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Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan About Music Listeners

Uploaded By: sadia
Maulana Tariq Jameel is giving inspiring bayan against music and its disadvantages in this world and taking about the benefits of avoiding music in this world which will be given by Allah hereafter, he says, every person which never listened music will make listen in Jannah which will before the 70 years, as well as the music which can never be heard before by anyone, which will be the best music from this temporary world. All the stuff which is prohibited in this world will be retuned in hereafter life by Allah with better ways listen the whole bayan in the form of video and learn good deeds.
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Tariq Rana Faisal (Peshawar)
08 Mar 2017

This is a outstanding bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan About Music Listeners. I think in this bayan he has defined the advantages for those people who do not listen music. But what are actual advantages and disadvantages of music please Maulana Tariq Jameel sahab elaborate them. And tell us why is Music prohibited in Islam and what are the big disadvantages of listening music.
Nasir Jameel (Sukkur )
27 Feb 2017

Music is very common in our society nowadays. Without music our wedding ceremonies are incomplete. Even we spent so much money to hire musician for wedding ceremony just for few hours this is way which makes wedding very difficult. Nikkah has become more difficult in these days due to these type of musical activities. These musical activities in our wedding has become trend so Maulana Tariq Jameel should give bayan on that issue properly.
Sajid (Khairpur)
16 Feb 2017

Maulana Tariq Jameel is one of the best best Ulma-e-Haq in Pakistan. He can convey his messages to the Ummah without any hesitation. He looks all the little issues of Muslims ummah ( Fitwa Of Daggal ). Music is also the fitna of Daggal. Music is the end of time''''s sign. Maulana Tariq Jameel is trying to become free the muslim ummah with music.
Jahangir (Rawalpindi)
08 Feb 2017

I was again turning towards music but all of sudden this Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan About Music Listeners came in front of me. I knew before listening this bayan that music is prohibited in Islam. But after listening Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan About Music Listeners has given me some inspiration.
Faris Zohair (Sarghoda)
31 Jan 2017

Whenever My heart feels a need of music to listen. Then I start this video bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel about Music Listeners from the page of Videos.Urduwire.com. This video motivates us like a captain of team motivates his team players. All the stuff which is prohibited in this world will be retuned in hereafter life by Allah with better ways. This line Goose Bump !
Zahid Ali (Dubai)
27 Jan 2017

It was a time when I used to listen Music every time on my mobile or mp3 with handfree. Since 2012 I left to listen music because I felt that time enough is enough now no more music in my life. As Music diverts the mind of a person towards other things. And after that I used to listen the bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel all of sudden I saw the his this bayan about music and after listen it I have become strong more to avoid myself from Music.
Khalid Bin Waleed (Sukkur)
17 Jan 2017

Maulana Tariq Jameel''''s Bayan about Music is a heart touching bayan. Once if any person hear it then it will leave to listen music all of sudden. Before listening this bayan I tried many times to stop it but I could not stop to listen music. But this Bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel has been changed my way of thinking.
Junaid Aazam (Sialkot)
12 Jan 2017

After hearing the bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel about Music. I left to listen Music. I realized after hearing his bayan that to listen music is a big sin as it is also prohibited in Islam. So as a good muslim we should not listen music. I hope all the young generation will look on this issue seriously and soon will leave to listen music of Yo Yo Honey singh or etc. Instead of listen music just try to listen Tilawat of Quran Majeed.
fareed (Karachi)
10 Jan 2017

I listen Friday and often listen Maulana tariq jameel bayan videos online I request to urduwire kindly add Maulana tariq jamil bayan 2017 latest please provide latest bayan videos of Maulana tariq jameel.
Bilal Afzal (Rawalpindi )
05 Jan 2017

Today Is Friday I am thinking to listen The bayan Of Maulana Tariq Jameel about Music listener. It is looking amazing bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel. All the music which is prohibited in this temporary world will be retuned in hereafter life by Allah with better ways. Some time we cross limit in music lyrics so that is why it is prohibited in Islam.
bashir (Lahore)
02 Jan 2017

Never listing Maulana Tariq Jameel this type of amazing bayan we all loves to Maulana tariq jamil and regularly listing bayanat of janab Molana tariq jameel in online and tv channel now a days many tv channel regularly tele Maulana tariq jameel bayans on tv channels online.
noman (Quetta)
29 Dec 2016

Always Maulana tariq jamil do not fight against any Firqa of Islam Maulana tariq jameel always listen to lasson every muslim just make muslim do not make any firqawariat I would like to thanks Maulana tariq jameel on this act.
Rashid Faiz (Karachi)
28 Dec 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel has been given inspiring bayan about music and music listener. he inspired many people through his this bayan like Junaid Jamshed who left music industry and many other common people who are engaged with Tabligh-e-Jamat. Well He has said everything very true but it is very difficult to listen music. Life is unproper without music from my point of views. Even I know I am not on right way. But i will try to stop listening music.
mohammad shahnawaj (new dehi)
28 Dec 2016

Masha Allah best bayan Maulana Tariq Jameel for Music Listeners, Maulana tariq jameel keep on doing bayan every time for all muslims.
fayaz ali (Mumbai)
26 Dec 2016

I request to maulana tariq jameel when you come India we want to listen molana tariq jameel bayan live in india Indian peoples also love to Maulana tariq jamil specially Molana meeting with Great Aamir khan.
yasir khan (Mansera)
22 Dec 2016

Maulana tariq jameel this bayan very famous in peoples (Music listener) many peoples discus about Maulana tariq jamil this bayan and I just say Maulana tariq jameel is great man and he is awesome working for Islam Tablige jamat and all over the Muslims.
fareed khan (Karachi)
22 Dec 2016

I request to Maulana Tariq Jameel sb kindly come at Karachi regularly because Karachi peoples love to Maulana Tariq Jamil and Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan and we often listen Maulana Tariq Jamil Bayan online in social media and electronic media weel done Maulana Tariq Jameel.
Muhammad Owais (Karachi)
21 Dec 2016

I also Like to listing Maulana tariq jamil bayan online but now I do not agree with Hamza Nasir sb about to leave to listing music after 30 age now you should leave to listing Indian musics Maualana tariq jameel always says do love every one muslims So I like to Maulana tariq jameel about bayan of love each other. Maulana tariq jameel always faver to unity of all over the muslim world no other muslim scholar like says molana tariq jamil.
Hamza Nasir (Karachi)
19 Dec 2016

I listen music and I really love it to listen without music life is incomplete. I think some time we really need to boost up dose so Music is a really a good equipment. But I always try to avoid those lyrical music which have Shirkia words. Every person in his adulthood love to listen music. But when he gets married then leave to listen it more as like before. So when I will become 30 or more 30 years old. Then I will also stop so Tariq Jameel Sahab you say true ! I will not say that Music is halaal Haram is haram. But it is difficult to leave it and to listen it !
Maaz Ali (Faisalabad)
12 Dec 2016

On social media there is a video which is viral on social networking sites. But many people were saying that it was fake. I also realized that I was fake. But I have faith that Junaid Jamshed got shahadat as his plane got crashed in a way so as he had been separated from Music. Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan About Music Listeners got so much appreciations from the people.
Ashar Majid (Hyderabad)
04 Dec 2016

I have a humble request to Urduwire.com please upload the bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel about Naats. I think maulana sahab did not talk about it but whenever you get his bayan about Naat so please upload it here on your page. Nowadays current topic is 12th Rabi-Awwal. So he should explain about it. There are many confusion belongs to 12th Rabi-Awal in our nation. As some people says that this is not in our religion while some people have strong believe about 12th Rabi-Awal is the birth date of our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W. Even I am also very confused in this topic !
Farrukh Abid (Karachi)
28 Nov 2016

I will also welcome Maulana Tariq Jameel in Karachi. Kindly inform me when and where he will give bayan. It is my desire to listen the live bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel with my all family members. Hope for positive Response. In Sha Allah. Waiting anxiously.
amna (pakistan)
22 Nov 2016

Salman Ahmed (Jhelum )
21 Nov 2016

I love to listen sufi kalam of any singer. Whenever I drive a car I start to listen Sufi Kalam of Allama Iqbal Shikwa and Jawab-e-Shikwa by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. It is best ever Kalam by Allama Iqbal. In which kalam many musical instrument were used but it is pure and clean Kalam from Shirkia words. So I will keep listening it.
Raza Ur Rehman (Multan)
15 Nov 2016

Recently few days back I was going for picnic to farm house in the way our car suddenly applied breaks brutally and we all friends move towards driver seat. In the way we all were listening music. A jump was ahead of our car so driver applied breaks. It was a dangerous moment for all us. So that time I was thinking we should net listen music in the way or travelling if we die during accident. So what will happen with us we do not know ! So this bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan About Music Listeners was so good. And it changed my life.
Shehzad Gujjar (Rawalpindi )
06 Nov 2016

If the music is playing in our cars if our car crash in an accident then what will we say to Allah ?? This is best ever line from the mouth of Maulana Tariq Jameel. We know Music is haram in Islam. So we should try to keep away from music. We should avoid to listen music. Even I am also fond of music i have a long list in my music player but I am also thinking to avoid it. I think Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan About Music Listeners is best ever bayan.
Qaiser (Bhawalpur)
02 Nov 2016

The whole Pakistan listen Maulana Tariq Jameel bayans Allah ham sb sy razi hojaye is my favorite bayan i like his bayans and i have downloaded every bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel sahab
Yasir Wafa Baloch (Quetta)
31 Oct 2016

My brother Zahid Khan this type of poetry which have been asked by you so from my point of view this type of poetry is not Haram in Islam. Because if you do not use bad words or those words which are not against Quran-o-Hadees. So a Muslims deserve a permission to say some good words for Allah in (Hamd) and Rasool S.A.W in (Naat). While Islam give us permission to use only Dafli.
Zahid Khan (Peshawar)
25 Oct 2016

We know music and poetry is also haram in Islam. But the sufism poetry like the poetry of Allama Iqbal is not Haram because he did his poetry in the view of Quran-o-Hadees. Even I heard the lecture of Dr Zakir Naik he praises the poetry of Allama Iqbal. So I want to get the answer from Maulana Tariq Jameel that Sufi Music is also haram in Islam?? Even Thought the lyrics are also neat and clean from Shirkia words??
Faisal (Sargodha)
21 Oct 2016

Maulana Tariq Jameel gives a great bayans for music listeners he do bayans everyday in different cities and different towns when he is giving bayan large amount of crowd come to listen him.
Murad (Karachi)
27 Sep 2016

Often Maulana tariq jameel come for tableg in every type of people like film start hira mandi and all other poor type of people this is best thing of Maulana tariq jameel I request to maulana tariq jameel please come again Karachi at Layari and do bayan for peoples of Layari Karachi.
amir (Faisalabad)
08 Sep 2016

Music listener bayan of maulana tariq jameel is awesome maulana tariq jameel beautiful says about music listener is part of our life many time I listen this bayan in social media I always says molana tariq jameel best islamic scholar.
Ali Ehsan (Vehari)
20 Apr 2016

Assalam.o.Alaikum to all. Ma Sha Allah ap ka byan sun kr dil ko real me boht boht sakoon milta he. Dua go hu Allah pak hum sub ko sun kr Amal ke tofeeq day.(aameen)
simran yasmeen (nizamabad)
02 Apr 2016

Msha Allah nice bayan og Molana tariq jameel sb about the listener of Musics.
mrs. Imran Shabnum (Bangalore)
18 Mar 2016

Assalamalykum to all.. Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab masha Allah! aapki her ek bayanath me ek ruhaani sukoon milta hai aur aapke bayanath se hamare pyaare aakha mohammed mustafa Salae ala wale wasalam ke sunnaton per chalne ki hidayath faraham hoti hai.. hame housla milta hai ke hum achche insaan naik musalman wafadar shouher & biwi achche maa & baap aur achche bachche banne ki koshish karte rahen.. in sha Allah aapko Allah tala iska pura pura ajr naseeb karen aur aapko achichi sehath den aameen..
aadil amin bhatt (kashmir)
09 Mar 2016

Ohh masha Allah
dawood khan (Karachi)
24 Feb 2016

The Maulana Tariq Jameel is famous Islamic scholar had given many bayans but bayan is about the music listeners it will be the bad punish for the the music listeners.
umair wattoo (lahore)
13 Feb 2016

amir khan (kohat)
13 Jan 2016

Amir sharif (Minchin Abad)
02 Jan 2016

MashAllah kmaal hn maulana sb.. itni lazzat ap k bayan me k ronay pr majboor kr dy.. I like every bayan done by you... really too much impressing. May Allah give you health.
wali muhammad (gwadar)
19 Dec 2015

Mashallah Allah talah mulana Tariq jameel ke umar lambe kare ameen Ame tariq jameel ke advise ko adob karna chahe ha
sidrah (lahore)
13 Dec 2015

no words......really owsm.... too much impressing
WAQAR (karachi)
05 Dec 2015

miqbalkhan (liquatpuar)
11 Nov 2015

im musalim
11 Nov 2015

Right to says Maulana Tariq Jameel for Music Listeners as a Muslim we should fallow Molana tariq jameel sb.
faisal (Lahore)
04 Nov 2015

Maulana tariq jameel is a man who has changes the lots of Muslim change the life says to muslims how to spend our life as par Qurain ans suna. Well done Qibla Molana tariq jameel sb.
fatima (islamabad)
27 Oct 2015

i like maulana sahab u r the best ap k bayans sun k ankhain khul jti iman taza hojata ALLAH ap ko sehat o tandurusti ata farmay aur ap yuhin deeen phelaty rahain
sher khan zehri (pakistan)
25 Oct 2015

Allah ham sab ko guna ho se bacha he ameen
Sara Waqar siddiqui (karachi)
15 Oct 2015

''''SIR TARIQ JAMEEL'''' ap bohat achy insan hen. ALLAH hamen bhi ap jesa insan bnade . har insan ap k jesa hojae to dunya me koi bura insan nh hoga q k deen ISLAM ka ilm hmen bhalai shaur nyk ikhlaq or pyar o muhabat sikhata h.
Sara Waqar siddiqui (karachi)
15 Oct 2015

''''SIR TARIQ JAMEEL'''' is my favorite personality. I often listen his Bayan . His bayan must listen teenagers except songs for their guidance...
Rao Waseem Akram (khanewal)
08 Oct 2015

nice website
Umar gul (Quetta)
07 Oct 2015

Allah thala mulana tariq jameel saheb ko lambi umar atha far mayai. ameen.. wor janat firdoss naseeb kare ameen soom ameen jaza kala....
salman (Dubai)
05 Oct 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib is very good scholar. He can speak on our every topic in a brilliant that is why he is my most favorite scholar I really like his speaking quality.
rabiya ansari (kotri)
02 Oct 2015

I like it very much Subhan ALLAH
muneeb hamza (shor kot)
01 Oct 2015

I like very very much equal to Love
dawood (bahawalpur)
30 Sep 2015

I was listning the bayyan Of Maulan Tariq Jamil Sahab on the tv channel before the Eid ul Adha he was telling about the importance of this month how much this month is important for all of Muslim and it is a complete blessing for us.
shahzeeb (lalamusa)
27 Sep 2015

raheel (dubai)
23 Sep 2015

I think Maulan Tariq Jameel Sahab is one of the most famous and popular scholar of Pakistan and he is popular all over the world in the Muslim countries because of his special quality in bayyan.
sajid (Jeddah)
22 Sep 2015

Molana Tariq Jameel sahib doing a great job as a scholar he preach the teaching of Islam to the common man but the one incident he tell in which one old man cry about some one make him fool is the most tear full incident which is commonly tell in his bayyan.
rehan (Doha)
17 Sep 2015

Tariq Jameel Sahab is an amazing personality. Now a days he is in the Saudia Arab to perorm hajj. I want to meet Maulan Tariq Jameel one time in my life.
afraz (Karachi)
08 Sep 2015

Many times I listen the bayyans videos of Molana Tariq Jameel sahib and when ever I listen his bayyan I get to know many important things about Islam. He is really the best scholar of Islam.
aqeel (Lahore)
05 Sep 2015

I observed from the Molana Tariq Jammel sahib bayyan he mostly gives the the important to the social issues and tell the teaching of Islam to how to live our life according to the teaching of Islam.
afzal (Faisalabad)
03 Sep 2015

Whenever I listen the bayyans of Molana Tariq Jameel sahib he always preach the teaching to Islam in such a simple style that common man can easily get the teaching of Islam.
Peshawar ( )
01 Sep 2015

Molana sb is one of the great islamic scholar, his lecture refresh tje soul. May Allah pak give him long life for our Islah. ameen
Belal (Lahore)
30 Aug 2015

Molana sahab zaeef aur Israeeliat ka be-daregh istimal kerte hain.
rizwan (Karachi)
29 Aug 2015

Once I was listening the bayyan of Molana Tariq Jameel Sahib in which he was addressing to the young generation and telling them that we must have ask forgiveness on our sins to ALLAH.
Yasirkhan (Peshawar)
28 Aug 2015

Allah hun sab ko es par amal ki tofiq dy
dawood (Dhaka)
26 Aug 2015

Now a days I habit to listen the bayyans of Molana Tariq Jameel every day he is my most favorite scholar. And I really like the way he describe the teaching of Islam to common people.
Mohammad Qasim Sabir (Dubai U.A.E)
22 Aug 2015

Each and every bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel refreshing the soul. His teaching and services for us is much more appreciable. I pray for his long healthy life. Pray for our people to finish the crime (each and every type) from our society so that we may live longer in peace.
SHAHBAZ (mumbai)
22 Aug 2015

Allah maulana tareeq jameel sahab ko lambi umr de. aur unko isi tarh se kaam karte rahne ki toufeeq de.unke jaisa meejaz hum sab ko ata kare main tareeq jameel sahab se milna chahta hu.tareeq jameel sahab se guzarish hai k aap mumbai aaye.
shafaqat hussain (kotli)
21 Aug 2015

Molana Tariq Jameel is very nice person and really I impressed by him very much. when ever i listen him tears to coming from my eyes i cant stop them.. he throws light on every thing and intreprtz and explains every thing in such a way no one has option to take guide from any other side or person.. he is very peaceful person...thanx Allah that he gave us such a nice person Molana Sb thnx a lot from core my heart for such a great care and helping us religiously... our prayers for you.. May Allah bless you lot of successes and happinesses and may you live long ameen.
gull (Sargodha)
21 Aug 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel is a well known and very beloved personality in all over the country. He has got a very unique style of Bayyans . Maulana Traiq Jameel sahib is my most favorite scholar.
saeed (Dubai)
19 Aug 2015

I was listing the bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib in which he said that music is not good for us. And those said that music is the pleasure for soul he said that it is only for the bad soul.
tahir (Multan)
14 Aug 2015

Molana Tariq Jameel May ALLAH bless you. His bayans are simple and truly amazing he is my idol. Whenever I listen His bayyan it directly help me and touch my heart and soul. Molana is the best Islamic scholar of the current Era.
Hafsa (Karachi)
09 Aug 2015

I like that bayyan of Maulana Tariq Jameel sahab in which he was telling about the one moment when he was a child and he bamboozle his teacher.
Abdul Hadi (Sukkhur)
06 Aug 2015

I want to listen every single bayyan of Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab so I request to administration please upload all bayyan of Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab.
Naimat ullah khan (Haripur )
04 Aug 2015

Best video Maulana TariQ Jameel
Munnawar (Quetta)
03 Aug 2015

ALLAH has given so much m to Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab the way he preach the teaching of Islam in all over is must be appreciateable. you can say that he is my most favorite personality i am a very big admirer of him
raja asghar (umerkot)
02 Aug 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel is the best scholar of Pakistan he is one of the finest preacher of Islam and he is doing the best job in the dawat e tableeg work. He is my most favorite scholar.
Hassan (Jhang)
01 Aug 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel is the best scholar of Pakistan he is one of the finest preacher of Islam and he is doing the best job in the dawat e tableeg work. He is my most favorite scholar.
Taha (Lahore)
30 Jul 2015

I want to attend all bayanaat of Maulana Tariq jameel but no source of information i had to go and attend his bayanaat. Please do provide his information where he regularly give his bayanat, his information on this site.
MD ARIF EQUBAL (darbhanga bihar INDIA)
30 Jul 2015

impressive the most needy one in todays life for todays generation.....subhan Allah
Faizan (D G Khan)
29 Jul 2015

I pray to Allah that Ya ALLAH give health and long happy life to Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab because he is doing a great job for the preaching of the Islam he is true scholar and real face of Islam.
fareed (peshawar)
27 Jul 2015

Maulana Tariq Jamil is the best islamic scholar that I ever seen. he is the best personality in this age of world. he always say what he teaches by deed of God and the preaching of my Prophet. I was meet him before about two months ago. He should made his own political party to made Pakistan healthy.
Owais (Islambad)
25 Jul 2015

I am the biggest fan of Maulana Tariq Jameel I get alot of learn from your bayyans and i tried to imply these things in my life and become a good Muslim. You such wonderful person with a huge knowledge. I am very inspired from you.
Sahir (Gujranwala)
22 Jul 2015

I am a big fan of you. Maulana sahab me and my family we all are totally inspired by you. Your way of showing Our deen Islam is like everyone want to become a muslim. But please do come with your bayanat on Tv. I just watched you in Ramadan.
abdul waris (sawabi)
21 Jul 2015

impressive the most needy one in todays life for todays generation.....subhan Allah
20 Jul 2015

Maulana sahab ramadan to udaass kar hi gaya lakin ap ka mdia pay na ana aur udaass kar gaya hay. ap ka bayan sun kar rooh ko taskeen milti thi, iman to ko tazgi. ap k bayan min Allah paak ny sachi taaseer rahkh di hai, ap sy appeal ha k ap musalsal media py apna bayan farmaya krin taa k ham jaisay bholay bhatkay rah e raast par ajain. shukrai.
farhaan deelawar (mauritius)
19 Jul 2015

this video is very important for people who listen to music
awais azam (islamabad)
17 Jul 2015

see some letest video
zafar farooqui (New yourk)
16 Jul 2015

I pray for Molana tariq jameel he always keep on coming PTV home and other Pakistani media for doing show and make says about true Islam to All over the world muslims.
qasim (Dadu)
15 Jul 2015

in the month of Ramadan Ul Mubarak I listen the bayyan of Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib daily and In every bayyan I get a lot of knowledge and the information about the religion and also about the Sunnah.
sami khan (Sargodha)
13 Jul 2015

We all pray for Maulana tariq jameel he always doing great job for all muslim like doing now a days he is true Muslim Islamic scholars We keep on listing Molana bayan in PTV home roshni ka safar this time PTV is doing great job about show regularly Molana tariq jameel bayan.
11 Jul 2015

khalid (khalabat town ship)
10 Jul 2015

Asslamo alaikum Tariq sahb aap key bian sood key barey men sun kar Alhamdolillah men nen dubai se bank ki job chhor de or toba ki aap se milney ki shdeed khuahish hey ta ke is barey men mazeed bat kar sekoon aap ki rehnmaee ki zaroorat hey aap key bianat boht shoq se sunta hoon aap boht masroof rahtey hen mehrbani farma kar Mujey mulaqat ka sharf hasil karney den aap ka shukria. Khalid
Kamran (Gujranwala)
10 Jul 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel sahab i just hear your bayan on "music listener"i am very inspired and decide not to listen music again.You were right we should stop doing those thing which are prohibited in Islam.This is only the way to get all in hereafter.
khalid abbass (Gujranwala)
10 Jul 2015

whenever I listen the bayyans of Maulana Tariq Jameel he always preach the simplest teaching to Islam so it can be easy to understand for everyone and common man can easily adopt it and try to act on it.
rana imran (11223344)
08 Jul 2015

Masha Allah, Allah ap ko lambi zindgi dy.
sami (Lahore)
07 Jul 2015

I think now Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab is the most popular scholar in all over Pakistan because the way he deliver his bayyan and the way he preach the Islam is simply amazing that is why he is my favorite scholar of Islam.
Muhammad Usman (lahore)
03 Jul 2015

maulana tariq jameel has blessed by ALLAH a great voice impression and way of preaching .he actually touch my heart.may ALLAH blessed me to act upon our prophet MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) SUNAT AND on right path which mulana tariq jameelpreach us.thanks mulana sahib .MAY ALLAH BLESSSED U WITH HEALTHSUCCESS 4 PREACHING and long life andhappiness!
shakir ali (Lahore)
03 Jul 2015

about Music listener says Maulana tariq jameel true I always like to listen Maulana tariq jameel bayan videos now a days we have very good oppertunity to listing and fww Islamic bayan videos in internet. This is a great way of Tableeg Islam.
maryam (karachi)
29 Jun 2015

Before listening to this video, I was about to listen a song but it touched my heart so deeply that I left my aim of listening music.
rao shahzad (Karachi)
26 Jun 2015

I am listening the bayyan of Maulana Tariq jameel sahib in which he address the FBR officer. The way he address in bayyan is completely adore able. He is the best speeches you can not compare to him with any one.
umer (faisalabad)
24 Jun 2015

Moulana Tariq Jameel is an influential Personality in Pakistan
Zulfiqar (Dubai)
24 Jun 2015

I did listen many bayyans of many famous scholars of listen like doctor Zakir Naik Dr Israr Ahmed and many more but when ever I listen the speeches and bayyan of Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab it always effect to my heart very deeply.
Mohammad Asif Mengal (Quetta)
19 Jun 2015

Out class bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel saab about listing music persons.
mirza zafar baig (Dubai)
16 Jun 2015

I do not have any words to praise Maulana tariq jameel sahib in words he true face of islam and I love his way of bayyans.
ali (islamabad)
14 Jun 2015

mulana tariq jameel is a very good person
11 Jun 2015

Mash Allah, bhot hi zabardast bayan ha Music suna walo ka bara main molana tariq jameel sb ka.
sajid sultan (Karachi)
11 Jun 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib is very good scholar. When ever I listen his bayyans I get very impress some times ago I was listning his bayyan in which he was telling about the journey of the grave of Hazrat Bibi Amna (The mother of our beloved Prophet MUHMMAD Sallalaho Alhai Wala Wasulum). The way he express his emotion is very good and I get tears in my eyes after listing that.
sabhi qadri (Rawalpindi)
09 Jun 2015

The way of bayyans and speech by Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib is truly and simply amazing. His word touches hearts and getting in the soul very deeply. ALLAH bless Molana tariq jameel. You are a true scholar and give a real face of Islam.
anwer (Narang mandi)
06 Jun 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib . may ALLAH bless you because you are best in all the Islamic Scholars. Your bayyans on every topic make definite impact on our young generation.
Azhar (Larkana)
04 Jun 2015

I was listing the bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib in which he said that music is not the food of soul but it is only bad soul. Very well said Maulana Sahab we must have to admit it.
Salik (Karachi)
01 Jun 2015

We all are waiting Ramazan shareef and we keep on listing Maulana tariq jameel bayan while ramzan please add molana tariq jameel bayan about Shab e barat.
Junaid Kazmi (Dubai)
28 May 2015

Maulan Tariq Jameel May ALLAH bless you. Your bayans are simple and truly amazing you are my idol. Whenever I listen your bayyan it directly help me and touch my heart and soul. You are the best Islamic scholar.
wirda (hub)
25 May 2015

I was listing the bayyan Of Maulan Tariq Jamil Sahab. His way of bayyn is the best you do not compare any onne with him because of his unique style his every bayyan touch my heart and soul. May ALLAH bless you.
adnan (kpk)
22 May 2015

maulana saab baaz log written kiwaja waja say islam phalty yane books likthy hain yane ap speaking epr islam phalty hain...... YOU R So GREAT ISLAM LOVER
adnan (kpk)
22 May 2015

maulana saab you r my fauorite fan
Suliman (Dubai)
20 May 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel is a well known and very beloved personality in all over the country. He has a very unique style of Speech. Maulana Traiq Jameel sahib is a famous religious Muslim scholar and he is preaching Islam in a very good manner.
Saleem alvi (Sukkur)
18 May 2015

I want to watch Maulana tariq jameel latest 2015 Ramazan Bayan videos please add more latest Maulna bayan 2015 videos Maulana tariq jameel sb sukkur kab tasref lyan ga main us na milna vhi chata hoon or live bayan sunha ha.
Qazi zafar (Karachi)
15 May 2015

I come to know Maulana tariq jameel come in Karachi and given bayan in DHA masjid kindly add or share latest 2015 Karachi bayan video in website.
Afraz khan (islamabad)
12 May 2015

vere nice
khirad ali (faisalabad)
01 May 2015

I like it Maulana sb so much...
rahat zafar mehmood (gujranwala)
30 Apr 2015

Molana tariq jameel sh Allah tallah ap lambi zidagi tandrosti day ameen somameen janab ap kay bayan sun kay dil ko bohat sakon milta hay Allah tallah ap ko hazaron saal din phalanay ki tofeeq day.
azam (balrampur )
28 Apr 2015

Out class bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel sb about listing music persons.
Gulzar kazmi (lahore)
23 Apr 2015

Summaa Allhamdulillah.janab Tariq Jameel Sahib Ke Byanaat Sunne Ke bad dil par pare ghubaar dhull jate hain or insan ko uski asal pehchan ka pata chal jata he ke kese jeena he or kese Apne amaal thik rakhne hainjazakum Allah. Allah tariq jameel sb ko hamare lie sada qaim Rakhe Ameen.
junaid (qta)
20 Apr 2015

Allah ap ko lambi umer ata farmaye muje ap k bayan se bahot assar hota
abdullah (mansehra)
20 Apr 2015

It is better to listen to Tariq Jameel`s bayanats than to listen to music.
bilal (Peshawer)
16 Apr 2015

listening of music loses the memory so avoided from music and listen the Tariq Jamil bayanats.
Irfan (Karachi)
14 Apr 2015

I have listen many Bayanat videos of Dr tariq jameel sb but I say to every one this is best Music listener bayan videos of Maulana tariq jameel sb.
aasher (multan)
11 Apr 2015

So nice out class bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel for Music Listeners.
mehr khan (wah cantt)
09 Apr 2015

He is a living legend.....ek Abid o zahid banda sirf apni kashti par lagata h bur aalim apny 7 2sro ko b par ly k jana chahta h that''''s why Allah k nazdeek aalim ka martaba shaeehd s bi ziada h.
Hammad Qazi (Dubai)
06 Apr 2015

This is great Just Islamic scholar in Pakistan who do nor make other fight in any other Shia and Suni maslak I listen many Bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel sb I do not find any controversial speech of Maulana tariq jameel.
Yasir (Okara)
03 Apr 2015

Wah Mulana Shahab it is eye opening video of your bayan than for telling these precious talks to the Muslims Allah bless us and let us act on what he said to do us.
Hamid Ali (Mumbai)
30 Mar 2015

All type of age and generation people like to listen Maulana tariq jameel I listen this music listener bayan videos of Molana tariq jameel sb I request to all young generation boys and girls please much more promote to Dr. Tariq jameel in social media and fww to real Islam and Muslim pegam. I want to share one thing for Maualana Tariq JAmeel sb he is just man who like to every Muslim maslak peoples and wants to listen bayant videos online.
asrar jutt (bahawalpur)
30 Mar 2015

my jaan mulana tariq jameel
rehan (rawalpindi)
16 Mar 2015

great molana tariq jameel sahab
sumaira (karachi)
11 Mar 2015

Assalamualykum. The bayan by mulana tariq jamel are very nice and impressing this messages in his bayans should be reached to every one whoeve listens its the responsibility. But I have a request that invite mulana sahib in Karachi for bayan if it happens do me email plz.
Waseem Abass (London)
06 Mar 2015

No one can like molana tariq jameel he is just dor tableeg Islam nothing more Now a days I am watching some ileagel ulma bagar kisi taqeeq ka Maulana tariq jameel sb ko criticized kar rha han I just says only wrong number Ulmha karam.
saba malik (wahcantt)
05 Mar 2015

Very nice I like mulana tariq jamil bayanat
Ismail (okara)
04 Mar 2015

Allah Ham sub ko hadyat dy or moot k wakat kalma naseb ho aameen.
25 Feb 2015

Ismail (Mumbai India)
24 Feb 2015

I also listen Maulana Tariq Jameel bayan after listen music listener different bayanat but this is one of the best bayan for young generations of Pakistan, mid east and India.
Shahid Hussain (Karachi)
21 Feb 2015

I like Mulana Tariq Jameel speech of Music Listeners.
Imtiaz (Karachi)
20 Feb 2015

Musics sa mutaliq Maulana Tariq Jameel ka bayan suna ha mujha Dr. Tariq Jameel sab sa milna ka bhot shooq ha I can not says any person about my felling for meeting Molana sb.
Khalid (Mumbai)
19 Feb 2015

App ka bhot sa Bayan online suna han Lakin ab yahi wish ha ka app sa live khai mulaqat ho gya can you says will you come in India and if yes then tell me when and where will come in India.
Yasir (Dubai)
16 Feb 2015

I am big follower of Maulana Tariq Jameel sb and listen every type of Bayant online in videos.urduwire.com this is best platform to listen Bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel sb this is just website where are over 200 Bayanat videos collection if Dr Tariq Jamil sb.
Khurram (Rawalpindi)
14 Feb 2015

We need to unity this time as a Pakistani we have been broken as a firkawariat and Subhaiat Maulana Tariq Jameel this time doing good work but need more and more work for this issue May Allah help all Muslim in all over the Islamic world.
Abdul Rehman (Hyderabad)
11 Feb 2015

Assalamu Alaekum Alhamdulillah Khushi hue moulan sahib ke bare mn deye gae comments dekh kr mn bhe duagoo hon k Allah Pak Moulan sahib ko draz umer de es mehnt k lye jo wo hr insan k bhlaee k lye krrhe hn
Mobin (Dubai)
09 Feb 2015

He is doing nice work by spreading good things in our country telling nice thoughts to us but I have never seen any mulla in Pakistan who did ity for other or make welfare house in Pakistan. why?
Jibran (Dhaka)
09 Feb 2015

He is just ulma about like do not speech about fight with each other Maulana tariq jameel always show message love to every one send love message for all I like all speech of Dr Tariq Jameel sb.
Wazir Ali (Sahiwal)
08 Feb 2015

Assalamualiakum. Allah hum sab ko sunkar amal karne ki naik hidayath ata karay aur music se aur tamaam haram kaamo se bacchne ki naik hidayath de aur humay b Allah ka didaar humare eqlaas wale amal k zariye naseeb karay. AMEEEN. App please mere liye dua karay. jazaka Allah khair..!!
Hammad (Doha)
05 Feb 2015

The Prayers of Namaz e Jumma show Muslim unity now a days I often look public keep on working in office and enjoy to go lunch and other bed activity so I request to all Muslim Friday prayer must be offer.
Yasir (Kharian)
05 Feb 2015

This is true said now a days every young and old generation like to listen musics every ware we listen music during travel office and home. this is outstanding Maulana Dr. Tariq Jameel Bayan we keep on fww this bayan to friends and family.
Najeeb (Rawalpindi)
04 Feb 2015

Ham sab ko apni Zindagi Islam ka banya hoa asolo ka mutabiq guzarni chya I often listen videos Bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel sb many time Maulana Tariq Jameel said love to every Muslims.
Jaweed (Dubai)
04 Feb 2015

I like this think hare is just 5 to mints bayans of Maulana Dr Tariq Jamil because every one wants to listing short time in ache Baat please share more latest 2015 bayan of Maulana jameel sb.
Saghir (Karachi)
03 Feb 2015

Often public says Music part of Roh (Roh ki Giza ha) I do not understand when you listing music Insan hosh main nahi rata or Khwabo ki dunya main chala jata ha so please leave to listen Music we need to listen Islamic bayanat and Naat sharif.
Amir (Farooqabad)
02 Feb 2015

Wow what a bayan he did we should share his bayans on social media websites like facebook and tweeter under the tags of good talks Maulana tariq Jameel is the best way to know about Islam.
Uzair (Karachi)
31 Jan 2015

Now this generation like to listen musics every time but do not know what is Islam how can we save our life in this Fitna world Maulana Tariq Jameel clearly bayan about Music listener. so we try to spend our life as Maulana Bayan.
Mohammad Ali (Karachi)
30 Jan 2015

Good says about Junaid Jamsheed how can meet with Maulana Tariq Jameel and live bayan with molana sb every words like to tariq jamil this is true says about Janat and Dawood Alya salam.
Saad (Karachi)
25 Jan 2015

It is cleary define about Music in Islam which type of music can we listen in Islam because we also Use Music in Naat sharif some Ulma says it is true and some do not like I request to Maulana Tariq Jameel sb please share full complete Byan about listing Music in Islam.
Usman (Lahore)
22 Jan 2015

Ham sab ko Maulana tariq jameel ki talemat apni zindagi main shamil kar lane chya or is main amal bhi karna chya.
Fawad Khan (Dubai)
21 Jan 2015

All the bayan and dars of Maulana tariq jameel are rely useful in our life this is good our new generation like to listen Tariq Jameel Bayan in social media.
Salman Mustafa (Lahore)
20 Jan 2015

Often public ask me question what is the good of listing Music I just reply now a days this type of musics and dance we watch in tv and internet we are not able to watch with family so left to listing musics.
Naseem Shahi (Rawalpindi)
19 Jan 2015

I want to listen any Bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan about Peshawar incidence if available please share the videos.
Moid (Masqat)
17 Jan 2015

Now a days every one wants to listen Musics every ware in office colladge or home etc. I just says new generation should start listen Naats and Hamd like Junaid Jamshed heart touching Hamd So Maulana Tariq Jameel also says tru about music listeners.
Asim (Manchister)
16 Jan 2015

Often I listen this thing in public my life has been change after listing Bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel I just says he is real Muslim educated scholar and we are Lucy Maulan Tariq Jameel live in Pakistan.
Hamid Khan (Karachi)
15 Jan 2015

The personalty of Maulana Tariq Jameel has been changed many persons life I also love to Maulana Tariq Jameel and listen Islamic history bayanat of Maulana Tariq Jameel sb.
sohil qureshi (khaniyadhana)
11 Jan 2015

Asslamu alaikum koi esa hai jo meri maulana tariq jameel sahab baat karwa de uska badaehsan hoga hum par Allah ke waste baat karwa do.
sohil qureshi (khaniyadhana)
11 Jan 2015

Asslamu alaikum, bhot zabar dast bayan ha Maulana Tariq Jameel Music suna walo ka lya.
Naiz (Lahore)
09 Jan 2015

Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan About Music Listeners is outclass for every young and all students I like this Molana Tariq Jameel Bayan.
kamla (fsd)
08 Jan 2015

Allah humy bhi app s.a.w jaisa bnai ameen
irfan yousuf (srinagar)
08 Jan 2015

Best Bayan of Maulana Tariq Jameel about music listeners.
khalil ahmed (karachi)
07 Jan 2015

AoA, Allah tariq jameel sahab ko jazae khair ata furmae aur isi tarha dawet ki mehnut ka lyi qubool furmae lumbi afyat wali umer ata furmae aameen.
ardlan (karachi)
06 Jan 2015

Amzing edifying moral policing with practical liberation. Loves the way sir you captures the strings of human understanding.
Zeeshan (Dera ismaeel khan)
03 Jan 2015

Mere bhaiyo ap jante hein k hum sub muslman bhai hein. aur hum aj kal apni aankhun sy dekh rhy hein k humary ulomaa ki facebook py [Be-izati] ki jati hai aur in yahodiyun ny to Tariq jameel sahb ko bhi nhi chora aur log tarhan tarhan k comment dety hein.meri tamaam musalman bhaiyo sy guzarish hai k khuda sy darein. Aur apny apko itna halkah na krein. shukria
sana (lahore)
01 Jan 2015

Mulana Tariq Jameel''''s every bayan is heart touching and he is blessed with such a great voice that can change someone easily most effective
asim (mardan)
31 Dec 2014

I like Maulana Tariq Jameel bayans and i like you so much ALLAH may he live long
aaira (secunderabad)
29 Dec 2014

Assalamualiakum. Allah hum sab ko sunkar amal karne ki naik hidayath ata karay, aur music se aur tamaam haram kaamo se bacchne ki naik hidayath de, aur humay b Allah ka didaar humare eqlaas wale amal k zariye naseeb karay. AMEEEN. App please mere liye dua karay. jazaka Allah khair..!!
21 Dec 2014

Allah am sab ko Neki pr chalna ke tufeq da.ameen
sufiyan ahmad (saudi arbiya)
12 Dec 2014

Mai aap ki taqreer ko bahoot pasand karta hu aur muche deen ke raaste pe chalne ki sari baat maloom hota hai aur main dusaro ko ye baat batata hu
atta (gojra)
06 Dec 2014

he is a shining star of darkened sky of muslim world
tayyab (islamabad)
02 Dec 2014

Allah pak junaid bi ki ic kahtta ko maff farmiyn...amn
Ehsan (Haripur)
25 Nov 2014

Maulana Tariq Jameel is a good man and like to listen Bayan of Molana Tariq Jameel.
shams uddin (pishin quetta)
24 Nov 2014

Mowlana Tariq Jamil shaab May Allah rubul azat give you live long amin:
sabir malik (ghotki)
24 Nov 2014

Beshak Allah muaf karne wala hai, Good Bayan by Maulana Tariq Jamil.
YOUSUF KHOKHAR (Dera Ismail Khan)
19 Nov 2014

Hak tofiq to Allah Pak he daita hi magar humain dil say pokhta irada karna chaye ke gana bjana nahi sunain gey. Bhai ye dunya to arzi hi kisi bhi waqt be ja saktay hain akhrat ke fikar karain aur jis jawan mard ya aurat ho apney aap ko deen ke sanchay mai dhal dia wo to ek azim karnama karta hi shaitan to takleef daita hi Allah pak osay apna mehboob samjhta hi akhrat mai wo inamat miltay hain agar wo is dunya mai jhalak bhe daikh laita to gunha aur shaitan say Allah ke her waqt panah mangta. Behtrain tariqa ye bhe hi ke 5 waqt namaz ke pabandy karay haqooq Allah ke saath haqooq ul ebaad ka bhe ehtemam karay aur zaban pe her waqt zikro azkar mai mashghol rakhay phir apnay ander tabdeeli mahsoos karay ga aur tarbiyat aur islaha ke leye 4 mah zaroor lagaye ga aur salana chillay ka bhe irada karaiga.
sumaia (quetta)
05 Nov 2014

Allah humay toofiq de k hum ganay na sunay.ameen
sumaia (quetta)
03 Nov 2014

Allah humay toofiq de k hum ganay na sunay.ameen
sadar-u-din (Naushahro -feroze- mithiani sindh pakistan )
01 Nov 2014

Molana sahib ap ke bayan pore world men sune jate hen. ap ke bayan ko log bohat sunte hen .ap ke bayan logo ke mind tabdel karlete hen. ALLah ap ko or bhe zayada ilam or zindagi de. take zayada se zayda log islam ke taraf mutwajh ho jaen. in sh Allah. Men sare bahyon se guzarish karta hon mere laye dua karen mujhe Allah rizaq hilal or sahat de or bure kamo se dor rakhe. Please mere laye dua zaror karna agar mere laye ap dua karen ge to Allah ap ko jzae kaher de.jazaka Allah.
soyab malek (india.gujrat)
31 Oct 2014

arslan (gujrat)
31 Oct 2014

very nice
Jaffer dadah (dar es salaam)
28 Oct 2014

Moulana Tariq Jamil apknke bayyan ki kya tarif? jo sunne toh sidhe uske dil par hi tir mare. We really need u in Dar es salaam Tanzania (African Continent). Please do have a visit hre in.Tanzania. We truly need uuuu plzzzzz!
M Adnan Saeed (cht)
25 Oct 2014

mujhe maulana sb ka ilam biyan karna pasand h
niaz (Rawalpindi)
23 Oct 2014

Good luck of us that Allah created us in times when we have man like Moulana Tariq Jamil in our lives. May Allah give him long life.
Danish (Rawalpindi)
23 Oct 2014

Allah meri toba
sadiataha (karachi)
23 Oct 2014

Allah hamari nojawan nasal me haq utar de ameen.
mairaj khan (bannu)
23 Oct 2014

sab molve ki izzat karo.aur sab ki madad karo
waseem zia uttraa (bhakkar)
23 Oct 2014

All Beyan of Molana Tariq Jameel are best and my favourite personality.
aftab jani (peshawar)
20 Oct 2014

Masha Allah
adilawan (abbottabad)
17 Oct 2014

Allah ap ko lambi umar dy
nasir baloch (panjgur)
03 Oct 2014

i love maulana tarique jameel sahab
farha (karachi)
01 Oct 2014

tariq bhai ap k biyan sida dill pe sarkarte hain or insan ap k deyewe biyan pe amal bi karne ko karta hai
saghir ahmed (quetta)
21 Sep 2014

My pray is for Malana Tariq Jameel live long and Allah give him good health.
muzamil (shikarpur)
20 Sep 2014

good personality
bilal khan (rajasthan)
11 Sep 2014

Subhan Allah good bayan of Molana Tariq Jameel Sb.
mahmood Ahmad (Peshawar)
06 Sep 2014

rizwan (hydrabad)
05 Sep 2014

I want this wonderfull vedio download
riaz (lahore)
05 Sep 2014

Allha app ko salamat raky
hassan ahmed (hyderabad)
21 Aug 2014

Subhan Allah
Asad farooq (talagang)
13 Aug 2014

what a knowledge
khan dawood khan (swat)
13 Aug 2014

mulana tariq jamil is a gift for us
abu abdullah (wah cantt)
10 Aug 2014

ve a lovely heart for all mankind.if any body wants any sort of question about him or deen i ll b happy to help.jazzakallah
Sajjad Ali Shah (Islamabad)
06 Aug 2014

For the Real and good Islah
NAYYER ABBASI (azadkashmir)
05 Aug 2014

yusuf (UP)
02 Aug 2014

how to download
Hameed ullah marwat (layyah)
02 Aug 2014

tariq jameel sb k bayan main jitna asar hy main ny aur kisi main ne dekha na suna hy
saleem (qatar)
02 Aug 2014

molana great i like his byan
farmaan (rohtak)
31 Jul 2014

I love molana bayaanat
Muhammad Anees (Karachi)
28 Jul 2014

Allah Ullaamah_E_ Karaam ko Salamat Rakhay. AMEEN
attiqnadia (karachi.)
26 Jul 2014

kash hum per kuch to acha effect par jaae to bat banti haiwarna ya bhi aik qessa ae aam raha.
Abdul basit abbasi (murree)
22 Jul 2014

ma mulana tariq jameel sab ka sukhar guzar hu
fayyaz awan (abbottabad)
22 Jul 2014

Allah pak say dua ha k wo molana sahaib ko qadiyanion ki sazishon say mehfooz rakhay....ameen!
maryam malik (islamabad)
21 Jul 2014

Abid Latif (Islamabad)
20 Jul 2014

The Great Mubalig-e-Islam at the moment.
sadia (mardan)
19 Jul 2014

is RAMDAN MUBARAK ME 1st time Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahb ko sunna he daily 1 hour on ptv , really impressive..
sadia (mardan)
19 Jul 2014

1 ghanta programme suunne k baad u mehsoos hota he jese rooh ko ghusal dia jaye saaf pani se.. subhannallah
Muhammad rizwan (Taxila)
17 Jul 2014

mulana sab bhot acha byan farmatay hain ALLAH unko is ka ajar ata farmaye or hum sab ko amal krnay ki toufeeq ata farmaye ameeeeeeennn
Kashif Nazeer (Sialkot)
16 Jul 2014

Mulana Tariq Jamil sb ka samjhne ka tareeka bht acha hai. Jo jo btain un ki me ne suni hain wo sun kr meri zindgai ka maqsad muje pta chal gaya hai
usman siddiqui (karachi)
15 Jul 2014

masha ALLAH masha ALLAH . molana tariQ jameel sahab ki zubaan me bhooot taaseer he.. me bhiinsha ALLAH ab koshish krnga k songs kbi na sunun. :)
Farhad Ali Khan (Khaplu)
15 Jul 2014

i like islamic video
tuji (karachi)
14 Jul 2014

after this i will not listen songs inshallah
Musa Afridi (Kohat)
12 Jul 2014

Allah aap ko tofeeq ata farmae.aap ke bayan se hamare dimaagh kol jate hai.
aamirhayat (karachi)
11 Jul 2014

nice nice nice
arfanul haq (swat)
10 Jul 2014

best site
fahad khan (pakistan)
07 Jul 2014

Masha Allah
mairaj (karachi)
06 Jul 2014

maulana tariq jamil is the great man.maulana sb zinda bad.amin
Sidrah Sheikh (karachi)
05 Jul 2014

aamir (islamabad)
05 Jul 2014

very good
Hifza Fatima (Karachi)
02 Jul 2014

It was my first experience with moulana tariq jamil and I was highly impressed, I was a music addict but now I can't describe how I feel :)
Umar farooq (sargodha)
25 Jun 2014

A.O.A I am saying truely that Maulana Sahib is a grewat precher of islam for everyone whole in the world May God live you long Aamin
Zubair Ahmed (Hyderabad)
25 Jun 2014

molana sahab aap buht ache hain our apke biyan Masha Allah mujhe byht ache lagte hain... our janab mai apse milna chahta hon..
shahzad (Rawalpindi)
20 Jun 2014

wa wa kya bayan ha Music Listeners ka lya, Please listen and watch this video bayan of Molana Tariq Jameel, I like this video, please share ramdan speech of Maulana Tariq Jameel
shahzaib (Multan)
13 Jun 2014

God is one
ayesha (hafizabad)
11 Jun 2014

personily i wana meet u maulana shb..... plzz help how it posible.....plzzz help
zafar (kasur)
25 May 2014

my fawrit mula na tariq jameel sb
iftikhar ud din (kulachi)
15 May 2014

maulana tariq jamil is the great man.maulana sb zinda bad.amin
azan studio (islamabad)
09 May 2014

Heart touching lecture for iPhone and Android By Maulana Tariq Jameel
irfan (phalia)
08 May 2014

nice bayan i listen all bayan of molana shb Allah bless him .I want to listen molana live
zohaib hassan (multan)
03 May 2014

May Allah bless u with good health.
Arsalan (Karachi)
14 Apr 2014

Every bayan gives me tears.
Ejaz shaikh (Bhusawal)
13 Apr 2014

Nice byan
fahade mustafa (mardan)
06 Apr 2014

ALLAH ap ko topeeq de ke ap kae zareye logo ko hedayat naseeb ho our unke zareye our ko....
10 Mar 2014

ABID ALI SHAN (karachi)
01 Mar 2014

Allah aap ko or hum ko mout tak quboul farmaye
israr (mardan)
30 Dec 2013

ALLAH ap ko aor taqat b dai dai aor ap ke zindagi mai khair o barkat dall dai.
Haroon (Karachi)
23 Nov 2013

Mashallah bhot acha bayan karte hen ap, Bhut rahat milti hai, i wish i could meet you and listen you live, your the the best speaker and leader of the Muslims all over the world.
Yasmeen (Peshawer)
15 Oct 2013

he is the best, i think he is popular in every "maslaq" because of his kind behavior and nice guide ways which is applicable for all....
tahir (karachi)
21 Sep 2013

MA SHA ALLAH very nice beyan
Abdul Rehman (Islamabad)
17 Sep 2013

May God protect me and whole Ummah of beloved prophet from this Haraam thing. Music si no doubt haraam there is no argument .
sohail balouch (mianwali)
15 Sep 2013

boht pyara byan hty hain molana sahb k mashallah allah inko jaza e kher dy
shani (saudia)
25 Aug 2013

Mulana tarig jameel sahab Allah app ko lambi umer de ameen u r nice man
Furqan Bin Rizwan (Karachi)
22 Aug 2013

Truly mesmerizing Masha Allah Maulana sahab always speak with great passion ... What he said is a bitter truth.
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