhai alag alag ho jate hn or bhai ka muqam dost ko de dete hn ap se aor tamam ulama se Request hai please please please is topic pr dard bhara byan farmaen jise sun k bhai aapis mn mil jaen aor man bap k kaleje bachon ka pyar ittefaq dekh kr thande rahen jazak Allah khair
Niaz Baloch (Islamabad)
21 Nov 2016

Nowadays I am hearing and seeing that Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab is campaigning against Sectarianism. I hope Maulana Tariq Jameel was doing some big mistakes but from now onwards he is going to change himself and doing correction in himself. Even we saw a picture of Maulana Tariq Jameel''''s was viral on social media in which he folded his hands in Chest in the Namaz.
zeeshan afzal (multan)
16 Nov 2016

one & only best scholer in the world, maulana tariq jameel.
Wasey Ali (Gujranwala)
15 Nov 2016

I have never seen Maulana Tariq Jameel to say about Ghazwa-e-Hind. So I have request to proceed my message to Maulana Tariq Jameel through your page of Urduwire.com. We all should do tabligh but do also Jihad nowadays for the people who are against Islam and Mujahid also Islam. So please at least once time give your opinion about Ghazwa-e-Hind.
10 Nov 2016

farhan (Karachi)
09 Nov 2016

Maulana tariq jammel now a days where we want to listen Molana tariq jameel live bayan on social media and tv channel I request to Maualana tariq jameel sb please keep on coming on tv channel and gives bayan because app ko dekh kar tabyat kush hoo gate ha....
Fakhir Mehmood (Hyderabad)
06 Nov 2016

I have never listen the bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel in my entire life as I am not his fan but I have listened many bayan or lectures of Zaid Hamid as he says about Maulana Tariq Jameel that he is quite supporter of Khawarij because he never said any thing against Khawarij or Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan means TTP. If Maulana Tariq Jameel is not their supporter so he should say something on air. When He will say something about Khawarij or accept TTP as a Khawarij then I will listen otherwise I will keep ignore him on any website like Urduwire.com and on facebook as well.
Kumail (Bhawalpur)
06 Nov 2016

Please upload any other bayans of different ulamas i check on many websites but i have not found yet so please upload more ulamas bayan.
Rameez (dubai)
02 Nov 2016

Maulana tariq jameel this time one of the best Islamic schoolar the speach of Maualna tariq jameel listen by all over the world many peoples I saw many peoples changed and convert due to Maulana tariq jameel education about Islam and Pakistan.
Wasey Chaudhry (Gujranwala)
31 Oct 2016

I was searching for Dr Zakir Naik addresses at Videos.Urduwire.com. But Suddenly I saw a video which has name Maulana Tariq Jameel Ka Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan 2016 when I opened the link so I wanted to watch it and now it watched it completely. So I would like to say one thing which is very common in Maulana Tariq Jameel that he cries in his very bayan so this is not only one video which has get many views.
Wasey Chaudhry (Gujranwala)
31 Oct 2016

I was searching for Dr Zakir Naik addresses at Videos.Urduwire.com. But Suddenly I saw a video which has name Maulana Tariq Jameel Ka Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan 2016 when I opened the link so I wanted to watch it and now it watched it completely. So I would like to say one thing which is very common in Maulana Tariq Jameel that he cries in his very bayan so this is not only one video which has get many views.
Anwar (Abbottabad)
31 Oct 2016

The style of Maulana Tariq Jameel while giving bayan is very great like his style.
Javed (Lahore)
27 Oct 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel bayans are very great to listen because of the shortage of the time i am unable to use internet so IN SHA ALLAH at weekend i will try to take time on bayans of Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab.
Zuhaib (Gujranwala)
25 Oct 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel become very famous from 2013 Maulana Tariq Jameel bayans is listening in all over the world he visits different places to spread the Islamic Eduation.
Maaz Ali (Karachi)
25 Oct 2016

I used to listen Maulana Tariq Jameel Ka Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan 2016. Now I have very short time to use internet so that is why now I am not able to listen his Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan 2016. I want to listen his bayan on the current topic Daaish or Khawarij. He never discusses this topic. I have been waiting for his latest bayan on the Khawarij.
18 Oct 2016

The videos are good for every one for innovation of goods deeds.
Sufyan (Karachi)
10 Oct 2016

When i listen the bayans of Maulana Tariq Jameel i fell very good he is very great person. He is doing a great work
10 Oct 2016

Farhan (Sukkur)
06 Oct 2016

In Moharram Maulana Tariq Jameel will be tele on TV and IN SHA ALLAH i will watch his show.
Fida ur rehman (Lakki. Marwat)
04 Oct 2016

Bayan to sub ulma karty hy lekn aj ka Muslim serf sunta hy amal nahi karta hy Allah amal karnay ke tofeeq day SB ko
Daniyal (Mianwali)
03 Oct 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel is a well known Islamic scholar and a very great person i listen the every bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel i have downloaded his every bayan in my mobile but his great bayan Allah Ham Sab Sy Razi Ho is a very great bayan and i listen it daily.
farhan (Karachi)
29 Sep 2016

great person Maulana Tariq jameel sb pleas add latest bayan about our life. Last 5 years before I did not know about Maulana tariq jameel sb first time I listen bayan of Maulana tariq jameel in website videos.urduwire.com now I often listen online bayan of Maulana tariq jameel.
saeed (Lahore)
27 Sep 2016

Maulana tariq jameel is part of unity of Mulim all Firqa Maulana tariq jameel always work for muslim unity I always appreciate to Maulana tariq jameel bayan for low level our area peoples and also working.
Ghaffar (Hyderabad)
20 Sep 2016

I listen the bayans of Maulana Tariq Jameel almost daily he is a very great person i almost listen the every bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel when i am free i listen the bayans of Maulana Tariq Jameel.
Nabila Arfan (Gujranwala Ali pur chattha )
18 Sep 2016

I like Molana tariq jameel Allah pak amal ki tofeeq atta frmye ameen.
Rizwan Marwat (Kamra (Attock))
11 Sep 2016

Allah in ko sehat Ata farmaye
Nida (Lahore)
08 Sep 2016

Maulana tariq jameel great Islamic religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel often given Special Bayan For women rights so always help to all level girls and women in every foram so I like to listen bayan of molana tariq jameel sb.
Rizwan Memon (Karachi)
06 Sep 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel sb is great islamic scholar many time I listen Maulana Tariq Jameel bayan videos online this is great social media who has highlights and positive side of Islam and Maulana tariq jameel sb I want to meet with Dr Maulana tariq jameel can any one says when will he come at Karachi Where is the location of Molana tariq jameel sb at Karachi. I always appreciate molana tariq jameel bayan and always refer this website of Molana tariq jameel bayan videos.
kaleem ullah ch (bhimber ajk)
24 Aug 2016

i like molana sahib amazing scholler
kamran khan (karachi)
21 Aug 2016

I liked maulana tariq jameel shahab.
Faheem (Rawalpindi)
21 Aug 2016

Please yar koi maulana tariq jameel kh number dah dah bhtt zarori baat karni hai pleasee requestt kisi tarha baat karva dah
Imran Khan (Kolkata)
19 Aug 2016

FAst Voment
washi Ahmed (gaya (bihar) india)
15 Aug 2016

I liked maulana tariq jameel shahab.
naveed (pattoki)
08 Aug 2016

bht acha hai
sheeraz (Muzaffafar Abad Azad kashmir)
07 Aug 2016

Allah pak Amal ki toufeeq deAmeen
sheeraz (Muzaffafar Abad Azad kashmir)
07 Aug 2016

Allah pak Amal ki toufeeq deAmeen
Mehtab ahmed (Muzaffarabad)
04 Aug 2016

Ap Islam ka faker hain
Rahman (Quetta)
04 Aug 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel posses the ability to force a firm non-believer into a firm believer as his style and accent is just optimistic.
Aijaz Ali (nawabshahmanahro)
30 Jul 2016

MashaAllah Molana tariq jameel Allah k pyare aur naik aalim hon jnko sunne k bad murda dil zinda hojate hen Allah pak molana sahab ko lambi umar aur achi sihat ata farmae aameen
Shahriyar (Karachi)
29 Jul 2016

I have learned most of the things regarding Islam after listening the speeches of Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab and consider him as my teacher.
mo ahmed ( saharanpur.)
26 Jul 2016

Ji bkar aalim hai Maulana Sahab mashallah Allah inki Umar mai barkut kre
Sohail Khan (kasure)
26 Jul 2016

Allah Pak Mulana Tariq Jameel sab ku zindgisehatIzat dai aur hamesha haq sach bayan karney ki taufeeq dai.
Shahriyar (Multan)
22 Jul 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel is a very calm personality and has been an inspiration for a large number of multitudes throughout the world.
qasim (Lahore)
15 Jul 2016

Maulana tariq jameel is those personality who makes Muslim with each other I appreciate to Maulana tariq jameel speech for all Muslim not just some peoples he always given bayan for Muslims and Insaniat not for any one Maslak.
Aslam (Quetta)
14 Jul 2016

I am a big fan of Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab and i always use to attend his speeches regardless of any sort of location problems.
Shahriyar (Quetta)
09 Jul 2016

I have been listening to the bayans of Maulana Tariq Jameel since my childhood and have never ever found anything offensive in it and that''''s the reason he is so good.
shafiullah (new delhi)
07 Jul 2016

hamare mehmaan maulana tarique jameel sahab se darkhast hai ke hamare india me tablig ke silsile me tashreef layen......aapka intezar krte hain
Talal (Multan)
03 Jul 2016

I have never witnessed such an influential personality like Maulana Tariq Jameel and for me his class is matchless.
mohammad noor (karachi)
03 Jul 2016

masha Allah, bhot hi zabardast ha anso wala bayan by maulana tariq jameel sb.
Rida (Gujranwala)
02 Jul 2016

Mulana tariq jameel is the best scholar.... He always try his best way to indulge his knowledge in muslims and non muslims ..He always used simple common and very interesting language.his style if addressing people is very herat touchinghe always translate Allah message in the same way as a mother try to understand little things to her little child in very loving and reliable way...may God give him healthy happy and blessed life .and enlighten our minds and hearts with the light of Islam. .ameen
Zameer (Larkana)
29 Jun 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel is a very inspirational personality and from the very ning i dreamed to gather as much knowledge as he posses.
azhar (allahabad)
28 Jun 2016

Very nice
umair (Ghotki)
27 Jun 2016

This is intresting bayan by Maulana tariq jameel sb.
26 Jun 2016

ARSHAD SYED (Anantapur)
24 Jun 2016

Shabana (Karachi)
24 Jun 2016

Maulana Tariq jameel is the very famous and reknown personality of Pakistan.MashaAllah Allah give him huge knowledge of deen e Islam.He used to force people to give love and respect to each and every person in his bayans.He has a good and religious heart.May Allah give us all maximum knowledge of Islam...And give courage to follow our beautiful deen.Aameen
ibrahim (Karachi)
22 Jun 2016

I daily listing in Sehri time Maulana tariq jameel come on hum tv channel program He maximum force to all muslim about love to each other with every maslak of muslim I request to Pakistan govt to nominate to molana tariq jameel in federal govt relegeues department. Well molana sb
Shazia (Gujranwala)
21 Jun 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel is one of the purest human being alive on this Earth and i use to follow him a lot.
Kashif (Karachi)
21 Jun 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab i am very much inspired with your Personality. Allah has given you the best way to tell Islam and Sunnah to people. May Allah give all of us taufeeq to follow our beautiful religion islam and sunnah. Aameen
irshad ahmad (india varansi)
18 Jun 2016

I always follow bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel....
kashan (Hyderabad)
17 Jun 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab is such as inspirational personality and i always use to follow him a lot.
mansoor (karachi)
17 Jun 2016

best more best
Shahbaz (Multan)
15 Jun 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameeol Sahab is a well known scholar through out the and world and additionally to that he is an effective path of guideline which makes him different from others.
Anum (Peshawar)
13 Jun 2016

Moulana Sahab i daily watch your Ramadan bayans on Tv. Your way of telling bayans are so much good.I wish i could be a good muslim as my islam want me to be... May Allah give all of us hidayat to to good and to be good... Aameen
10 Jun 2016

irfan (karachi)
07 Jun 2016

Ansoo Barah Bayan of maualana tariq jameel listen in many website many islamic website upload this popular bayan the style is amazing when Molana gives the bayan to peoples many peoples have been changes after listing Maulana tariq jamil bayan online.
Hadi (Lahore)
07 Jun 2016

Moulana Sahab RAmadan Mubarak.I am very much excited to watch your Ramadan programs specially "Roshni Ka Safar on PTV.Please do remember us in your Prayers and May Allah accept our good deeds and forgive bad.Aameen
noman (faisalabad)
07 Jun 2016

I listen last night capital tv Maulana Tariq Jameel bayan videos he is great muslim man all Tabligi jamat work good under the shade of Maulana tariq jameel I never ever listen any videos of tablige jamat about firka wariat good work Maulana tariq jameel and team.
khurram (faisalabad)
06 Jun 2016

All Mufti and molana addressing bayan same but Maulana tariq jameel loving style of addressing bayan to Muslim is out class and touch to every people heart. May Allah long life to Molana tariq jameel sb.
awais (dadu)
06 Jun 2016

I feel like good during ramaza listen bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel last year listen Molana tariq jameel Ansoo Barah Bayan this is super islamic tabligi bayan given by Maulana tariq jameel I want to listen roshni ka saffar latest PTV bayan videos online.
Mahar (Gujranwala)
04 Jun 2016

I am a big fan of Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab and i have a wish that one day i meet him face to face in order to discuss my issues regarding religious matters.
rizwan (Karachi)
04 Jun 2016

Please confirm will Maulana Tariq Jameel come on PTV home ramazan transmission during this year ramzan. I want Maulana tariq jameel come live in PTV Ramazan sehro ifftar show.
Ayesha (Quetta)
01 Jun 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab is a blessed and his bayans always breaks me into tears as they are so much realistic possessing a bulk of emotions and guidance.
mani (chakwal)
01 Jun 2016

Allah Pak apko khush rkhy Damien
hafiz munir shokat ali (deesa)
30 May 2016

Allah hi ko pehchano
Yusra (Karachi)
30 May 2016

Moulana sahab there are so much conspiracies about meeting you with TV artist.I also always think about this that why with all the famous personalities you meet all the time.
Mohd Saif Ansari (LucknowIndia)
26 May 2016

I love Maulana Tariq Jameel bayan very very much
jawad (muzffarabad)
26 May 2016

We need to fww Maulana tariq jameel bayan videos in internet online because this he is just Muslim personality who is like to listen every firqa of Muslims.
Shariq (Hyderabad)
25 May 2016

From many days i have not listened any bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel when i listen his bayan i feel very comfortable and very fresh IN SHA ALLAH i will take time to listen the bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel.
Erum (Karachi)
24 May 2016

Moulana sahab aap k bayan sun k bahut acha feel hota hy.Allah aap ko bohut si izzat or shohrt ata farmaye.Aameen
shafkat khan (srinagar)
21 May 2016

Masha Allah Ansoo Barah Bayan of Molana tariq jameel is awesome.
Farhan (Karachi)
21 May 2016

Maulana Sahab Please bataye aap k daily bayan''''s main kysy shirkat ker sakta hoon.Aap k live program main shirkat ka bais ban na chahta hun.Bht sy gunahgar logon ko aap k program main shirkat kerty kerty acha hoty dekha hy...
Ibrar (Karachi)
20 May 2016

This is best 2016 Maulana tariq jamil Ansoo Barah bayan. Many time I listen many bayan videos on facebook by Maulana tariq jameel he never ever says bed words against other Muslim Maslaks he is most famous in all Maslak I often sea every one like to listen janab Dr Tariq jameel bayan online.
hamza (Sargodha)
19 May 2016

Listen many bayans of Maulana Tariq Jameel now a days social media most famous Islamic personality is Tariq Jameel every age of man and woman as well as students like to listen bayan of Maulata tariq jameel in social media Facebook.
Sadi (Karachi)
18 May 2016

Well bayan 2016 of Maulana Tariq jameel
Rainy khalid (Okara)
18 May 2016

I really like him. Allah bless him
Azaan (hyderabad)
18 May 2016

Moulana sahab i recently heard your recorded bayan of Tauba. I feel like crying. I did tauba so many times while listening you indeed. Please aap apna koi phne number show krwadain aap sy baat krny ka khwaish mand hoon.
ALI (larkana)
15 May 2016

without islam we are nothing. maulana ALLAH n apko le ek chiragh ki manind kr k is andheri dunya bheja h. we are thankful to ALLAH ALMIGHTY who gives us previous gift in the form of YOU maulana sahab. maulana sahab meri wish h m ap s dusri bar IN SHA ALLAH jannat ul firdos milunnnn. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN
abubaker (bangalore)
12 May 2016

Assalam o alaikum maulana tariq jamil him sab app ka bayanat sa hai me bhaut hibrat hasil hothi ha Allah we dua kare tha lambi Umar aatha farmaiya ameen pls once visit Bangalore in India pls we r waiting abubaker from Bangalore
Azhar (Lahore)
12 May 2016

Moulana Sahab Please do come on any live show at this Ramadan. I want to see you in live programs. bayans tu aap k bht achy hoty hain. Your nature we can see only in live shows.
iftikhar (sialkot)
09 May 2016

Masha Allah sy Maulana Tariq Jameel ka bayan itna zabardast hota ha ky sun kr dil ko sukoon mil jata ha Allah apko lambi zindagi atta farmay. ameen from iftikhar ahmed sialkot.
faisal ansari (karachi)
09 May 2016

Mashallah sy Maulana Tariq Jameel ka bayan itna zabardast hota ha ky sun kr dil ko sukoon mil jata ha Allah apko lambi zindagi atta farmay.
Azhar (Karachi)
07 May 2016

Moulana Tariq Jameel Sahab I have watched your Program "Roshni Ka Safar"on PTV Live streaming.It was sooo good every word of you inspired me.love your bayans...I will try my level best to do amal on every talk of you....
Abdul Qayoom (khairpur)
07 May 2016

Mulana Tariq jameel sahab Allah lambe or armed atta farmai mulana sahab mere lei dua kari.
Asad khan (battagram)
06 May 2016

Allah apko lambe zinde de ameen
saud (Karachi)
05 May 2016

Jinab Riyasat Malik sb Bhot kushi hoe app kki bat par kar Allah app ko istaqamat naseeb farmya deen par chalna kya lya or Mujha kudh Maulana tariq jameel bhot pasand han or regularly main us ka zindagi ka har mamlya ka mutaliq bayan videos zaroor sunta hoon.
Riyasat Malik (Moradabad)
05 May 2016

mai IT professional hun.jab mai pune ki ek company me kaam ker reha tha tab wahan ke CEO ne Namaz ke time per Namaz padne ke liye time milta tha.kuchh din baad naya CEO ban gaya aur usne company me job period me namaz padne ke liye mana ker diya .is baat ka kuchh hi employee ne etraz kiya aur mere sahit lagbhag 12 employee ne job chhod di.iske agle din company me ek incident hua jisme 4 persons ki jaan gaye aur ek karore se jiyada ka nuksaan hua.inhi dino mene bhi zamat ko jione kiya kaafi arsa tak zamat me raha.mene pahle se qari haneef sahab ki bahut si tqreer suni thi.iske baad mene maulana tariq jameel yaani aapki taqreer sunker aur vedios dekh ker hairaan hua ki hamari jindagi nihayat barbadi ki taraf le jaane wali jindagi thi.agar us waqt maut aa jati to hamare hath kuch na aata.aaj mene inhi taqreer se mutassir ho ker kai so se jeyad hadees paak juwani yaad ker li h.bahut si taqreer bhi juwani yaad h.Quran Mazeed ko bhi Tarzme ke saath samaj ker padta hun.jiski wajah se sekdon aayat ka tarzuma juwani yaad h.aur insa Allah aage maulviat kerne ka irada h.is baat ka hamesa afsos rehega ki mai Quraan ka Hafiz n ban Saka.Mere mauhtram Walid ka intqal ho gaya h.Woh ek Moziz aur azeem insaan the.Mere aur unke liye Dua kiziye.ki me jyada se jiyad ilm hasil kar sakun.
03 May 2016

Subhan Allah Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan is great by molana tariq jamel.
Aysha (KHI)
02 May 2016

nice Allah pak ap ko sehat yafta rakhay. ameen
zaki ul hassan (peshawar)
30 Apr 2016

Molana sb Allah pak ap ko seht aur lambi zindgi atta farmae. ap k bayan ka andaz aisa khubsurat andaz hy k ap ki bat dil mai uter jati hy.
Kashan (Karachi)
30 Apr 2016

Maulana Sahab Ramadan are coming soon and i like to watch your program"Roshni ka Safar" on PTV home.Please do not repeat tele same old Bayansplease come in live shows it would be more emphasizing to do good deeds in Ramadan and in daily routine life.
Muhammad Hamayoon (Tank)
29 Apr 2016

Assalamualaikum Bhai Maulana Tariq Jameel sb ko Allah pak lambi zindagi dy q k ky bahut logo ky zindagi badelnay ka zaria hain.ameen
sami (rahim yar khan)
29 Apr 2016

Jazakallah Mulana Tariq Jameel
ansari (bhwanddi)
27 Apr 2016

M. Qasim (Meerut)
25 Apr 2016

Allah shukar hai, Molana ke bayan se Meri zindagi me kafi badlaw hai. Lekin ek baat ka malal mujhe hamesha rahega ki aapse mulaqat mushkil hai. Kash me aap se mil pata.
rana javed jamil (noshervirkana)
25 Apr 2016

mulana sab ap ka bayan suna kr dunia se dil tang ajta rana javed jamil noshervirkana
Hadia (Karachi)
25 Apr 2016

Moulana sahab i don''''t know where you lost the whole year. we only see you on the month of Ramadan on television...It feels so good when Daily with roza hear your heart touching bayans.. Please try to come daily on television..
Nawaz (Mahaboobnagar)
22 Apr 2016

Mehmood khan (Karachi)
22 Apr 2016

Tariq Jameel sab is one of the most knowledgeable person. The important thing about him is that he never ever ignite. love him.
memoona (peshawer)
21 Apr 2016

I listen the bayans of Maulana Tariq Jameel and he has a very powerful sound and a very great personality person in the Islamic world.
Muhammad Imran (Lahore)
20 Apr 2016

Maulana sab ap k bayan sun kr bht sukoon milta h loves ur bayan
Ghazanfar (Peshawar)
20 Apr 2016

Maulana Sahab Aap k Bayan sun kr dil ko sukoon or rooh ko taqweyat milti hy.I tried to listen and apply all sunnah and hadith in my daily life.May Allah help us to do good deeds.aameen
haroon (srinagar)
20 Apr 2016

Masha Allah zabardast bayan han anshoo wala by Molana tariq jameel sb ka.
umair (larkana)
19 Apr 2016

This is one of the best Bayan by Maulana Tariq Jamil Sahab. If it would be in video so it would be good listeners. Well still it is attractive and Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan by Maulana Tariq Jamil.
Nisar (Karachi)
17 Apr 2016

Love the Ansoo Barah Bayan videos of Maulana tariq jameel.
salman (quetta)
14 Apr 2016

This is very good Bayan but not tearful bayan. Please do not attract people with your title. I say this is good Maulana tariq jameel bayan and we should learn many things from this bayan but please remove the word ''''Ansoo Barah'''' bayan. This video has been already seen many people across the world. And it has approximately 11 lacks views on this bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel.
Daniyal (Jeddah)
13 Apr 2016

Ramdan are about to come...and i love to listen Bayan''''s of maulana Sahib daily in Ramadan....I have never missed any episode of roshni Ka Safar..It is great program of him.
wohaib (mingora)
13 Apr 2016

bht khoob
noman (Karachi)
12 Apr 2016

Dear Absaar (Jaipur) Kindly upload maulana tariq jameel videos from this links directly. http:videos.urduwire.comAddVideo.aspx
mianasad (manawala)
11 Apr 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahib main jab apke bayan sunta hon to tab main Nmaaz padhtahon aur jub nahin sunta to nmaaz chor detahon why? main hameesha Nmaaz Padhna chahta hon
noman (okara)
11 Apr 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel is a great man his Islamic bayans videos are listen in all over the world his way of talking is very great and like it very much every muslim hole world.
09 Apr 2016

Fahad (faislabad)
08 Apr 2016

Moulana Sahib I am a big fan of you. Masha Allah Allah ny aap ko bht Izzat or Shohrat di hy and you deserve all respect and fame. Allah hum sab ko bh naik kaam kerny ki taufeeq dy. Aameen
Hafez ali (Atd)
05 Apr 2016

Nice Zabardast bayan ha, molana tariq jameel sb, ka, when we listen videos bayan of Maulana tariq jameel, feeling can not say any one.
rizwan ali (karachi)
04 Apr 2016

shahid naseem (sahiwal)
01 Apr 2016

my love is molana tariq jameel sahb
Mubarik (G B Nagar)
01 Apr 2016

Allah Tala Maulana Tariq Jameel ko lambi Umar ata farmay
Azhar (Karachi)
30 Mar 2016

Moulana Tariq Jameel is my inspiration. He is a Fabulous Islamic Scholar. I have heard all of his Bayans. I wish i could spend my life according to Quran and Sunnah.
Ali hassan (Rawalpindi)
30 Mar 2016

Allah Pak Moulana Tariq Jamil sb ko lambi umar aur seht de. Ameen
Imran Khan (Bikaner (India))
29 Mar 2016

Tariq jameel sahab is tariq jameel sahab
waqar khan (buner)
28 Mar 2016

Salam I love Muslim people Butvthen i like tariq jamil sub
iqbal (dubai)
27 Mar 2016

Allah app ko bahatr maqam day dunya and akhtrat mn ameen app say darkhwast hay kay app tammam alam ilsma kay liya chker ky duaa kiya karian.
Md abul qais (Motihari)
25 Mar 2016

Assalamu alaikum wrwb hazrat ki khidmat men arz ye hai ke deeni malumat men bahot kami hai tableegh ki barkat se or aap ke bayaan se bahot faida hai lekin baaz dafah kisi kisi masale men ulajh jata hun isliye main aap ki sohbat ka khahish mand hun or main contact number chahta hun faqat wa salam al aariz md abul qais motihari bihar
Zulfiqar Ali Panhwar (Hyderabad Sindh)
24 Mar 2016

I very like Maulana Tariq Jamil sahab. He is a great scholar of Islam. We must follow his Bayan(teachings).
Asma (Quetta)
24 Mar 2016

I think Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab is a very energetic personality and for me he is the most appropriate source to have islamic knowledge.
noman (Karachi)
24 Mar 2016

I have downloaded the video of Maulana Tariq Jameel Ka Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan. It is 14 minutes video. And i have seen this video really tears had come in my eyes. I think everyone should download or watch this video. It may be change your life. lease do not miss this video. Watch it and try to get some lesson from it.
Adnan (Hyderabad)
22 Mar 2016

I have listened a number of bayans by Maulana Tariq Jameel sahab but this one is just epic.
mukhtiar (dadu)
22 Mar 2016

sir iam poor student mare leye Dua karana ke mujhe Asstant commencer & distric Accountant ke job male
Akram (Faislabad)
21 Mar 2016

Moulana Sahub main bh Faislabad aap k shehr sy taaluq rakhta hun. Mujhy kuch masly masail aap sy share kerny hain.Please bataye aap sy kb or kysy rabta mumkin ho skta hy...
Fayaz Ahmad Bhat (Islamabad (Kashmir))
21 Mar 2016

Asalam Alikum Mulana Tariq Jameel Shab is ultimate Personality May Allah Bless him always in duniya and Akhra by his speaches really it strengthen our imman and purifies our soul.
atifswati (pakistan)
20 Mar 2016

Allah taala nazre bad se bachae or hame bhi as ki toufiq at a farmae. (Amin)
Shahriyar (Quetta)
17 Mar 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab has always been amongst the most significant islamic personalities of Pakistan and we are blessed that he is with us for our guidance.
zeeshan (London)
17 Mar 2016

I have seen a beautiful dua about Rain on the official facebook page of Maulana Tariq Jameel. Allah please make rain blessing for us. Because we can not accept your challenges and we are not able to accept it. We are very sinful people. Regarding Recent Rain Seasons in Asia and Middle East. Say Aameen on my words.
Arham (Quetta)
16 Mar 2016

Moulana sahab you are my inspiration.I want to become a good Islamic scholar like you.i want to get knowledge of Islam from where you got.Please tell me how can i contact you and ask you full details...
kashan (Peshawar)
14 Mar 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab possess each and every acterestic to be a good leader as he is the most expected source to lead us towards guidance.
asiya sheikh (karachi)
14 Mar 2016

asiya sheikh (karachi) Tariq jameel sahab ap ky bayan bohat acchy hy.per aik sawal ka jawab dy log namaz ke pabandi to krty hy lekin un ky amal acchy nhe hoty taklef dyty hy .kya un ke namaz qabool hote hy.wo ya samjhty hy ky namaz parth kr janat kama le .sary gunha un ky maf ho jaty hy.or my ap sy bat karna chahte hu plz mujh sy rabta kary
12 Mar 2016

Arsalan (Quetta)
11 Mar 2016

Moulana sahab your bayan of islam are so good i like to watch all. Please do make a bayan that people not to say bayshak on every quote without refrence. I don''''t understand Why everyone is sharing and saying "beshak" to a qoute without a reference of hadees...
rajab khan (Sahhiwal)
10 Mar 2016

I am amazed to hear the news that Maulana Tariq Jamil is supporting and saying he things in the interest of Mumtaz Qadri and we all know that very well he belonged to Dawat-e-Islami and we also know that how is this Jamat? We respect about Our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). But Salman Taseer also said that he did not say any wrong thing about him. Actually he was emotional person and he took no other way and killed Salman Taseer. So i think Maulana Tariq Jameel should reserve to say anything in his interest.
tariq (Wazirabad)
09 Mar 2016

I love and adore Hazrat Maulana Tariq jamil live long Allah Pak always show His countless blessings on you Maulana sahab. Oh Allah please save of Maulana Tariq Jamil from the enemy Zaid Hamid. Because he always talks against him and also says that Maulana has some link with Tehreek-e-Pakistan (TTP). Maulana Tariq Sahab please d them Khawarijis otherwise i will d them with this label.
anwar ahmad (meerut city.up)
08 Mar 2016

I listen many bayan of different religies persons, but the style of Molana tariq jamil is awesome to convoy to others.
liyakat (nagina)
08 Mar 2016

Usama (Karachi)
07 Mar 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab is a very enthusiastic religious personality and i always wish to meet him once in my life.
imteyaz alam ( bihar.darbhanga)
07 Mar 2016

moulana sahab ko Allah pak lambe umar atta farmaye ameen
Aftab (London)
06 Mar 2016

Moulana Sahib now a days i am hearing a lot of things against you from different sources... I just want to say aap k bayan main hamesha achy kaam islam per chalna or jhoot na bolna ye sb smjhaya jata hy jo k aik acha amal hy. Allah hum sb ko deen e Islam per chalny ki Toufeeq ata farmaye...Aameen
afjal nagori (Mozamabad jaipur)
05 Mar 2016

AsSlamy alaikum aap ek bar india aao ham aapka bay an sun na chahta ho molana sahab aapka India me Besabari intejar h
hamid (jeddah)
05 Mar 2016

moulana sahab ko Allah pak sehat atta farmae ameen
amir (Sadiqabad)
03 Mar 2016

I have also listen this Ansoo Barah Bayan of Maulana tariq jameel sb in many websites Molana tariq jamil is best Islamic scholar in Pakistan now a day often Pakistani listen Molana tariq jameel sb bayan on social media.
amir (Hyderabad)
02 Mar 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel is a great Islamic scholar and a very great man on universe these types of peoples are less present on earth.
Usama qureshi (INDIA MORADABAD)
02 Mar 2016

Assalamu alaikum moulana saha mere leye Aur mere ghr walo k leya dua kr dijeya mera Name Abu Usama Aur ABBA ka Name mohd Javed qureshi hai
Fahad (karachi)
01 Mar 2016

My wish is to meet Maulana Tariq jameel sahab... once in My life InshaAllah. I feel very eager to meet him.. A big and a great personality will never come again. Masha Allah lucky are those people who will the blessing to hear your Bayan.
munvar (abudhabi )
26 Feb 2016

Asalam walekum Bhai My name is munvar basha shaik I''''m living in UAE, I''''m from India. My aapkye bayan sunthahu mujhe bohot acha lagta hey Yes tabliq key kaam key Liya myera jaan bhe hajyer, Main aapkye shat hu bass yethana bolna tha boldeya please myere liya DUWA karo mujhe hidayat milna bolkye, please mere Liya duwa karo tariq jameel Bhai.
24 Feb 2016

Fahad (Jacobabad)
23 Feb 2016

Maulana tariq jameel is my favorite Islamic Scholar. He is a great person. I wish i could listen your bayans all day and night. Allah hum sub ko achy amal kerny ki taufeeq farmaye. Aameen
Fawad (Hyderabad)
20 Feb 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel is a great Islamic scholar Often I listen all the bayans videos of Molana Tariq Jameel and he also had a great expression to understand him these types of peoples are the blessings of God.
bhopal (bhopal mp)
20 Feb 2016

zeeshan (London)
19 Feb 2016

International and Pakistani player Saeed Anwar and Ex singer Junaid Jumshaid will be coming to Khatme-e-Nabuwwat Academy London tomorrow (Friday after Isha prayer 7:30) to meet with the young generation and deliver a short speech In Aha Allah. Maulana Tariq Jamil''''s was first success to bring back a person Saeed Anwar and Junaid Jamshed who were not lying on a line of Islam. Please share video of this Khatme-e-Nabuwwat Academy London conference on Urduwire.com. Jazakallah !
18 Feb 2016

Ghazanfar (Sialquot)
18 Feb 2016

Maulana Sahib aap ki Shagirdi main aana chahta hon... Aap k bayan sun k bht impress hota hon... I feel like listen every time your bayan. Allah hum sbko hidayt day or Iman per zindagi or mout dy... Aameen
anwar (multan)
18 Feb 2016

Its great to listen bayan videos Maulana Tariq Jameel Ka Ansoo Barah Bayan online.
Musab( delhi ) (Delhi)
18 Feb 2016

Allah hazrat ke umar mae barkar karae
aslamali (sitapur)
16 Feb 2016

Maulana tariq jamil is True and motivate the god ways.
ali (Karachi)
15 Feb 2016

Today is Friday can so can someone tell me where will Maulana Tariq Jameel give his best Bayan in which masjid in Karachi. If anyone knows so please tell me i have to go to listen him live in front of me. I am dying to listen his live bayans in any kind of Masjid. I do not follow his Tablighi Jamat but love to listen his bayans.
zahid hussain (godda)
13 Feb 2016

mujhe molana sahab ka bayan download
Farhan (Lahore)
12 Feb 2016

Maulana Sahib aap ka baat samjhany ka andaaz bht acha hy i love to see your this message relate to valentine day "To muslims Alhamdollilah if you don''''t celebrate valentine day but please stop to those posters with I am muslim. Say no to valentine day. its hurt to other religion...
Abdul Qayyum khattak (Rawalpindi)
11 Feb 2016

I think it s a great blessing of Allah(SW) upon Pakistani nation that he has bestowed us with a gift in the form of Tariq Jamil Sb.
Azhar (Karachi)
09 Feb 2016

I have attend live bayan of You last night in Karachi.Molana sahib very beautifully told about Islam and sunnah.He also have highlighted our bad leaders and due to them we can never grow as good as other countries are.
umar (banglore)
08 Feb 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel is my favorite islamic scholar I was watching the videos of Dr Zakir Naik and some lady ask question from him about the chilla of Tablighi Jamat and she said that in Pakistan there is jamt who spends some days to go for tabligh definitely she was talking about Maulana Tariq Jameel and his jamat who takes people to go with them for tabligh. well done tariq jameel.
Sara (Lahore)
06 Feb 2016

Molana Sahib main aap ki bht bari fan hon...I have impressed when hear about your simple lifestye.Allah sb bari shakhsiaat ko aap ko bh hidayt dy.Aameen
Iqbal (Faislabad)
31 Jan 2016

I have watched the show where zaid Hamid mentioned Molana. I respect Molana Tariq Jamil sahib and i wish he will not give the answer to zaid hamid. jo bh jisko bh samjhana hy he should let them do.
qari abdulkareem (karachi)
31 Jan 2016

Masha Allah Ansoo Barah Bayan of Maulana tariq jameel is awesome.
Mubasshir (Multan)
29 Jan 2016

I like to listen all bayans of Maulana Tariq Jameel. Great saying by him that we should not be divide ourselves in firqawariat. We should be Muslims only and followers of Rasool SAWW.....
bashir (Dubai)
28 Jan 2016

Ansoo Barah Bayan of Maulana tariq jameel is awesome he always said true in every bayan for all muslims the personality of Molana tariq jameel is very attractive now a days. Munkir e Islam Yousuf Kazab student Zaib Hamid inselt to Tariq jameel sb he does not know he can not famous to make inselt of Tariq Jameel sb.
27 Jan 2016

verry nice videos...
aliraza (faisalabad)
26 Jan 2016

G0d bless you Maulana Tariq Jameel
farzana (bangalore)
26 Jan 2016

farzana i want to listen tariq jameel sab bayan
abu baker sahi (lalamusa)
23 Jan 2016

true scholar
Kashif (Hyderabad)
23 Jan 2016

Maulana Sahib i have heard some rumors about you. I don't know i should believe on those or not.. I have heard that you too have a dual Personality Like"Aamir Liaquat".. I don''''t feel like believing because you are my inspiration.. I hope it was just a rumor.
Adeel (Quetta)
22 Jan 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab is a blessed soul and an excellent advisor regarding islamic matters.
Ayesha Malik (Lahore )
22 Jan 2016

Very nice
kashif (Dubai)
21 Jan 2016

I like the Molana tariq jameel Ansoo Barah Bayan videos many time listen many bayan videos of Maulana tariq jameel sb all bayan of Molana tariq jameel is different topic in spend in our life style.
jamal khan (sadi arbiya)
20 Jan 2016

Asslam waliekum
Mushtaq (Peshawar)
19 Jan 2016

I am desperate to meet this humble and kind personality atleast once in my life as he is a possessor of supreme knowledge and i have learned a lot from him.
Tariq Ali (Hyderabad)
19 Jan 2016

I just heard Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan and become so much inspire by him.He has a magnetic thoughts I feel like listing that again and again. May Allah give all of us knowledge of deen and give us strength to follow our Deen... Aameen
saheel (bagh ajk pakistan)
18 Jan 2016

molana sb na mari zindge badal de Allah ap ko lambi umer da. ameen
18 Jan 2016

Mubashir (karachi)
15 Jan 2016

I always love to spend sometime while listening the lectures of Maulana Tariq Jameel as he is so much influential.
Asad umar (Khairpur mirs)
15 Jan 2016

Allah ap ki umar or sehat me barkat farmae aameen
sherdil (Rawalpindi)
15 Jan 2016

Tariq jameel ka bay an zalzaly k baray ma
ifrah (karachi )
14 Jan 2016

very gud...
md khalid (sarai barai)
14 Jan 2016

Every Muslim this days like to listen Maulana Tariq Jameel bayan.
Ahsan Khan (India)
14 Jan 2016

Maulana Sahib Aap k khususi bayan sunny aana chahta hun. I live in India and Few years ago visited your place to hear your impressive bayan''''s. Tb sy i feel like to listen your bayan''''s again. I hope this year i will come to Pakistan. InshaAllah
jafar mansuri (chhabra rajasthan)
13 Jan 2016

main apka bahut bada shakird hu mujhe apke bayan bahut pasand hai. apke bayan sunkar dil ko sukun milta hai apke bayan se insan ko hidayat milti hai ki wah namaz kayam kare. Allah kiraho me lage din par chale.
Daniyal ahmed (Karachi)
13 Jan 2016

Maulana Sahib everytime when i listen your bayans it make me feel very glad and feel so much proud for being a muslim. May Allah accept our sorry and give all of us hidayat to not do bad deeds again.. Aameen
shakeel ahmad (srinagar)
12 Jan 2016

Nice Molana tariq jameel bayan videos online.
Waseem ahmad (Delhi)
12 Jan 2016

Tarik jaamil sahab me aapka bahut bada fin hu par aapke biyaan sunkar mujko bahut dukh hota he kuki me bahut bura insan hu aap mujko hidayat karo
Abdullah (Multan)
12 Jan 2016

On regular basis i use to listen up the best collection of bayans by maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab on Urduwire.com and to be honest he is the most inspirational personality i have ever seen.
ireej (rawalpindi)
10 Jan 2016

I pray for ur long life and health bcz u are an inspiring personality for us..moulana tariq jameel u are doing so good..
muhammad abid (karachi)
09 Jan 2016

molana tariq jamil k sub bayan dil ko hula k rakh dety hain
faraz (Sukkur)
09 Jan 2016

We need to fww Maulana tariq jameel bayan videos in internet online because this he is just Muslim personality who is like to listen every firqa of Muslims.
Wajid khan (Islamabad)
08 Jan 2016

ASSALAMU ALEKUM. Molana sahab ALLAH apki umar me buhat barkat dale . ALLAH Apki duao se pure musalmano ki maghfirat kare. AAMEEN . SUMMA AMEEN
Saqib (Karachi)
08 Jan 2016

Maulana Sahib you are doing best job by spreading Sunnat and Hadith. Your way Of telling Sunnat and Hadith is too much good... You are teaching Islam as if everyone want to become Muslim.. May Allah give you Jaza e Khair...Aameen
shaik siddiquebasha (AP)
06 Jan 2016

assalamu alekum ...Allah aap ko hamesha khush rakhega
Shahriyar (Quetta)
06 Jan 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab is an inspiring personality for the entire muslim ummah and possess the power of speech to to lead us towards the right path.
syed zubair (Bangalore (india))
03 Jan 2016

Assalamu alekum tarif jameel sahab Allah apko hamesha khush rakhe ap sach main musalmano ke liye ek deen pahuchane ka zariya hai maine apke bayaan se bahut kuch sidha hai
muhammad zahid (haripur)
03 Jan 2016

asalam o alikum...its byan is so hrt touching i like it ......
m.ammar (rawalpindi)
03 Jan 2016

Aoa.my name is muhammad ummar.aur mera question yeh ha.ky nikha say palay bat kerna jiez ha ya na najaiz.auger na jaiz ha.to kue.ans me with hadees .
Muhammad Azeem (Dear Ghazi Khan)
02 Jan 2016

Asslaam o Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah wa barakaataho Allah pak Allah kareem hum sb ko ap jesa farma dy. aur deen ki mehnat ki sakj Allah pak jo apko ata farmai hy wo ilm Allah pak hamarey dil mein paida farma dy aameen
Amir sharif (Minchin Abad )
01 Jan 2016

Assalam o Alaikum MashaAllah heart touching bayan.. I like every bayan done by maulan tariq jameel sb. i''''ll must be meet you in my life.
Abdur Rehman (Quetta)
01 Jan 2016

From years Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab have been carrying forward his exceptional work for the Sake of humanity and i am proud of the fact that muslims still possess some great human beings like him.
Sajan (Lahore)
01 Jan 2016

Assalam o Alaikum
Muhammad Tufail (Rawalpindi)
31 Dec 2015

Allah pak molana Tariq Jamil Sahab ko duniya aur akhrat dono main kamyabian att farmaye
BG wajid khan machi khel (karachi)
29 Dec 2015

Islam zanda abad
Adeel (Hyderabad)
29 Dec 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel is a phenominal religious personality and i have learned a lot from his lectures.
Ameen (Chaman)
28 Dec 2015

Aanso Barah Bayan is among the most emotional one i have ever listened and more significantly in this bayan there are lot more important teachings for muslims.
mow.Abdullah (dhaka)
27 Dec 2015

i agri this waz of Maulana Tariq Jameel
zafar ali (a.pur)
26 Dec 2015

I like Maulana Tariq Jameel bayan subhan Allah, dua me yad rakhna please
Abubakar shinwari (Lahore)
26 Dec 2015

Pata nahi k mera ye pegham aap tak pohnchega ya nahi me aap se melna chahta ho. Ek bar bas. Dua me yad rakhna.
habib makki (ali pur)
25 Dec 2015

molana sahib duwa krna hy
habib mammi (ali pur)
25 Dec 2015

molana sahib duwa krna hy
md ragib ispihan (baihata ilali)
24 Dec 2015

give me hazarat moulana tariq jameel sahab.
saqib maqsood (rawalpindi)
20 Dec 2015

Molana sab hamare lya dua kara Allah tala tamam Pakistani bayoo ko naik kame karna k tofiq ata farmay aje tumae Pakistani 1 ho jae donea k koe takat nahe chor saqte.
18 Dec 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel is great Muslim personality, I like listen all bayan videos.
hafiz abdul basit (abbottabad)
18 Dec 2015

gud bayan of tariq jameel sahab
parveen fareed (karachi pakistan)
17 Dec 2015

assalamu alekum tariq jamil sahabmari me appki madad chati hon''''''''''''mery bary bhai hain''''''''''''on ky han uolad nahi hyme ny apna beta un ku guod diea hyjab k wo nsaha karty hain.me ny is lie apna beta deia k wo uolad pakar sedhi rha pae ajein gae''''''''''''ammi buht roti hain par wo ajj bhi waesy hi hain''''''''''''app meri madad karin k wo achy hu jaein''''''''''''''''me app sy milna chati hon pliz me buht parshan hon''''''''uonhu ny bety ku buht acha rakha huwa hy''''''''''''meri bat ka zaroor jawab dejye ga''''''''''''''''
Mohammad Naim sheikh ( Jaipur rajesthan ( india))
15 Dec 2015

Assalamu alekum tarif jameel sahab Allah apko hamesha khush rakhe ap sach main musalmano ke liye ek deen pahuchane ka zariya hai maine apke bayaan se bahut kuch sidha hai apki tree ke liye alfaaz kam padte hai Ap khuda tala ke nek bande hai apse guzarish hai ki mere liye ye dua kare ki main apni choti beHan ki shaadi kar du or mere ammi abbu ko hajj par bhej du ye meri niyat hai or Allah paak in sab main meri madad kare main bahut gunehgaar hu Allah mere gunah maaf kare or mate dam tak namaz padne ki tofeeq de or ek tamanna hai meri ke zindagi main ek baar apse milu or apka bayaan Samne beth kar sunu aameen
Hamxa (Lahore)
14 Dec 2015

Allah ilama sahab ko labee umar ata kre. Or in ko hadayet ka zarya bnay Ameen
M umarfarooq (Dgkhan)
14 Dec 2015

Asalam o alikumRealy great man Allah lambi omar de mulana shb ko
Kashif (Karachi)
14 Dec 2015

Maulana tariq jameel sahab main ap se milna chahta ho plz call me. I like to listen Molana tariq jameel bayan videos online.
Aftab ahmad (faisalabad)
13 Dec 2015

ALLAH humy aysa bina dy k Hum ek dosry ko pasand a jain.....
bilal shahid (sialkot)
13 Dec 2015

molana tariq jameel sb sy mry maa baap ky lia dua kray
faizan shaikh (surat)
12 Dec 2015

Maulana tarique jameel mere liye in sha Allah duva karna mer sab musibate dur hojaye.
shaik.sharooq (india)
12 Dec 2015

masha Allah moulana dua ki darkwast ha.
adnan zubair (rawalpindi)
12 Dec 2015

Send me byan tariq sahib
muhammad imran (hyderabad)
07 Dec 2015

molana Tariq jamesl sb mery walid k Lia magfirt ki dua karain
Muhammad Nouman Shah (Multan)
07 Dec 2015

Assalam o Aliakum kia main tariq jameel sab se ek bar mil sakta hon kuch dair ke liye?
Adnan (Rawalpindi)
06 Dec 2015

Molana tariq jameel sahib please contect me I have big problem I need a talk u I have no phone ur please please contect me my phoneno. 03129113337.
Afaq Gondal (lahore)
06 Dec 2015

Buhat Achy ha
Rubab Amjad (khi)
05 Dec 2015

Assalam_u_Aliekum...! Tareeq Jameel Sahab me apki fan hun bht pasand krti hun ap k bayan apki sunat k mutabiq baten deen or duniya me farq hmare farz sb me ne apse sikhe duniya k har kone me apko pasand kia jata he i like ur bayan
Bint-e-hawa (Lahore)
05 Dec 2015

shadab (partapgarh u.p)
05 Dec 2015

I am very like to molana tarique jameel
05 Dec 2015

habibullah (wah cantt)
29 Nov 2015

molana Tariq jamesl sb mery walid k Lia magfirt ki dua karain
sheikh rashid adnan (karachi)
28 Nov 2015

ALLAH HI ALLAH sabq amoz bayan hn ALLAH hme ic bayan pe ammal krne ki tuafeq de
ubiad ullah (srinagar j&k)
27 Nov 2015

Plz send me bayans
sadam pervaiz malik (Faisalabad)
24 Nov 2015

Plz everyone pray for me i will start five time namaz
sajad (ganderbal) (srinagar)
24 Nov 2015

maulana shab aap kay bayan ko samaj nay ke zarurat nahi hai who khud ba khud samaj aattay hai
asif iqbal (sukkur)
23 Nov 2015

assalam o aliakum tariq jameel sub mary walit k leay duhay e mughfrat karahy thanks
faraz (Rawalpindi)
23 Nov 2015

Maulna tariq jameel sb please inform when will come at Rawalpindi we have to attend your live bayan I often listen many short and long bayan videos you are awesome.
Irfan Haider (Wah Cantt)
22 Nov 2015

Allah Jaza e Khair Ata Furmaey Ameen
Asif Iqbal (Jhang City)
20 Nov 2015

Realy the narrations of respected molana Tariq Jameel Sb are hear touching and based on reality. Allah in ke umar daraz karen. Ameen. Asif Iqbal Jhang City.
shakeel (srinagar)
18 Nov 2015

Pleas send bayanat
Talha khan (Wah cantt)
17 Nov 2015

Assalam o aliakum Tariq jameel sb Mara nam Muhammad Talha ha Mara leya dua kra k Ma Allah muja raha ras paa ly aya muja hidayat dy mari hr jaaz hajat ko Pura kra Or mari choti bhan Fatima jo Suger ke mariz ha Os k leya special dua kra ka Allah os sahat dy or muja kamyabi ma ap ka both mashkor hu ga
Asif raza (bhagalpur)
16 Nov 2015

Assalam o alekum maulana sb aap dua kare mai ALLAH k raaste mai hamesha hamesh k liye jaana chat a hun.
muhammad umair ali (faisalabad)
14 Nov 2015

i like this video
muhammad umair ali (faisalabad)
14 Nov 2015

I like this videos of Maulana tariq jameel sb.
kamran (karachi)
14 Nov 2015

aap sub or molana tariq jameel sb mere liye dua karen k me Allah k raste me nikal jaon... ameen
Muhammad Saqib (Haripur)
14 Nov 2015

Molana tariq jameel sb aap say guzarish ha ka mery waldain kay leya dua karien k Allah un ko sahat day, ameen.
shakeel ahmed (karachi)
12 Nov 2015

assalamu alaikum tariq jamil bhai
Qaiser (Rwp)
10 Nov 2015

Mash Allah molana tariq jameel sb mere lye dua Karen kk mein rah e rast pe a jaon.
md abdur raqeeb. (chennai)
10 Nov 2015

assalamu alaikum jazaka Allah for ur nice bayan. Allah give precious gift like u to save from jahanam. Please provide bayan in india(chennai).
Sher Mohammad (Hyderabad ) (KOTRI HYDERABAD SINDH)
08 Nov 2015

Allah pak him sub Muslmano ko ye buzur go ke bayanat ko sunny or is par amal Karene ka tofiq ata farmai AMEEM
Ahsan Lehri (Dera Murad jamali)
08 Nov 2015

I love Moulana Tariq Jamil sahib
Imtiyaj khan (ptatapgarh)
07 Nov 2015

I an very happy to know that any body informed that what is rights to do in Islam
Abdullah (Lahore)
06 Nov 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel is an honest human being and more importantly the most respected Muslim throughout the world He simply is our pride and always works in favor of us.
zeeshan (rawalpindi)
04 Nov 2015

I simply don’t have words to explain the acter of Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab I mean possess an attractive personality with least ego and least attitude.
mazz m.d (haydarbad.india)
03 Nov 2015

moulan app duo karo meri lite I am christian and my faemli
Mushtaq Ali (Rawalpindi)
03 Nov 2015

Allah hame amal ki toufeeq ata farmai.
asif sharif (yazman)
03 Nov 2015

Mohammed anwar pasha (Hyderabad)
03 Nov 2015

Nice Bayan good
arshad (karachi)
02 Nov 2015

Very nyc beyan
MOHDB IMRAN (allahabad)
02 Nov 2015

assalam aly kum plz mere liye duwa kare
shafa (quetta)
01 Nov 2015

ALLAH hum sb Ko Nikki Ki tofeeq Dain.ameen
31 Oct 2015

Sairish Zil (Rawalpindi)
30 Oct 2015

Mulana Tariq is a great Islamic Scholar.
shahid (Karachi)
30 Oct 2015

Ham kya Kar rhan han Ham Khan Ja rhan han well said by Maulana tariq jameel now this Fitna days he have oppertunaty to listing Maulana tariq jameel in social media online I request to all young generation boys and girls kindly regularly listen bayan of Maulana tariq jameel in facebook and social media. well done molana tariq jameel. Ya Allah ka ham par Ihsan ha ka Hamara pass Maulana dr tariq jameel han...
Muhammad Nazeer (Gujranwala)
29 Oct 2015

Asslam-o-Alaikum. Mere bhai-o-Behno khuda k wasty Allah ki nafarmani krna choor do zra sochiye hum to behtareen ummat hen hum Q Aise kam kr rhy hen jis ki waja se Allah ki narazgi ho jis ki waja se ye Zalzly aty hen mere bhai Allah k wasty namaz ki pabndi kro mere bhaio zalzly us waqat aty hen jb zana aam ho jae ga agar hum apni society par nazar doaren to yehi kuch hamre muashry me phail chuka hai ...... mere bhaio hum log to itny gir chuky hen k hum zana ko mamoli cheez smj rhy hen mere bhai Allah se moafi mango....namaz ki pabndi kro ye meri ap sb se ajzana request hai
Aisha (quetta)
27 Oct 2015

Mulana tariq jameel jasa islamic scholar ki aj k muslims ko ashad zarorat ha. Allah amal krana ki tofic da.
Aziz Ullah (Quetta)
26 Oct 2015

Mashah Allah very good bayan
25 Oct 2015

interesting the behan of moulana Jameel shabkindly inform all latest vadios.
Maqsood ur Rehman (Peshawar)
25 Oct 2015

Maqsood ur Rehman (Peshawar)
23 Oct 2015

Asalam.O.Alaikum G kash k hum apnay ALLAH aur us k piarey Nabi ki in tamam batoo per amal aur un k motabiq zindagi gozary aur Maulana sb k bayanoo ko sonay
waseem akram (bahawalpur)
23 Oct 2015

Ap sub sy iltija bhi ha k mere liye dua kijiye k mein acha aur naik insan ban jaoon.ALLAH TALA mere aur ap sub k gunah maaf krdy.Aameen
waseem akram (bahawalpur)
23 Oct 2015

Boht acha byaan ha.ALLAH TALA hum subko hidayat dy.aur hum subko 5 wqt ka nmazi bnaye.Aameen
Muhammad Shamshad Raza Azad (Mailsi (Vehari))
23 Oct 2015

Molana sb agr meri zindage badli hy to waja Allah Or Rasool S.A.W ka karam hy or un k bad app ho. puri life min agr bayan suny hin to ap k bs. Allah apko jaza dy
motin sk (roghunathganj)
21 Oct 2015

apka bayan bahut accha lagta hai Molana tariq jamel ji
Mubashar Ali (Arifwala)
20 Oct 2015

Very nice Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan videos by Dr Molana tariq jameel.
Ammar Khubaib (Bahawalnagar)
18 Oct 2015

Very nice beyaan
yasmin seyed (peshawer)
16 Oct 2015

molana Tariq jameel ka sada andaz e bayan her khas o aam ke dil per asar karta ha Allah kary hameesha hum un ka byan sunty rahy mujy Muhammad swill laho alhi wslam kashajar e nasab bayan karty haien buhat pasand ha aiiah un ko sihat dy ameen
abdul latif (pakistan)
15 Oct 2015

ALLAH is ko sada khosh rakhy
hamid ali (karachi)
14 Oct 2015

I listen this news this time Maulana tariq jameel is ill please pray for great Muslim world scholar for good health and after illness given the bayans for Muslims.
shafiq (lahore)
12 Oct 2015

ALLAH jazekhar dy
ihsan ullah butt (sargodha)
12 Oct 2015

awesome bayan by molana shb
Amir hamza (Quetta)
11 Oct 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel is one of the Muslim world best reciter of Islamic bayan, over all many muslims like to listen bayan videos of Maulana tariq jameel sb.
Farri (Haripur)
09 Oct 2015

SubhaNAllah Mailana Tariq jamil Sahib ap jaisay insan ki hum subko zarorat hai ap k bayan ma who taseer ha kahen nai milti
Muhammad Ashfaq (karachi)
09 Oct 2015

Allah Talla Molana Tariq Jameel ko lambi umar atta farmaye
Wasif Imran (Sargodha)
07 Oct 2015

Allah Talla Allama sahib ko lambi umar atta farmaye Amin!
Mond Amir Azam (New Delhi)
06 Oct 2015

Good byana ha Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan Maulana tariq jameel ka, All bayan videos of Maulana tariq jameel is awesome.
raheel (Karachi)
06 Oct 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel ka har bayan sabaq azmoda hota ha may try karta hoon zayada sa zayada molana tariq jameel ka bayanat videos dekhoon or suno Allah Molana ko sehat sa rakhan ameen.
Shahzad Alam (Gilgit Baltistan)
05 Oct 2015

I love Islam and its all followers. nice bayanats from our great scholar and moulana tariq jamil sahab
M tayyab (lhr)
04 Oct 2015

i love tariq jameel.
Fatima malick (Islamabad)
03 Oct 2015

"Maulana tariq jameel ka ansoo Barha zabardast Bayan" I don''''t have words to express my feelings after watching this video. O Allah show me the right path.Ameen We are blessed to have a Islamic Scholar like you sir.
rabiya ansari (kotri)
02 Oct 2015

bohat acha bayaan hy we all likes yu Bayan apne durOOsth farmayaa pora hafta hain namaz parhny ka hosh nh rahta.... Hamary liye Dua farmain k hum suny K sath sath Amaal Bhi karin
ubaid khna (hyderabad)
27 Sep 2015

nice moulana sahib.. Allah ap ki umar ma barkat naseeb kray
shuja ali khan (srinagar (j&k))
23 Sep 2015

like ur videos
misbah ahmed (navi mumbai)
23 Sep 2015

mashallah tariq jameel saab jazak allah itne khubsurti se aap ne yeh bayan diya mujhe bohat pasand aaya jab aap ne yeh kaha ki sirf jumma ko hi kyu masjid bhari raheti hai bakhi time pe sajhda kyu nahi
md iqbal (begusarai)
22 Sep 2015

Allah k karam aur maulana sab k bayan k barkat se meri zindagi me bht hyada badlab aaya ha.
22 Sep 2015

I Like Tariq Jameel saib
ilyas (MINGORA)
22 Sep 2015

farid (Hojai)
21 Sep 2015

I like tarique jameel
hasan khan (faisalabad)
20 Sep 2015

Mai duwa karta hoo allah sb muslim ko sidha rasta dikay ameen sumah ameen
Sheraz ali (Bhakkar)
14 Sep 2015

Most of my favorite mulana i have ever hear...
shahid anwar (chakesar shangla)
12 Sep 2015

Maulana sahb ke byan ke brkt mere ilam me kafe izafa hua
rizwan (lahore)
10 Sep 2015

MasaAllah Allah tala Hazrat ke alam amal aur umar me barkateen ata frmaye aameen.
jameel ahmad tak (srinagar)
10 Sep 2015

bayans of Tariq Jameel sb are very much beneficial for every Muslim especially in this materialistic age
mohd Tarique (balapur)
10 Sep 2015

Masha Allah aap ka bahot acha bayan hair aap KO Allah jazair khair ata farmaye ya Allah pure alaam me hidayat naseeb farma. ameen
sheikh halim (lucknow)
08 Sep 2015

Mughe maulana Tarique jameel sahab ka letest byan chahta hu...magar koi sahi link nahi milti hai koi janab ko agar pata ho to hamko bi bataein badi mehrbani hogi..
Ajaz (Bangalore)
08 Sep 2015

Mera kaam barkat ke duwa ke darquast hai maula.
ALIraza (Gujranwala)
06 Sep 2015

Hazrat saib mujy mulaqat karni hai or mary laye Duwa karna ap ki mahrbani ho gi
atif (gojrat)
06 Sep 2015

how can i donload Maulana Tariq Jameel bayan videos online...
hasan ali (karachi)
03 Sep 2015

I like bayans of molana tariq jameel and nice bayan
Mohsin Ul Islam (baramulla )
03 Sep 2015

Muhammad sharif (Lahore. )
01 Sep 2015

supplended biyan roh ko chaim milta hay din kay massaile sun kar.
wasiq ali (bahawalnagar)
31 Aug 2015

i like you sir
Awais murtaza (Kehror pacca)
31 Aug 2015

Welcome molana tariq jameel sb.
Israr khan (D.i.khan)
31 Aug 2015

Wah molana shb dua h k sari umat ko Allah pak ap jesa iman ata kre ameen.
Aryan shah (islamabad)
29 Aug 2015

Fantastic bayan. Allah moulana sb ko our b izat dain daiy. k wo logo ko sayi rastay pain lata hain.our galat rastay sain rokta hain.lekin hum Muslim khud galat hain. siraf name k Muslim hain. chalo Allah hum sb ko seeda rastay pain chalnay ki tupeeq farmayi ameen
asad (t.m.khan)
28 Aug 2015

nice bayan
md ASHIQUE AHMAD (patna)
27 Aug 2015

Aslam alikum, Molana tariq jameel is best Islamic scholar in all over the mulim world and Pakistan.
abdullah (multan)
27 Aug 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel sahab always use to bring tears into my eyes as his speeches or bayans are so much emotional and have the strength to addict others to follow it..
Rohel Shaik (Nirmal)
25 Aug 2015

Masha Allah aap ka bayan bahoth kubsurathb hai, nice molana tariq jameel.
rana shah zaman (sargodha farooka)
24 Aug 2015

i love u sooo mch molana sahab may u live long ... ameeen Allah ap ko tmam mushkilat sy bachay ameen
arham naim (shahjahanpur)
24 Aug 2015

Tariq Jameel Sahab aapki baatey dil pe lagti hai. har alfaaz apke moti haihar baat me aapke gehraayi hai.. aapki suljhi hui baatien is uljhi hui zindagi me ek nayi seher ka aagaaz karti hai. janaab aapse mulakaat karne ka jee chahta hai...ho sakta hai IS jahan me mulakat na ho. magar US jahan me mulakat zaroor hogi (in sha Allah).
bilal (larkana)
24 Aug 2015

I used to avoid my prayers each and every time but by the time i listened the speech of maulana tariq jameel sahab about the punishment which are to be given to the person who avoids Salah i have started offering it and thanks to the almighty Allah who have provided us guidence through Maulana sahab.
adeel (manshera)
24 Aug 2015

Allah molana sab ko sehat dy ameen, well bayan videos.
muhammad hussain (rawalpindi)
23 Aug 2015

Allah molana tariq jameel sahib aur puri ommat ko janat dey (ameen). Mulana is my most favourite of Islam.
shbeee (wazirabad)
22 Aug 2015

heart touching bayanssss....... i like Moulana Sahb...
zubair (Karachi)
22 Aug 2015

Tell me please when will Molana Tariq Jameel sahib will visit to Karachi I want to meet hi and listen his bayyan live in front of my eyes. He is my most favorite scholar of Islam.
abubakar (islamabad)
20 Aug 2015

Mulana ko Allah janat dey isi janat is may in ka Allah tallah say hr roz dedar ho (ameen)
shahid (dubai)
20 Aug 2015

When ever I listen the bayyan of Maulana Tariq Jameel I felt very peaceful and get ashamed on my sins which I did in my daily life. His voice has such a tempo that control our thinking he is truly the best scholar of Islam.
Abdurrahman (hapur)
19 Aug 2015

Best bayan in world
khalil (hyderabad)
19 Aug 2015

Maulana tariq jameel sahab is the most important personality amongst all of the religious scholars..and the speech above always let us be aware about the importance of our religion and the sacrifices made by the greatests to save the religion..
khalid (india)
18 Aug 2015

very good zabardast molana bayan videos.
juneekhan (karachi)
17 Aug 2015

Asalam.o.alekum, I like to listen all molana tariq jameel bayan videos.
Majid hafeez awan (TALAGANG)
17 Aug 2015

Allah inhain kush rakhe insaniyiet ko sahi rasta dikha rahe hain
muhammad saddique (peshawar)
16 Aug 2015

Most Like, this molana tariq jameel sb bayan Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan.
faiz ul hassan (kot addu )
16 Aug 2015

my best rersonality is molana tariq jameel```````molana tariq jameel is the most respectable and honorable of world```````
ZARYAB (quetta)
15 Aug 2015

Maulana tariq jameel sahab is from one of the most encouraging religious personalities of Pakistan. I would always love to follow his actions as he also used to copy holy prophet (p.b.u.h)... may he live long for our guidance..
Naseer bulledi (Quetta )
14 Aug 2015

maulana triq jameel sahb is my fvrt aalim he is most respectable personalty may Allah save him from evil eyes
maqsood (karachi)
13 Aug 2015

I like molana tariq jameel bayan
Meraj Khalid (Lahore)
12 Aug 2015

we will ever pray for the long life of Moulana Tariq Jameel Sahib.
waleed (gujrat)
12 Aug 2015

This is true
OSAMA (quetta)
12 Aug 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel sahab is the most respectable and honorable personality of Pakistan and it is not bad to call him the most perfect person in the current era..his speeches are always a source of encouragement for the Muslims and sometimes for non Muslims too.
danish (Karachi)
12 Aug 2015

This is my big wish to meet with Molana tariq jameel live face to face because after listing Bayan of Molana tariq jameel I learn many new thing about Islam specialy understand Namaz and Arkan e Islam. May Allah long life to Molana dr jameel sb.
mohd hyder (hyderabad ( india ))
11 Aug 2015

Mash Allah, Allah Moulana ko sehat me barkat de.
Muhammad Waqas (lahore)
11 Aug 2015

Great bayan of molana tariq jameel sb, I love to listen all bayan of Molana tariq jameel.
Asad Hossain (Murshidabad(India))
11 Aug 2015

Alhamdulillah Bayan is too much good and Moulana sahab is one of my favorite idol.
Shahida Gillani (Islamabad)
11 Aug 2015

Allah app ko sehet ezat or lamby umer atta farmai
Omar (gujranwala)
09 Aug 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel sahab is considered as the most religious and distinctive personality of Pakistan and when it comes to religious speeches he is best in it...he always use to deliver passionate speeches and it is too tough to avoid his views.
Akhtar (Rawalpindi)
08 Aug 2015

Allah ap k ilm amal men barkat de
allauddin (karachi)
07 Aug 2015

mujhy kisi maslak sy koi taluq nahi.jo achi baat dy wo lelo. I LIKE IT....
RANA AJMAL (pindi bhattian)
04 Aug 2015

01 Aug 2015

sk.rahman (kolkata)
01 Aug 2015

Me maulana tariq jameel sahab ki bayan bahut dhyan se sunta hu muhe unke lafz bahut acha lagta h aur unke bayan se muje mere nabi ki sunnat bar bar yaad aajata aur mera dil narmi hojata h
zeeshan (kasganj)
30 Jul 2015

assalamualekum, Maulana ka Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan bhot hi acha ha, or main Maulana tariq jameel ka bayan ki videos bhot ghor sa sunta hoon.
30 Jul 2015

MOHAMMAD SALEEM SHAD Main ne ap ke ramzan ke bayan sonian bhot sackoon mela
sahar (Sargodha)
30 Jul 2015

I am a big fan of Maulana Tariq jameel.I have heard all of your bayanat but please do come with your bayanats on TV except Ramadan.Your most of the fans do not reach at you they watch you and hear your bayans only in Ramadan.
M SOHAIL (khaneqal)
27 Jul 2015

25 Jul 2015

maulana sahab ALLAH PAK apko taveel umr atta frmaay taak hum mustafeed hotay rahim.
Mubarak Ali (Raiwind)
25 Jul 2015

Bhai Ahmed sb please mujhay apna cell no send kr dany next time jab bhi maulan tariq jameel sb ka koe bayan jis ka mujhy maloom ho ga main ap ko call kr don ga.
hame maloom hi nahi (cherindi)
23 Jul 2015

Masha Allah bada zabardast bayan..... subhanAllah....
22 Jul 2015

Ahmed (Quetta)
21 Jul 2015

Maulana Sahab i wish to come and attend your all bayanat live but i don''''t know from where i will take the information that where and in which place or city you come to give you bayans.
liaquat ali (karachi)
20 Jul 2015

Mashah Allah Subhan Allah
noman (karachi)
18 Jul 2015

nice videos
mohd aslam (u p partapghar)
16 Jul 2015

Asslamualaiku masa Allah maulana tarik jamil sahab ne jis trh sari insaniyat ke liye Allah ka bayan kr rhe hai Allah unhe jajayekhair de sumaa aamin. Sbaakhair
Faizan (Jaddah)
16 Jul 2015

Tariq Jameel Sahab is an amazing personality whenever he gives bayyan the people always like it that is why he is the most famous scholar of Islam from Pakistan who is known all around the world.
Kashif (Karachi)
16 Jul 2015

Say true bayan videos of Maulana tariq jameel sb. I like all PTV home videos bayan by Molana tariq jameel.
noman (Karachi)
15 Jul 2015

I want to attend mefil of bayan by molana tariq jameel I like to meet tariq jamel sb.
Syed Amjad Bukhari (islamabad)
14 Jul 2015

Mashah Allah Subhan Allah
irfanalam (mumbai)
14 Jul 2015

I like moulana tariq jameel sahab
liaqat (khushab)
14 Jul 2015

love you malana tariq jameel
imran (vijaywada)
13 Jul 2015

13 Jul 2015

Ap Ki speach is veryyy important for knowledge. He is very great person
asif (Lahore)
13 Jul 2015

Is time Main dakh rha hoon Molana tariq jameel sb na bhot sa batka hoa logo ka mind tabdeel kar dya ha or raya e rast par lya aya han. Allah Molana sb ko jaze khair da..
rana zulfiqar (Dubai)
13 Jul 2015

We are lucky we can listing online get Islamic real information through Maulana tariq jameel. He is real Muslim hero now a days every young and old peoples like to listen Molana tariq jameel bayan in tv channel and social media. Molana is to famous in social media.
Ayesha bano (karachi)
12 Jul 2015

Sir app great person ho We R great full to Allah ka humari Quam main app hain .....Allah humy naik kary amen.
Mohdrehan (Aurangabad)
12 Jul 2015

Malik waqas ahmed awan (Attock)
12 Jul 2015

Allah pak ap ko kul musalmno dozak ki ahg sey bacahy or ham par rehm farmy amin
mudassir Hussain (Nizamabad)
12 Jul 2015

Send me bayans of moulana Tariq jameel shab on this no: jazaka Allah
Shabbir Ali Khan (Hyderabad)
12 Jul 2015

ALLAH Ap ki logo ko sidha rasta ALLAH Aur Us kae Rasool ka sahee rasta dekhanae k safar mai madad farmayae. Ameen
naila (burewala)
11 Jul 2015

very impressive and nice bayan of tariq jamil
Gohar Rahim Marwat (Karachi)
11 Jul 2015

Excellent Islamic topics for motivation towards right path.....Jazak Allah
zarakha (karachi)
11 Jul 2015

As salamoalikum Allaha ap ko isi tarha bolny ki tofeeq dy aur allaha ka pegham dyty rhyn is dunia ko ameen
sammi akhtar (motihari)
11 Jul 2015

Allah pak maulana tariq jameel saheb ki jindagee me aeezafa Kate aamin
m shahid (mansehra)
10 Jul 2015

sir hm sb ap ki speech k dewane han
ahmad yar (minchinabad)
10 Jul 2015

Sir aap kay speech ka jawab nahie
waji. ismil (khushab)
09 Jul 2015

i love tariq jameel
zakir (jummu & kashmir)
09 Jul 2015

Sir aap kay speech ka jawab nahie
amir hussain (fatehpur)
09 Jul 2015

I love Allah
Fatima iftikhar (Islamabad)
09 Jul 2015

Assalam o alikum We are blessed to have a Islamic scholar like you.Remember us in your prayers.
Mehran Gull (layyah.)
09 Jul 2015

a.o.a!i like and love u mulana sab and i want to u come my city plz once again visted and recint the biyan!thanks
ziaurrehman chilasi (Gilgit in diamer chilas khiner thhaky)
08 Jul 2015

Allah tala ulma e Pakistan ki air din e Islam ki hifazat farmain aamen ya rabil aalmeen.
Muhammad Shafique (Lahore)
08 Jul 2015

Muhammad Shafique (Lahore) Assalam o Alaikum !! i love molana sahib and want to meet you May you live long with good health !! Aameen.
sahib shah (abbottabad)
08 Jul 2015

Allah pak hum pe reham kre aur dozakh se bachae
Subayyal (Lahore)
08 Jul 2015

I am a big fan of you Maulana Sahab your way of teaching Islam is so much good I never missed watching your bayanat. May Allah give you good health and long long life.
sajjad khattana (dinga gujrat)
08 Jul 2015

ap ki zuban ma taseer b hay ore kashish b. Allah ap ko lambi umar de. ameen
akbarmazlomyar (bannu)
08 Jul 2015

Tamam mashqel ka hal serf aur serf dawat tablegh k kam me hai tareq jamil k bayanat se to Allah pak ne bahot se logo ki zindgia badl deye. pas ham sub ko Allah ki rah mi neklna parz hai parz.
Nida parveen (India)
07 Jul 2015

Assalaam o alikum. v.v.nice byanat. Plz mere liye aap dua kro.
Muhammad Naeem Akhtar (sahiwal )
07 Jul 2015

NAEEM (SAHIWAL) aap key bayanat dil ma asar kar tay han
06 Jul 2015

very good
sajid ahmed (karachi)
06 Jul 2015

aap ko zindagi ata farmaye aap ko bayan dil ko hila deta hai
umar afzal (china)
06 Jul 2015

ya bayan jga ajytn.g
Ahsan shahzad (ghakhar gujranwala)
05 Jul 2015

aap great ho molana sb aap ki awaz dill ko hila deti hy Allah aap ko lambi zlndgi ata farmay (aameen)
abul hassan (kolkata)
05 Jul 2015

downlod ka option kaese milega??
RAMEEZ (karachi)
04 Jul 2015

04 Jul 2015

tariq jameel is my favrit
mirza aquib (varanasi)
04 Jul 2015

aap jaise logon ki wajah se Allah ke nabi ka laya hua din ab tak salamat hai aalah aap ki hifazat kare.
sami ur rehman (karachi)
03 Jul 2015

mulana sb aje kal bhout shirk ho rha haihar nabi ne phele shirk ka bataya haiphir sari batin haimehrbani farmake is per tawujo de
Faizi Faridi (Lucknow)
02 Jul 2015

Subhan Allah, Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan is great by molana tariq jamel.
Shabbir Hussain (Kishagarh Sialkot)
02 Jul 2015

Tariq sb ap buhat acha byan karte hain Allah ap ko Islam ki taleem phelane ki or ziada tofeeq de aameen
muhammad (karachi)
02 Jul 2015

Iqbal(Karachi) I am really like you meri Allah se dua hai ke Allah aap ko lambi umar de ameen.
Iqrar (Dammam)
02 Jul 2015

I watch your PTV home Islamic program roshni ka safar I request to you please also come and show program on PTV after Eid. I like to listing your bayan.
perha (peshawar)
02 Jul 2015

dil ko touch karney vale byan. Allah ap abad raky (ameen)
perha (peshawar)
02 Jul 2015

bht zabardast bayan hy ap ka Allah ap ke duneya or ahrt bht acha kare (ameen)
Hamza chohan (gujranwala )
02 Jul 2015

molana sahib ap ka byan dil ko touch krny wala hota hai ap hamary grw b ain or yha aa k byan krain
Hamza chohan (grw) (gujranwala )
02 Jul 2015

jo log ap ko galiyan dyty han ap un ki fikar na krain ku k jo huq or such ki bt krta hai tareekh gawah hai k hameesha usi py takleef ati hai is liye ap ny din ko pori duniya may specially west may introduce krwaya or islam ap jesy jamat walon ki waja sy pori duniya ka sub sy bra religion bun gya hai Allah pak ap ko or ap k sathiyon ko is ka sila day. (ameen)
M.Arshad (kasur)
01 Jul 2015

Aslmualikum mullana sahb Aap k beyaans boht ache hen or aap ka beyan Krny ka andz boht acha hy
saib imtiaz (zahir peer)
01 Jul 2015

I am really like you meri Allah se dua hai ke Allah aap ko lambi umar de ameen.
mo rizwan (lucknow)
01 Jul 2015

30 Jun 2015

Salam Molana Sahab I Am Big Your Friend And Your Speach To Touch My Heart Allah Aap KO Lambi Umar Dai aap kai bayan sai kafi logo ko hedayat milti hai or masha Allah aap kai bayan hote hi asie hai kai dil pai jaa kai asar karte hai.
usman anwar (multan)
30 Jun 2015

you have really great blessings of ALLAH ALMIGHTY, you are really great person and you are really good example for the Muslims.
Atif khan (India)
28 Jun 2015

i am ur big fan nd your speach to touch my heart.Allah apko lambi umr de
sajid (abbottabad)
28 Jun 2015

Slam g molana sab ma ap se milna chata hu Ap ka bayan both acha hota he
hania ghouri (karachi)
28 Jun 2015

mulana tariq jameel k bayanat se bht kuch seekhne ko milta hai bht zabardast bayan hain sare
noorkhan (islamabad)
28 Jun 2015

Very nice
Mohammed Zeeshan (karachi)
28 Jun 2015

MASHA ALLAH mualana tariq sahab ap ka bayan Eman taza kardeta hai ALLAH ap ki umar daraz farmey or hamen ap ki rehnumai naseeb farmaey.ameeen
sharique jamal (india (nagpur))
27 Jun 2015

Ek baar india me bayan k liye aa jaona molana saab bahot arman h apko live sunne ka
shahbaz (mumbai)
27 Jun 2015

Allah sab ko taeeq jameel sahab jaisa ilm de......aur M T jameel sahab ko lambi umr de.......aameeeeen.
kubar adnan (khairpur)
26 Jun 2015

mashallah tariq jameel ka bayano ne buhat logo ko sedhi rah dikhae ha
noman (lodhran)
26 Jun 2015

masa Allah. Allah hum sub ko naik bna..
26 Jun 2015

Naeem Gul Afridi (Wah Cantt)
25 Jun 2015

Masha Alla very excited bayan.
Muhammad Abubakar (islamabad)
25 Jun 2015

A man very pure in his voice and suggestions a man pure in his actions and the way he convince other is absolutely exceptional Infact he is man of sound temper and class.
Naeem (surat)
25 Jun 2015

I Love You Tariq Jamil Sahab Ur All Bayam Is Very Good I Liked Ur Come To India Bayan.?
RajputtRanaRajputt (Lahore)
24 Jun 2015

I Love Isllam
Fawad ahmad (Dera ismail khan)
24 Jun 2015

Main in bayanat ko mobile pa download kaisy karo koi madad karain
Riaz Ali (Islamabad)
24 Jun 2015

Masha Allah Dr. Tariq Sb. Hamare lye b Dua kia kare Allah k lye.
Abdul Samad mempn (hyderabad)
23 Jun 2015

i love uuuuu molana tarique jameeel..... me ap se milna chahta hu ...frst and last time apko dooor se daikha tha face to face raiwand ijtama 2014 me..... me ap k bayan boht shok se sunta hu or apki baton per amal pera honey ki puri koshsh krta ....me apni marriage me bhe apka bayan rakhwana chahta hu and ye chahta hu k mera nikkah ap parhaen
kaleem javaid (lahore)
23 Jun 2015

mujhe complete byaan chahyein molana sahib k Allah inke darjat buland farmaye ameen
malik irfan (lahore)
22 Jun 2015

spread the knowledge in deffrent area main objectve and tell me way right or w rong
mahum (karachi)
22 Jun 2015

Bhttttttttt zabrdast Dil badal dene wala bayan
22 Jun 2015

sania khan (swabi)
22 Jun 2015

Uzma (Lhr)
21 Jun 2015

I like molana tariq jaméel byaàan
hassan (lahore)
21 Jun 2015

nice bayan tariq jameel sab
jabirkhan (gop puri)
20 Jun 2015

I like this Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan of molana tariq jameel sb.
Zeeshan Aslam (faisalabad)
20 Jun 2015

Allah ap ko sada khush rakhy.......
Mureed Ahmed Bhutta (UCH SHARIF)
19 Jun 2015

Mureed Ahmed Bhutta (UCH SHARIF) Dr.Sahib Ap ko PAK PARWARDIGAR Ne Musilmano ko jagane ka kam k liye chuna hy. Subhan ALLAH ALLAH PAK ap ki umer mein Barkat atta farmaye. Ameen
shahid iqbal (ahmad pur sial)
19 Jun 2015

bohat acha ha Ansoo Barah byan of Maulana tariq jameel sb.
jabirkhan (gop puri)
19 Jun 2015

I like this
ijaz khan (rawalpindi)
19 Jun 2015

Masha Allah maulana sahab Allah apki umr me sehat me bepanha barkat de ameen.
Aatif Ameer (okara)
18 Jun 2015

Great bayan videos, I want to listen bayan When Molana tariq jameel with Amir Khan and shahid afridi with junaid jamshed.
asim (karachi)
18 Jun 2015

Assalam o alaikum mere pas molana sahib k li ye alfaz nahi hen bs ALLAH PAK molana sahib ka saya hamary sar pe salamat rakhy. Aameen.
wasiq ahmed (London)
18 Jun 2015

One day ago I was listening the bayyan of maulana Tariq Jameel sahib with Amir khan in which he was addressing to the young generation and saying to them that we must have say sorry on our sins to ALLAH.
sohail ahmad (peshawar)
17 Jun 2015

As Salam o alaikum
Qasim (Dubai)
17 Jun 2015

Really love to listing Molana tariq jameel all bayans videos Allah Maulana tariq jameel sb ko long life dan taka wo deen Islam ki isi rata sa tablleg karta rhan.
15 Jun 2015

Masha Allah maulana sahab Allah apki umr me sehat me bepanha barkatde ameen.
Bilal Jan (Peshawar)
15 Jun 2015

I Like the discribe of Moulana Tariq Jamil Saib
Tahir (rawalpindi)
13 Jun 2015

Masha Allah molana Tariq jameel, ALLAH PAK APP KO AJAR DAY.
Hammad (Karachi)
13 Jun 2015

It is best to best Ansoo Barah Zabardast bayan of Maulana tariq jameel sb all bayan of molana tariq jameel is change our life I request to all please listen Molana tariq jameel bayan regularly he can understand to every one easily.
abbas (daska)
12 Jun 2015

good morning
Muhammad Zaman (KHURA(Khushab))
11 Jun 2015

tahir mehmood (dinga)
11 Jun 2015

i lov tariq jmeel sabi wany meet with tariq jmeel
Sadaf (London)
11 Jun 2015

I have listen the bayan molana tariq jameel when film start Amir Khan meet with Maulana tariq jammed before meeting with Amir khan this thing decided meeting would be just 15 minites but when Amir Khan Meet Molana atriq jameel and enjoy with Molana sb and meeting done over 2 hours. I also enjoyed this bayan.
Syed Shah (Quetta)
10 Jun 2015

Assalam-o- alaikim, Maulana tariq Jameel sahib ky tamam byanat apny andar aik Khas Asar rakhty Hain tamam brothers and sisters se guzarish ha k wo an bayanat ko waqt fargh kar k tawajo se sunain or amal ki neait se sunain.
saghir (Rawalpindi)
10 Jun 2015

I wish to while Ramadan sharif Maulana tariq jameel come in any tv channel for addressing real Islamic bayan now a days every tv channel show Islamic program by TV drama artist and show biz morning show leady host.
seraj (Jeddah)
09 Jun 2015

Its is appreciated to videos.urduwire.com who is provide to show tablig Islam in face of Maulana tariq jameel bayan videos in internet as well as social media for Muslim peoples watching right face of Islam. great work this website are many latest and old bayan videos who held in world wide.
daniyal (karachi)
03 Jun 2015

Nice Maulana Tariq Jameel Ka Ansoo Barah Bayan videos.
Hassan (Muzaffargarh)
02 Jun 2015

assalam o alaikum !! i love molana shb nd want to meett him !! may u live long with good health !! Aameen
M saeed uddin (Karachi Pakistan)
01 Jun 2015

Assalam I alikum really the bayans are very effective but we should not only listen but also try to do practically. JazakAllah
imran (bangalore)
30 May 2015

i make a dua to give a good health to molana tariqjameel sab ....
M ZEESHAN (mirpurkhas)
29 May 2015

I love mulana tariq jameel shab, because he is very nice man his bayan very nice.
imran (karachi )
24 May 2015

Very nice bayan Ansoo Barah by Maulana tariq jameel bhai.
Hamza (Karachi)
21 May 2015

Bhot Kboob Maulana sb I keep on listing Ansoo Barah bayan by Maulana tariq jameel sab specially in Ramazan holy month I listing Molana tariq jamel sb bayan latest videos.
razi ahmad (madhubani)
20 May 2015

Best bayan by maulana tarique jameel sb
abdul gaffar (gulbarga)
19 May 2015

Assalam o Lakum, Maulana tariq jameel sab, I have problem and wants to meet with you, kindly let me know when you come my city.
mairam shah (hyderabad)
18 May 2015

sai aap nay bohth achay bayan hum tak pohnchay hai aap se ak sawal hai kay sub ko zindgi may kuch na kuch melta hai meray pas bhi Allah pak karam hai sub hai ak nemat kay ilawa woh hai olad ki jeb Allah nay orat kay paou may janat likh di hai tu olad ki is nemat se q guzara gay hai aap meray liya our un sub kay liy plz har nemaz may dua kiya karo takay hum ko bhi koi maa kehnay wala ho.
Malik Asad Ali Ishaq (Rawalpindi)
18 May 2015

most famous bitannnsss in public
muhammad taimur (jehangira)
15 May 2015

Subhan Allah Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan ha Moulana Tariq Jameel.
umair abbasi (murree)
15 May 2015

Allah hum sub ko sacha musalman bana day.
ruqiayousaf (lahore)
09 May 2015

Mujay ap Kay bayan bohat a hay lagaty hai.
muhammad nasir (multan)
08 May 2015

Subhan Allah Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan ha Moulana Tariq Jameel.
Asif (Bhakkar)
07 May 2015

we love janb molana tariq jameel
muhammad shafiq (mian channu)
04 May 2015

Aslam o alikum, dil kehta hy Allah tala ap sy razi ho gia hy khuda kay liy hamry or hamary waldeen or musalman bhaio ka liy dua kar dina or ap sy eltamas hy k toba ka biayan zaror kareen.
Waqas Salim (Gujranwala)
01 May 2015

Mulana Tariq Jamil Sb mere dua ha Allah pak ap sa zaror razi ho dunia or akhrat main apko kamyabi milay
altaf butt (Rawalpindi)
22 Apr 2015

Heart touching bayan. How to download it ?
Norin (Rawalpindi)
20 Apr 2015

Kindly show the option of listing bayan videos on Google play store this is great website and many new and old collection video of Maulana tariq jameel bayans.
ssima (peshawar)
15 Apr 2015

Bhot hi pyara heart touching bayan ha Maulana Tariq Jameel Ka. Mujha download karna ha.!
danish (ahmed pur)
14 Apr 2015

There is no doubt, this is heart touching (Ansoo Barah Bayan) videos of Qibla Maulana tariq jameel.
Amna (cairo)
13 Apr 2015

I request to all Muslim man and women please share and fww bayanat videos of Maulana Tariq Jameel because this he is just man who is making unity with Muslims each other. Ya umat e Muslim ka itehad ki alamat han..
12 Apr 2015

Very high quality man Maulana tariq jameel sb.
ishtiaq baloch (balochistan)
11 Apr 2015

mere leye dowa karo islam ke taraf ajaon mai both gunagar hon
Abdul Razzaq Jadoon (Hassan abdal)
10 Apr 2015

of kash every body listen this speech of maulana tariq jameel may Allah give him long life who is trying for every body to go to the paradise (janat) and almighty Allah forgive them from JAHANAM, please convoy every body this message of maulana tqriq jamil for their own benefits, Allah forgive every body.
mian safdar iqbal (sargodha)
09 Apr 2015

aoa. aap ke bayanat son kr mere zindgi ka rukh badal dua ki aapeel he
m iqbal (rahim yar khan)
07 Apr 2015

Excellent Tariq Jameel Bayan videos.
zulfiqar ali mangi (ratodero)
07 Apr 2015

haqeeqe Islam btane wala wahid aalim ha, Tariq Jameel.
nimra (bhawallpur)
05 Apr 2015

bhot ache taekrer ha dr Tariq Jameel sb ki.
Armughan (karachi)
05 Apr 2015

i m speechless may ALLAH choose us for its DEEn Ameen
adil khan (mardan)
04 Apr 2015

Mulana tariq jamil ka bayanat buhut achy hy
ranirose (karachi)
29 Mar 2015

May Allah bless all peoples and on us.
mohyuddin gujjar (faisalabad)
28 Mar 2015

May Allah bless on us, great Tarid Jameel bayan of Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan.
saqib ali (islamabad)
25 Mar 2015

may ALLAH bless on us
asif (patancalone maingapeer root)
22 Mar 2015

Masa Allah, kitna khoobsorat bayan ha Ansoo Barah Zabardast of Molana tariq jameel.
majeed (sargodha)
17 Mar 2015

I am like full this Maulana Tariq Jameel out class bayan.
Chaudhry Muzaffar jutt (gujranwala)
15 Mar 2015

Masha Allah Ya Allah hmary quaide muhtram ki hifazt Fermana ulmae haq ulmae deoband ki hifazat farma Ameen I love Molana Tariq jamil sahib
maria brai (karachi)
15 Mar 2015

I do not have worlds of Maulana Tariq Jameel this bayan Ansoo Barah.
faisalkhatana (shakargarh)
13 Mar 2015

MOHAMMAD REHAN (jaranwala)
12 Mar 2015

Allah ham sab ko Allah or us k nabi ki pervi krany ki tufiq ata kary ameeen.
Faheem (Lahore)
04 Mar 2015

Masha Allah there is no other bayan giver we have expect maulana Tariq Jameel his words and sentences affects on the hearts of the people and compel them to get back towards their Allah and do good deeds.
Khurram (Mumbai)
03 Mar 2015

I think the people no need to go anywhere for getting "hidayat" its all in your hands you have internet TV with religious channels and several hundreds of sources to get it know about Islam.
wajiha yazdanie (karachai)
01 Mar 2015

Tariq jameel shb mai aap se milna chahti hon, Please mujh se rapta kr laen.
Qazi Nasir (Dhaka)
24 Feb 2015

Masha Allah these types of videos opens the Muslim''''s mind and compel him to think about his life and help him to get close to the Islam and Allah this is the best eye opener and awareness bayan.
Nazakat Ali (Islamabad)
23 Feb 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel sb Allah Pak ko lambi umar or seht ata farmaye Allah Pak ap ka saya hamray saru pe qaim o daim rakhay ameen.
Nazakat Ali (Islamabad)
23 Feb 2015

Message for u frnds
shahruk ghori (karachi)
22 Feb 2015

I like Tariq jameel
Junaid (Lahore)
21 Feb 2015

Tariq Sahab Allah bless you for spreading great words to the people and telling them the real way of spending lives under the flag of Islam hope people can understand you and act on that accordingly.
Sabir Hussain (Chak Jhamra)
19 Feb 2015

Yesterday Maulana Tariq Jameel came at Mian Channu Tabligi Markaz can any one share the link of Bayan by Molana sb in Mian Channu Markaz.
shahid naseem (121) (sahiwal)
18 Feb 2015

molana sahib kabhi arifwala ya sahiwal nai a rahy bari deer se wait kar rahey hen kafi arsa ho gea he aye hue mehrbani ho gee agr tashreef laen hum live byan samaat karna chahtey hen sirf cds aue tv pr sun sun kar thak gae hen kash k hmarey han bhi kabhi fursat miltey a jatey. Asslam-0-Llaikum. shukryia
Iftikhar Ahmad (Lahore)
17 Feb 2015

Allah Kareem Maulana Tariq Jameel Sb. ko Jaza e khair atta fermaay
prince kamran (karachi)
16 Feb 2015

maulana tariq jameel k bayan bahot achey hotey hay.maza ajata hay
Imran Sofi (Karachi)
16 Feb 2015

last week I have listen Maulana tariq jameel bayan Janat or jhanum ka bara mian bilkul drust farmya tha maulana tariq jameel sb na Dunya hamara arzi ghar ha or akhrat hamara mustakil tekhana ha.
Usman (Rawalpindi)
14 Feb 2015

Please share the Lahore ijtama Dua and bayan video of Maulana Tariq Jamel and other tabligi jamat ulmas this is best side to find latest and old videos of Maulana Tariq Jameel SB.
Mumtaz (Karachi)
12 Feb 2015

Kindly let me know bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel collection CD available in Market as I want to listen bayan of Dr. Tariq Jameel during journey.
Murtaza (Dubai)
12 Feb 2015

His bayans effects deep inside the heart he has the most effective way of giving bayans and has abundance of knowledge about Islam and Deen long live Mulana Tariq Jameel Shahab you aware the people of Pakistan.
Imdad (Sukkur)
11 Feb 2015

Dil ko hila dana wala bayan hota han Maulana tariq jameel sb ka main bhot shok sa regular bayan sunta hoon Dr. sb ka please rozana latest bayan share kara dya karan.
Saleem (Lahore)
10 Feb 2015

This thing is true speech of all Maulna Dr Tariq Jameel are heart touching I like to watch videos and listen online bananat of Maulana sb.
Zaman Khan (Sukkur)
09 Feb 2015

It is saying true Osman sb all Bayan of Maulana tariq jameel are heart touching when we listing bayan of Dr tariq sb we feeling different situation in our life.
Osman Maftoom (Rawalpindi)
06 Feb 2015

All Bayans of Maulana Tariq Jameel are Ansoo Barah I regularly listen speech of Dr Tariq Jameel online all type of speech available in internet specially videos.urduwire.com has great collection of bayans.
Sohail (Lahore)
04 Feb 2015

It is true say this is Ansoo Barah bayan by Dr Tariq Jamil sb Maulana sb ki awad main wo bat ha ka aik dafa suna ka bad dil main utar gate ha.
Hamza (Lahore)
04 Feb 2015

Family relation bayan wants to listen because now a days every home story is (khani ghar ghar ki) so please share how to make fit family in our life.
Uzair (Karachi)
03 Feb 2015

When I listen speech of Maulana Tariq Jameel I feel like I am lucky man of the world who has Dr. Tariq Jameel like Muslim scholar who has completely detail and real bayan about Islam and Muslims.
Jabir Sultan (Faisalabad)
02 Feb 2015

I never ever listen this type of Islamic bayanat hole my life May Allah give long live to Maulana Dr Tariq Jameel sb I wish to meet Molana Sb face to face and ask the question about spend our life.
Saeed (Faisalabad)
31 Jan 2015

I request to Maulana Tariq Jameelplease pray for Pakistani cricket team for wining Icc cricket world cup2015 because as Pakistani nation we are facing many problems if this time Pakistan win World Cup as nation we will all to happy.
Khalid Abbas (Lahore)
25 Jan 2015

Cable tv channel is best source of information forward and share to public so I request to Maulana tariq Jameel please start tv channel for forward Islam massage to every Muslim and non Muslims.
Shokat (Rawalpindi)
22 Jan 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel Ka ya bayan bhot tafseel sa or jamya ha mare sab sa ghuzaris ha is bayan ko mukal tor par suna or apni zindagi ko in talimat ka mutabiq dhal lyan.
Imtiaz (Karachi)
21 Jan 2015

All Muslim world should be nominated to Dr Tariq Jameel as a Muslim ambassador in United Nation Kyu ka Hamesha Tariq Jameel sb sa Ithed e Muslim ki bat ki ha.
MAjid Aslam (Lahore)
17 Jan 2015

Great Islamic leader of Muslim world Maulana Tariq Jameel should be big part of (Itehad e Banul Musim) my all friends with me like to listen regulary bayanat of Maulana Tariq Jameel in online internet.
Imtiaz Ahmed (Karachi)
16 Jan 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel sa Mulaqat Kasa ho sakte ha main bhot shok sa Molana Tariq Jameel Sb ka videos bayan sunta hoon he is great Muslim personality.
Badar abbass (Karachi)
15 Jan 2015

I often listen all type life spending Bayanat of Maulana Tariq Jameel like Film star Tawaif Hijray Husbend and wife how to spend life etc Maulana Tariq JAmeel always says good for reality of Islam and Muslim.
Sadiq Imran (Karachi)
14 Jan 2015

I am in Karachi I want to listen live Bayan and ask some question with Maulana Tariq Jameel please confirm when will you come Karachi where will you available in Karachi.
Mohammad Sami (Karachi)
14 Jan 2015

Subhan Allah very nice Bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel great man and great Islamic scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel SB after Ramazan I regularly watch and listen bayan videos of Molana Tariq Jameel bhai.
M.umar (sialkot)
02 Jan 2015

Masha Allah it is very nice mulana (I like tariq jameel Bayan and you.!
Muhammad Amin (Gujranwala)
26 Dec 2014

Subhan Allah Maulana Tariq Jameel aweosme Byan Ansoo Barah Zabardast Bayan video ha.
29 Oct 2014

Mash Allah it is great bayaan of Maulana Tariq Jameel. Allah give you great happiness in this world & the other world. ameen
raja adil (chowki narwal dhirkot azad kashmir )
16 Oct 2014

Allah o Akbar very nice BAyan of Maulana Tariq Jameel.
abdurrahman (islamabad)
11 Oct 2014

maulana tariq jameel ap ka show bht acha ha :)
imran (zhob balochistan)
30 Sep 2014

zabadast maulana sab
hassan (kamber)
22 Sep 2014

Masha Allah it is great bayan of maulana tariq jameel Allah give you great happiness in this world. Ameen
abid azad (mirpur khas)
20 Sep 2014

Allah akber.
abdul wahid (sarghodha)
19 Sep 2014

Mash Allah it is great bayaan of Maulana Tariq Jameel. Allah give you great happiness in this world & the other world. ameen
muqadas (kot pehlwan)
19 Sep 2014

i like it
lala shakeel ahmed (karachi)
17 Sep 2014

nice bayan Masha Allah, Allah barkat ata farmaye naiki k kam me
noreenafzal (peshawar)
16 Sep 2014

Allah pak hamy as per amal ke mukmal amal ke tofeeq daye ameen Allah hamra dil apne cha ke mutabeeq badal dye ameen q k jana hai to Allah ke hi pas ha na as lay bas apne laya aur kul umte muslama ki lay bi hamri ye dua hai.
irfan (dehli)
14 Sep 2014

Masha Allah Maulana Tariq Jameel Best Bayan.
iftkhar hassan (multan)
06 Sep 2014

Bhot achin batin krtiy hain maulana saheb
hafiz fayyaz (lahore)
04 Sep 2014

Assalam O Alikum. Tariq Jamil is the bestest mulana, alim, kind and loving person in this world. I love you mulana and also my parents and my friend. remember us in ur prayerz. Allah bless you. ameen
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